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Found 14 results

  1. Missing Brick

    Aliens Colonial Marines MOD

    Custom Minifigs by Matthias (aka Blacktron) APC by Larry Lars: Dropship by Jayembee: Lovingly copied and assembled by moi.
  2. Blacktron is back! Hello from Italy! Tonight I share my latest build: a big, bad and totally black armoured personnel carrier. It's based on U-59 Explosive Truck from Joe 90, a 1960s British science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (the same producers of U.F.O. It's called B-59 where B stands for Blacktron, in fact this six-wheel APC is the new and lethal groud vehicle of Blacktron. The little ATV on the right is based on the Amphicat, a six-wheel-drive, skid steer amphibious all-terrain vehicle manufactured in the '60s by Mobility Unlimited Inc. of Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Amphicat was also used by Moonbase Alpha personnel in the television series Space: 1999. Back view and tank entrance. The interior with many details. This time thanks - to a friend of mine who is a pro-filmmaker - I produced a presentation video of the B-59. Below on YT. I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by! B-59 on flickr.
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego V-150 Commando

    Hi guys! after a long silence I'm returned to post a lot, let's hope, and I will to start again with a new theme that I have grow during this period, military theme! Hope you enjoy my creations! My version of the Lego V-150 Commando. Desert metro marpat mimetic version of the V150 Commando, or Cadillac Gage Commando. It start the service as APC/armored car, in Vietnam War, making himself noticed for his amphibious and all terrain (4x4) capability. Many variants has been released over years, to cover numerous role in civil and war effort. This version, mainly used by USA and Saudi Arabia, have a 90 mm turret, that guarantees him superiority in modern battlefields. In this model can fit 4 minifigures: a driver and, 2 in the turret, one on the rear hatch. Lego V-150 Commando (1) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego V-150 Commando (4) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr
  4. GBW - Campaign 4 RON Operation Battle for Carrefour Map grid : Studica F4 Division 3 operation team, The Deland Republic : In road to Checkpoint Pontsureau In the light of the morning sun, the Deland Republic team was moving through the Industrial part of the city of Carrefour. It was a crucial move because securing the Industrial part of the city would help all the rest of the startegy the RON Central High Command established. So, the Armored Personal Carrier of The Deland Republic was on a dangerous pass around fabrics and warehouses that could hide ennemy nests in every corner... Unfortunately, it was not an ennemy that initially slowed the vehicle, but a splash of toxic waste which damaged the road and the front hull of the APC making it stops. The on board engineer managed to try some repairs but it was at this time a COAC team surprised the team and engaged fire. The engineer quickly finished to repair the hull and the APC deployed its combat team. The fight was hard and the team lost a man on this ambush. The Sargeant took the Radio Operator apart behind the safe hull of the Armored vehicle and deployed with him the brand new Radio Sat Comm the RON High Command recommended to use as it was obvious the COAC spyed the RON frequencies... - APC Division 3 to report here. Said the Sargeant. We are facing a strong resistance here in Fabric zone, just before our goal of Checkpoint Pontsureau. We will need the Special sweeping team from Swintoc. Do you copy ? - APC 3 ! it's Swintoc Sweeping Team here, backup on its way ! I repeat, Backup on its way ! Over ! Answered the Swintoc team. The APC once repaired and the ambush secured thanks to the Swintoc Elite, Checkpoint Pontsureau finally finished under RON control. The rest of the Operation could continue. This is my Campaign 4 entry inside the RON coordonated Tactics. Thanks for watching !
  5. Good Evening Everyone; Long time LEGO fan main choice of entertainment as a child but now coming back to it as an AFOL and need some help. I have decided to take on the Aliens APC and Dropship for my first MOC's. I've been using 'Missing Bricks' and 'HAVOC' creations and reference but I can't seem to figure out what exact parts make up the wheels on the APC from the LEGO website. Would someone be willing to give me some guidance? Time and consideration appreciated, see pics. Cheers
  6. Good day! About a year ago I made an APC . It was a simplistic, underpowered MOC. Today I present you my second attempt at building APC. It was slightly inspired by BOV m11 Functions: -4x4 drive with buggy motor with 1:4.4 gear ratio -steering with m-motor -turret rotation with m-motor -gun elevation with m-motor -powered by a BuWizz -pendular suspension on rear axle The off-road perfomance of the geared down buggy motor was surprisingly good , both at low and high speeds. The turret can rotate 360ยบ freely with the motor geared down 1:2.3. The gun uses a mini LA for the elevation @ 1:1 gear ratio The charging port and the switch on the BuWizz are accesible throught the hatch on the left side of the vehicle. I hope my studded bodywork isn't too horrible , the video will be up later today.
  7. I have built one model of this coolest APC ever back in 2008 and wanted to improve on it ever since. So finally, 9 years later (gee, I'm old): As usual, photos and some reading:
  8. The Scorpion ABS (armoured battle station) is a mobile ground unit with a frontal plasma cannon and a super heavy rail gun turret. Created to carry a squad of marines in to any situation and form a heavily defended position behind enemy lines but with the capabilities of a tank and apc rolled in to one. Inspired by Crimso Giger and his contagious building and by his theme moth Febrovery. In transport mode with the main armament stowed The Scorpion can carry a squad of 6 and requires a 2 man crew consisting of a driver/engineer and a gunner/strategic operations manager Thick ablative armour shrouds a hardened plastanium core minimising both the impact from beam weapons and high velocity missiles. Unlike most ground units the Scorpion creates an adaptive energy shroud as a first line of shielding this further reduces the chance of being susceptible to supersonic projectiles and sneak attacks. Armed with a forward firing plasma cannon and its quad lance rail cannon the Scorpion is as well armed as it is guarded. With its main armament of a quad lance rail cannon, capable of launching rounds at hypersonic speeds with pinpoint accuracy, this Scorpion certainly has a sting in its tail.
  9. Good day everybody!Today I present my latest MOC - an APC! Powered by one m-motor for drive and another m for steering Video and photos: Will post more about this later , today is a little busy day.Enjoy some renders!LDD Model is already build in real bricks.Here is a WIP video:
  10. Following the Assault Gunship from a few days ago, here is an APC, cleary inspired by the "now-a-bit-old" M113. It features lowering back access ramp (with two openable doors), access ramp for crew area, openable roof (emergency exit) on the rooftop. It also features two light double barreled pulse cannons on the sides, and a third mounted on the missile turret on top. The missile launcher carries four multi-purpose missiles (AA/AT), and is equipped with Image Recognition camera for target acquisition. In front of each soldier there's a rack mount with his weapon. The only issue now is: do I make it a sort of "floating" vehicle, like repulsorlifts in Star Wars, or do I make it tracked? If the second, can anyone help me? I'm not good with tracks... The APC is crewed by two men: Sergeant (Commander/Gunner) and Corporal (Pilot). It carries one squad on the field, composed as follows: So, on with the gallery (I know you're here for it!). The exterior, from the front and side. Exterior, back and side. Front view, you can see the pilot through the viewport (it's small, but it's only to supplement the instruments). Crew access hatch open, you can see the pilot and the gunner/commander. Private Smith is telling of an awkward situation he found himself in, when he tried to hit on the general's daughter Privates Doe and Average are having hot coffee, in their lucky mugs, while on the way; war is no reason to stop with habits! View from the top, with the ceiling hatches open. The magnificent missile launcher turret. Another view of the turret. Troop carrier.lxf
  11. Ryn Labrie

    Police Recon Vehicle

    I seem to be going on a MOC-ing spree! "The police have themselves an RV!"- Die Hard Mine is based on the MOC by Mocpages member Death Metal. The only major difference between ours is that mine has a smaller and simpler Common Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS) mount. Police APC 1 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Police APC 2 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Police APC 3 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Police APC 4 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr I also made a dual minigun turret for the times when more firepower is needed. Dual Minigun Turret 1 by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Here is how I built the turret. The small pin is the charging handle for a Brickarms M2HB. Unmanned Weapons Station Disassembled by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful day.
  12. militaryfreak

    M404 Crusader IFV

    The M404 Crusader was developed in 1991, and has served the South Mirthanese army admirably. armed with a 25mm cannon that can fire both high explosive, and armor piercing rounds, The vehicle uses Laminate steel combined with heavy grade Aluminum and ceramics, making it impervious to most small arms fire. the angular shape of the hull serves to deflect IED and Landmine explosions, preventing the vehicle from being flipped over it also boasts a 6 hour NBC system to protect the occupants from chemical attacks. The m404 can carry 6 passengers and 2 crew. The M404 is designed to keep pace with, and provide support to MBT battlegroups, as well as carry infantry to the front lines. . The gunner is positioned behind the driver, he utilizes a computer interface to control the gun remotely. The driver can see through 3 cameras, 2 at the front of the hull, another in the rear above the access hatch. He also has a physical periscope in case of malfunctions.
  13. The marines arrive at maintenance hatch 3 of the atmospheric processing facility: APC design by Larry Lars Custom Aliens minifigs by Matthias: Facade inspired by Peter Reid's classic space hangars