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  1. jimmynick

    Baron Samedi

    Quite a build! Love the tyres that you used to make his top hat! Thanks for sharing.
  2. jimmynick

    LEGO Art sets announced and real pictures

    I think there's a niche for these sets - probably not in the AFOL market in general but among people who like other art and collectibles and will thrown a hundred dollars or two at something they like the look of. The Beatles set initially threw me because I thought it was supposed to be Let it Be but yes the picture seems to be from inside the White Album: not something I'd ever paid attention to before.
  3. jimmynick

    FABUPUNK Mafia! – sign-ups

    Dope! Let's go!
  4. jimmynick

    Blood in the Grass: Conclusion

    It’s me, 🎵the eldest of the children of Israel🎵 ! Not sure whether I like the cannibal mechanic; seems like the only way to get solid information is when something has gone horribly wrong for one of the parties. Maybe I’d have to play more to see how it goes. Thanks for hosting, DD! Very professionally put together.
  5. jimmynick

    [MOC] MR2400 Horizon

    Your ships all have a great look, which is why clicked in the first place, but I'm just speechless at this ridiculous and amazing inclusion of a PC into the build. Wonderful build complemented by a nifty transformer mode. I think I'm most impressed by the 8x8 grilles you've put to facilitate cooling, although of course the combination of colours and textures on the hull panels is eye-catching.
  6. jimmynick

    [MOC] Hogwarts Moving Staircase

    Incredible, just like in the movies! Not only is the mechanism itself superb but the set dressing is "realistic" too - love Nearly Headless Nick coming out of the wall!
  7. jimmynick

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    It's beautiful - wonderfully constructed with great colours. How did you achieve the spacing of the planks on the dock?
  8. I saw this during the virtual Brickworld and now it’s been highlighted on the front page I’m seeing it again. A very vibrant scene - and I like the textures you’ve added to the crenellations. Thanks for sharing!
  9. jimmynick

    [MOC] Belle époche Modular building

    People have said it before but the colour combination is very effective. I also find the combination of wheel arches & 1x1 plates above the windows is perfect as well. Those bulldozer shovels as lead sheeting on the roof is a great idea, too. Great build and thanks for sharing!
  10. jimmynick

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    What is the temperament of a dragon? Feisty. Who rules the forest? The Ents, I guess. Roll for intiative: my d20 says 4 and I've got no modifiers... shouldn't have put all my points into constitution and charisma.
  11. Hi @Kwatchi! It's interesting you bring up 24 Mafia from last year, because when my character rode himself out of town on a rail in that game it was because the scum did a great job pushing my buttons, rather than targeting me for my experience or lack thereof. He's right. I personally find Trekkie amusing but as I indicated on the deadboard I trust him about as far as I can throw him. DD's right about this too. Mafia is necessarily adversarial but that doesn't mean we can't try to laugh along the way... and everyone feels victimized at one point or another. There's me for one, DD was disappointed that she got lynched so soon in this game, hell I think Bob once said something about only ever making it to the end of a game once. And maybe I'm dumb but I've said before that I don't really notice or care who's who aside from a couple of notable exceptions, so I get to have fun either way. I do hope you stick around longer, at least for Darkdragon's game - the last game of hers I played was a riot, and it's sure to be fun again.
  12. jimmynick

    [MOC] Lego Pneumatic Steam Locomotive

    Wow, this is really impressive from an engineering perspective, and it looks great too. The way you've constructed the outer shell of the loco from beams and flex-rods is so simple and a good way to leave space for all the internals that really make ti move. Very nice that it has a whistle, too.
  13. Come off it, dude. If I wanted to take it seriously I'd play somewhere that isn't here. I'm here for jokes and pretty pictures. I like it when it's cozy.
  14. I eagerly awaited this thread and then suddenly I worked a double today so... here I am. I crowed a bit in the deadboard that I nabbed Joshua, but on the other hand my scumdar was all off, going after Vincent and Aiden practically until the last minute... sorry DD. In terms of meta there are absolutely some ruts I fall into, including reading Trekkie as town and always suspecting Hinckley though he usually turns out to be mostly harmless. Perhaps I'm lazy or inattentive but I don't pick up much on how people usually behave so most of the players end up being pleasant surprises at the end. I was really hoping Andrew would turn out to be Kristel, especialy because of the way she bossed Thack Desteck, but mostlytechnic you did an awesome job wheedling your way into the town bloc. It very almost all came together for you. At least from the outside I was really glad Bob switched things up this time. It was fun watching from the sidelines after I basically traded myself for DD. Massive thanks Bob for heroically running three games in a row - you deserve a bit of a rest now.