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Found 18 results

  1. Good day, I hope that this is not an inappropriate topic for this form. I have been asked to create an introductory course on how to use Legos and technic pieces to build great ball contraptions. I have learned through the school of hard knocks and how to do it. But I was wondering if anyone in this group can help me develop a syllabus or outline on topics to include in a brief course that would assist students and adult fans of Lego get a better comprehension of how to build one. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Or if you know of any good resources that I could use as a framework for a program if you could share it with me or provide me the URLs or documents that would also be very helpful and quite appreciated. If you want to send me something my email is - Thanks - Daniel
  2. As the settlement of Fuerte Unido remains successful and civilized, the populous settlement is just finishing laying it's last coat of paint down for it's newest primary school, "Nautical One." Settlers are making sure to come as well dressed as possible for the grand opening in which a battle wounded Eslandolian naval gunner tells his story of unfortunate and fortunate findings alike. backup 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr right side by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr shed 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr One of the workers preparing for his last cleanup for the day. back by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Here's to the last coat of paint. Cheers! worker by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Anyone know a chiropractor? This poor man is definitely going to need one... cards by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Meanwhile, looks like some people need reminding of their job. Stop gambling in front of the kids! right side 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr main room by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr During this scene, the naval gunner explains how he managed to weave in-between four cutlass slices at once! Of course the teacher couldn't help but throw in 2+2=4 equation after hearing that... play 1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Meanwhile, the older kids get to reinact the famous battle of Don Brickoxte vs the "Giants"! play 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr scene by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Little Edward as always, is getting in to the parents' food. top 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr top 3 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr It's always nice to have a little peace in your own quarters after a long day of work! end 1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr After the long heroic story of the sailor, everyone is ready to go home. minifis by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr What a wonderful class! Seriously though... somebody needs to get a chiropractor to come over here. It is simply unhealthy for that man to still be carrying those books! end 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Thank you, everyone, for viewing my build! To anyone who was wondering, all stickers and bricks are official lego. The stickers are from an idea book from 1980 and the cast is made from white blank stickers. The bottom floor windows and backside top window are from the Lego Italian Minitalia series, and I got tons of enjoyment working with them! Hope you enjoyed the build! Here are a few more playfeatures/photos for anyone interested:
  3. Do you love LEGO? If not then why are you here?!? Do you love science? If the answer is yes then read on. In 2018 I published the book Particle Physics Brick by Brick which used basic bricks to explain complex science. I have loved delivering workshops throughout the UK using LEGO to bring my former field of research, particle physics, to life. I just wanted to share the book with you in case it is something you might be interested in. I have also recently started making explainer videos using the ideas in the book which I am regularly posting to YouTube. If your interest crossover both the worlds of LEGO and Physics I'd love to know what you think of the videos. If you are teacher or student I have made some educational resources to accompany the book as well - all information can be found at
  4. Hasaf

    Hello from Kansas

    Hello all. I am a teacher at a Title 1 (low income) middle school. I am certified in Technology Education and, along with my computer applications classes, I have a couple of sessions of robotics. I am also the Robotics Club coach and we attend the regional First Lego League competition every year since I have been here (oddly enough, the students didn't participate in it before I got here). To complete this year's challenges we built a forklift type of attachment. For educational robots, the school decided to go with the EV-3 platform. Until I started here I had not been super into Lego. As a child, I did not have Lego, however, I had played with them at friends houses (they were just too expensive for the house I grew up in). I needed to develop some Lego-fu, and quickly. As an example, right now my students are at "Build an attachment that will allow your robot to push, pull, or carry a load" (the photoshop books). I also have a "gears" module coming up. In it, the students will use Lego Technic gears to make their robot go faster. In the process, I developed a real level of enjoyment from working with the legos. So, Hello all.
  5. Many asked why the street had been named Montoya Street, but it all came down to some rather mysterious circumstances of Don Isaac Montoya's disappearance. Having departed for Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan to try to establish some form of diplomatic contact to the Sea Rats, none had heard from him for months. As a grand initiative to explore inland Celestia and find the fabled superb orchid had been announced, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy had naturally started planning an expedition of its own, in which Don Isaac Montoya had been expected to take part. However, there was no sign of him, and to honour his memory, the RSNP had named their new premises in Jameston after the chairman believed to be lost. And with "Montoya House" placed at the end of the street in question, the name "Montoya Street" had quickly caught on. Montoya House was gated by a Triumphal Arch celebrating the triumphs of science. Upon passing the arch, visitors are met with a glorious manor consisting of three wings in the latest Corlander style. One wing holds the stables and storerooms... ...while another holds dormitories and offices for visiting scientists. The main wing holds a lecture hall on the second floor, and a kitchen on the first floor... well as a library with all the latest volumes and a large dining hall. These arrangements ensures that the RSNP can entertain scientists from all over the Brick Seas, ensuring them ample space, material and opportunity to delve deep into the scientific wonders of the island. It is expected to become the staging point for many an expedition into the interior of the island in the years to come. One such expedition is preparing to set out just these days. From left to right: Dr. Albert Brickingstone, anthropologist of Cascadian fame, who had been stranded for years, living amongst the Mysec of Cascadia, studying their history, language and culture. Sir Anton Hughes, physician, now on leave from his medical duties to delve into his other passion: Birds. Thomas Mallory, adventurer and tracker, and his assistant Nathaniel Parker. They take care of the practical parts of the mission, navigating the jungles, identifying edible plants, tracking birds and beasts, humble tasks that the RSNP intellectuals are rarely willing (or able) to care for themselves. Royal Pioneers, ensuring safety, drawing maps, and doing the heavy lifting. One never knows what dangers the jungles may bring! ______________________________________________ A few more pictures can be found in my Flickr. I am quite happy with how this turned out, actually. As always, C&C is welcome.
  6. "Calm down kids, calm down" ... Mrs. Hoover had a bit of trouble with her class today. The children could not be blamed though, for they were excited to see the Academy for the Science of Sugar - science and sugar, what more could a Corlander child ask for?The class had been invited for a tour of the academy, since its purpose was not only to research all things related to sugar - sources, refinement, uses - but also to inspire the youth to a future in the academic field. Mrs. Hoover and her class waited in front of the gates, being greated by two friendly Corrington guards. First an overview over the whole facility: the main building had two wings, on the area around it were a couple of fields with different plants. On the left side of the main building there also was a small greenhouse, and on the backside there was a stack of bee hives. The tour began in the main building. The first stop was the library, where one of the scientists was working on a book about "exciting news in the fields of sugarcane research". The bookshelves were already crammed full with books about every possible aspect of sugar, and a table in the rear of the library was covered with maps of the best regions for certain plants. The next stop was in the laboratory, were another scientist explained his work. "Greetings, young ones. What we have here is our experimental laborator. We examine different plants and their content of sugar. In the storage spaces behind me you can see some: a grass called stevia, and two different types of sugarcane. On the table in front of me I have some sample of fully grown stevia plants, sent to us by a farmer on the island of Argentia. He is interested in whether this type of plant is one to be rumoured to be extremely sweet. In the jar on the other side of the table you can see some sap from agave plants from that same island. The question remains which is the sweeter one of both. I hope we will find out soon!" One of the pupils was curious: "And what is it in that red cup?" "That is my coffee, kiddo." Leaving the main building through the back door, the group came to the bee hives. "Do not be scared, they do not harm anybody as long as they are not provoked. Note how the different hives are marked in different colours. We keep these bees to study the honey they produce. Honey is a great sweetener, so of course we are interested in its properties!" The greenhouse had been set up to study certain orchids, some of which had very sweet nectar. They needed special care, even in the already warm climate of Celestia. Moving past two small fields - the farmer from Argentia had provided seeds, so here some young agave and stevia plants were being grown for future studies - the class came to some small fields of sugarcane. But was it? A third scientist - even if she looked more like a farmer - explained: "There are different types of sugarcane plants, and we try to find out which type grows best in what places. Here we have one field with a variant being grown on Lacryma, and right next to it another type from Tiberia. As you can see, the sugarcane from Tiberia grows smaller, and we have found out it also produces less sugar." "You may wonder why we do not just plant the other type of sugarcane everywhere. Well, it is not as easy. Tiberia is not the best environment for sugarcane. But we are working on the problem. If you turn around, you can see a field of beet. This might be the future of sugar for the Mainland. We have found this type of beet growing well almost everywhere, and it has small amounts of sugar in it. By selective breeding we hope to increase its sugar levels, thus providing a source of sugar that grows in the Mainland. THis way we would not have to transport it all over the Brickseas, greatly reducing prices back there. There is some way to go, but the first results are promising!" As they leave, the children where even more excited than before. Sugar rules! ==================================================================================================================== A large education property for Jameston. I tried to cover as many areas of "sugar studies" as possible in that timeframe. A study hall, a laboratory, experimental fields - which you will find at any faculty of agricultural sciences - and combine it with the things I already know about the BotBS world. The decision to use the sugarcane build from @Simon_S was due to me having the parts needed - that it was on Tiberia and provided a nice IC reason for shorter plants was just the proverbial ising on the cake. I would have liked to include some more details about bees and sugar beet, but the level of knowledge in that time period was not advanced enough. Fun fact: sugarbeet was a thing only from 1801 onwards, prior to that it was either honey, fruits or sugar from sugarcane as sweetener. @Ayrlego: I will license the property (large education for Jameston) in a minute, you promised mucho monies. In this case 460DB if I am not mistaken. And some inside joke at the end:
  7. Small Education: Footprint 256 studs Spud sought out a place of learning, desperate to find a secret island which grew a rare type of potatoes. His hunt for this illusive isle he stumbled into Mooreton Library. After looking through maps and books and maps and books Spud grew impatient. The man sitting at the desk asked "Can I help you with anything?" Spud answered, "I'm looking for an island which grows rare potatoes, it should be around here somewhere..." After looking through one of the maps the librarian stated "I hate to say it but the island you're looking for doesn't exist" "Impossible", Spud said, "Perhaps the archives are incomplete" Rather irritated by this statement the librarian responded "If an item does not appear in our records; it doesn't exist!", while storming back to his desk. It seems the search for the rare potatoes of which little is known must continue elsewhere. Built in Mooreton Bay
  8. Tortuga, edge of the jungle, a small expedition is carefully making headway by jove ! TCHAC TCHAC : your first scientific study expedition, my dear Iauln ! How do you feel ? : I'm so excited, Doctor. What are we going to study ? : It's a surprise ! TCHAC TCHAC : We have to hurry, Doctor, it'll soon be dusk ! : That's the point Callaghan ! Ah ! Here we are Doctor Thaum : Everybody up ! Callaghan : Why up doctor, where not in the jungle yet, there's nothing to be afraid Doctor Thaum : That's because of the MOUS Callaghan ! Callaghan : Of the mouse !!?? Doctor Thaum : No, MOUS ! Callaghan : Because of mouse, hohoho, that's the best yet ! You're afraid of mouse Doctor ? Tee Hee !! Doctor Thaum : You bug me Callaghan ! Hop in !! Callaghan : Oh ! that's a terrible mouse !! heh heh heh ! Goddness, I'm frightened ! Buggy buggy buggy ! Callaghan : Haw Haw Haw !!! a terrible mouse !! Doctor Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Doctor Thaum : now we start to observe my dear Iauln, it's up to you, be aware and tell me what's worth interest according to you Iauln : Great ! Callaghan : haw haw haw ! Doctor Thaum : Shut up Callaghan !! : couiiii couiiii couiiii Callaghan : Hee Hee Hee Hee !! A mouse mwahahahahahaha !! Doctor Thaum : You lame brain !!! GROOOMMBLLLLBLOLOMGRROM Callaghan : Gaaargllll !!! : iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik ! : Uh Oh !! What's this Doctor ?!! : A MOUS of course ! : A mouse ? : No, a M.O.U.S... A Maul Of Unusual Size, my dear Iauln... That's why we are in this tower ! : Great !! It is that this MOUS we have to study ? : It's up to you, my dear Iauln. Callaghan : The ladder !! for pity's sake !! Doctor Thaum : Because of MOUS ? hohoho, that's the best yet ! You're afraid of MOUS Callaghan ? Tee Hee !! that's all folk C&C welcome
  9. Seminaire de Breshaun by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Before returning to Dragonstone, Brandon plans to visit a few more sites in Breshaun, which has seen significant growth since he last visited over a year ago. One of these sites is the Seminaire de Breshaun, located close to the Temple of Zeus. Funded by Brandon with support from the Order, the seminary is a testament to the Order's growing power in the colonies, allowing it to train new priests in the colonies for missions, rather than sending priests over from the mainland. The Seminary's style to similar to those of Dragonstone, since Brandon was the one who funded its construction, but its materials are similar to that of most buildings in Breshaun. It is currently home to a small but growing number of priests in training, and because of the growing numbers, the Order is planning to buy a larger property nearby. The Seminary is also home to two priests of Zeus and Poseidon each, and also one priest of Hades, who educates the priests in training on the darker side of the Order. So this build was supposed to be for Dragonstone, but Breshaun needed properties and so it got a seminary. The style of this one is actually based off of the Seminaire de Quebec in Vieux Quebec that I visited last year in Quebec City, Canada, though the Seminaire de Quebec is much bigger.
  10. LucyCol

    Lego Professor

    Have just come across this on the BBC News website pity it too late to apply.
  11. This is a promo video for the agricultural Agricultural Power and Equipment Technician program at WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College). This was made as a college assignment, but I ran short on time so it is not quite as complete as I had wanted it. So I already am aware of the lack of actual animation and the lengthy still shots. This was the first time we had touched LEGO stopmotion in almost two years, it was fun to have a reason to do something again.
  12. Acropolis Education by Brandon Stark, on Flickr The School of Acropolis is a new addition to the city, founded by a group of Order clerics from the Old World. Looking to spread and maintain the Order in the New World, the Order founded the School of Acropolis. While the School's main goal was to prepare young boys to become Order clerics, the School now accommodates all children of Acropolis, giving them an education in reading, writing, arithmetic, and history, among other subjects, with an emphasis on the Order. The school has around five small classrooms, and is able to accommodate all the students of Acropolis, since the settlement is still small. With the rise of newcomers from the Old World, the Order has begun construction of a larger school in Acropolis. The School of Acropolis is run by 6 clerics, three Clerics of Zeus, and three Clerics of Poseidon. There is no Cleric of Hades arrived yet from the Old World, and none is expected.
  13. King's Harbour was growing rapidly, and many of the soldiers, sailors and merchants had started bringing in their wives, and with their wives came their children as well. And while initially some of the kids, in highly un-Corlander fashion, enjoyed not having to go to school, the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy quickly remedied this. While the city administration donated a large plot of land in the planned residential areas, the Royal Society has constructed a large school building, and will be sponsoring it going forward. Ensuring education for the young is an important objective of the Society, to ensure that the scientists of tomorrow are groomed from a young age. Winston Fitzherbert the 3rd, fellow of the Society, will be schoolmaster for the children of King's Harbour, and his stern but fair teaching style is appreciated widely amongst both kids and parents. Just now, the kids are arriving for the first day of teaching, being welcomed by the schoolmaster and the groundskeeper. A few of the kids are running late, rushing not to be reprimanded by their new schoolmaster. On the first floor, the classroom is located. Below the classroom, a large library and study houses activities of more advanced students and fellows of the Society, and in the sidewing, an archive is to hold records and specimens collected by various expeditions for further study. Additionally, the groundskeeper has a small house by the gate, awarded for long services as assistant to a fellow of the Society. _____________________________________________________________ Large educational facility for King's Harbour, which will be licensed by the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. C&C welcome.
  14. Salida Este Salida Este has been growing recently, and as such the time has come for a formal schoolhouse. The roof is fully removable, for a better interior view. C&C welcome!
  15. LegoJalex


    A classroom mainly inspired from my own memories from when I was in school in the 90s.
  16. Hi All, I want to share some information regarding the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Software here. The software is available as a 120.-€ education version and as a free "home" version. When I bought the education version, I faced some issues and made some experiences which might be worth to be shared as I couldn't find the information in the www, yet: The 2 software versions are based on the same core software. The education version is enhanced with "data logging" functionality and more than 50 "training" sessions for the programming elements, sensors, etc.. One who is interested in learning to program and a starter (like my 9 yrs. old son) has a real benefit with the education version and I can say that the additional content is worth to spend some money for it. The home version is provided as download in all available languages while the education version is being sold in "market specific" language bundles. I couldn't find any official information about that, but when I bought my software in the Netherlands I got a BENELUX version key which allows me to download the software only in the languages "english", "dutch" and "french". This is somehow strange as "german" is an official language in parts of the BENELUX countries ... Unfortunately, one does not see this "limitation" as the EV3 education software has the same LEGO part number (2000045) in all countries and the available languages can only be seen after the activation / registration of the software. The LEGO EV3 education software is shipped as an activation key which allow to download language specific installation files from the lego education website. After the activation, the LEGO EV3 education software is registered to the user account and cannot be removed any more, which implies that it cannot be resold. Note: Reselling is also excluded in the license agreement. An interesting discussion if this is compatible with the European copyright laws as they generally allow reselling of "used" software. The bricks firmware is also available in a "home" and an "education" version. The education version is enhanced with a "online data logging functionality" which allows to remotely monitor (via Bluetooth/USB/WLAN) the sensor values on a computer. The source code of the firmware home version has been released by LEGO and is available via‎ So, that's it for now. If someone has specific questions regarding the software versions, I will be happy to provide an answer, if possible. Cheers, BrickDaddy
  17. TECHNIC AIRPLANE The target of this project was to make an educational and semi-functional airplane model having the basic control surfaces of a standard airplane. Of course, the plane does not fly. The LEGO elements are too heavy and the motors are not powerful enough to reach a velocity suitable to take-off. However the fact of having the same control elements that you can find in standard airplanes is amazing and instructive. The model has a damped undercarriage that retracts under the wings. The retracting mechanism is manually driven by a gear under the battery box. All standard control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps and spoilers) present in any airplane have been replicated and can be controled from the back section of the cockpit. The propeller is driven by a standard Power Functions motor fed by an AAA battery box (4x11x7) . The rotation speed of such a motor is usually too low to be realistic. So there is a gear system that increases the rotation speed. You can actuate the little on/off switch in the battery by pushing the flight instruments panel support in the cockpit. The cockpit canopy can be opened the to reach it. The model is gathering support in the LEGO Ideas site in order to become a commercial set so if you find it interesting some support will be wellcome. Extended photo gallery:
  18. Hey, I was really busy over the last months and wasn't able to build any models in my free time. But luckily I get paid to build at work where we made several projects over the last year. One of the major tasks was to build a model to display several options to generate and store electricity. Some of you may are familiar with Isogawas great GBC "smartcommunity" and we wanted to transform this idea into a real working power generator. Therefore we used ten Renewable Energy Add-On Sets (9688) and four NXT 2.0 to control everything. The video is in german, an english translation will follow soon, as well as a pictorial overview on my blog. Hope you like it. Best regards, laix