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    75299 Trouble on Tatooine

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  1. Spud The Viking

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    These will be very good for Napoleonic soldiers!
  2. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB - Ship] Class 5 - HMS Queen

    Good ship, nice details. It looks a very sturdy vessel.
  3. Plenty of juicy details yet again, thanks for the write up!
  4. Spud The Viking

    [Bounty] [M 17 - Ord Ibanna - MA ] Racing Day

    Great scene, you've captured the look of the planet very well!
  5. Spud The Viking

    [J7-Iridonia-TIC] A Fallen Land

    Excellent build! I like all of the textures, cool figure too!
  6. Spud The Viking

    Count Lewisham

    Beautiful build - great use of colour! I must say, Count Lewisham is quite the modern politician!
  7. Spud The Viking

    [R6 - Ossus - SCS] Tracking Relics

    An amazing build - a fearsome vehicle! The graphics are superb - looks like something straight out of an encyclopaedia! Good call-back to SWTOR.
  8. Spud The Viking

    [T10 - The Maw - SCS] Unborn Cargo

    Excellent build - so many great details! I love the table and microscope, as well as the overall staging of the build!
  9. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] An Odorific Homecoming

    Great build - those windows fit seamlessly into the "logs"! I'm partial to square bases, but the curved one mixed with the natural works well.
  10. Spud The Viking

    [OL - FB] Hoang's Coffee House, Jiangkai

    Lovely build and colour choices! I really like the atmosphere you create with your builds/photography.
  11. Spud The Viking

    [R6 - Galidraan - SCS] The House of Hassat

    Superb build - I love the castle feel! Personally, I like a few studs still on the floor to break it up a bit.
  12. Spud The Viking

    [J12 - Atrisia - TIC] Extremists CMF

    Thanks! I'd love to see an actual vibro-claymore in Star Wars. Thank you. I was very tempted to give him a small cane. Thanks, hopefully you will see him again in future mining operations. Thanks!
  13. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Firing Tea

    Thank you! I do enjoy seeing builds based on historical industries, especially ones with actual sources. Thank you, guys! Thanks, but there shall be no such demonstration of ungratefulness by these colonists.
  14. Spud The Viking

    José's Inn - Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Happy New Year folks! Thanks to the amazing people who work behind the scenes to keep the game running, and to all you builders who keep this wonderful game alive!!