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  1. Lord Spud has sent a letter to the Parliament of Science.
  2. [COR-FB] Spud's Home of Indigenous Antiquities

    Thank you. The front masonry was inspired by this guide. Thanks!
  3. Small Educational: Footprint 256 studs in Jameston Welcome one and all to Spud's minimal collection of wonderful artifacts. Gaze upon golden trinkets from centuries past and ponder the meanings of these ancient objects. Located upon the main street in Jameston, this little building has free admission! (Donations gladly received) Spud works diligently on categorising each artifact in his collection. The main display is from a collapsed temple deep within the jungle of Celestia. And now for our tour; On the right you will see a gathering of golden weapons and a golden staff. The staff was found close to an altar, suggesting it was for religious or ceremonial purposes. The trident and spear were found in the barracks closest to what is thought to be a king's chamber. Lastly, a golden blade was found in the king's bedroom. What you are looking at now is the king's private altar. The surrounding masonry was destroyed upon discovery so this setup may be incorrect but it is the best based upon our records. Moving on, we have two bronze and one golden idol. These were scattered throughout the temple. They are common in the tribal villages still existing today. We would be most grateful if any other explorer could interact with such peoples and find out the use of these idols. We have saved the best for last, four circular rings made of gold and precious stones. Each having a decorative onyx carving inspired by surrounding wildlife; the squid, shark, crab and turtle. Again, the meaning behind such beautiful objects is unknown so we shall do what museums typically do in this predicament and say it's for ceremonial purposes. A vine found at the site of this ancient complex has been allowed to grow on the wall behind the idols. This concludes our tour of the indigenous antiquities, questions are welcome but I'm afraid little is known of these artifacts. A Corrington soldier has been posted here by Lord Spud to guard these precious objects. Dear Parliament of Science, I have recently opened an independent museum in Jameston, Celestia. This will have no admission to visitors and it houses valuable antiquities from a bygone native civilisation. I am writing to request a legislation for the protection of such artifacts. I suggest a treasure trove act to be proposed in Parliament, having the crown claim any and all owner-less items found - or - the crown claiming any object of precious metal or age over three-hundred years. This will protect any valuable artifacts being kept for private display or being sold on any market; it belongs in a museum. I hope you will consider my proposal for the furtherance of science and learning, Your sincerely Lord Spud __________ Additional photos: Treasure Trove Act Scotland Treasure Trove Act England, Wales and Northern Ireland I realise these are modern acts, but there is no reason to suggest this legislation could not have been put forward in the BotBS era. The call for these laws has gone back many hundreds of years, aiming to preserve objects that are important to history and culture and should be placed in museums for the public to view.
  4. [COR - FB] Fort Annetta, Quinnsville

    Really nice fort! I like the castellations and use of dark tan. To take it up a notch I'd like to see a variation of tiles and plates on ground/floor surfaces to make it look even better.
  5. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Thanks Drunknok! The cannons are a mish-mash of stuff I've seen and my own work, glad you appreciate them.
  6. [COR - FB] Timber Plantation, Quinnsville

    Nice work, the build really feels like a forest - great spacing with the trees.
  7. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind Thanks!
  8. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Thank you! It's the small details which make up any build, as you say.
  9. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
  10. Medium Factory: Footprint 1024 studs in Quinsville With more exciting prospects in Corrington, more cannons need to be made to protect Her Majesty's land and citizens. Workers are busy making the cannons, pouring the iron into the mould. Once this cools it is removed and the inside is hollowed. The cannon carriage is painted and assembled. Finally, wheels are brought in and put on. A variety of cannons are made here, ranging from 3-pounders, 12-pound howitzer to a mighty 24-pound howitzer. The foundry is guarded by two conscripts. More photos:
  11. [COR-FB1] Hydrological Harvesting

    Nice build! Glad you're back, I can empathise with your exam situation. For some reason the WTC always have a box of explosives around? Perhaps to quickly destroy the factory and any completely legal evidence?
  12. Thanks, I'll go and do my homework