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Found 2 results

  1. 3D LEGO

    BlueBrick for Linux

    Everyone, Instead of letting this get buried inside the BlueBrick topic, I decided to create a new topic so that people could find this easily. To run BlueBrick on Linux you will need mono, a cross-platform .NET development framework. Most distros I would assume ship with mono in their repositories and or the additional repositories. But to get right to the point as I know you are all eager to fire-up BlueBrick to mock up your next big project. So without further adue, here is how to get mono installed and how to run BlueBrick. BlueBrick running on my fedora 20 + KDE desktop installation. 1.a - For fedora: Note: I tested this with fedora 20 x86_64. I am not sure they are needed but start with making sure you have the fedora RPM Fusion repositories enabled: Enable RPM Fusion on your system PS: They are a great addition! Install mono: sudo yum install -y mono-core mono-extras [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.b - For ubuntu: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo apt-get install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.c - For openSUSE: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo zypper install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.d - For debian: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo apt-get install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 2. For BlueBrick: Note: Once you are up in running, to my understanding these steps below should in theory be universal across distros. Download the latest version of the BlueBrick software: BlueBrick Unzip archive to some desired destination. [*]Run BlueBrick: Open terminal emulator of choice and enter the following command, feeding it the location to where you extracted the zip archive to: mono /Path to BlueBrick folder/BlueBrick.exe & For example: mono /home/username/Downloads/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe & For shortcut: mono ~/Downloads/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe & Note: '&' denotes running as a background process to free up the terminal. '~' is a shortcut to the current user's home directory. And I apologize if these do not work in your distro as I have no idea how universal they are. And an added bonus for KDE users: 3.a - For KDE Desktop: Invoke the KDE Menu editor by right-clicking Kickoff icon > Select 'Edit Applications.' Go to location you wish to place the BlueBrick shortcut icon in. Example: Graphics [*]With the desired folder selected, click on 'New Item' Under the general tab fill in the necessary information: Name:, Description:, Comment:, Command: Example: Name: BlueBrick Description: Display mockup tool Comment: Tool for creating mockups of LEGO displays. Command: mono ~/opt/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe Note: There is not a readily-accessible icon for BlueBrick so unless you make one you will have to substitute another one. [*]Click save. [*]Enjoy your newly created menu shortcut item. Well that is all I have. Again, if you are able to verify one of the above, feel free to post it. Otherwise I will try to get around to testing them against live installs. Happy BlueBrick'ing on Linux! Your Fellow Studded-Penguin, 3D LEGO
  2. Now that ME Models is shipping its much anticipated alternative Lego train track components, I really wanted to see what sort of layouts could be built with these elements. Many of us use the superb BlueBrick software tool for designing layouts both for individual and collaborative use. BlueBrick does not have library support for ME track components and therefore, I decided to make a custom library add-on for BlueBrick to include ME track. I have created two BlueBrick compatible libraries to assist with train layout planning by expanding the range of elements available for design. ME Models Track Components - This can be used as an expansion pack for the existing BlueBrick Track parts library. Simply extract the downloaded archive into the pre-existing \parts\Track folder. Complete LEGO® Train System Schematic Elements - This is completely new library developed specifically for symbolic or schematic track planning. It is a complete library including track elements from LEGO®, ME-Models, as well as custom track elements such as stub-switches and crossovers. The library is freely available for download at my website at: ME-Models library: BlueBrick Library for ME Models Track by michaelgale, on Flickr New Schematic Track Planning Library: Universal Track Planning Library by michaelgale, on Flickr BlueBrick screenshot with schematic track planning components: Universal Track Planning for BlueBrick by michaelgale, on Flickr