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    Indiana Jones

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    I enjoy all different topics of lego, but some of my favorites include history, pirates and star wars. Feel free to give any sort of criticism towards my mocs, as I am always looking to improve. Hope to see you around! :)


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  1. Luckypat

    [Moc] Planning Room

    Thank you! Thanks!
  2. Luckypat

    [Moc] Planning Room

    Thank you! Glad you guys like it.
  3. Luckypat

    [Moc] Planning Room

    Hey everyone Here is my latest MOC made for GOH.. The Planning Room. Today, members discuss further exploration into unknown lands. A chandelier hangs from wooden supports, as well as the colours of Avalonia, dark and light green. Members discuss exploration A once great leader As always, all constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks, ~Pat
  4. Luckypat

    Dark Gold pieces go dark, paint?

    Have you tried putting the pieces in hydrogen peroxide and leaving them in the sun for a few hours? I had a helmet that was badly yellowed and put it in the sun for a few in the HP. When I took it out, already it was looking better, not completely white, but good enough so I know it works. Just waiting for warm weather to finish off that helmet and some other yellowed pieces. Not too sure if this would work on gold, though?
  5. Wear some glasses? They have those warnings for a reason
  6. Doesn't hurt to try!
  7. Luckypat

    [Moc] The Library of Occidens

    Thank you, Jacob
  8. I had used Adobe Illustrator to take out the background and replace it with a white background. Is this allowed? Thanks.
  9. Some Time After War with the "Hazmat Guy" from Series 4 of the CMF. Also, I had used Adobe Illustrator to make a clean, white background. I noticed that it says No Digital Backgrounds, but i'm assuming that is referring to detailed backgrounds to help the moc? Please let me know if this is not allowed, thanks!
  10. Luckypat

    Endless Resolve

    Love the way the towers are built and how the swampy waters look, great build!
  11. Luckypat

    Three Ravens

    Really like the floor, well done!
  12. Luckypat

    [Moc] The Library of Occidens

    Thank you! Not really... just kept in mind and aimed for an old looking library.