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    Compulsive collector of Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, City, 9V trains, and anything that has LS@H exclusive on it.

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  1. Dfenz

    [MOC] National Library of Ireland

    Thanks for the kind comments. We found that using LEGO train tracks as the base for the curve offered vital stability. We then had to figure out how deep the interior walls needed to be to accommodate the books. The outer part of the tracks supported the steps and columns. The inner part of the tracks formed the foundation for the walls.
  2. Fantastic idea. This is the first time I've seen these and there is huge potential here for an ever-increasing layout. The integration of the models with the streets, water and bridges is nicely done. Excellent work.
  3. Finally completed, this is the latest creation of Bfenz and myself, the National Library of Ireland. It is on display in the foyer of the library in Dublin. More pictures of the model are posted over at my Flickr page. The model has a full interior over multiple levels and a courtyard. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66136586@N04/albums/72177720299219260
  4. Voted Gunzburg. Munich is nice and accessible. The Fabrik attraction is unique. Not as expensive as the other two options and uses euro. Billund rather dull anyway unless people have access to LEGO HQ buildings (except for Legoredo area of park which is nice). No Loplett in Billund anymore either. Also Skaerbaek fan weekend already has people travelling to Billund assuming we are allowed in and out of our respective countries.
  5. And just two observations re Project Support ... applications only open up for a limited window of time in the summer and parts aren't typically received until the autumn/ winter at the earliest so parts ordered this year would have to be for a 2021 event and ... parts are acquired at Lugbulk prices, they aren't free ... so there is a cost involved ... whether this is more or less than previous years depends on whether support was provided free or at a discount in previous years.
  6. Dfenz

    No GWPs for Europe?

    The Trinity GWP was also available in europe but it sold out very very quickly. I received it after ordering the stadium on its day of release.
  7. I wouldn't be so sure about that. The Fenz's and Farrells will be in Gunzburg on the 8th/9th on the way back from Zagreb so it remains to be seen what parts will remain! For that reason we won't be attending despite our appreciation of that park.
  8. The Harry Potter and Slough visits would sell it for the Fenzes although this will come immediately after Parades de Coura the previous weekend. We also have a regular brick.ie event on Sunday 16th which is Father's Day the management of which we'd need to transfer to some other members. If it was the following week it would be a lot easier for us but we'll aim to be there, with the question remaining whether we have to leave on Saturday or Sunday.
  9. I am also looking for these beautiful sets and would be willing to share the costs of postage to europe if the same person supplied the three sets to both Holodoc and myself (we can work out the logistics of getting the sets to Ireland or Germany later).
  10. I think it unlikely the park will be booked up but we booked for the nearby Hotel Svanen. A little more comfortable than those cabins and a short walk to the eurobricks event HQ.
  11. The accommodation options are available on booking.com also. As far as I am aware that site doesn't require payment in full up front. Also for couples who might not want to share the Hotel Svanen rate inclusive of breakfast is a reasonable €578 for 4 nights. Its much cheaper than trying to book a whole cabin or Pirate room.
  12. Dfenz

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Heads Up

    Bfenz and Dfenz (possibly Amfenz) hope to be there. Could be a very busy few weekends in a row with other events in May/June.(I think the Pdc Fan Weekend is the following week)
  13. Yes. I can make the run to the station for you. See you there.
  14. Peppermint, how are you travelling to Gunzburg? Are you on the same train as Skalldyr arriving at 18.41?
  15. Sorry I posted in the wrong place. No need for a tour for me.