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  1. It looks good. The canopy looks slightly more shop-front awning than one of the traditional wrought-iron station roofs but it goes nicely with your trains. Nice build!
  2. jimmynick

    [MOC] TIE Aquanaut

    Very cute :) the shape and colour of the mining guild ship are perfect for aquanauts
  3. jimmynick

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I rather enjoyed the new movie and there were some setpieces that could have turned into sets; shame TLG haven't put out a full wave. I mean, isn't that how it works for most major media tie-ins?
  4. jimmynick

    [MOC] National Gallery of Denmark

    This is a really attractive build. You've integrated the modern architecture well and you've really captured the likeness of the original building. Well done.
  5. Wild! The stairs and ramps are really something, both at ground level and on the top. Nice work and thanks for sharing a slightly more unconventional building.
  6. jimmynick

    eBay Germany, WhatsApp

    Respectfully, these are massive red flags. I wouldn't get involved with someone advertising a private chat group on eBay, and if you can't find the post it's possible it was deleted by someone who shares my suspicions. If you join such a group and you don't see them scamming someone, they're probably scamming you. I get WhatsApp messages from time to time inviting me to join crypto groups with "investing tips" and the like — delete them immediately, every time.
  7. jimmynick

    Found my old Star Wars Legos

    Eeth Koth and Queen Amidala are probably the most valuable ones. To an extent, though, I am more jealous of your Phase I clones. I've never found myself in a position to buy a set containing them.
  8. jimmynick

    [MOC] Varykino Villa & Naboo Gondola Speeder

    Cute little build, I like it! The gondola looks great.
  9. This is really cute! I love the different shapes and sizes of mushroom.
  10. jimmynick

    [MOC] Summertime in England

    It's a cute build and the train is lovely, but apart from the loco nothing about it particularly screams 'England'
  11. jimmynick

    [MOC] Wild West (updated 03/05)

    Those are some really cute main street buildings! They've got exactly the right vibe. I love the station as well. Happy building!
  12. jimmynick

    [MOC] UCS Cloud Car

    Damn I must have seen some his content when I lurked there as long as 18 years ago . Welcome back to EB and thanks for sharing your model! The way you made the central radiator (?) section out of those ladders is really neat. I think calling this the "least interesting" vehicle is slightly unfair but, whatever the case, this is a wonderful rendition.
  13. jimmynick

    [MOC] Sea Flap Flap

    This is really cute. I love the cockpit glass and the vaguely M-tron colour scheme!
  14. jimmynick

    Who's the worst lego youtuber these days

    Do we really need a thread dedicated to slagging people off? Who even watches LEGO youtube content? Why not bully people in the comment sections of their videos, where they can respond to your lily-livered sniping?
  15. I love the new pics! What a cute MOC, and the hexagonal shape looks practically perfect with the wedge plates attached on clips