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Found 26 results

  1. Bonaparte

    [LIBRARY] Sails

    This library contains 1:1 scans for all the sails of the pirate theme. We are counting on you to help complete this library. The ones we still miss are listed below. If you own one of the missing sails and are willing to make a scan, we'll add them. We will also include custom sails in the library. Please use the same dimensions as the ones in the library, so people can give their ships a facelift by changing all the sails with customs. These following images are found in EB Pirates Google Photo Album Official Pirate Sails & Flags Armada Flagship (6280 - 6291): Black Seas Barracuda (6285 - 10040): Brickbeard's Bounty (6243) Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat (7072): Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship (7075): missing Caribbean Clipper (6274): Missing both square-rigged sails. Digital Sails Coin Bank, Pirate Ship (852748) Cross Bone Clipper (6250): Enchanted Island (6278 - 6292) and King Kahuka's Throne (6262): Imperial Trading Post (6277): Imperial Flagship (6271): missing jib Imperial Flagship (10120) Imperial Trading Post (6277) and Lagoon Lock-Up (6267): Islander Catamaran (6265): Raft Raiders (6261): Red Beard Runner (6289 - 6290): Sails are not 1:1 scale. Renegade Runner (6268): Rock Island Refuge (6273): missing Shipwreck Island (6296) and Pirates Perilous Pitfall (6281): Skull's Eye Schooner (6268- 6286): Sails & Flags from Other Sets Emperor's Ship (7416): Not 1:1 Scale Sea Serpent (6057): King Leo's Castle (6091/6098) Sail dimensions: 127mm x 127mm Dark Dragon's Den (6076), Dragon Wagon (6056), Fire Breathing Fortress (6082), & Majisto's Tower (1906) Custom Sails & Flags Fryslayer - Castle Templates SlyOwl - Pirate Sails & Flags
  2. Finally completed, this is the latest creation of Bfenz and myself, the National Library of Ireland. It is on display in the foyer of the library in Dublin. More pictures of the model are posted over at my Flickr page. The model has a full interior over multiple levels and a courtyard.
  3. BrickMatit

    [MOC] Hogwarts Library

    IMG_3896 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Waiting for the arriving of the official Madam Pince, from 76402_Dumbledore's Office set that I've not bought yet, my custom Madam Pince is pleased to welcome you into her own kingdom: the Hogwarts Library. This project is my own tribute to the Hogwarts Library. As for the appearance, rooms built and scenes depicted I got clues here and there, but my main references come from the Philosopher Stone and Chamber of Secrets movies and from Philosopher Stone PC game. All the rest is up to my imagination! What I wanted to achieve was created something that could evoke the magical atmosphere of the first Harry Potter sets from 2001 and 2002, but that could match well with the modern sets. I must say I'm really satisfied. This MOC has more than 3.000 pieces and every section is fully removable. IMG_3909 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Tell me what you think and if you manage to recognise every reference! On my Flickr page you can find much more images.
  4. A minifig scale replica of the Sremska Mitrovica library. Around 5000 bricks were used to build this MOC. First a picture of the real thing for comparison. Lego minifig scale Gligorije Vozarović library, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego minifig scale Gligorije Vozarović library, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego minifig scale Gligorije Vozarović library, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego minifig scale Gligorije Vozarović library, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia by legomanijak, on Flickr
  5. - Alright, move! - shouted down the master scribes, to his apprentice, but the ladder didn't move at all. - Apprentice! Did you fell asleep again? - He reached in his pocket, to grab a pebble, and dropped it. The pebble perfectly falls and hits the sleeping boy on his forehead. With a loud snort, he woke up, and lookup. - I'm glad you are with us again Arnoult, now would you be kind, and move the ladder to the right... Right, Right! The other right! - His shout echoed in the dark corridors, as he grabbed tightly the ladder, and tried to protect the ink, from spilling out. - You imbecile! Gently! If the page will be ink-stained, I will skin you, and you will be the cover of the reissued Illustrated Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment! Do you know how long it took to brother Bertran, to draw that Decorative capital initial? The Boy looked up. He already saw the raven-shaped K letter on the top of the page. Soon, he could draw one of them too. But first, he must survive the terrible fate of the apprentice. - It took three fu... - It took three full days, to draw it! - interrupted the old man on top of the ladder, as he holds a bunch of paper in his hand, and dipped his pen in the ink. - We are already behind schedule! The fourth book is upon us! We need to finish the third one soon as we could! What a surprise! Ran through the thought in Arnoult's head. We are always behind schedule... He looked around in the Hall of History. Books, scrolls, maps, letters. An immeasurable amount of information about Historica. Kept in the dim darkness, of these halls, so the sun couldn't damage both the paper and the content. Letters, pictures, stories, and tales came here, from all of the kingdoms, so the folks down here, can register them, and safeguard them for posterity. In front of the Third Book, a large table take its place. Wast mountains were created with paper, books, and scrolls. And only three brave souls were tasked, to explore it, and find the next topic for the following pages. - Damn it! - cursed the master from above. - The inkpot is almost empty, in the middle of the sentence... Where is an apprentice when I'm in a hurry! - A minute grandmaster! - came the answer, from a moving tower of books. - Just need to put this down... As the young apprentice arrived at the table, he gently dropped down the books. The old table creaked, and the three old scribes peeked out from their books. They look liked the mountainers, who reached a higher point of their journey, to realize: there are still more mountains ahead for them... - Psst! - came hissing from behind Arnoult. As he turned around, the young boy stood behind him. He must be lost in his mind and stared blankly, didn't noticed the other boy. - I saw you always holding the ladder, to the master. How long it took to write these big books. - It depends, how often we receive content. - Arnoult leaned on the ladder next to him, pretending he knows everything. - And why are they so huge? - That's easy. The master is blind as a mole. - he smirked. - And he didn't want to wear glass... Ouch! Again, pain struck his head. He again looked up, just to get hit by another one on his forehead. - Unlucky for you Arnoult, my ears sharp as a fox's. Don't hold up apprentice Dan fulfilling his task! - the master put the remaining stones into his pocket, and look to the other boy: - Don't just stand there! Move, or we will never finish the Third Book! and without Book III. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I first read about this challenge, I asked myself: What to came up with. Started wondering about huge beasts, great ancient places, mystical locations. In that thinking, I came up with another realization: Everybody will build their entry around what he likes. Those, who like magic and mysticism will create places with ancient great powers. Those, who like buildings will create ruins and palaces of old times. And me? Well, I like the lore, the history, to tell a tale not only with words but with pictures, little everyday happenings captured in a scene. That is why I choose, to create the Halls of History. To show you not only bildings and landscapes could be ancient, but history and lore too. And also a little humor and 4th wall-breaking. :) Hope you like it! C&C are welcome.
  6. Location: Spudkirk Type: Small Educational It was a windy day in the Spudkirk, as RSND Chairman Ralph Clutchington and Commander Joshua walked towards the town library, where the mad Count Mesabi had arranged for a meeting. "Ok, so the Crown's dossier on the guy said "DO NOT make sudden movements, threaten, or talk about food in any vocation around Count Mesabi" said Commander Joshua, as the two stood on the stairs. "Understood. I still don't understand why does the Crown hasn't done anything about him! He has all sorts of nefarious business practices, shoddy construction jobs, probable tax evasion, randomly sending a rowboat to attack Fatu Hiva.... then actually invading Fatu Hiva with a private army... the whole thing with the horses.... The bloke is a stain on the good name of Corrington." replied Ralph Clutchington. "Well, he's rich as Hades, and he has the largest private army in all of Corrington." said Commander Joshua solemnly. The two reached the door. "After you, good sir. May the Gods let this go well." They walked inside the library. Looted books and antiquities lined the shelves, as the majority of written texts that once graced Fatu Hiva filled the small library to the brim. The two continued through the shelves to a set of stairs. Count Mesabi sat in the well lit upper floor, having just finished parsing through an ancient text. Darby stood next to him, anticipating the arrival of the two gentlemen. "Anyways Darby, the people who created the vault on Isla Door was super into mysterious underground vaults. Apparently, it was a huge deal for them. That and crypts. Oh yeah, we were meeting the Royal Science Nerd Dude, and Commodore Josh today." said the Count, cheery as usual. "Count, it's Commander Joshua, and the representative from the The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery is Ralph Clutchington." replied Darby, slightly annoyed. "Are you sure, it's not some guy who's nickname is RSND?" Asked the Count incredulously. The footsteps of the two men grew closer as they walked up a set of stairs. "Greetings, Count Mesabi, we're very glad to finally meet with you." said Commander Joshua in a very formal tone. "We're quite pleased to hear that you're offering the use of the WTC marines and shipping logistics for the conflict with the Lotii." Added Ralph Clutchington. "Yes of course gentlemen. I am always pleased to send my rancorous ranks into glorious conflict with other nations. Corrington has red on the flag you know." "We should have over 200 men by the end of the next cycle. replied Darby proudly. This is in addition to the soldiers brought at the last cycle." The Count stood and walked to the window. "That's most excellent." said Ralph Clutchington, "We can certainly use the support." though he wondered how many innocent horses would die in the campaign. "The WTC Marines, while far less organized than Corrington's Redcoats proper, will certainly do their part against the Lotii" Said Commander Joshua. "The WTC always relishes the chance to help Corrington by breaking things." The Count Replied. "But I have a far more urgent question for you. What's the most popular restaurant in this Tubular Town? I wish to buy it out, and shake up their menu..." "Uh..." Stuttered Commander Joshua. "There has never.... uh... ever been a restaurant in Spudkirk.... ever... Everyone does home cooking. No inns, no taverns... no uh.... pubs." improvised Ralph Clutchington. "Then I'll do it myself...." he said, eluding to what the Commander and the Chairmen could only assume was a restaurant that served horses. "The WTC is always happy to assist." finished Darby awkwardly. The Count chuckled evilly. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! This continues Count Mesabi's story from Fatu Hiva. I really had fun building this one. I'm especially proud of doing the window wells for this, it added a bit of a challenge to the build for me. I regret making it so grey (which is why there is moss on the build), but I think it turned out well otherwise. I also did not have the proper minifigures for Commander Joshua, and Ralph Clutchington, unfortunately, so they look a little generic. Comments and Criticism Appreciated!
  7. jimmynick

    [MOC] Radcliffe Camera

    This is my second major MOC of the year, and in a way it marks my seventh anniversary on this board. If you've ever seen Morse, Lewis or Endeavour, this building is instantly recognizable. The Radcliffe Camera was built in the mid 18th Century as an independent library in Oxford. After approximately a century, the library was absorbed into the Bodleian Libraries and its science collection was moved to what is now the Radcliffe Science Library (although that building will soon be converted into Parks College). The Radcliffe Camera maintains a collection today but is largely used as a reading room. This MOC was built in Mecabricks and rendered in Blender. The building itself comprises approximately 2000 pieces and the base another 1500. Thanks for looking!
  8. I've made a Ruby library for programming Lego robots, called Lignite: Lignite on GitHub The plushies have used it to make their robot serve them tea: YouTube video
  9. Location: Weelond Type: Medium Educational The shouts echoed through the streets as a large crowd walked towards the library where the independent political movement was making campaign materials. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Some were armed. Some were not. All were angry at the prospect of losing a seat that represented them. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr "We have to go now! They're at the door!" Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr The lead protester tried to kick the door in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr A campaign staffer paused briefly to look at the door as they banged on the doors. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr They dropped their things and bolted out the back. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr With a cry of, "You idiot, the doors open the other way!" the protesters rushed in. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr One grabbed a candlestick and brought it down on the printing press. Weelond Protests by North White, on Flickr Outside, the city guard arrived, but were blocked by the protesters. Clearly, it would be a violent campaign season... FIN Thanks for viewing my build for Weelond. C&C appreciated!
  10. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad "And I say he's guilty!" responded the lawyer defending Corrington. Judge, I object. My client has done nothing wrong as his actions have been sanctioned by Corrington's Commander-in-Chief. You see, I have here a notarized statement saying as such: And where did you get such a document? From your notary of course. Ah, I see. Objection sustained. But... but... attacking our ships is just wrong! Um, well, that's true too. Defendant, how do you respond? To be continued...
  11. Kalais

    [MOC] Librarian

    Still there are so many books to read! Still there are so many words to write! Still there is so much knowledge to discover! Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Librarian Follow my new MOCs and articles at: LEGO Blog | Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  12. frumpy

    [MOC] Bricktown Public Library

    Hi All, My wife recently built a library scene for a local show at a community library. Here are some photos of her build. Feedback welcome. Thanks. More pictures at her flickr page:
  13. Legostone


    In a silent corner of the Library of Fuerte Unido: Pay extra just so we can license more vessels? We are already spending way too much on keeping them afloat! And who are we even paying here? I control the Eslandolan fleet! Are we throwing the gold into the ocean to pay someone we don't even know? ...Well, I suppose that is probably what we'll have to do. It seemed a little weird the DBs and PIPs just disappear from the game while upgrading shiplevels OOC: This build is for raising the shiplevels for myself to 35, and the second one further down to increase MAESTRO's shiplevels to 25.
  14. Small Education: Footprint 256 studs Spud sought out a place of learning, desperate to find a secret island which grew a rare type of potatoes. His hunt for this illusive isle he stumbled into Mooreton Library. After looking through maps and books and maps and books Spud grew impatient. The man sitting at the desk asked "Can I help you with anything?" Spud answered, "I'm looking for an island which grows rare potatoes, it should be around here somewhere..." After looking through one of the maps the librarian stated "I hate to say it but the island you're looking for doesn't exist" "Impossible", Spud said, "Perhaps the archives are incomplete" Rather irritated by this statement the librarian responded "If an item does not appear in our records; it doesn't exist!", while storming back to his desk. It seems the search for the rare potatoes of which little is known must continue elsewhere. Built in Mooreton Bay
  15. The Ancient Library of Alexandria was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. It contained all knowledge known to man, before it was burned to the ground by the Romans. In 1988 a competition was held. The grand prize: Build the revived Library of Alexandria! The prestigious mission was given to Norwegian architectural office Snøhetta. Construction began in 1995 and was completed in 16 October 2002 This is my entry for Marchitecture 2017 - Category 1: Architecture ------------------------------------- This building has fascinated me since the first time I saw it. The simple circular tilted shape makes it look like it was cut straight out from the ground. The circular shape and the form of the windows of the main building was what I focused on when building this. I've tried some different color combinations and picked up many a cheese slope from the floor during the process. :)
  16. You know a building is doomed when you start stealing pieces from it for another project. The interior is in ruins already, but I thought it was worth taking a photo of the facade to share. This was supposed to be a bank or maybe a library or maybe a museum. It's a bit undersized for a modular and that was bothering me. Inspired by this real bank in Staunton, VA.
  17. I built this classical looking castle back in august, finally got around to taking pictures of it. Its modular! The back is sitting on the shore of a lake, don't have any cool bricks to add awesome water effects though. Hope you enjoy! More picks on flickr of the other interiors and such, nothing to grand. Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Flickr Link:
  18. LBaixinho

    [MOC] Byblios

    Byblios (02) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr This is Byblios, the house of knowledge in Ahrídus, Elgarvel. I made this MOC for Lusitanis, an activity of my LUG (Comunidade 0937) similar to the Guilds of Historica. Byblios (01) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr A google translate of the portuguese description: In this building works the mythical library with the same name where scholars of all Lusitanis research on various subjects and write books. Because of its functions, Byblios has always been a haven of peace and has never raised a gun within its walls. Its origins are lost in time, but have performed some research on the appearance of this strange building .. but with little fruit. It is known that the building was built using the stones coming from strange ruins nearby; the first structure was a great tower of square base and later that other structures were added making the building a style amalgam; The choice of this location due to a small supply of water which is at the center of the tower; if it suspects that the construction of the building was already thought to his current role as the desert climate helps in conservation of books and papyri. Byblios (03) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr Byblios (04) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr
  19. 20160404_212244 (3) by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr Good People of Port Raleigh! Know that due to the great munificence of our own Mr Hawksbrugh, the Port Raleigh elementary school and Port Raleigh Reading Room are now open! 20160404_212318 (3) by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr Any child between the age of 7 and 11 may attend the school; due to Mr Hawksbrugh's rather unusual notions even young ladies! They will receive elementary instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic, plus a smattering of geography, astronomy, history and natural philosophy according to a curriculum of Mr Hawksbrugh's own devising. The newly engaged tutor, Mr Leonidas Wallace, is now giving lessons five days a week. Children should attend for three hours each day, either in the morning or the afternoon session, but not both. Due to restrictions of space, no more than three pupils may attend each session so please apply well in advance. Lessons for adults of modest proportions may be available in the evenings; please apply at the school for details. 20160404_212325 (3) by Chris Warburton Brown, on Flickr We are also proud to announce the opening of the Public Reading Room, situated above the school. This library contains a wonderful collection of books paid for by Mr Hawksbrugh, plus generous donations from the private collections of our Mayor The Worshipful Mr Flynn, Miranda Merryweather and Lady Norrington. Books on all subjects are available to members, reference only. Membership is only half a doubloon for an entire year! The Reading Room is open Monday to Friday from 9 of the clock in the forenoon until 6 of the clock in the evening. Unfortunately due to the small space, only two members are permitted entry at any time. Obese members not permitted. [NB I actually built this school for my 9 year old daughter's Lego Elves, but then thought I could adapt it for BoBS. She did all the interiors without help, as you can see she is a better Lego modeller than me! I swear I will never do another hexagonal building, getting the walls lined up without falling apart was hard work!]
  20. Hey everyone Decided to build a section of a library for GOH. The first floor has some bookshelves, desk and a statue. Second floor is more of a "cat-walk", which displays shields, weapons and the colors of Avalonia. As always, both positive and negative criticism is welcome. Thanks all for reading/viewing. ~Pat
  21. The Capital of Albion is packed full of many things to encounter. There are shops, bakeries, houses, and libraries. Here is one example of a Library in Albion: And Here's some rambling Fellows: And an elf librarian coming to quiet them down. He looks rather upset. And a knowledge seeker, seeking knowledge. Here's the build, Figless, a bit blurry: A closer look at some of the props: And my first door technique: So yeah, any constructive comments are appreciated. Thanks all, ;) ~Windusky
  22. timmyc1983

    10184 Town Hall MOD - Public Library

    Hello all, I recently purchased and built the Town Hall modular and realising my town now had two town halls, I set to work finding a new purpose for my old 10184 Town Hall. I decided to turn it in to a Public Library for the citizens to enjoy. So here it is: I try to stay close to the originals with my MODs, so this is no different, however it is 32 x 32 modular. The ground floor is where most of the books are, from crime to biographies to non-fiction, you'll find it here. The middle floor has study desks with lamps, as well as being the floor for the older books. The librarian calls this the 'serious' part of the library.... Shhhhh!! The top floor is the multimedia section, four computers and plenty of space for reading with several couches and an ugly rug. Two of the couches and the rug were donated to the library, it's easy to see why. Please check out my flickr photostream for more pics, esp of the interior. Hope you like it and comments and suggestions always welcome EDIT: Changed the first photo for the new window design.
  23. Now that ME Models is shipping its much anticipated alternative Lego train track components, I really wanted to see what sort of layouts could be built with these elements. Many of us use the superb BlueBrick software tool for designing layouts both for individual and collaborative use. BlueBrick does not have library support for ME track components and therefore, I decided to make a custom library add-on for BlueBrick to include ME track. I have created two BlueBrick compatible libraries to assist with train layout planning by expanding the range of elements available for design. ME Models Track Components - This can be used as an expansion pack for the existing BlueBrick Track parts library. Simply extract the downloaded archive into the pre-existing \parts\Track folder. Complete LEGO® Train System Schematic Elements - This is completely new library developed specifically for symbolic or schematic track planning. It is a complete library including track elements from LEGO®, ME-Models, as well as custom track elements such as stub-switches and crossovers. The library is freely available for download at my website at: ME-Models library: BlueBrick Library for ME Models Track by michaelgale, on Flickr New Schematic Track Planning Library: Universal Track Planning Library by michaelgale, on Flickr BlueBrick screenshot with schematic track planning components: Universal Track Planning for BlueBrick by michaelgale, on Flickr
  24. Yesterday I posted to flickr this creation of mine influenced by Buddhist and in turn Hindu art. Specifically the statue is meant to represent a bodhisattva like Ksitigarbha and Avalokitesvara. Each of the ritual objects held by the bodhisattva's many arms has a religious significance: the bell to punctuate the recitation of mantras, the staff with jingling rings to announce the coming of a traveler, the trident to represent the three jewels and three poisons of Buddhist philosophy, the axe to symbolically behead ignorance (one of the poisons), and the round orange vessel is meant to represent a wish-fulfilling jewel or cintamani. Click the image for a link to the flickr photo page. I feel bad posting these other things because some are almost a year old, but I'm not sure that new topics would be appropriate either. Anyhow, I exhibited this model at Brickfair VA last year and it's based on the library on the Island of Myst that sets the adventure puzzle game Myst and appears in some of its sequels. These boats I also assembled for the con as my small contribution to last year's Apocalug cyber city. The one in the middle is based on the airboat from the episode "Ganymede Elegy" of the anime Cowboy Bebop. Finally, the oldest model I never posted here isn't very refined as I built it only to photograph for the banner of a flickr group, but I think some of you may appreciate it. It's designed after a meeting house or wharenui used by the Maori people of New Zealand. Once again I have linked the image to its flickr page. Thanks for looking through all these, Nathan