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Found 13 results

  1. Many have questioned the Sea Rats commitment to justice, especially after the ugly Sharkler 5000 affair. Well, question no more! A new courthouse has replaced Professor Thaum's basement as the seat of justice in Bastion! Come enjoy our pre-execution shows! Now with REAL JURIES! From the outside. Finally, justice is no longer at the mercy of a shark's appetite, a monkey's aim, a mob's whim, or Professor Thaum's experimental devices. Fast AND effective. Join us for our weekly quadruple header! Real juries. Real Judges. Real Justice. See how scalawags are tried by an unbiased jury of their peers.
  2. The Supreme Courts of the Brick Seas* has decided to establish a Naval Licensing and Prize Court, delegating the discretion over all matters related to the licensing of ships and the condemnation of prizes. The Supreme Courts have appointed a judge from each faction, in order for the Naval Court to function unbiased and independently of faction interests.** Licensing of ships Generally, once a vessel is licensed, there is no changing the license. Neither can a license, for instance a capture, be upgraded to a larger license. However, there are some exceptions, which will be handled by this court. Up-licensing a vessel For vessels with a license smaller than what the related MOC justifies, it may be possible to increase the license, when the funds become available. The general rule is that the maximum rating of the vessel should be included, when the vessel is first posted. In these cases, the vessel can generally be up-licensed without further ado. (Given that the suggested rating has not been contested.) All other cases (including ships posted before this rule) will be evaluated on a case to case basis, where this court will decide whether a vessel can justify a bigger license. Captured licenses As with normal licenses, the rating of a capture is generally fixed. Thus, for example, a 4T cannot be upgraded to a 5T. Instead, unwanted licenses (captures) can be sold through the prize courts (See below) or to other players/factions. However, if a substantial MOC is presented, showing the vessel being suitably upgraded, and approved by this court, exceptions to this rule can be granted. However, uprating more than one step will generally not be accepted. The extent of the MOC must represent the extent of the upgrade. General licensing issues Other issues can also be brought before this court, where it will act as an advisory and mediating organ, before cases are brought before the Supreme Courts. Condemnation of Prizes Captured vessels can either be put into the fleets of the capturer, sold to other factions or individuals, or condemned as a prize. Condemning the capture as a prize represents it being sold to the breakers yard or auctioned away to the old world, meaning that the vessels will be removed from the game world. IC, the outcomes below represents the uncertainty of the outcome of such an auction. Prizes brought before this court will be condemned by the following procedure: A 6-sided die will be cast, and the outcome will decide the result of the prize auction as a share of the license value: 20 % 30 % 40 % 50 % 60 % 75 % If the prize is MOC'ed (e.g. the capture of a player vessel), 25 % is added to the outcome. Eg. rolling 3 for 40 % will mean you get 65 % of the license value. NB: Prizes taken by independent pirates and ships flying black flags roll a 3-sided die for the outcomes: 1: 50 %, 2: 60 %, 3: 75 %. Bonus for a moc'ed vessel is added hereto. Applications for license changes, licensing issues and prizes to be condemned are to be presented before this court (in this thread), and will then be processed with all possible expedience. Decisions of this court can be appealed to the Supreme Courts, although only after a settlement with this court itself cannot be reached. Signed, stamped, and sealed. The Naval Licensing and Prize Court *BoBS Leadership **Kolonialbeamter, Maxim, Dr. Spock, and Bregir
  3. Terryoleary

    [MOC] Bricktown Court House Modular

    My interpretation of a court house, will go bear my town hall once I build it for real, instruction will be available too
  4. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 The Trial of Sinbad part 3 The Trial of Sinbad part 4 As I have proven, my client has done nothing wrong. Objection your honor! If you object, please tell me what wrongs you still charge this man with? He attacked Corrington vessels! A fact that is not denied, but has also already been proven to be allowed and sanctioned and can therefore not be a wrongdoing. But he sank our ships! An unfortunate result, I can assure you. My client would much rather have captured them. But this has also been shown to be an act of my client performing more adequately on the seas than your Corrington captains. Just because he is better at his job you would want to declare war on an entire people group? Nay sir, this also cannot be proven to be a wrongdoing. But his actions caused the deaths of Corrington men and the financial ruin of others! And Corrington's taxes have caused poverty to many who could not afford them. And Corrington has also had vessel sink under their guns. Nay sir, as I've already proved, if my client is to be judged on his character qualities you must look at the sum of them, not just his most recent naval excursions. Well, I think the jury has heard all they need to make a decision. We'll allow them to be dismissed to consult with each other. ... Your honor, we've reached a unanimous decision. We find the accused Sinbad to be not guilty of acts against Corrington. Very well, Sinbad you are free to go. Court dismissed! You can't do that! I believe he just did. Good day sir. ... A short while later... And here's some cash for you. And some cash for you. Well that does it for the Jury. Well done Hamilton. I never doubted your lawyering skills or your bribing skills. It's the least I could do as a thank you for saving my life. Where are you off to next? In spite of having "won" this case, my spies tell me Corrington is still outraged at my actions. I intend to try to lay low. "Intend"? Well, Sea Rats will be Sea Rats. I'm not trying to attack Corrington ships, but I also can't stop sailing. It's my livelihood. The End
  5. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 The Trial of Sinbad part 3 You claim my client is "not nice." You're twisting my words! I'm saying your client is guilty of acting evilly. Gentlemen of the court, you may not realize this, but one of the causalities when the HMS Mardier's Misfit sank had a widow who lives in this very city. A Corrington officer brought her the bad news. She was greatly distraught and now had no way to provide for herself and her household. The Corrington officer could do nothing more than offer his condolences. But when Sinbad heard about her plight. He brought her enough money to live on for at least the next year. Now you tell me, does this sound like the actions of a man bent on evil? To be continued...
  6. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad "And I say he's guilty!" responded the lawyer defending Corrington. Judge, I object. My client has done nothing wrong as his actions have been sanctioned by Corrington's Commander-in-Chief. You see, I have here a notarized statement saying as such: And where did you get such a document? From your notary of course. Ah, I see. Objection sustained. But... but... attacking our ships is just wrong! Um, well, that's true too. Defendant, how do you respond? To be continued...
  7. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market The Trial of Sinbad The Trial of Sinbad part 2 You say it is wrong for my client to attack your ships. Let me give you another scenario. Imagine with me, a scene down by the docks. One man, a good business man, owns a warehouse. But a better business man buys him out. Now, is this better business man wrong for being better? Of course not! He's just proven himself superior in his trade. Can we please got on with this? Of course, but just as if nothing would happen if the less shrewd warehouse owner had put up a fuss about being bought out, so to should nothing happen to my client. As already proven, his actions were sanctioned by Corrington's Vice Admiral himself. Just because you don't like that my client practiced his superior skills against Corrington's ships is inconsequential. Um, hmm, that makes sense but it still doesn't seem right. Or course it's not right! No matter what he says, it's not nice to sink other people's ships! So it comes down to moral character does it? Let me give you another example... To be continued...
  8. Previously: Chapter 1 Chapter 2: Sinbad the Pirate Hang The Rules Rescued Shipwright Shipwright's Office The Komodo Dragon "Because They're Pirates!" Fish Market Stop him! Court was in session in King's Harbor. The honorable judge Wilkinsen was presiding over a case involving a smuggler when a commotion broke out. Please sirs, you're interrupting a court of law! Mind your manners! Your honor, I'm trying to submit myself to the court, but these ruffians wouldn't allow me in! And rightfully so! Order must be upheld! Court proceedings cannot be interrupted just to meet the needs of one individual! But since all decorum has already been forgotten, pray tell why you wish to see me? I am Sinbad the Pirate, and I've heard that I am a wanted man in Corrington. It's true sir! He is guilty of the most heinous of crimes against the crown! If this is true, then let me stand trial. I have nothing to hide. A pirate you may be, but we believe in upholding law and order here in Corrington, so you will be tried by a jury of your peers. Hear ye, hear ye! Court is now in session! Pirate Sinbad, you are charged with attacking Corrington vessels while being unprovoked and without cause. How do you plead? If I may sir, I'd like my lawyer to answer that. Sinbad had rescued 3 men from the gallows. One of those men was Hamilton, a skilled lawyer who had acquitted all his cases to-date. He had been found sleeping with another man's wife in Oleon which had given him a death sentence. But Sinbad knew he would need a specially talented man if he ever went to court so he rescued him. I will be defending this honest man. And my client is not guilty, as I will here prove. And so the trial began. To be continued...
  9. This is a continuation of the detective's story; check out the introduction, the next part, the third part, and the fourth part for more. Bang! Bang! "The High Court of Eslandola is now in session! Be seated!" Bang! Bang! The blows of the judge's mallet reverberated throughout the room. The Secretary of State - Guy K. Wyndzon - walked the length of the hall and stood ceremoniously beside the judge, as if he were only just now revealing the important diplomatic determination of the High Council. As a matter of fact, Guy, the judge, and King Fernado himself had been up late last night, trifling delicately with a bit of freshly imported chocolate while they cracked jokes about "those weird Mardierians." No, this declaration came as no surprise to the judge. Nor would it come as a surprise to any of the diplomats, councillors, and ambassadors in the room. But for forms' sake, all things had to be done "decently and in order," so the judge was ready and present to pronounce the official declaration of war against Mardier. Then came the usual invitation to the agrieved of the Kingdom to present themselves before the supreme judge of the land for redress. This was usually just a form too. But this time, something was different. An older gentleman, with a monocle in his left eye, walked briskly up the red rug. Directly in front of the judge, he stopped and bowed slightly. The judge recognized his good friend Rhys Thomson, and took the missive the latter offered him without hesitation. But as he read, he became manifestly more nervous and excited. At last he looked up at Rhys in surprise. "Is this true?" he queried, in a voice very different from his usual business-like tone. "Every word of it, sir!" The judge fidgeted - drummed his fingers - then, picking up the mallet, declared, "Your case is heard! The warrant for his arrest will go forth immediately. Expect another summons to present your evidence within two month's time!" Rhys bowed again with a satisfied smile, and retreated down the rug. And once more the room echoed with the reverberations of the judge's mallet. Bang! Bang! "This High Court is dismissed!" Bang! Bang! ----- OOC: In my capacity as Eslandian leader, this build is an official declaration of war from Eslandola to Mardier, seeing how Mardier, by preying on our shipping, has already effectively declared war on us. All Mardier privateers are henceforth legal prey for any Eslandola privateers, though in pursuance of our usual policies, trade ships are not to be molested. This is also an official petition to the court of Eslandola to consider Rhys Thomson's case - what exactly that is, you'll have to wait to find out! I borrowed the paneling technique loosely from Jacob Nion
  10. The reporter from the Kings Port Advertiser was fuzzing about, calling out to the sketch artist to "catch my best features…" and "…make sure to make L'Olius looking right heroic for the frontpage" and to the scribe "…and don't you misquote me, or I will have at your hide!" They were setting up outside the high court of Terraversa waiting for the highly profiled case of L'Olius versus Eslandola, a case, which, apart from including the most beloved naval hero of Terraversa, was highly likely to have serious diplomatic consequences. And with Terraversa struggling for independence in the Mardierian civil war, the outcome could be critical to the future of the colony. A large crowd was assembling, and there was a general din as the tension was rising with the anticipation. A few Eslandians had shown up too, but most of them withdrew swiftly as the moral pressure of collective public opinion against them, or were removed by brute physical force, should they venture to express their allegiance. The hum of the crowd was considerable and normal conversation was strained at best, impossible at the worst. Nonetheless, the moment the doors opened and a guarded L'Olius stepped out, a hush fell over the crowd. L'Olius raised his hand in greeting, a triumphant smile spreading upon his face, and the hush temporarily gave way to a series of loud cheers. As the cheers died down, L'Olius gave a short speech in his booming quarterdeck voice, much to the joy of the crowd. "L'Olius has just left the courts, and appears in great spirits" the reporter dictated. "Out here, he is getting the hero's reception he deserves, regardless of the mistreatment those greedy, selfish Eslandians has brought upon him." The scribe scribbled on, and the sketch artist was busy immortalising the moment that might change the fate of Terraversa for ever. "The Eslandians have long held our trade in an iron grip, and their unlawful monopolies have threatened our economy, our very survival, and most importantly, our freedom!" The reporter paused for a moment, weighing his words and letting the scribe catch up. "L'Olius has taking it upon himself to put things right, to bring justice and reason to our world. With a perfectly legal Letter of Marque in hand, he has fought for our liberty, and the survival of our merchants. And now the Eslandians have brought him to court! Perfectly harassing him, our great hero! And on the pretence of some trifle about legalities - a trifle surely put to right by our esteemed courts!" The scribe enjoyed this… He knew it would be on the front page of the Kings Port Advertiser tomorrow, and that it would be sold out. The picture forming on his colleague's canvas would be the perfect eye-catcher, as would any headline containing L'Olius' name these days. As the reporter continued his narrative, he resumed his writing. What a sensation this would be…
  11. Ahoy mateys, this is Part I of our storyline for the ongoing build off between ESL and MAR. We - that is Jacob Nion, Bregir, and I - sided with l'Olius and justice! To reveal to you what those sneaky, backstabbing Eslandolans are capable of doing with their money-grabbing fingers if they see their Doubloons at stake. A Hero Harassed - Part I - Pleadings “You did what?” The judge gasped in surprise. And it looked like the hint of a grin on his face. L'Olius continued. Yes, he had seized the Queen of Terreli – and he had done it... with pineapples! L'Olius' squadron had been following the Eslandolan convoy for several days, and couldn't believe that there was only one warship to escort all these traders. And this warship seemed to be commanded by the worst captain anyone could ever have heard of. As a result, the Queen of Terreli performed so very poorly at sea, clearly this could only be a trap. But l'Olius was determined to follow his orders, so his squadron kept pursuing. And when they were about to intercept, l'Olius knew how he could seize the Queen without much violence: If using grapeshot was one of the most bloody ways to attack and seize a ship, he would use a broadside of the most unbloody thing – pinappleshot. And it worked! The captain and crew of the Queen were so utterly surprised, that before they could even think of what in Poseidon's name they had just witnessed, l'Olius was already standing on the bridge, and he placed the still confused captain under arrest. This story would definitely go down in history. What a day. But all that wasn't really what this trial was all about. Neither were the reasons for l'Olius orders to be discussed, nor the political background to be analyzed. This trial was about one thing only: Did he seize the Queen of Terreli legally, did he possess a valid letter of marque. And the answer to this question could only be 'Yes.' Yes, he did possess a valid letter of marque. It was granted to l'Olius personally by the Governor of Terraversa himself. And denying Terraversa's Governor the right to issue legal documents – not even Eslandola could go that far, if they didn't intend to affront all Mardians, and risk a war, that they always claimed not to want! So for one last time l'Olius looked at the pitiable Eslandolan representative, and waving his letter of marque before her eyes with pleasure he said: “Like it or not – the Queen of Terreli is now legally mine.” I hope you enjoyed this first part. Here is the rest: Part II - Discovery, Part III - Prospects. C&C welcome. For l'Olius and justice!
  12. sheo

    [MOC] Elephant Building

    This gorgeous tall building was once an architectural highlight of the city. It was also one of the centers of business activity, usually overcrowded by citizens. Everything changed when alien invaders suddenly came from the darkest depths of Earth. Giant drilling machines pierced the earth surface, and myriads of underground creatures flooded into the city, forcing its inhabitants to flee. Elephant Building sustained severe internal damage and now it is on the verge of destruction, although its facade and distinctive columns remain intact. Let us discover the interior of the building while it still stands. Ground floor hosts a media shop with very expressive shop windows. It used to be just a bookshop at first but later the assortment has been broaden with music and video. Ironically, the shop window dedicated to books was first to be destroyed. Above the bookshop we can find a private apartment where there is something going on. It was once owned by a respectable but stubborn family who refused to move when the building was being turned nonresidential. However, at some point the apartment was occupied by a group of dangerous criminals. Some said that this apartment became the very center of criminal activity in the city. Despite evil intentions of these people, let us hope that nobody was inside the bathroom when it was smashed. Coincidentally, there is a bank office right above the suspicious apartment. It is unclear whether it was a target of the criminals or their own organization. Anyway, it was not them who made the big hole in the floor. Also, there is a courtroom in the attic... ...And a shed on the roof. It is a perfectly ordinary shed, but who knows, maybe someone has been writing music inside of it? And here is some of the furniture used in the building. Model characteristics: 32 x 32 corner modular building. Building comprises 3 stories, an attic and a shed on the roof resulting in an overall height of 45 bricks. Model consists of over 8500 parts. Additional links: Photo album on flickr Building instructions are available on Rebrickable.
  13. soccerkid6

    In the King's Court

    My third build for Round 5 of The Tourney at MOCpages. Largely inspired by Bentoft's interiors. The bley/tan colorscheme is something I've wanted to do for a while, and I'm quite pleased with how it looks. The large stained glass windows were an interesting challenge, as they're tilted to give each stained panel more of a diamond shape. William Marshall earned the favour of four successive kings in England, by his loyal service. He rose to become one of the most influential and powerful men in England, by the end of his life. See more pictures here: C&C appreciated