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Found 37 results

  1. jimmynick

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    "Ah, there she is — the Ebon Hawk. My pride and joy; the fastest ship in the Outer Rim!" - Davik Kang. It's been a long time since I've made a Star Wars MOC - 12 years in fact, and my last effort was a rainbow-warrior Delta 7 built mostly from the old Clone Turbo Tank. I turned my attention to the Ebon Hawk, the Falcon's expy from the Knights of the Old Republic games. There have been some excellent versions of this ship over the years, notably @IRONDUCK's playset version, but I wanted to build something of a system "scale model": Here is the Hawk in comparison to the 7965 Millennium Falcon. The Falcon is officially 25.6-ish metres wide, and the Hawk is a little smaller at 22.5m. The ship's proportions were driven by the 4-wide cockpit: IRONDUCK's MOC and the official LEGO Falcons are all a bit chunky in order to fit an interior, but since I took a "scale model" approach, there is no room inside for minifigures. Structure takes the areas occupied by the bunks and cargo holds, leaving us with the central area and the hyperdrive room, which I captured on the Hawk's internal security camera: I pasted my model over a couple of frames from the end cutscene of KOTOR II: Lastly, whom would you pick to fly the Hawk: Atton, T3-M4, or Carth? Thanks for looking. Please see more renders on Flickr.
  2. If you follow Mecabricks on Twitter, you may have seen that a few days ago I started to work on animation tools for the workshop. It was not planned at all but I felt like it was the perfect time. That is very very early stage and it won’t be released soon however I published a little video showing what it may look like: And the (almost) first ever animation rendered:
  3. Hello Eurobricks! First time poster here. Im in the midst of making my own model of a spaceship from an older anime. (3D rendering of the ship by Renan Longatti ) Now, i've made the main bulk of the engines and moved on to the cockpit part - my problem is i cannot figure out to make a sturdy enough hinge design for the various 'flappy' parts on the engine cover, while keeping the scale uniform with the stationary parts without having too much bulk ie. making the engines too bulky/wide, and I'd hate to remake the model for scaling problems again (Have already done this once so far) I've troubleshooted on my own for a weeks time now and think i'm beginning to go blind for possibilities myself. I have a relatively clean model up on mecabricks that people can play with, and if someone could help i'd really appreciate it. Model on mecabricks: A final thing to keep in mind - my plan is to complete the model and buy all parts when done and assemble irl so everything have to be correctly put together(no cheating for 'looks' sake) Thanks in advance - feel free to ask for further info or otherwise, I'll reply asap :-)
  4. jimmynick

    [MOC] Radcliffe Camera

    This is my second major MOC of the year, and in a way it marks my seventh anniversary on this board. If you've ever seen Morse, Lewis or Endeavour, this building is instantly recognizable. The Radcliffe Camera was built in the mid 18th Century as an independent library in Oxford. After approximately a century, the library was absorbed into the Bodleian Libraries and its science collection was moved to what is now the Radcliffe Science Library (although that building will soon be converted into Parks College). The Radcliffe Camera maintains a collection today but is largely used as a reading room. This MOC was built in Mecabricks and rendered in Blender. The building itself comprises approximately 2000 pieces and the base another 1500. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello, After 3 months of hard work, I finally released this rendering service fully integrated to Mecabricks. I already introduced at bit of it in this post during development and some of you may have already tried it during beta phase. The rendering mode available directly in the workshop offers a range of settings to easily customise your render - Lighting, background, depth of field, compositing, etc. I will regularly add more options. It is possible to render for free with some limitations and using some credits will unlock all the options. I made a page with a table to show what you can and cannot do. The idea behind this credit system is that I can maintain the free version. I designed and invested some money in a small rendering farm and I also have to pay for bandwidth and power. That said, it is more than affordable and price is calculated based on render time and node power. A HD image may cost about $0.25 and a 4K image about $1.00 depending on complexity. Small test images will be less than 1cent. This is also way faster to render than on your home computer. A 4K image that takes 3 hours on my iMac is easily done in 5 or 6 minutes. it is generally less than 1 minute for an HD image with all options activated. Image below is a screenshot of the rendering mode interface in Mecabricks and the second picture has been set up in just a couple of minutes. For indication, rendering time was 1 minute 21 seconds (1800x1080 @200 samples) and calculated cost was $0.196
  6. The next big thing on Mecabricks will be animation and I have a lot of work ahead of me and lots of challenges to solve in the coming months. While updating the rendering system a little while ago, I included the possibility to render multiple frames. So here is the first ever animation fully created and rendered in Mecabricks. Rendering interface already available in Mecabricks:
  7. As a testrun for my very first tryout of Mecabricks, here's a retro rocketcraft design based upon an original build from Nathan Proudlove: Here are the instructions the recreation was based upon, as put together by Tyler Clites(Legohaulic)... Flickr - Classic Rocket Instructions by Nathan Proudlove ...and here's my 3D recreation of it to view and tinker with at Mecabricks! Mecabricks - Nathan Proudlove's Rocketcraft by Digger of Bricks
  8. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Boston Custom House

    The small Custom House was built in 1850 in the neoclassical style right on the Boston Harbor to inspect goods on ships that were docked there. In 1915 a 32-floor tower was erected on top of it, and became Boston's first skyscraper at 151 meters tall. This model is built in 1:550 scale, the smallest scale where I could incorporate the tower's many details. I originally wanted to build this in 1:650 scale but I couldn't find a way to do the three columns of windows within a 2-studs width. Built in, rendered with Mecabricks and Blender
  9. Hello, I have been working for the past 2 months on designing a custom solution based on Blender to make photorealistic rendering directly in Mecabricks. I built a small render farm and created the network rendering software to control it as well as the interface to plug it to Mecabricks. It means that you can even render on an iPad as everything is computed on my render nodes. This is also way faster than doing it on your home computer. Normal images are rendered in seconds while a high resolution 4K image would take about 7 minutes.This is still early stage and real life testing has just started. Stay tuned for 2018! Here is a photo a the render nodes in development:
  10. We worked hard on the past few weeks to add the new LEGO Ninjago Movie pieces in Mecabricks. We already completed the collectable minifigs as well as most sets. There is still a bit of work to get everything done, but it is coming. Hope to see some great MOCs. LEGO Ninjago Minifigs by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  11. Mecabricks has come a long way since I started this webapp about 5 years ago. Its popularity has been boosted by the introduction of the export function to multiple 3D formats and a script to easily make good renders with Blender. In 2017 here is what we can achieve in a few clicks without knowing much about 3D: I rendered a low resolution myself that took 9 hours to render on a iMac core i5 and Renderbricks helped me for this 1080p version. I think it was about 4 or 5 min per frame. This has been made possible thanks to the development version of Blender that includes a new denoiser. Even if it has limitation it is already awesome. I also need to thank Stas who is a decoration guru on Mecabricks. He made hundreds if not thousands of them including the ones for this Speed Champion Ferrari.
  12. Hello LEGO® fans, I like to post my latest research test. I started 2014 with Modo and LDRaw and passed my ideas and results to Nicolas 'SCRUBS' Jarraud, the french genius who gave us Mecabricks, and he developed a very nice Blender addon what gives us access to high-end renderings out of the box. A long time I ignored Blender but since last year we switched to this impressive open source application for my animation studio pipeline. Therefore I started to learn Blender and it's worth any minute because this is really a serious competitor for all other commercial 3d applications. Just the fact that Blender is a 108MB ZIP archive and starts in a second makes it very special. It has everything you need for animation and visual effects. I am not a Blender professional yet because I am running my studio as a CEO and actually I started an upcoming professorship at a private university. And I have a family with two kids. So it's a miracle that I am posting here. :-D Rendering Digital LEGO® is my personal project called Renderbricks what brought back all my passion for 3d. I wished the day had 48 hours. Due to my activities with Renderbricks I try to post constantly work starting with Facebook, updating flickr, posting on Twitter and adding to ArtStation to get as much attention and followers as possible. This is a time consuming process what needs a lot of patience and energy to keep the project running. And three years later now I will have a call with The LEGO Group next week because an Innovation Director is interested in my work. I am excited. :-) With Renderbricks I am also in touch with a lot of nice people. Actually a programmer is developing a Modo importer for LDRaw what looks very promising. I am also in chat with GitHub user TobyLobster who developed ImportLdraw for Blender. This addon is really fantastic. And I have a lot of contacts to MOC designer but of course I can't render everything. Researching LEGO® never ends. Here's another stress test with Blender. And I am impressed again about this open source software what beats most commercial competitiors in many aspects. This amazing LEGO® ISD Aggressor model by Matthew 'raskolnikov' Benner has 14.531 parts with instances and 56.489.080 triangles in Blender. The scene size is compressed saved only 91.306 MB. The render size is 15.360 x 8.640 pixel (15K). CPU Render time on a Dual Xeon 12 core is 2h 13min only with the latest Blender build and the Denoiser. This is really insanely fast. The key here is the new Denoiser technology in the latest 2.79 release what helps to keep samples low at 64 in Branched Path mode. The performance of the Blender scene is amazing. Compared to Modo much faster overall. No refresh issues. Real time handling here on my DELL with GTX 780. Fast loading and saving. And here all bricks have real bevels. In Modo they use a rounded edge shader. I guess the plastic material needs a bit more SSS because the Modo results look a bit better actually. I have ordered two GTX 1080Ti Founder's Edition to speed this up :-) Here you can download a wallpaper for your specific screen. Click on the picture and click again too zoom at 100% to enjoy the 15K details.
  13. I'm in the middle of learning Blender, but I stumbled upon Poliigon and was blown away. I'd really like something to aspire to once I've got a grasp on the basics, so has anyone tried applying a Poliigon texture to a Lego render of any sort?
  14. Hello, After chatting with the guys at Sketchfab I finally decided to make a mecabricks exporter. Feel free to try it. I will try later to improve the default materials at least to get the bump maps and metal maps automatically assigned properly. Here is the first model ever exported with this new module: Export function is available in the workshop: File > Export > Sketchfab (.dae)
  15. Umbra-Manis

    GoH Characters on Mecabricks

    While I was building for Category C of Challenge V, I ended up spending a fair bit of time making good looking versions of several characters. As most of you probably know, I primarily build digitally using Mecabricks in tandem with LDD. I thought It'd be handy to have a collection of files on Mecabricks so that anyone can easily include a character in their digital build (With the permission of the creator, of course). Decorations can be traced and added to mecabricks in just a few hours, so it's a much more extensive collection of prints than LDD's collection. Basics: I won't publish a character until the creator has granted their permission in this thread I'm able to create missing decorations for the library, but missing parts are beyond my skill level, so those have to be made by the creator of mecabricks and as such take longer Feel free to request any of your own characters, but please include a picture of them INDEX Brandon Stark: Brandon Stark - Mecabricks Model LittleJohn: LittleJohn - Mecabricks Model Umbra-Manis: Harkran - Mecabricks Model
  16. I spend long periods away from home and my Lego bricks due to my work, so I end up doing a lot of design in computer with the likes of LDD, LDraw/bricksmith, and mecabricks. The problem is that none of these have any "physics" in them, I can't ever see how strong or stable the model is. So I end up spending hours agonising over the way the bricks are stacked, worrying over whether or not they will lock together solidly enough in real life. I also spend ages checking brick link and Lego bricks and pieces to make sure the pieces I use are available in the colours I choose, but that's another story. When I finally do treat myself and buy the bricks for one of my creations, they invariably fall apart. A couple of years back it was a 50 piece micro-scale particle detector that took 2 hours to get together and exploded at the slightest touch (and I do mean that literally, bits went flying all over the room!). My latest fiasco is a model of the Mercury-Redstone rocket, which I designed to go with the Lego Ideas Saturn V. It's just a stack of 2x2 round bricks with three axles inside due to it's height, yet despite my best efforts to put the axle transitions well inside bricks, the rocket easily falls apart into three neat chunks (one for each axle). So, what's the secret? When you design in computer do you care at all about how the model would behave in real life? And if you do care, do you have any tips on making sure that the model holds up well when physically built?
  17. Hello, A couple of years ago I created a script for Blender in order to easily make photorealistic renders of Mecabricks models. It has been improved a lot over the years and it is now a proper Blender Add-on. Once it is installed, you can import models in any of your existing Blender scenes simply by going in the menu File > import > Mecabricks. It automatically handles decorated parts e.g. printed pearl, chrome or transparent pieces as well as stickers. You can get the free version here The image below has been made using the latest version of this add-on.
  18. “The Ark” project was the first attempt of mass colonization of planets outside Solar system. But it was just partly successful. Only third parts of all ships established proper colonies. Some gossips say the real purpose of project was just to get rid of excess population. A few years after the last launch of Ark revolution in hyperspace travelling happened. New hyperdrives were more powerful, faster, reliable, cheaper. So it was possible to establish regular supply lines between new colonies. So there was no need in looking for an ideal world. Colony can be founded everywhere near the source of some valuable resource. New colonization project was called “Legacy”. It was based on fleets of smaller ships instead of one huge ship as before. “Patriarch” spacecraft was designed to carry fast deployable modules of a new colony. Habitats, industrial facilities, power plants. Everything that is needed to start building. All modules can function on the surface of planet and in space. At first group of engineers constructs small outpost on the planet, builds foundations for landing modules, and after that they are dropped off the orbit. They have their own engines for soft precise landing. Ship’s reactor can also be used as a power plant of settlement. In this case ship stays in orbit and will be deconstructed in future. Last, but not the least. Big problem of the Ark was in its colonists. It’s very hard to keep billions of people alive in cryosells. Patriarchs have incubation facilities onboard and huge stock of genetic material. The idea is to grow most of population of a new colony artificially. DNA can be modified to provide better adaptability in case of hazardous environment. Moreover, by default all defects, random mutations and genetic illnesses were deleted from genetic material. Should I say it had serious consequences in future? Patriarch class colonial ship by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  19. Combine Mecabricks with UE4 to become an ultimate real-time Lego rendering tool. Just know that Unreal Engine 4 is free for everyone form March 2015, So trying it today to import some obj bricks model. It would be nice if DasMatze or someone can make a tool to import Lego model from LXF or LDR with auto material / bevel shader. Then we get a zero wait real time rendering tool! Even make some fan-made Lego game!! (14.5 GB HDD space) UE4 V4.8 free download link: Real time animate sea wave: YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import test by Nachapon S., on Flickr YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import test by Nachapon S., on Flickr l by Nachapon S., on Flickr YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import test by Nachapon S., on Flickr YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import test by Nachapon S., on Flickr Just tried to import some Mecabricks obj model into Unreal engine 4. But the model lose all smooth groups. Can be fixed by run scrubs's blender script before export. Chrome can not export complete .obj of 10179 (.stl is ok but UE4 not support), so I delete some parts to get it work. Why only 10179 get material exported? Second time tried to import some more Mecabricks model in UE4. In Mecabricks workshop export Collada format with « Group by Geometry » options and « LEGO Logo » ticked then open it in Blender. Save as FBX failed, but save as OBJ work fine. Left one without Scrubs's blender script: Show decals / show Lego logo / no smooth + edge_split / wash-out colors. Right one with Scrubs's blender script: No decals / show Lego logo / show smooth + edge_split / better colors. It should be possible to play with photo-real Lego render in realtime using UE4! By assign well made materials. Even use UE4 as ultimate Lego design / building tool directly. YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import by Nachapon S., on Flickr Then every same material just replace once. Very quick to get this result. YouTube Unreal engine 4: Mecabricks import test by Nachapon S., on Flickr
  20. Sunder

    [MOC] Hexham ACV

    [2019. British Greece. Thessaloniki.] Two men in a small cozy pub in the corner were talking about something. One of them, middle-aged dark haired man in the business suit, took a huge folder with papers and put it on table. The second one, who looked tired a bit, put on his glasses and began to read documents. He looked surprised and a strange smile appeared on his wrinkled fase. –Sir Stevenson, I don’t understand. This case… It’s not my profile, – elderly man talked indignantly. – You could find more competent specialist in this area. There are many psychiatrists, who studied effect of ACV** neurointerface on a pilot. –That’s why I’ve chosen you, doctor Lambert, – businessman fetched a sigh. – They see nothing but influence of the machine. They even don’t try to find if the patient was ill before the incident or not. –So, You’re trying to avoid your responsibility for this destructive tragedy. I see something is hidden here, – Lambert said this in such intonation, that he wasn’t glad to have any relation to this deal. – At first, can you explain me, why this mechanic with dark past took part in testing this prototype? –You should understand, MechInd has some difficulties now, – Stevenson started to excuse away, it seemed he hided something. – Some generals support MechInd, but that’s not enough. We are out of money. The idea of making fourth generation ACV wasn’t supported by parliament, so none of big corporations wants to invest in this project. That’s why we haven’t got enough people to work and provide security. Our only pilot was slightly injured in a car accident. Several simple checkouts at the testing field were planed that day. Just walking from one marked point to another. And then one mechanic offered his help. He could drive mech enough to do tests. Yes, that was Paul Lebel, who made all this mess. –But how could he drive this vehicle? Does it require huge training? Some people say that’s as easy as computer game, but I don’t believe that. Or am I wrong? And was it so difficult to find a better certified person? – Doctor continued asking. –That’s half-true. Interface of modern ACV is simple and obvious, computer can correct even rude mistakes and there are build-in training programs and hints. So if you just want to have a walk at your backyard in ACV, it will take couple of hours or even less to study this. As for our problem, there are so many insane rumors about development of neurointerface. As you know, first generation had serious problems at the beginning. Pilots had hallucinations, delirium after long-time using ACV. It was some kind of addiction to neurointerface. Some of them became mad. It took much time to fix this problem. But it defiantly was fixed. And some time ago new rumors appeared that new ones have the same issue. So, there were not many people who wanted to be test pilot. –Just rumors?!! – Lambert shouted as loud as he could, so his potential employer flinched. – I don’t see rumors. I see facts. Lebel became insane when he was driving ACV. It wasn’t in the middle of battle. It was calm sunny day. Nothing should worry him. It could be only fault of machine. And you call that rumor? –Doctor, it seems you didn’t read all the materials, – Stevenson said it calmly and pointed one more folder. – Here is Lebel’s dossier. We haven’t got much information. Paul Lebel. Name could be false. Age about 20. Born in France. In 2007 he and 11 more children were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and transported to Afghanistan. He spent there about a mount, after that camp was attacked by another radical group and he could run away. Certain Farid Ursa sheltered him. Two years later Farid was killed by robbers and Lebel joined local guerrillas. He took part in civil war when he was 12 (may be 10). In 2017 he was found injured in the cockpit of destroyed ACV by peacemaker forces. Then he was sent back to France to children’s community. In 2018 Lebel went to British Greece and started to work for MechInd. –Well, interesting story. So you are looking for connection between his hard childhood and this incident? And new neurointerface isn’t a reason? – Looks like new information made Lambert calm. –Indeed. –That’s possible, but I need to talk with Paul to be sure. –I’m afraid it’s impossible, – Stevenson objected. – Journalists somehow find out some information about his location and a huge crowd appeared near hospital. They wanted revenge. Now Lebel is missing. He escaped from hospital. Or he was kidnapped. We are trying to find him, but there are still no results. –That’s strange. Something isn’t clear here. Prototype also disappeared, am I right? – doctor was suspicious. –It’s debris. But sometimes just human mistakes, laziness and stupidity are better explanation than conspiracy. However, Colonel McMillan doesn’t think so. You can talk about this with him if you want. It was a total bedlam just after the incident, nobody knew what to do. We know our competitors spied on our developments. Looks like, they stole debris of Hexham. –And what’s special in this ACV? –Everything! Quasi-organic muscles, which can self-repair. Ordinary electro-muscles degrade after some time. Their fibers tear due to stress. Plus combat damage. So muscles should be replaced from time to time. And they’re expensive. New ones can “heal” themselves. Bio computer based AI. Just prototype, but it’s a huge step forward, – there was pride in Stevenson’s words. – Specialist say that one such ACV can fight against 3-5 previous generation vehicles. –Looks like it’s very, very expensive. So, why you didn’t kept this in secret? –As I said, it’s matter of finances. Also most people think this project has no future. It can be closed at any moment. –This incident is very usable for your competitors, don’t you think? [From the mass media] […] That’s an example of criminal negligence. Nobody should give access for such dangerous vehicle without any education. Moreover, the pilot could have psychical illness. And company could find this if they check their stuff better. […] Pilot’s behavior changed, he started responding not clearly. Dispatcher had to notice it. Then the pilot said about hallucinations. But the tests were not interrupted. […] The pilot became insane; he didn’t understand what he was doing. He started to crush everything he saw. An attempt to stop this made him even angrier. […] At the train station he attacked British military forces. 3 APC, 2 ACV and one tank were destroyed. During battle a shell hit train full of toxic chemicals. Fire was started. Then it exploded. An hour later poisonous cloud covered Thessaloniki. Dozens people died, about 1000 were heavily poisoned. […] Hexham was seriously damaged during the battle. Pilot walked 15 miles before ACV shouted down. That’s amazing, but he wasn’t injured. However, his mind was totally broken. He almost nipped off nose of an officer, when British solders tried to arrest him. […] –Heh, Lebel is a remarkable person, you know, – Doctor was really interested. – I’m not a military expert, but that’s amazing. I know new generation ACV and so on. But he has to be genius to do these things. He had no experience in driving that particular vehicle. Moreover, that was just a prototype without weapon and some systems, am I right? And he alone blew up those tanks and ACVs. It wasn’t just talent. He had to have huge combat experience! Lebel could make fantastic career in British forces. Instead, he is badly paid worker in colony. Maybe he hates all this military stuff because of his childhood. But he works with APCs! I don’t understand! –All employees say that mechs were his passion. However, he didn’t communicate much with other staff. Most information came from certain Mary Leonis, his friend. Or girl-friend. Even she didn’t know Paul well. But there can be some difficulties. She’s underage, so if you want meet her, you must reach an agreement with her parents. And they are… difficult persons. –So, that’s a private investigation. Authorities don’t want to interfere. –Yes. You know the situation. Central government thinks that’s problems of colony. Locals don’t want this headache at all. And even those who support separatists are glad. That’s an occasion to call Britain evil empire one more time. So nobody wants it to be official. –And nobody cares about the victims. That’s sad. I think I will help you. *In 2019 Greece is still divided. After WWII Greece is colony of the Great Britain. At the beginning of XXI century the revolution happened. Half or Greece became independent. British Greece is still colony. It’s capital is Thessaloniki. ** ACV – Anthropomorphic Combat Vehicle. Human-like mech. Uses direct link between pilot and machine, called neurointerface for better synchronization and finer and faster control. Hexham ACV by Sunder_59, on Flickr Check this model in 3D on Mecabricks 360 rotation(traffic!)
  21. Sunder

    [MOC] L-11 Hovertank

    Hovertank L-11 by Sunder_59, on Flickr 3D view on Mecabricks
  22. Hello, I finally completed all the tasks from my todo list in order to release this Blender file. It includes a script I coded to easily render models built from Mecabricks. I wrote a detailed post here that also includes all the necessary resources. Renderings can be uploaded on mecabricks and I created a dedicated section in the gallery for them. Please have a look at this video tutorial and head to this page to download the template and more. This template is supposed to be a live document and therefore all suggestions and improvements are welcome for next revision!
  23. Sunder

    [MOC] Ore prospector

    Model on Mecabricks: I'm planning several MOC's connected to mining in space. It can be called Astromining project. Here is the first one. Small starship with two pilots and many different mineral scaners. Ore prospector by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  24. Hi there, I'm proud to present you my last MOC made using LDD. It represents Half-life videogame's first scene : The test chamber After having finished the MOC under LDD, I exported it to Mecabricks for final details and then an other export to blender for the renders. Renders have been made by a friend from french forum "CanardPC" as I experienced some problems with blender on my side. Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr Unforeseen Conesquences by dorian glacet, sur Flickr
  25. Are you having trouble accessing the Mecabricks website? I have important designs stored on there, and I hope all is not lost. I keep on having a "connection reset" error. Is anyone else having trouble getting to Mecabricks? I hope its just a routine site maintenence.