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  1. Good point, I can try toning it down a bit next time. Although the screen you use to view could affect that. When I was editing, none of the details appeared washed out to me.
  2. Thanks! It's one of my favorites of the newer heads Appreciate it! My focus is typically with minifigs, so naturally my effort leaks there Thanks! I dunno why, but the pink and magenta highlights just feel like something Empress Teta would have.
  3. *Your entry has scored 6XP* On the planet Tatooine, in the deserts just outside Anchorhead... Cathar Bounty-hunter known as Rahan Shaska seeks his prey... The tracking fob was a dud. Shaska growled to the winds of the high-peaked stone formation and crumbled the device in his hand. The New Republic had never been a decent employer for the Cathar hunter, offering weak wages and limp contracts. He set firm in his mind his target, and descended down to Anchorhead. This time, he would pursue the target with oldschool methods. Nose to the ground and ears in the streets. More Pics:
  4. This is a very interesting build! Love the crowds, and that background paper is a nice touch
  5. Awesome depiction of Rhen Var!
  6. Love the atmosphere of this scene!
  7. *Your entry has scored 6XP* "Agent Arano Varn, Consortium Special Forces reporting, sir. We have taken to Empress Teta, as requested. Our efforts in securing sectors of the city led my partner, Aniz'Sewe and I to a safehouse of Mando'ade smugglers. We met with their leader, deceiving them into believing we were negotiating terms. They were fooled as predicted. Blaster smoke soon trailed out of the safehouse, and Aniz and I moved out to the balcony to triangulate our next target. For the empire. Varn out." More pics:
  8. Agent Arano Varn, Consortium Special Forces Born on the planet Onderon in 15BBY, Arano saw his life through the Empire's lens. Life was good under the empire; prosperous, orderly, fertile. Then a group of insurgents... 'Rebels' came and stole all that from him. His parents, dead in a strike by Rebellion soldiers. His younger sister, obliterated on the space station she worked at when a Rebel mission went south. Arano and his older sister Alara swiftly joined the Empire's forces in the fight back against these rebels. Both made their way into the ISB, one of the closest ways they could directly (or indirectly) hurt the Rebellion in meaningful measures. Arano worked into the special forces, while Alara solidified a position in intelligence. Arano worked through the end of the uniform Empire and all through the remnants, into his position now as a Special Forces operative for the Imperial Consortium. This place was what to him, stood for the original Imperial ideals and values. Through this, he seeks to restore some semblance of what his home once was in the Galaxy.
  9. That is a legendary find!