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Found 28 results

  1. Hi! This isn't a replica of an existing model; as far as I know, there's no R34 Time Attack/Climbing car with an EVA01 livery. While there are a couple of Evangelion-themed race cars, this isn't one of them. First, I aimed for the Time Attack/Climbing aesthetics, then applied the EVA01 livery (this is a modification of an old MOC).EVA01 is a massive entity (not a mech) from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, although I'm referencing the 'Rebuild Of Evangelion' design. I've tried to incorporate not only the colors but also some of the shaping from EVA01 into the car. Although there are similarities, this is not a MOD from the Speed Champions Fast&Furious Nissan GTR-R34 set. The construction of both is completely different. Custom Vinyl Stickers, 3D printed and painted Rims and Printed tires
  2. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Marin Kitagawa

    Hi there! After seeing @scarovich's MOCs here I finally decided to share my own figure MOCs on EB as well. This is my first figure brickbuilt figure: Marin Kitagawa from the Manga series "My Dress-Up Darling" As some of you might notice I used some non-LEGO / spraypainted bricks to complete the MOC the way I wanted it. This being my first Figure I looked at some other MOCs for inspiration an I copied a few building techniques, namely the face shape and knee joint. Looking back I am not 100 % happy with this figure anymore, the skirt for one and especially the simplistic base bother me and I am considering doing a remake. (Most anime figures have a similar simple white base, so at the time I thought it would be a good idea...) Well, tell me what you like and what you think I could improve. That's it for now :) Gray Gear
  3. This is the second Anime Figure I built: The Catgirl "Fran" from the Manga/Anime series "Reincarnated as a Sword", which is one of my favorite series. It is both cute, wholesome and exceptionally brutal at the same time. The second main character of the series is the the intelligent Sword "Teacher", who helps Fran escape slavery and accompanys her on her adventures. This being my second figure I had more of an idea what I was doing. I still had to use some non-LEGO bricks to get the look I wanted. Fran being 12 yo Girl meant I had to build a Figure with a body a lot smaller and more slender than most other figures out there. I really enjoyed building the clothes, which are a kind of mix between a dress and a light Armor. For the cloak I used the one from the Obi-Wan Kenobi buildable figure, which turned out to fit quite nicely. The Base was also a lot of fun. In the series Fran is often thrown backwards when blocking heavy blows due to her low weight. The uses her Sword as a kind of plow, ramming it into the ground to slow down. I decided to use this as a kind of support, so the figure would be more stable. This worked very well and the whole MOC can easily be lifted by the sword blade. The upper part of the sword is very fragile though, so the upper hand is not actually contributing anything in terms of stability. I also made the floor to look broken and cracked. I hope you like my MOC Greetings Gray Gear
  4. Hitori Gotou or 'Bocchi' from the anime Bocchi the Rock. -- I always wanted to make some Chibi figures with Lego like those made by Javier Soravilla or Mike Dung, but seeing that Ted Andes also made some, Chisato and Takina, recently made me want to also finally give it a try. I borrowed some building techniques of those mentioned earlier and used the instructions of Javier Soravilla: for the frame of the figure. -- For this Chibi figure I had to get creative, I wanted to make Hitori Gotou, but in the show she's mostly wearing pink and her hair is also pink. I wanted to distinguish between the two. So I used "Paradisa" Pink for her body, which severely limits the available pieces and Bright Pink for her hair. Ofcourse I can't forget to include the guitar and an amplifier, I even included a distortion ds2, if you where wondering what that orange thing was. Bocchi by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  5. Horlack Bricks

    [Chibi] Emeraldas from Leiji Matsumoto

    Chibi, from Emeraldas. Gravity Saber with NPU part N°2614 Fishing Rod, Cosmo Gun/Cosmo Dragoon with NPU part N°36752a Wand, & Leiji Matsumoto Chibi - Emeraldas by Horlack, sur Flickr
  6. Not sure if this is the right place for something like this, it is definitely military but also decidedly sci-fi. Mods please do let me know if this should be removed or relocated With that out of the way I present a moc that I call the LHCP 87 or Light Hover Combat Platform type 87 - meant to be a nod to naming conventions of the Japanese Self-Defense force as this was inspired by the style of vehicles seen frequently in late 80's to early 90's anime and manga especially. Of course I am well aware of the impracticality of a hover tank. However it is such a sci-fi trope I feel it is a subject worth exploring. It this version it is really more of a variable thrust powered tank, which presents its own problems of course but with a healthy suspense of belief I'd like to think the finished model is a plausible representation fitting the world for which it was designed. Anyways on to the build. I really wanted to focus on the cold-wr meets sci-fi nature of the subject, hence the combination of some fairly dated technologies along with an array of various sensors, cameras and active protections. Of course I have taken some artistic license here, but again tried to remain in the realm of the plausible. I am by no means an expert in this area, just an enthusiast. I plan on incorporating this into a small build, I'm still deciding whether it will be an urban setting or a natural one. Any thoughts on this are welcome Let me know what you think below.
  7. daikoncat

    [MOC] Robotech/Mospeada Cyclone

    Hi All, My first post here, nice to meet everyone. I'm just sharing my recent MOC. Please check out my VR-052F Cyclone Ride-Armor from the Robotech/Mospeada 1980's classic animation. For those who are not familiar with the Cyclone, it was a type of armored motorcycle that a rider was able to transform into a wearable exo-suit for battle. It was one of the iconic vehicles in the Robotech/Mospeada series. It was really fun bringing this design to life in LEGO form!: Armor-Bike and Rider Mode Ride-Armor Mode This MOC is fully transformable between Armor-Bike and Ride-Armor modes. You can check out the transformation sequence here: LEGO VR-052F Cyclone Ride-Armor Transformation More higher quality images can be found on my Flickr: Daikoncat's Photostream If you really like this MOC, I would appreciate it very much if you help me reach my next goal of 1k supporters on LEGO Ideas. You can find my project page here: Lego Ideas Robotech/Mospeada Cyclone I am already aware of the licensing hurdles, but it still doesn't hurt for me to try. If you are interested in instructions, I am working on it Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC -Daikoncat
  8. DanDelie


    Dandelie Anime Avatar This basically is my “avatar” in Lego. I used some custom parts and filters, to make it look even more like japanese mangas or animes. comment in the section below if you found content like this, or that you made! How do we post bigger pics ;w;
  9. Hi to all! I made Dr Raw Flying machine from Hayao Miyazaki's old anime Mirai Shounen Conan. While I was gathering parts to build Arvo's Kaneda Bike,I was captured by the shape of the Pod Container and since then I decided it was the best solution for this MOC. Obviously the egg shape has been a big dilemma to reproduce, but at last maybe I find the best way to make it. Here it is. Hope you'll enjoy. K8802_Raw_FM01 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr K8802_Raw_FM03 by Mauro Cavinato, su Flickr
  10. Flameo my fellow Avatar fans, I’m a huge fan of ATLA and I need your help. Recently I have submitted a project on LEGO IDEAS, it's the Spirit Oasis from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As you might know LEGO IDEAS is a website which allows users to submit ideas for Lego products to be turned into potential sets. So If my project reaches 10.000 supporters it may become an official LEGO Product. Many Avatar Fans including me would love to purchase another LEGO ATLA Set since the original sets from 2006 are not available anymore. Check out my project: The Spirit Oasis Project on LEGO IDEAS All you need to do is press the support button and create a free LEGO Account if necessary. Thanks a lot, Every supporter counts!
  11. jisraelsson

    MOC: My Neighbour Totoro

    Hi, For your consideration I present to you my very first MOC. Oh-Totoro from the anime My Neighbour Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. This is a work in progress as mentioned where I will refine the construction and try different poses and I also plan to add Chuu-Totoro and Chibi-Totoro to the company. I am currently building the first physical version of the large Totoro (Oh-Totoro) to check and refine its construction. Also I would like to place the characters in a small environment that will add to the experience. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for coming updates. This little project turned out so promising that I have also published it as a LEGO Cuusoo project as, to my surprise, I couldn't find any Totoro project on Cuusoo. So if you want you may vote for it over att the following link: LEGO Cuusoo My Neighbour Totoro Thanks to sherrycayheyhey for the LEGO ball tutorial ( Earlier sketches, as you can see the smaller Totoros will require a lot more work to get right:
  12. A fast paced Isekai for your enjoyment!
  13. Exetrius

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Introducing the worlds largest and most accurate LEGO EVA Unit 02, complete with a detailed Tokyo-3 diorama! I'm sure a number of you have already seen this build (partly or as a whole) featured on The Brothers Brick or Oficina dos Baixinhos (among others) - I'm very thankful to these blogs for putting my creation in the spotlights - but in this topic I'm going to give a in-depth look into the entire build process and dive further into the details of the build. Let's get started! Introduction & Motivation EVA Unit 02 is a mecha from Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), one of the most popular/debated anime classics of all time. To give a little bit of background: teenage pilots working for a mysterious mega-corporation (NERV) battle a variety of gigantic aliens (the Angels) in colourful, gigantic mecha (the EVAs)... The mecha and their pilots, from left to right: Unit 02 with Asuka Langley, Unit 01 with Shinji Ikari, and Unit 03 with Rei Ayanami. The sinister-looking guy is the CEO of NERV. So, why did I choose to build EVA Unit 02? Firstly, I'm not remotely the biggest Evangelion fan out there, but at the very least I think the mecha designs and setting in the series is amazing. Between the three units above, I think Unit 02 gets the most spectacular and iconic action sequences in the show. Also, from a builder's perspective, all units have gotten multiple MOC renditions, but I feel like those of Unit 2 have been the least successful in accurately capturing the head. That, in great contrast to Unit 01 - which has been captured close to absolute perfection by Moko (see here), a great inspiration of course. In addition, Unit 02 is mostly red, meaning a colour with a very broad range of LEGO elements I could work with and one that was already abundant in my collection. Bearing those things in mind, I was confident I could be done and would end being something unique. Reference material I choose to stay true to the design as seen in the TV series, as opposed to the variations that appeared in the several movies that followed. I used the action figure below as my main reference standard for the body measurements and shaping, and screenshots from the episodes for the rear and the head. I got the idea to make a base diorama from a huge and beautiful display model by Prime 1 Studio, below. Unlike Unit 02 itself, my Tokyo-3 diorama is not a one-on-one recreation of any specific part of the city as seen in the anime. I paid close attention to the civil infrastructure, though. Build process I made the head (well, the first of many) first, as a proof-of-concept. This is the part with the highest density of details and colour blocking, and is therefor critical in choosing the scale, or so I found out. Though that first head wasn't perfect, it showed me that the scale was right. I measured its height, and together with my main reference printed out on A4 I determined which length in cm and studs every body part should get, with the help of Sariel's unit converter. Later I realised that the chosen scale was quite close to nanofig scale, very convenient! I started building mid-January and I finished at the end of September, though I set it aside for a few months to work on other builds. The collage above is arranged in chronological order, time passes from left to right and top to bottom. After making the head, I experimented with the shoulders and spine, essentially with how to maximize friction, also a bit of preliminary breastplate work. Then I realised that it would be better to start from the hips. Then upper leg, lower leg, ankle and foot (tough!). Then upwards: pelvis segment, second segment (front), third segment (front) and breastplate version 2, with increasing difficulty. After that, the rear: pelvis spine plate, second spine plate, and third spine plate. That's when the most difficult part started: the upper torso. It's where the breastplate, shoulders, spine, neck, power plug, entry plug and plug cover hatch have to connect, while also retaining the odd angles that they are required to have. At this point I sure wished I had chosen a bigger scale, so that I would have had more inside space to solve these problems. In the end though, I found a solution to everything, quite rigid as a whole, too. Here an insight into how it fits together: Green = clips Yellow = technic pins Aqua = hinges Blue = bars Pink = click hinges After the torso was done, I did the hands, upper arms, shoulder blades, and lower arms. Then head version 2, Spear of Longinus, head version 3. Started the base: foundation, street, pavement, traffic lights and street lanterns. Cars, vending machines, raised pavement. Then the main building: inner structure, front, then lock-down doors, roof and greebles. Next, secondary building: ground floor with garage, open staircase and hardware store, then second floor and roof. Then the elevated railway bridge, large stairs and railway platform. Tertiary buildings with vending machines. Finally, head version 4 and head version 5. The completed model I must say, I'm very satisfied with the end result. The iteration on the head definitely paid off and the base, despite not initially being planned, was a creative adventure in itself. The most fascinating thing about the nanofig scale is how it transformed the meaning of various parts, but mostly the printed ones. For example, I have used different 1x2 smartphone tiles to represent vending machine interfaces. Also, a partially covered 2x2 plate from Star Wars turns into a road sign. But my favorite is the 1x2 console from Back to the Future, which I used here for the arrival and departure clock at the railway platform! List of features Although it could be deduced from the images, I will list the features of this build. All limbs of Unit 02 can be articulated, as well as the neck, jaw, shoulder blades and spine (lean to the front and lean to the back, but it's tricky). Unit 02 has an opening hatch under which the entry plug can be inserted or taken out (see the third image down from the second column in the WIP collage). Tokyo-3 features a large office building, of which the facade can be closed off by lock-down doors. The doors slide in from above, which does require the edge of the roof to be temporarily be removed. Tokyo-3 features a smaller building, the hardware store. The first floor can be removed to show the ground floor, which has an opening garage door, a store interior with some electronics, and a staircase. For emergencies, all windows on the first floor can be sealed with hatches. The diorama features numerous small details such as lampposts, traffic lights, a parking sign, graffiti, vending machines (six of them), trees, benches, dustbins and a road map. Additionally, there are three hatchback/SUV cars, an MPV and a TV broadcast truck. Reception, recognition & events Though I would not normally write about this, unlike my previous builds this was really my first full-blown recreation an existing (licensed) thing. I created this with the idea of taking it to comic cons and possibly other events, not only to LEGO conventions. Thus, I was curious what the response would be from within and from outside the LEGO community. I will use this paragraph to keep track of my experiences, if I feel like it. Blog posts, articles and other coverage: Oficina dos Baixinhos: ArchBrick Daily: The Brothers Brick: Lega Nerd: BrickVault: ToyPro: (Also available in other languages here) Events: Comic Con Antwerp 2019: Very limited response. The audience, whether that were general visitors, cosplayers from American/European franchises, or even anime/manga cosplayers, hardly paid attention to the creation. Occasionally, someone stopped and stared, but an appreciative look, let alone a look of recognition, was rare. Over the weekend, I spoke to around six people who were really enthusiastic about it. Two of those were vendors with products of the same franchise, and one was genuinely a big Evangelion fan. LEGO World Utrecht 2019: Strong positive response! The creation was only on exhibit for a day, but there were reportedly more than 11.000 visitors, if I remember correctly. From the first few minutes till the last few, kids were running up the creation and expressing their wonder. I've spoken to about 7 Evangelion/anime fans, and a number of others. Greatest of all: LEGO Star Wars Designer and Gundam/anime hobbyist Kurt Kristiansen was very much impressed with it, and there was just enough time to tell him all about the model. That made my day, my week, my month, of course!
  14. BrickHeadz of Lal'C Mellk Mal, one of the main charachters, from the 2005 anime Gunbuster 2 - Diebuster. Set in a far future where space monsters terrorize the umanity tha colonized the solar sistem, only large mecha called Buster Machine piloted by teenagers can protect and save Earth and every human colony. Space monsters, increasingly strong, attack the human settlements to retrieve the key to destroy or save humanity. Lal'C Mellk Mal Brickheadz - Diebuster by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr
  15. Alright, now that LEGO has announced 21311 Voltron, the first ever LEGO set to be based on an anime series originally from Japan, I can imagine LEGO doing an anime adaptation of their properties. My pick would be Bionicle: The Mata-Nui Saga! Based on the Mata-Nui timeline, Season 1 could cover the 2001 storyline, Season 2 covering 2002, Season 3 with 2003 and onwards. If LEGO ever decides to remake their classic Bionicle sets as a tie-in, I think it'd be pretty interesting to see. Oh, and believe it or not, the word "Bionicle" can also be translated into Japanese! バイオニクル - Baionikuru Does anyone think Bionicle could work out as a Japanese anime as long as it stays true to the source material?
  16. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Barbinator the fairy

    Hello, my dear visitors! Have you ever dreamed of a fairy paying you a visit? Well, you may want to reconsider. Such amazing! So mobility! Much wow! "A modern toy". This action figure is meant to illustrate the sorry state in which the child and teen entertainment industry is finding itself in our age. My intention was to leave as much humanly features as possible, overlaying them with the sheer inhumanity of modern toys and games. If you think that parents can effectively shield their children from corporations who employ flocks of shrewd marketeers, then think again. There's only so much one can can do, and this is where we are headed. Leg movement animation. Click here to see my attempt in composite animation which was too heavy to be embedded. An angelic "Kill Teal" version. A dangerous kind of beauty... isn't she?? Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoyed her company! x)
  17. Created as an entry to the Anime themed Jackschallenge #4 through Jacksfilms. Wish me luck!
  18. These are some mods to Exoforce set 7721-1, Combat crawler x2. This was a set almost no one bought, It was gappy, weird, hard to find, and expensive. I managed to get a sealed one for less than 30 dollars after the series was cancelled in 2009, and rather liked the idea of the model. All legs are now jointed, canopy added to the front for the main pilot. the cannon at the top has been adjusted to fit the gunner better, The middle pair of legs has been connected differently both to accomodate the joint an so they line up with the front and back pairs of legs. Extra armor has been added to the chasis as well, though its not too noticeable, this set was actually pretty beefy for an exoforce model Combat crawler now has a retractable frame on the front that covers the secondary cockpit. the connection between the 2 models has also been fixed so it doesn't fall apart from use. I love that it has stabilizers for its giant artillery piece. Added a roof to the prison so the pilot couldn't easily climb out The drone has a reasonably well defended seat up here. the controls were on the original set, but it only came with the 2 robots. Also, the original gun hinge caused it to smack the robot in the head if you decided to pivot it, and had an ugly connection with a bionicle piston The Viper x2 (as I so named it) recieved a lot of attention. It had a neat leg design, but the execution was really sloppy, Gaps have been filled in everywhere, and I added an actual cockpit. Feet were shortened I removed the technic plates on its legs to get rid of the holes, The connection on its back was heavily reinforced and can no longer slide off. All parts on the back have been swapped out for black, including the technic bushing. The Combat crawler showing off its rudimentary leg joints. Thanks for looking! any comments or feedback welcome.
  19. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Shogun Tahu

    SHOGUN TAHU An anime-inspired re-imagining of prolific Toa, Tahu. Front Back Skeleton - Front Skeleton - Back Shogun Tahu utilises the LW2 gearbox.
  20. Giovanne

    [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    Hello folks! After a long, long time without a post on EB, I guess it's time for a return, and here's my most recent MOC. This MOC is reproduction of the Evangelion Unit-01 mecha from the 1995 anime (which is my favorite) Neon Genesis Evangelion, with the color scheme used on the Rebuild movies (dark purple with more lime green details). The Unit-01 was piloted by the protagonist Shinji Ikari, it is the first non-prototype unit, and is referred as "Test Type". The Unit-01 houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui. This MOC has 2012 parts and is, approximately, 70-75 cm tall (I used as reference the airplane from the set 7893 which measures 58 cm). (sorry for the rather bad photos) Hope you like it!
  21. Sunder

    [MOC] Shimakaze

    Shimakaze by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  22. Toa of Gallifrey

    [MoC] Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa

    Gallery: Front: Side 1: Side 2: Back: Back unconcealed: Protector of Time: In the mystical island of Okoto, before the six elemental heroes were summoned to protect islanders, they had their own hero. Vahi, the Protector of Time, who used to guard the legendary Mask of Time found a suit of armor from a past time which granted him immense power. He dubbed it, "Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa" which means "Heaven-Piercing Golden Warrior" in the ancient Okotese language. He has since left the Mask of Time in the hands of other Protectors and left Okoto to pierce his fate and save a universe trapped in an endless cycle of violence. His last words to the Protector of Fire, who questioned his decision were, "Of course I must leave! Who the Karzahni do you think I am? Mine are the spear, flamethrower and blaster that will pierce the heavens and fined the mythical being Mata Nui. Farewell, brother. Do not believe in the Vahi that believes in you, or the you that believes in Vahi, but the you that believes in you." After that, the other Protectors never saw Vahi again, though they can sometimes hear the sound his finishing move, Giga Spear Slash.
  23. Hello to everyone! Today I would like to introduce my last speedwork. Why speedwork? Because I designed it in a spare hour and built in 30 minutes. I'm a big fan of manga and japanese animation and I really love what Miyazaki sensei has gifted to us. All of his works deserve more than a vision to discover new meanings and details. A couple of weeks ago I decided to design Indastria, the tower of the sun in which is set a good part of the anime Mirai Shounen Conan. I am particularly fond of this Tv series, having seen it when I was still a child. It is an "architecture-style" realization, and I think that it complied well the shape and proportions of what's seen in the anime. I'm going to propose on Lego Ideas, so if you like, rate it.
  24. Hello i present my 2 new EVAs Unit EVA03 possessd by Angel Bardiel EVA04 the S2 Unit