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  1. Thanks for the very helpful advice guys. I think my technical issue is simply the Eurobricks upgrade so everything looks different here, I just need to get used to it. I have read Bregir's update thoroughly, it all seems clear enough. Except that back in July Corrington was no.1 nation; what happened? I guess people like me stopped pulling their weight! It will take me a few days to get back into everthing, but i have already started some building.
  2. The return of Hawksbrugh? Hello noble Corringtonians. I have been away for a long time...since July in fact! My creative life got taken over by decorating my house, from top to bottom, and my new hobby with the family, cycling. But the house is done, and I am thinking about redirecting my creative energies to BoBS. I am trying to work out a story to get Hawksbrugh back in the game, and to explain where he has been for the last eight months. And I have a couple of builds in the pipeline. If and when I do return, I need to be more aware of all else that is going on in my life and not over commit to BoBS which I did last time. Anyway, it would really help me if someone could share the proper BoBS web address with me, as I can currently only access it via eurobricks, and the interface is quite awkward. Also, if anyone is feeling generous, maybe they could do a couple of hundred words summarising all that has happened with Corrington and ECTC recently? Something about a war between Garvey and Eslandola? What are the best recent builds? Has Hawksbrugh grown rich in his absence? And what have you all been up to? I have a day off work tomorrow so will devote the day to catching up and some building. For Corrington and the Queen!
  3. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    [COR-Jul FB2] For Mardier!

    I looked closely but I couldn't see an aXXe anywhere. Seems to me he was using two daggers! But seriously folks, a nice little action build. Best use of a duckling in a fight scene that I've seen this year!
  4. This really made me laugh: 'Licensed as a small Artisan business.' But why not? A first for BOBS I think, thanks for the originality and for the laughs.
  5. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    The Unicorn Hath Been Discovered

    To Alberto da Pontelli Dated this 22nd day of July in the 616th year After Empire My dear Alberto, This is splendid and very exciting news! I must confess myself dumbfounded by the success of the spider experiment. I am now certain you have the genuine article. I hear that Don Montoya of the Royal Society may be fitting out an expedition to Pontelli to seek out a living specimen of this wondrous beast. This could change natural history forever! Your great and somewhat envious admirer, John
  6. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    [COR-FB SHIP] Clearance (4A)

    What a beauty! Sleek lines, rich colours, neat figure head, perfect sails, bristling with guns, and all topped off with by a stout crew of Corlander's finest. Corland truly rules the waves! I am intrigued by the sails; are these Star Wars pieces? One small addition might be some swivel guns mounted fore and aft, she is currently defencelss in these directions. Having said that, most pirates will surely flee, or surrender, at first sight of such a queen of the seas.
  7. Of all the fountain challenge stories I have read so far, I think this is the best, makes the fountain seem actually believable rather than magical. And leaves the end hanging as well...I guess we might hear more of this story at some point? And the characters round the pool made me laugh; great chocie! It really looks like Olympus.
  8. Great story, I loved the curse idea. And a lovely series of builds, especially the last one which is very clever. Just one thing I don't understand though; if he found the fountain, how come he died at the end?
  9. Great start for the ETTC cocoa business. Really nice use of the two colours, and lovely windows two; an interesting choice not to use window pieces but it works really well on a wharehouse build. Nice roof line too. And for a build that is little more than a facade, you have got a lot squeezed into the interior. I am looking forward to seeing how this whole cocoa business develops over the next couple of months.
  10. Well I know you rushed this but that 2nd last picture of the ghost boat is just great, genuinely scary. I don't know how you did the lighting but its great. Good idea for the stoy too; the fountain becomes a curse not a blessing.
  11. So they made it! Well done fellas. But what are they going to do now, just pack up and go home? Where is that skull piece from?
  12. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    [ESl - CH3A] So close and yet so far...

    Thanks for the clarification. The girls are asleep now but I will up date them in the morning. On a personal note, I forgot to say how much liked that second photo with its 'minfig-eye view'. Its really 'Indiana Jones'
  13. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    [ESL-Ch3A] The Road to Fame and Riches

    'I just wanted to poke fun at how various historic events are "preserved."' What can you possiby mean? I can't imagine. Great build which made me smile, I think you've nailed it very nicely. Will Calvo return home to a hero's reception or a hanging...or maybe both?
  14. Fuzzy MacFuzz

    [ESl - CH3A] So close and yet so far...

    'This build is awesome' says my youngest daughter. 'But why build it from the top down?' My elder daughter comments 'It was a very interesting story, but how come the skeletons died? Surely nobody would be stupid enough to just sit there until they died?' Legostone, maybe you could answer these penetrating questions for us.
  15. Hilarious ending! No happily ever after round here; I always thought that was a pretty stupid ending to the Goldlilocks story anyway; burgle their house, steal their food and bed, but the bears just say 'uh, whatever, let's be friends Goldilocks'. So much to love here, most of which has been commented on already. I am really enjoying these builds where a number of small vignettes are used to tell the story. Just to say that both me and my daughter enjoyed it a lot.