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Found 25 results

  1. "Sir Reginald's Return" A quick castle build that I'll install at the Colorado Mills LEGO store in May. Wanted to play around with a brick-built arch and incorporating classic printed panels.
  2. CCC hosted a contest just for previous Master Builders, and somehow I'm on that list, so of course I had to participate! The challenge was to recreate a classic castle set. I chose the Guarded Inn--it was the bright colors that attracted me, and then the unique layout brought me back to it, though some of the forestmen sets were tempting me! It was really fun to modernize some of the old pieces, like the red-and-black tudor panels and the window on the outside wall. I made a few changes, like moving the tower from on top of the roof (I think it's safe to guess that this set wasn't designed by an engineer) off to the side and making the chimney medium nougat to differentiate it from the wall. But I decided not to tone down any of the bright colors of the set, and I'm glad I didn't--working with these primary colors was a blast! The door opens and closes pretty easily, though in the set it opened out. I decided to open it in so you could still see the arch over it. With the new castle and the updated lion knight torsos and shields, I figured I'd give the minifigures an overhaul too. I'm especially happy with the innkeeper. Of course the stable door opens to let the guests' horses in and out! The biggest feature of the original set was the opening wall. I don't know if it's really necessary to have an opening front when the back is completely open to the air, but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to build a play feature! Inside got a bit of a makeover! The new chimney is extra fancy and the chandelier actually swings! I also built a couple of tables and benches. Overall, this set was really fun to revamp, I hope I did the original justice! Would love to hear what you think about it! Thanks for stopping by.
  3. Castles are back ! And this is a small castle for the Black Falcon faction. In this castle, you can find a cellar with a prison (as usual). On the main floor, there is a room for the Black Falcon lord. And of course, a tower to see if people are arriving. I built it as I'm a huge fan of LEGO castle. This set was originally built in the context of the 90th LEGO anniversary. I did some enhancements to promote it as an idea here: I think this castle is a good addition to the other LEGO castle sets that were released in the previous years. Feel free to support it if you want ! Olivier
  4. Peppermint_M

    The Red Fort

    The Red Fort, or Gaer Goch in Welsh, is a small fortification built to keep the local area under the authority of the King. He has installed his Sheriff and a small garrison of men to guard the keep. Two local peasants are allowed on the grounds, for a share of their produce they can fish and graze their livestock. The keep of the fort, I have made the top floor a little fancy for the sheriff to be comfortable, and put in a few details to break up the walls. The keep has a connected tower for a watchman to look out over the land. A local rascal seems to have bagged herself some game, daringly close to the castle. The side of the gatehouse and the second tower. Guards and knights populate the fort, some knights are simply visiting as they travel from place to place. The travelling fool visits the manors and inns of the county, his little dog part of the act. He has been asked to stay a few days, the Sheriff has guests and would like to entertain them. The plan from above, you can see the well inside the castle, the angled walls I put in to place, the wall walk around the whole space. The footprint is two 32x32 baseplates, minus a quarter at the overlap. The guards and knights were chosen for their colours and the fact I used the Dragon knights for my Yellow Castle project. The Sheriff and his wife with their little dog were a final touch. I built this during lockdown in 2020, it has taken me a while to get around to photographing it. I went over to Caldicot Castle to take the photos, it makes for a good backdrop. The build process is over in my Instagram photos. I am peppermint_builds if you would like to take a look. I have been a little inactive over 2021 so most images are easy to find. If people are interested, I can post them here properly. Hope you enjoy my classic styled build
  5. Medieval layout, which was part of a Christmas Exhibition at the Salling Department Store, Aarhus, Denmark. More pictures can be seen on Flickr A YouTube Video where selected scenes from layout can be seen. In the end of the video the full layout including a castle (Benjamin) and a lake (Morten) can be seen.
  6. PirateRoberts

    (MOC) Forestmen’s Tower

    I actually built this 2 years ago, it is one of my favorite builds. I wanted to capture the lifestyle of the Forestmen, one of my favorite themes. The basic story is that they stumbled upon and old abandoned tower and made it their home.
  7. quiriacus

    Kingdom of Heidra

    Hey everyone. As a first post, i'd like to show the WIP faction i'm working on which is the Kingdom of Heidra. Regular Infantry with their general Pikemen Two Standard-bearer, two officers & 30 pikemen Archers Highlands Mercenaries Hope you enjoy. More to come soon, i'll try to update with the changes and additions.
  8. I created this for Classic-Castle's Video Game Castle MOC category. This is a scene from one of my favorite games, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Here, Link places the three Spiritual Stones and the Door of Time slides away to reveal the Master Sword! (Larger image here:
  9. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] Blackwail Castle

    Situated on the fringes of the Great Flenshly Marsh, a saltwater tidal basin on Pembermile Sound famous for its thick fogs, looms the seat of the Duchy of Tiverton: Blackwail Castle. The fortress can attribute its somewhat grim name to the calls of a local seabird, whose mournful notes are often mistaken by unfamiliar travelers for the wail of a banshee (or so people tell themselves. It is Lego - you never know :P). Lacking a curtain wall, the enlarged keep nevertheless boasts fairly strong natural water defenses, and - probably owing more to its remote location than any other factor - has never been taken in a siege. The castle alone is approximately 3,800 pieces, while the base adds up another 1,300 or so - an exchange I'm not *fully* convinced it worth it (though I do like the marshy part). Exterior shots. The single tower contains a bell and functions (on the top level only) as the access point for the roof. If constructed, I would also add a 4-pole-supported cloth sun-screen to cover a portion of the roof area, but as the 4 beams would just look naked in LDD, I left them out. There's a small fishing/high tide-usable pier to give the marsh some context. As an aside, I have much grander Pacific-Northwest style pine trees that I had built intending to use with this structure, but they wound up looming over the castle (accurately; most of it is only 3 stories tall, after all), and I felt like it reduced the overall impact, so I swapped them out for dinkier specimens: As usual, even though the whole facing-left side of structure swings out dollhouse-style, I had an immense amount of trouble making bluerender cooperate with lighting. Therefore, after a single gloomy photo, I just took screenshots directly from LDD. The result is less dramatic, but at least shows off details. The first (and second) floor features a checkerboard tile base, two suits of armor, three candelabras, a raised walkway, fireplace, kitchen (not pictured, but it's below the white 'house' wing), tapestries hanging from the ceiling, grandfather clock, a spiral staircase reaching the third floor, a feasting table, and a requisite throne. The Tudor-style second-floor wing is home to the castle's resident wizard. The roof here is designed to lift out with very minor parts removal. I tried to make the space look somewhat cluttered, but the effect is lost in this screenshot, since you can hardly see the bed or the book shelf. The front of the top floor isn't really intended to be accessible, but would only require removal of a portion of the roof to get at, so I went ahead and did a (very basic) interior. This is the servants'/guards' quarters, with two bunk beds, a book shelf, and some storage. 'Fun'-unfun (for me) fact - I am so colorblind that LDD's reddish brown looks green to me the entire time I am building a model. Finally, we have the King's (or, in this case, Duchess') chamber/solar (with walk-in closet!). The room features a fireplace, English settee, canopy bed, larger bookcase, and desk (which you can't really see, but is located in the swing out). A kitten has bitten off more than it can chew by cornering a large, black rat in the closet space. I don't much like cats, but I hate rodents. Kill 'em good, Mr. Mittens. And that's pretty much it. As is typical, it is probably too grand a design for me to ever build, but I am at least finally satisfied with the end-product (I've built like 3 other castles since I last posted here that I didn't bother putting up).
  10. ProvenceTristram

    Kingdoms & Castles Starter Keep

    So, I've been playing Kingdoms and Castles recently - a kind of SNES Sim City meets Rollercoaster Tycoon meets Banished and then they all catch the Black Death - and as soon as I booted it up the first time, I immediately fell in love with the starter keep (BEWARE IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THIS GAME - IT'S SUPER ADDICTING! XD). Now, granted, the game's goal largely revolves around upgrading this quaint structure into a grand fortress... but I've always preferred the simple, pleasant lines of the original keep. The following are some screenshots: The game at times almost feels like you're playing with Lego (at least a little), so I wanted to reproduce the structure with bricks. Unfortunately, it wound up being something of a mega-build at nearly 2,900 pieces, which likely means I will never get to experience it in real life. However, I did still want to showcase my work. First, some exterior shots: The castle was designed to be fully modular. The keep has two lift-outs and a whole side opens, and the residence portion also has two lift-outs. Unfortunately, this effect is very tedious to reproduce in LDD, so I just kind of tore the thing open to show the interiors (I don't have hours to spend to take screenshots :P [just hours to spend designing Lego I will never build, apparently XD]). First, the dungeon, which has chains (to ensnare a skeleton), spider web, cell, barrel storage, and a secret door for making escapes: Next, we have the Great Hall/Throne Room. I pulled the door open for this shot, though it wound up a little dark. The table and chairs are designed to be removable so the King can receive guests (on the nicely tiled floor and red carpet! :D), in which case the room will feature 5 suits of armor lining the walls. There is also a big fireplace, throne (for great sitting is needed to do Kingly justice), and some owl-shaped gargoyles. I agonized over the door for a long time, but there's a sticker from one of the Ninjago sets that would make it look less out of place. The roof for this scene also comes off easily: Moving along, we next have the scullery/wine storage. The's a pretty elaborate staircase that you can't see well in this screenshot, a stove, a shelf full of wine bottles, some barrels, food storage on the wall (can't be seen here), and the barred entrance to the dungeon. I used a main door with bars here even though it's kind of ugly, because I acknowledge that this is a castle and not a house, and that entrance is the weakest part of all (although in a siege this whole portion would soon be on fire, in all likelihood :P): Finally, we have the Royal Chambers. This is a relatively simple room (I ripped out the windows so we could see inside a bit better) - you've got the King's canopy bed, a fireplace, a stairwell down, and a shelf for storing the crown and imperial sword at night. There's also (again impossible to see) a ladder leading up to the parapet. No part of the castle is technically inaccessible to minifigs: And that's it! This is the first castle I've designed since my teenage years... so... it's been about two decades. A lot has changed... and mostly not for the better :P. But I think this, at least, turned out alright in the end! Questions and critiques are most welcome!
  11. I designed a Classic Castle & Game Of Thrones t-shirt and it is up for vote at Threadless. Please vote for it so that it becomes available for production.
  12. I built this classical looking castle back in august, finally got around to taking pictures of it. Its modular! The back is sitting on the shore of a lake, don't have any cool bricks to add awesome water effects though. Hope you enjoy! More picks on flickr of the other interiors and such, nothing to grand. Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Untitled by K R, on Flickr Flickr Link:
  13. The Classic Castle LEGO Minifigure Catalog has just become available. It is available as a book or ebook. It contains all the Classic Castle Minifigure and no, it does not contain Nexo Knights. I does, however, included the Classic Castle heraldry and you might also enjoy the t-shirt.
  14. A nice Sunday to everyone! I am starting a new MOC series under the title "Updating the Classics". Having been inspired by a similar post in the "town" forum, I thought it would be interesting to apply modern bricks and building techniques to a few classic castle ships that we have seen in the 90s. The challenge for me in there is twofold: First I have to try to rebuild the original (which is not so easy due to lack of "historic" bricks), second part is to come up with a new version. 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited & Original): 6018 Battle Dragon: The Battle Dragon is not one of the biggest ships for our knights... I was lucky - I (almost) had all the necessary bricks. In an updated version it might look like this: 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited): The sail has the "dragon" on it. The dragon gallion is actually a very fine creation, so I kept it, just changing the colour and a few smaller parts. I thought that a sail and a rudder were useful additions. And that the crew could grow by 50%. More to come - C&C welcome! Edit: Part 2 can be found here: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager Part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited
  15. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited) part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager) Some of you may know the great "Sea Serpent". The set came out in 1992 and for some strange reasons, which I cannot reproduce, I happen to have bought the set (although that was the time of my dark ages). Therefore I was lucky to still find much of the original parts, including the sail. Some, of course, have disappeared over time. 6057 Sea Serpent (Revisited & Original): 6057 Sea Serpent: Once again, I have added Mitgardian colours. The gallion had to change from yellow to blue due to absence of the two smaller bricks. It is still a very charming ship. Small but efficient. 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited: My new version applies some of the new techniquesin hull design and my brick-sail-approach. Colour-wise I have tried to stick to the original. So far, this is the "revisited" version which I like the best. C&C welcome!
  16. Hello world! I would like to continue (and close) my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited part 5:MOC: Updating the Classics (5) - 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited) ) I think I have "updated" most of what could be found in 1980s and 1990s. So (drumroll) here it is, the final chapter: 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited) 6017 King's Oarsmen: This is a charming little boat, with two dragon heads. And with two brave knights. Sadly, I did not have any more of the originals. So I have chosen some of my oldest knights. The boat had a sail - so I could (once more) use my brickbuilt-sail-approach! 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited): This time I wanted to create something special... .... with a monkey in it... Monkey is sailing away happily... As you can see I have found a counterpart for the original two dragonheads. I am very happy to be able to close this with something funny. Thanks for watching!
  17. Hello world! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited) I am running out of original castle ships - but here is one more and one more will follow and close this series. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original & Revisited): 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original): As you can see I do not have the original knights. What is best about this boat is the dragon head as a gallion. That TLG designer at that time was really good. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited): So, it was key to keep the dragon head - I have only modified it slightly and changed the colours to have less contrasting colours. The new boat seems to come from Mitgardia. One more to come! I hope you enjoyed it. C&C welcome!
  18. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) This time I will try to do the "6049 Viking Voyager" some justice. The set goes back until 1987 (and I did not have it). 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited & Original): 6049 Viking Voyager: I have added Midgardian colours to distract from the key point that I do not have the original shield Also the "cover" for the treasure had been designed in white - I only have similar bricks in black. There they are, rowing away happily... 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited): A new model required the usage of the "real" vikings. The treasure "cover" was enhanced - and created in white. Overall colour scheme is meant to be close to the original. And then I thought that I need to do something special for the gallion (the original gallion is - frankly speaking - quite poor): .... and I think I was very successful! That was fun! I have used oars - they were not available when the original set came out (we are talking about pre-pirate times!). So, after this overhaul, the new vikings may row away in peace into the sunset! More to come - C&C welcome!
  19. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) Dubbadgrim has thankfully pointed me to 1752 Crossbow Boat (1996), a really small boat with one knight and two crossbows. I thought that the crossbow would have to be bigger for the new version. The set was also released as 1804 Crossbow Boat and and 2892 Thunder Boat. 1752 Crossbow Boat (Original & Revisited): 1752 Crossbow Boat: The original is one of the smallest boats put out by TLG. As I have run out of the correct black bricks I have rebuild the model using (old) dark grey. It possesses a certain charme: 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited: For the new version, a good crossbow was available I also thought it would be better to differentiate between the oarsmen and the crossbow men. So it got a bit bigger than the original. I could not stick to the colour scheme as I wanted to use some spare boat bricks. Then I was satisfied with the new edition. (No brick-built sail this time.) But still I think that TLG might have seen this as the "modern" version of the set: The series will continue! C&C welcome!
  20. Title of Set: 6036 Skeleton Surprise Theme: Castle/Royal Knights Year Released: 1995 Piece Count: 74 Minifigures: 2 Original Price: $8 (USD), Unknown (EUR), Unknown (GBP) Current Prices: BrickLink Price Guide Further Information: Brickset, Lugnet, Peeron, Photobucket Album Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a vigilant knight who dedicated his later life toward the pursuit of finding the elusive golden chalice, which, according to myth, bestowed immortality on whoever drank from it. As the years ticked by, and the days grew ever-colder, the knight fought through many obstacles in his path and, in a dank and dark crypt, he finally found the one thing that could make all of his hardships and sacrifices worthwhile - the golden chalice. He marveled in its beauty for a moment before he quickly filled the chalice to its brim with water from his canteen, spilling some water here and there due to his excitement and anticipation. Once full, he drank as much as he could bear whilst he thought about how many good deeds he could accomplish with his new lifespan; however, unbeknownst to the knight, the myth left out a crucial piece of information... that the chalice does indeed grant eternal life but also binds the drinker to guard the chalice forever... Author's Notes: The year 1995 can be seen as the end of the first golden era concerning the Castle theme, as gone were the old fashioned Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Wolfpack, and the ever-beloved Forestmen . That certainly does not mean that all sets were bad during this time (and this is highly subjective anyway) as treasures such as 6036 Skeleton Surprise were occasionally released and are still a joy to own today. And, like most older LEGO sets, three alternate builds are showcased on the box that actually look quite good. You can take a gander at two of the alternative builds here. The build on the right is my favorite of the three. P.S. I know that I stated I would no longer do reviews on vintage sets during my 6956 Stellar Recon Voyager review, but I couldn't help myself. Instructions: Cover: The cover page features the set with the Royal Knight scared by a cute little skeleton. The background maintains the Castle feel of the sets released in the 80s and early 90s by using rolling hills with a rising / setting sun. Random Page: The instructions are an actual booklet and not a pamphlet. Included are 15 steps on 16 pages. The contrast and point of view are both good, making the build easy and enjoyable. Minifigures: Royal Knight: Here is the Royal Knight, who is presumably stationed at the guard tower / crypt to keep a lookout or to take the golden goblet. He is equipped with a brown spear, a Royal Knights shield, and a beautiful and luxurious beard that is paired with some manly stubble. As can be seen, his emblem suffers from the all-too-well-known issue of the white print not being fully opaque, causing it to look pink when applied on a red background. Skeleton: The skeleton is nothing new, even back then, and features the old-styled mold that has ball jointed arms which have a full range of motion but lack tension, causing the arms to strongly obey the law of gravity. I had a lot of fun playing with these skeletons when I was a kid and I enjoy them more than the newer skeletons, despite their shortfalls. Accessories: A yellow goblet (sadly, no pearl gold color existed at this time), brown spear, dark gray lance, and Royal Knights shield make up the accessories. Definitely not much but I find it adequate for a small set. Still, it leaves me wanting a treasure chest filled with a few lovely gold pieces. One can never have enough gold pieces. Pieces of Note: Included in this set are four black wall pieces, one of which has a cobblestone print. These pieces are great for building castles and other similar structures. The Rest of the Pieces: This set largely consists of black and light gray pieces, and even though only a little over 70 pieces are included, most of them are versatile and excellent for adding to existing sets or for creating MOCs. A good example of quality over quantity. Partway Through Building: This is approximately the halfway point in the build, but, as can be seen, the structure is already taking form. The golden goblet is tucked away deep in the crypt. This is slightly further along the build process and shows where and how the skeleton hangs. Look at those arms droop! Completed: Front: How peaceful... Front with Skeleton Hanging Down: Oh my god! A skeleton! The Royal Knight is so manly that he doesn't even care. The skeleton swings downward when the lance is pulled out to a certain point. The skeleton can then be swung back up into position using the technic rod that is attached to the gray cone to the left. I find it easier to just lift him back up using my finger since the cone doesn't have the best grip on the technic rod. Left Side: A nice little yard is on the left side of the set. A good place for a little creative building. As you may have already noticed, TLG supplied a 4 x 6 plate for the roof, which doesn't cover the whole area. This leaves gaps that are both unsightly and unconventional. A 6 x 6 plate solves this issue. I'm guessing that TLG used a 4 x 6 so that the plate is easier to remove. Right Side: The right side has enough room for some flowers, minifigures, and even small brick-built trees. Back: Yes, this set actually has a fully enclosed back. Quite shocking, I know. It makes the set feel complete, satisfying and kind of like a mini-castle. Alternate Build: Sweet, sweet revenge, Mr. Skeleton... It isn't an exact copy of what the TLG designer built, but it is close enough! There is a good amount of scale with this alternate build and it reminds me a bit of 6265 Sabre Island. With a couple extra pieces to fill in the second floor, I probably like it more than the chosen build. Reviewer's Score: Playability: 9.2/10 – Swinging skeleton, knight, goblet full of delicious immortality - what more could one ask for in an $8 set? Well, maybe another knight, horse, extra weapons, or a treasure chest with gold pieces. Design: 9.4/10 – The biggest flaws, in my opinion, are the 4 x 6 plate for the roof that leaves unsightly gaps and the skeleton's arms hanging down while he is hanging, which kind of ruins the surprise. Some flower plants would've been a nice addition to offset the blank space on the two sides, and maybe some front doors like seen in 6034 Black Monarch's Ghost. While I'm at it, a ladder to the roof would've been welcomed as well. Otherwise, this is a beautiful set with worthwhile alternate builds. Price: 8/10 – At $8 MSRP, it was fairly priced as it includes some wonderful pieces; however, I wouldn't say no to having another minifigure and/or some more goodies included in the set. Fortunately, the set can be found pretty cheaply nowadays on BrickLink and elsewhere. Total: 26.6/30 – A very satisfying, self-contained set that is comparable to sets 6034 and 1888, and makes a nice gift to those who are just getting into Castle or to long-timers.
  21. [/url] In the 67th year of King Leo the 101st' reign, Sir Odor of Garlic staged a one man, one day rebellion, and launched an attack on a castle on the outskirts of the kingdom.
  22. Hi Everyone! I'm new to Eurobricks community, and I'd like to share with you few pictures of my latest MOC, which has been my entry to Frozen Water Builder Contest on Czech AFOL web I hope you'll like it, here's the story: That years' winter was very tough. So tough that even the most implacable enemies didn’t want to fight. Moreover, they met in famous Guarded Inn, where they celebrated the Christmas – in peace and harmony, with smiles, presents, and liquor.
  23. Follow Them! A hunting party chases some retreating Outlaws and magical creatures into the mountains up an old gated mountain pass. While the lesser creatures flee, some brave (but foolish) Black Knights try to stand their ground inside the ruins of the old outpost that once protected the pass. Please excuse the image quality, my camera is being repaired and I had to take them with an iPhone. Flickr Gallery
  24. I want to show you my entry to the first round of the LCC Global Contest III: Paul von Brickenstein is preparing his fleet to beat the wizards living on their islands. The Magic Islands are far away so they probably need a lot of food and rum. And some weapons would be also helpful. But what will happen at the Magic Islands ? Are weapons out of steel and wood powerful enough to beat these mighty wizards ? There will be another MOC about fighting the wizards on their islands in about two weeks to continue the story ! You can see pictures in high resolution at my Photostream
  25. Purging the Magic Isles - Fighting in the War Room Leaders and soldiers of all Provinces of Roawia meet in the old War Room in the ruined city of Elavia in the Mountains of Lenfald to discuss the impending attack on Outlaw territory. -- The following accompanying story requires some knowledge of the geography and history of Roawia Map of Roawia War is upon Roawia, the fight against magic reaches another peak with the campaign to purge the Magic Isles. All of Roawia prepares for war, but Outlaw spies are all over the provinces, gathering information on troop strength and plans. To keep the secret plans of attack from falling into the wrong hands, a meeting is set in the recently reclaimed ancient City of Elavia, high in the western mountain range. Representatives of all the provinces gather in this formerly lost and remote location to discuss and coordinate what is to be the strongest strike against the Outlaws since the last Outlaw Campaign. Tempers run high as this new war requires more coordination than ever - although Loreos has the largest cavalry, only Lenfald has ships large enough in size and numbers to bring them in force to the remote island. Garheim obviously felt left out and Jhirian Eindrik himself came to the meeting to assure the assistance of the his light infantry. Much more has to be discussed, as most of Garheim's army and Lenfald's Navy is stationed on the western shores of the continent, and sailing around Cape Murkwood and through the Sea of Treachery in the south exposes the leads the fleet too close to some of the strongest Outlaw ports. The future of Roawia depends on whether consensus can be achieved and differences between the provinces can be overcome in this secret meeting. It is a proud moment of history that the old Lenfel War Room, used to plan wars against Garheim and Loreos in the past, now becomes a meeting place for to fight a common foe. ----- Flickr Gallery