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  1. jimmynick

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    OK, yes, this is true, and it only seems a specious claim because we (or I, at least) have ignored inflation as applies to RRP over the last ~20 years. But At least over in Star-Wars-land where I spend most of my time window-shopping, TLG have since last year released some sets with smaller piece counts and prices that seem almost better than sets they released 10+ years ago (X-Wing, TIE fighter, Imperial Shuttle)
  2. jimmynick

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    Only just caught up on the lawsuit drama and tbh it's kind of interesting, but not not interesting enough to get invested in. Fun question though: How similar does a minifig-sized graphic need to be to constitute infringement?
  3. jimmynick

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    not an unpopular opinion in my book at all. As far as I'm concerned, Star Wars figures were at their peak in that period: the right balance between chunky and realistic. Give me old Boba Fett / Dark Vader / Stormtroopers over the new versions any day of the week.
  4. jimmynick

    The Matrix 2022?

    @Mr No I think what @Oky means is not that the movie is beneath TLG, rather making a social media post about the movie, inserting their product, without actually having a tie-in to it is a cynical practice beneath TLG. Perhaps. It would be a shame if it were just a reference, but I think it'd be neat to see what sets LEGO might make for the Matrix movies. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility!
  5. jimmynick

    The Matrix 2022?

    Ran across this post on Instagram: I was really surprise actually since TLG would never have touched R-rated material (using US terms here, sorry) in the past, but with the new movie coming out this winter I suppose the Matrix franchise is a sort of evergreen pop-cultural phenomenon they can cash in on. What do we think?
  6. jimmynick

    [REVIEW] 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    I finally built this set today. I love the final look but some aspects that others have mentioned niggle a bit. The front landing gear is extremely floppy (although this doesn't really matter to me as I like to swoosh it!) and I'm slightly disappointed the wings sag so that they touch at the ends. In all, though, the set is great — a reasonably detailed and slick model in a compact frame that doesn't break the bank. I like it.
  7. jimmynick

    T70 X-Wing: A classic revisited

    This is insane — a beautifully slick build in not one but two colour schemes. You've really pulled off the circular engine intakes, and I like the greebling on the rear end. Fabulous build as always Jerac.
  8. jimmynick

    Micro Star Wars (1:250)

    I've been following your progress on Instagram and it's always amazing to see a new model. They're all captured so well at the 1:250 scale, and I particularly like the Naboo starship, the Ebon Hawk, the Moldy Crow and the Rogue Shadow.
  9. jimmynick

    What did you buy today?

    On Sunday, but for the first time ever I bought something at the shop in Leicester Square: the 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter. Had a lovely chat with the person at the till about past and future SW sets including our mutual favourite the 6212 X-Wing. I'm really excited to build this one since it has more parts than the 6212 and looks much more polished, and both 75301 and 6212 cost the same number of dollars. Considering inflation since 2006, in real terms the new X-Wing is cheaper and maybe even better. Had a great trip to London to see friends and do some Christmas shopping
  10. It's so... concise! I've played only a bit of the game but I remember the set when it first came out, and this mini is just perfect.
  11. strictly not a gunship, but there was 10195 the drop ship & walker: getting both AT-TE and gunship is well within realm of possibility.
  12. jimmynick

    LEGO Star Wars Sets vs MOCS

    I'm of the opinion that large-scale UCS-type MOCs tend to be of higher quality than sets since they can take advantage of rare parts and illegal building techniques. I tend to prefer sets that are more like toys, since I don't feel quite so priced-out when I can get a nice swooshy X-wing for 50USD or equivalent.
  13. Confession: in an attempt to resurrect some of the wacky flavour of the original Main Street Mafia (I think?) instigated by Tamamono (I think?), I asked Bob if I could give Cheryl a top hat on Night One.
  14. Thank you for hosting Bob! Sorry I wasn't as attentive as I should have been.
  15. Unvote: Susan (Jack Sassy) Vote: Geoff (KotZ) Scummy Susan won’t hammer Geoff so late in the game. Makes me think Geoff is scum.