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  1. Superb build! I appreciate the change to the yellow colours from your usual palette! I'm glad to see Corrington taking appropriate measures against the Lotii.
  2. Spud The Viking

    [OL - Faction Flavours] An Organ for the Monastery

    Nice build, and use of the seed part! I like the little details of the organ stops!
  3. Spud The Viking

    [OL - FactionFlavours] Love is in the air

    Beautiful build with many lovely details - I like the combination of the tiled floor and yellow border, the fruit bowl is also really good!
  4. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] The Queen's Crown Public House

    Thanks. It is a great combo, so I'm not complaining to see more of it! I have uploaded clearer pictures now.
  5. Spud The Viking

    [COR - Faction Flavours] Shrine to the Winebibber

    Hah, it'll be a sea shanty in no time! Thank you all!!
  6. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] The Queen's Crown Public House

    Thank you! I am glad how the red/dark red came together. Thanks! I don't know why they came out pixelated, but I will sort that tomorrow! The "seaweed tree" was my attempt at a weeping willow tree
  7. Task 2 - Purser's Network - Build 1 Licensed by the Crown.
  8. Medium Artisan, The Queen's Crown Public House.
  9. Between docks and offices, The Queen's Crown public house is a popular place in King's Harbour! E'en though it is a small pub, it is always bustling with sailors, captains, and harbour workers. Well into the night, the quaint little pub is still supplying Her Majesty's naval forces with beverages, music, and laughs.
  10. Spud The Viking

    [COR - Faction Flavours] Shrine to the Winebibber

    Thanks guys! I had a bit of fun thinking on how to use the goblet differently! Yep, I bought like 8 of them a while ago, and I don't think I can go back to just white legs!
  11. Spud The Viking

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Small Arts and Culture
  12. A travelling priest once landed in Breshaun with many a bottle of wine. It has been said by those in the settlement that he drank every drop from a silver chalice. After a very fiery and aggressive sermon, the priest collapsed and did not rise, assumed dead from excessive drinking. The silver chalice has been memorialised with a small shrine. "To the priest!" a bluecoats says as he has himself a bottle of wine.
  13. Lovely build! I like the "splashes" of the waves against the rocks.
  14. I am very glad to see the return of the KPA!! Excellent write-ups and drama as usual!