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  1. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Hello everyone, June has begun and winter has arrived in Australia!! This has meant slow progress over the last month but some progress none the less!! Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe, see you next month Happy building
  2. WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!!! I love this building in real life, it's a very special sight to behold... I can't wait for this to come out
  3. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Hi again, Here is the April update for Brixton Valley Please hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed and don't forget to subscribe for future updates and MOC tours. You can also hit up my website: www.brixtonvalleylego.com See you again soon happy building
  4. timmyc1983

    Favorite non-Collectible Minifigs for City/Town

    Max Timebuster is my favourite, reminds me of the good ol' days. His original incarnation was from 6552 Mountain Camp, but LEGO used him as a 'villain' in the 1994 Town Brochure... (I just looked him up, apparently he was first in 6345 and last in 10159, but I first saw him 6552)
  5. timmyc1983

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Thanks for the feedback guys, it's very much appreciated
  6. timmyc1983

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Hello everyone It's been a while since I've posted a MOC as I have been busy with . But I am proud to now show you the latest addition to my city, Brixton Valley. It's a modular style church! It consist of over 7000 bricks and is on four 32 x 32 baesplates, although the church itself is mostly on two of them.LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It is quite large, although not as large as I anticipated when planning and building it. I was hoping it would be the largest building in town, but turns out the town hall is taller. I think it is still an impressive building for the city. It does feature stained glass all the way around, for the photos I put my ipod torch inside to show the stained glass off, right now I don't have any plans for permanent lighting inside. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It also features a graveyard/cemetery in which are several types of grave stones and 3 large trees. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr So this is the basics of this MOC, should you be interested to see more photos please click here, or see below for the YouTube walkthrough tour: Please head on over to YouTube to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel for updates. I also encourage you to comment here and on YouTube and please hit that thumbs up button if you like the MOC. I also have a website dedicated to Brixton Valley, please head along: www.brixtonvalleylego.com Until next time, happy building
  7. timmyc1983

    Lego and "Depression"

    I'm so glad you felt you could share this with us!!! I too went thru some dark times, but in 2012. When I rediscovered my child hood LEGO sets, it was somewhat of a catalyst of getting my life back on track. Depression and mental illness is definitely something that should be talked about, after all how do we know how each other are feeling if we do not talk to each other!!! Having said that I truly hope Vinchente that you have sought professional help, friends family and hobbies are of course important but professional health care and possibly in your case they can refer you to an occupational therapist who can help you maximise your potential to get you back in the green sooner!! And therefore having a steady income to spend on LEGO
  8. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Hello again everyone! Finally, I have managed to move thing in and start the rebuild process... Please check out the video update for March... As mentioned in the vid, there will be a new MOC post in the next week or so. make sure you subscribe to the youTube channel for that! You can also check out my flickr photostream and brand new website for more content!! www.brixtonvalleylego.com Love to hear your thoughts, happy building
  9. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Hi all, happy March! Here is the update for said month. So close but yet so far, but some big news as well, Brixton Valley has a brand new website... All layout, MOC and MOD updates with special details about each, please drop by and check the latest vid. www.brixtonvalleylego.com See you soon!!!
  10. timmyc1983

    Train Station

    Fantastic rendition of the 60050, the original seems small, but I am biased towards large scale buildings really well done tho!! Happy building
  11. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Hello everybody, So it's been 2 months since an update, but for good reason! Brixton Valley will be getting relocated to a bigger and better area! Please watch the update for the latest and stay tuned!! Happy new year all and see you soon!
  12. timmyc1983

    Brixton - My Lego Town

    Ok so I'm a bit late posting the link here, this is my busiest time of year at work so have been getting smashed there and come home to sleep and that's about it Anyway, here is and January won't be far behind Seasons Greetings to all!
  13. Well. another year passes and no prize again!! Can't win 'em all I guess (or in my case any ) Thanks for the raffle anyway, and congrats to all the winners Seasons Greetings to all!!!
  14. timmyc1983

    Home Hardware Store

    Hey LT, great designs as usual!! Long time no see too!!! I like the logo, and maybe my naivety showing but I didn't notice it being phallic until it was pointed out And yes I like your stickers, they add a fantastic uniqueness to your builds and layouts! And finally I am looking forward to your creator expert version of this building, I haven't seen you build a modular yet...... Happy building
  15. Hello and happy holidays to all!!! Here is my entry, as I am not big on Christmas and somewhat into protecting the environment, my ideal Christmas tree would be a living one: Ideal Christmas Tree Comp 2015 by Tim, on Flickr So there it is, living and large and it would seem my sigfig is having trouble figuring out how to get the star on the top... Lucky trees look amazing without decorations anyway! Happy building all and happy holidays, and thanks CopMike for the raffle, you do a great job all year 'round (not just at raffle time)