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  1. The Triumvirate does not tolerate treason. Agent Nevara along with her droid and Officer Rand of the ISB were deployed recently to deal with this criminal. They have tracked their target down to a scavenger group in the wilderness of Virgillia 7... Officer Rand approaches the duo by the entrance. He is disguised as a common mercenary... Rand - "Thetos Rand at your service." He smiled and walked up to them. The armored man moved between Rand and the mirialan woman, holding a hand out. Armored man - "State your business or leave, scoundrel." His voice was tainted by the static of his helmet, yet that did not disguise his Corellian accent. Rand held up his hands as if signaling no harm, and glanced at the woman behind the Corellian. "I mean no harm. My partners and I are here in search of someone." Around the corner, Nevara and 9-LOM waited from a safe distance. Nevara - "Stay back Nine, he's doing what he does best." The two watched as Rand and the armored man had a heated exchange, ready to engage if need be. However, the dialogue chilled and the group came to an agreement. Rand - "Perfect, then we'll take a quick look around for our target and do our best not to cause any mess. We'll pay for any expenses caused." Mirialan Woman - "We hold that statement in high regard, Thetos. Call your friends over, and we shall head inside." Extra Pics:
  2. These are all awesome! Great work guys!
  3. halixon

    [K4 - Muunilinst - PA] The Bad Boys

    Simple yet effective architecture accented with the clips for detail, perfect!
  4. halixon

    [K4 - Muunilist - PA] Bad Water

    Ahhh this is awesome! I love that water spilling over the grates, a perfect part usage. And the posing of the clones is also great!
  5. I tried to find a good casual top to look like it was drying on the rack in the window, but I definitely could've picked something more... star wars esc The ISB works very hard, and Nevara's primary duties within it is trailing and forensics. Her loyalty is to the true Empire, but otherwise, maybe she would be CorSec. Thank you! I found that I build too many rooms with very little variance in elevation, so I wanted to try something new for myself.
  6. I love that gun cabinet, and nice use of the trans blue boulder for a holo!
  7. Absolutely love the architecture in this build. Some very nice parts usage. Can't wait to see more of the story!
  8. halixon

    [M11 - Corellia - CorSec] Ready for Repair

    Really great build! Love all the small details. The dialogue is nice too
  9. Those pipes and the pool work so well
  10. Very nice details with the stalactites
  11. Love all the bits and details as well as the architecture. That droid is awesome
  12. Love the forced perspective. The story is nice too!
  13. Really feels like Yavin! Nice build and story