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  1. Progress on my East Indiaman, still a WIP but the hull is almost complete! Comments appreciated!
  2. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Cultural Centre

    Excellent! I have licensed and transferred it to the Spudkirk account. Thanks again!
  3. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Cultural Centre

    I would be happy to license it and transfer to Spudkirk, if that's an option you'd consider?
  4. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Spudkirk Cultural Centre

    Amazing builds and details! I am very glad you chose Spudkirk for these great builds!! Edit: What size of Cultural Property is this/are these?
  5. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] A Royal Proclamation

    A lovely build - and a great honour! Many thanks, and congratulations to others for their efforts and rewards!
  6. Spud The Viking

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Hah! I seen this a wee while ago in a Facebook group. I don't think it warrants the price tag for the set though
  7. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Wullham Quarry

    Very nice build! I always appreciate your lighting and framing too! Looks like there is an overhang at the back. Is this well supported or sitting tenuously? Just curious.
  8. Nice build and story! Haha, it would be more 'Assassin's Creed' if you had them jump from a height that landing in a haystack would still result in multiple fractures
  9. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] Servant's Gate

    Thanks! Awesome, thank you very much!
  10. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Spice Merchant, Jameston

    Very nice build. It is always a risk using lime green, but the reddish brown helps contain it, and it looks very good. Clever chilli plants!
  11. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] Servant's Gate

    Thanks! As Ayrlego said, the war is pretty 'far away' from those in Port Raleigh, and they do not face any huge sectarian violence from the Corries there. Thank you! I originally had the walls straight but decided that angling them slightly gave a nicer look. Thanks! Thank you! The wedge plates are attached to the columns with a headlight brick. I was worried it would have turned out more like a Star Wars moc, but it seems fine
  12. Spud The Viking

    Settlement: Port Raleigh, Annetta, Corrington

    Small Art and Culture:
  13. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] Servant's Gate

    The Lotii community in Port Raleigh has grown significantly over the past few years. While the rest of the settlement enjoys a friendly connection with the Lotii, there is still a wall separating the groups. One of which is reserved for servants, and given the size, only those entering on foot. The gate was most appealing, given the cherry blossom tree and bamboo clearly visible from outside, beckoning the intrepid Corrington native to enter and explore the oriental plants and architecture. One busy Lotti servant was busy carrying food supplies, only realising he had went to the wrong gate. However, one unamused Corrie officer walked past, delivering a letter between the two forts in Port Raleigh. Apparently, he didn't want the smell of fish to linger on his freshly laundered uniform.
  14. Spud The Viking

    [BTV2 - OL] The Death of COL Delange

    Nice build, the ruins are well done. And a very touching story. Has the stress of the war turned the Bluecoats bald? If so, the Corrington press might start calling your armies the Baldcoats