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  1. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Bfenz and Dfenz (possibly Amfenz) hope to be there. Could be a very busy few weekends in a row with other events in May/June.(I think the Pdc Fan Weekend is the following week)
  2. Yes. I can make the run to the station for you. See you there.
  3. Peppermint, how are you travelling to Gunzburg? Are you on the same train as Skalldyr arriving at 18.41?
  4. Sorry I posted in the wrong place. No need for a tour for me.
  5. Unfortunately while we arrive only an hour later than you into Munich we have a full car. While it probably won't apply to you given your timing, if anyone else is arriving by train into Gunzburg late in the evening (and I'm talking here between say 6pm and say 9pm, not any later!) I am prepared to do a quick run to/from Gunzburg train station if needed.
  6. We will have 3 merlin passes so no need for the cheap park ticket.
  7. Am I correct in thinking that if I already have a Merlin annual pass that expired last October I can renew for €69/€79 which would be much cheaper than the new member rate?
  8. Given the last time your were in Fabrik in LEGOLAND, I take it hiring a Smart car is out of the question then?
  9. One other point re 20% discount for those unable to avail of the AFOL shopping day. For the past few years when purchasing the Merlin annual pass we got a booklet of vouchers one of which has been a 20% off coupon (one time purchase but there is no limit to how many sets or parts can be in that purchase - or if there is I haven't reached it despite doing my best to test it). Without the coupon its 10% off in most shops (and free access to LL Billund if within 12 months). I haven't looked at this year's prices but these passes have paid for themselves many times over given our purchases and park-hopping.
  10. I see you've applied to brick.ie. You are aware that we are no longer part of the empire?.
  11. Don't forget that the Fabrik attraction in this park is unique in terms of type and availability of parts to acquire by weight. It is no coincidence that German bricklinkers often have large quantities of rare new parts. Last time out I picked up parts that do not appear in any sets presumably because they were swapped by park model builders for other parts they needed.
  12. I believe you can get the effective 5% value through VIP points without a VIP card if you have a VIP number, for example if you forgot the physical card or signed up online.
  13. Please sign up myself, Bfenz and Amfenz Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes please - Apartment sharing: yes/no -> No. Please reserve a 2 bedroom space for the Fenz family - Number of persons and length of stay? 3 persons staying from Wednesday night until Saturday night (4 nights - checking out Sunday) - Are you member of a registered LUG? Only those will be eligible to receive a discount of 15% on Saturday - Yes (x2)[And stickerx2] - Anything else we need to know? (help needed in flying/transport ...) Should be okay as we'll hire a car The dates of the event are Wednesday 26th - Sunday 30th of April. Wednesday and Sunday are travel dates only, program will be held Thursday til Saturday.
  14. New dates fine with the Fenz's
  15. Pity about the postage costs to europe. Above $100 or so and its $50 postage to Europe with the additional customs/VAT/handling risk that could add another 40/50euro to a $150 bill.