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  1. Spud The Viking

    On the road to Pamu [Collab - part 2]

    Thank you! Thanks Bregir! It may have been inspired by "lockdown" experiences. I mean, who wouldn't be annoyed in a hot jungle with a full uniform and no change of clothes? Yes, I ordered some a short while ago and thought I'd throw them in for variety (or rather all of my regular yellow is being used on a ship )
  2. Part One is Here Along the long interior of Terraversa, the group were starting to get on each other's nerves... The soon came across an Atwi town. "Marvellous, look at that!" Baker exclaimed. "The whole place is in full support of the resistance!" True enough, the settlement was blooming with blue and yellow. The trio were hailed as they came alongside the town wall. The weather was humid and warm, and a long march through the jungle began to tire our daring diplomats. "I say, have any of you chaps seen my shaving equipment?" Brickleton asked. Baker went on to water the horses, as Captain Brickleton began rummaging through their baggage. The locals came out to chat with the visitors. It turned out that the warriors had already been active in fighting the invading Bluecoats. One of the townsmen spoke of how he lost a leg during the siege of King's Port. Spud continued the conversation, "Most valiant, man. I say, you will know the road to Pamu, aye?" The men nodded. "Well then, could you show us the way?" The men agreed to lead them a few miles in the correct direction, which was better than nothing. "And what of the Bluecoats? Will their scouts be nearby?" Lord Spud questioned. "It's not here!" Brickleton shouted over. "What?" Returned Spud. "My shaving equipment! I cannot go to the peace talks with a moustache!!" Answered the Captain. "We found your boots in that bag, I bet your razer is in there too!" Retorted Spud. "Montoya, could you please pay attention here, we need to know of the dangers ahead" "Hmmm", pondered Montoya, "in my notes I have never seen a red one before. That leaves only Trans-Neon Yellow to be discovered!" "Sir! We have to keep on track" Insisted Lord Spud. "Ocht, why did I sign up to this? I think dealing with these men will be harder than the talks with Oldis!" Will the men make it to Pamu in good spirits? Will they negotiate a brilliant deal in Pamu? Will Brickleton find his shaving equipment? All these important questions will be answered soon...
  3. Spud The Viking

    [GOC-FB-COR] Fort Stockton, Wullham

    A really nice build, I echo the sentiments of previous comments! While the main building is fantastic, the rest seems a tad "empty". Maybe some wagons, or tents, or supplies dotted around the place would make it feel full. Even if the troops were stood on the grass outside, that would help. Also, I'm loving the map updates!
  4. Good point! Under the deck is a lot of bricks, making it bulky and giving support. I will add more hinges or maybe even mixel joints so it doesn't collapse as I lift it True, but the mast is where it is on the plans. Once I have completed the cabin I will see if it looks too far forward and keep your advice in mind. Thanks! Thank you! Any and all advice is welcome, I enjoy building ships because it is challenging and out of my comfort zone!
  5. Hello all! Here is my distraction from my dissertation: an East Indiaman! I am still working out the stern and bow, although I'm happy with the shape of the sides so far. I took the plans from a website for the ship Falmouth.
  6. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation

    Thank you, Fraunces! I'm glad to hear, I try to pick up more techniques and add more detail! Thank you! Thank you!! The Scottish vibe was definitely what I was going for! Yes! I had taken note of the technique somewhere and forgot it was 4 1/3 studs high. That makes more sense, thanks! I agree, plus the windows would have been too tall for the build.
  7. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation

    The bricks don't interfere, they sit behind. Let me know how you get on! Thank you for your kind words! Thank you!
  8. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation

    No worries! Here is a very quick setup of the windows. Thanks! Thank you! And yes, I also like larger photos to zoom in on other people's work!
  9. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] Rock of Cashel, Wullham

    Great mix of SNOT and terrain here. Romantic or not, I support the farmer against this vandalism and unsuitable courting!
  10. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation

    Thank you! Good reminder, I'll edit the spoiler tag to have the Flickr link!
  11. Spud The Viking

    Settlement: Spudkirk, Avestia, Corrington

    Joshua Farm and Tea Plantation, a large plantation:
  12. Large Plantation in Spudkirk. (Farmhouse: 68x68; Tea Plantation: 50x50. Total = 7214 studs) This is Joshua Farm, the family home of Commander Graham Joshua. His family moved out of Corrington when other landlords began raising rents. Here in Spudkirk, there is no fear of rents or bickering politicians, the family live in relative peace atop the plateau of the settlement. The main house it built of thick stone, similar to their previous farmhouse back in the motherland. The temperatures are warmer, and the soil more fertile. The Joshua family lead a prosperous and content life. The farm used to grow only subsistence crops for the settlement, but with the settlement of Wullham relatively close, there is plenty of food coming through the bustling harbour in Spudkirk. Looking for an alternative, the Joshua family came into contact with a group of foreigners. Even though they speak the language, these fellows are rather quiet but offered the family a large quantity of tea plants. Now, the Joshua family are upright and moral, but when such a commercial opportunity arises - it is often better to ask fewer questions, and get down to shaking hands! So, these foreign men agreed to grow tea on the farm, they insisted on doing it themselves to ensure secrecy of the plant. Their pay is high and they take a portion of the income from selling the tea, but it has been very lucrative for the Joshua family. Who knows, maybe tea will be a staple good of Spudkirk in the future? One of the daughters of the family having tea and biscuits with a cavalry soldier from the Spudkirk barracks. The water boils in a kettle over the fire, and a fine tea set was brought to enjoy this cuppa. He is a fine fellow, but he takes his tea too milky, which is a clear sign of weakness of character and heart - he is a cavalry man after all, so it is to be expected. One of the workers carrying water through the fields of tea.
  13. Spud The Viking

    [WTC] Attention citizens!

    This being said, I am half tempted to start another TC, to trade goods which have not yet been monopolised as yet
  14. Spud The Viking

    [WTC] Attention citizens!

    Hey! Don't steal my ideas of starting my own Trading Company!! *Begins planting poppy fields in Spudkirk*
  15. Spud The Viking

    [WTC] Attention citizens!

    Reminds me of the British claiming the title the Honourable East India Company (all the while brutally exploiting natives and pushing narcotics in to illegal markets ). But I'm sure the WTC is telling the truth, what reason do I have to mistrust their claims??