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  1. jimmynick

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    I voted for the RGS with a ripped-jumpsuit Padme. On the other hand, we could use that one scene from RotS to bring out a new version of Mace Windu.
  2. I think I asked you if I could trust you to be around - mainly because I couldn't trust myself to be! The day ended around 2am for me, but I stayed up anyway biting my nails. It definitely made life harder for us. The inventor helps spread the actions love around, and I do think the scroll mechanic helped on that front, too. We do need night actions for mafia not to be blind man's bluff, I think. I think in this game, the only vote that was really telling was Kristel's vote for Chromeknight.
  3. Yes, you did Thanks fhomess! Unfortunately my strategy of flying under the radar doesn't really work for seven days in a row Well, what else was there to do? And it gave me a chance to recycle the "you're Tammo in Day Five of Belville Mafia" spiel as related to me by def in Pirates Mafia, when we were also down to three on the last day.
  4. Thanks for posting all your notes! Where's the deadboard? In retrospect I shouldn't have done it and just forced a tie at the end, but I couldn't count on DD not switching her vote to Kristel from me. Perhaps in future a host can reserve the right not to assess penalty votes for rule violations if they're committed as cynically as my edited post.
  5. I was sort of waiting for Hinck to post his breakdown but I guess I'll spill the beans: CMP and I wanted to keep the town as weak as possible. I asked if we could choose no extra powers but Hinck said we had to do we chose the block. I don't know what you all had to begin with but that meant you ended up with just 3 PRs. When CMP got pew-pewed, I was restricted to using just one power per night, so I chose to use the kill from then on. Hinck felt bad I didn't recruit KotZ so he interceded on my behalf to give me a one-shot strongarm block, which I used in conjunction with the kill to off Trekkie on Night Five. Sorry, Trekkie . The Day Three scroll was mine. The base power was to make a role Loud for a night, and the extra power was to make the chosen role able to act twice on the same night. Kristel used the scroll to reveal herself. I wish Kristel had waited to talk with me before accepting the new win condition, because we would have won together under the parity win condition. I can't blame her for picking what seemed easier to achieve, though. And on Night Two I tried to kill Tariq J, who was protected by Trekkie. Reading the scroll on Day Three sent me into a frenzy of imagining Tariq J was the investigator, so I targeted him again the following night. Wait til you all see the memes on the scumboard
  6. jimmynick

    LEGO Trans Europ Express VT 11.5.

    This is really wonderful; it looks perfect. You took some great pictures, too. Thanks for sharing!
  7. There was no point grilling you about your win condition: I needed you around to get rid of the town and if I tried to bump you off before that, I'd have lost. As for what was to happen after getting rid of the town, I didn't care because I'd have won already.
  8. jimmynick

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    And that's definitely the best part of the background! Including the space battle scene gives the vignette some life that would otherwise be missing.
  9. But I wanted that power, Hinck
  10. Yes! You made it to the end! Can't win them all but if I had pulled this one off, it wouldn't have been solo. I was counting on Foog's dreaded 2-1-1 situation to come to fruition, but Kristel just up and disappeared. But Hinck told me she felt kind of sorry about that. Awww thanks.
  11. I had planned to restrict myself to just one of this year's sets, but I read the reviews of both on TBB and decided I needed both of them. But now I've found the Temple Fair is sold out! So I've backordered the Lion Dance, which is the one I really had my eyes on anyway. The dragon boat race really wasn't all that good a set compared with the family dinner or either of this year's sets, though. Ah but the Temple Fair is still available on the UK web shop. Wonder if I should buy it and get it shipped to a family member, or just see if it comes back on the US shop.
  12. jimmynick

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    All three vignettes are nice, and I really like the ships and explosions behind Admiral Ackbar, but I think the construction of the Sail Barge takes the cake. You've got some really creative builds here, and congratulations on winning first place in the RotJ vignettes category at the show. Thanks for sharing!
  13. This was a heartbreaking experience... I really thought I could pull it off with Kristel's help. If only we'd pew-pewed someone early or hadn't run into Trekkie on Night Two. Congrats town! And congrats Hinck for making such a nice MOC for this "business" thing. Nancy/Pandora, I really wasn't fishing when I asked you about the investigation results and Cadd/Chromeknight, because at that point I was convinced Mazziko/Tariq J. And Chromeknight really did tell me to "go check with the investigator" The real fishing was when i asked Eeyara/DD who was investigated on Night One, because at that point I wondered if it was Araveea/Foog. She didn't say anything.
  14. They're larger than life. Yes, but as I pointed out, TLG refers to "English football" only. A Maracana set would be nice, though! One can dream. I disagree on the Anfield front, though.