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  1. Spud The Viking

    [SR - FB] Black Wolf Company Warehouse

    Very nice build! As others have said, it has a lovely classic feel. One improvement would be to add a bit of texturing to the ground and floors, a few tiles and plates here and there would make this look even better!
  2. @Bregir thank you for your input! I should say, the masts are just placeholders and are at an angle.
  3. Hello all! I was sorting through my collection and wanted to build upon my only prefab-hull. So here she is, HMS Forbearance. Trouble is, I'm a complete novice. I took inspiration from other ships and I think she is a schooner (maybe too fat, I'm not sure)? Anyways, your feedback would be much appreciated so far!
  4. Spud The Viking

    [MOC] LotR Skyline

    Here is a small skyline of Bag End, the Tower of Orthanc, Helms Deep, and Gondor. Built as a gift for my girlfriend. Comments and criticisms most welcome! More pictures on my Flickr.
  5. Yes, I assumed it was on a case-to-case basis of evaluation. I was thinking of a residence and then adding the interior later, but obviously the additional studs wouldn't push it beyond a reasonable license bracket (ie. small to medium). Thank you for the reply. Who knew property in BotBS was just a complicated as real life?
  6. Just a quick question - if I were to build a property and then later build the interior as a separate build, would the size be based on the original dimension of the first build, or the combined stud total of the two?
  7. Spud The Viking

    [OL-FB] Terraman le Clairon

    This ship is a stunner! Superb all-round details!
  8. Spud The Viking

    [SR - FB] Liqor Merchant - The Sereen Cay

    Such a lovely build, there are so many details to be enjoyed! The overall execution of the build and character is amazing! Brilliant work.
  9. Spud The Viking

    [COR - CHIII - CAT C] Pineapples for Peace?

    Very nice build, the photography helps with the atmosphere! Typical that the Scotsman is the only one actually working
  10. Spud The Viking

    [ESL - FB] "Nautical One," Fuerte Unido School of Primary Education

    I also missed this build but seeing it now I must echo what others have said and say it is fantastic! It all really feels authentic to the time period and has brilliant attention to detail!
  11. Spud The Viking

    [COR - Era II - Challenge III - Cat C] Peculiar Visitors

    Thank you. I should have stated he is part of a Tyree'De tribe Not at all haha, thank you! Thank you! Plenty of visitors, not all of them wanted
  12. Spud The Viking

    [Freebuild - Mitgardia] Dilapidated Church

    Thank you very much! I do hope to find the time to build more for GoH! Thank you! You know, I was half tempted to put a trebuchet in the ruined tower
  13. Spud The Viking

    [COR ChIIICatC] Intriguing Visitors

    Really nice build - brilliant use of colour! Great way of expanding Spudkrik!
  14. Spud The Viking

    Settlement: Spudkirk, Avestia, Corrington

    Small Residence:
  15. Here is my entry to Category C, apologies it is late