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  1. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Leaving Spudkirk

    Good to see the Count back in action. I believe the residents of Spudkirk let out a collective sigh of relief upon hearing of the Count's departure Also, just a reminder to post in the settlement thread
  2. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] Corner Townhouse, Queenston

    Awesome build - I'm really looking forward to seeing another modular street scene, the last one was superb! I spy the wand-balcony technique from a recent Venice build
  3. Great writing - I'm looking forward to see what action this jolly fellow gets into!
  4. Spud The Viking

    [OL - FB] "Watching the Coastline"

    A great entry to BotBS - welcome! Lovely rock shaping and great use of the window pieces for the water!
  5. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] Scoping out the perimeter

    Great looking rangers! Not sure how I feel about the rifle piece, otherwise a nice scene!
  6. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] HMS Meteor

    Super ship - as others have said, the shaping is excellent!
  7. Spud The Viking

    [OL-FB]...mud, mud, mud...

    Splendid scene! I often forget how heavy guns like that are!
  8. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] Occurence in the harbour of Spudkirk

    Monsters?? In Spudkirk?? The army leaves for one month and the place turns into pandemonium! I'm interested in seeing where this goes!
  9. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] Grenadier Barracks, Queenston

    Another lovely build! The scale is quite impressive, but the details are always excellent, such as the flowers in boxes for the windows.
  10. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] Pioneer Outpost, Camp Isaac

    Superb build! So much to like, I love the atmosphere of the whole build!
  11. Spud The Viking

    [COR - FB] Officers Residence, Brickford Landing

    Great scene, very charming as others have already said. Nice details, like the axe in the stump!
  12. Spud The Viking

    [COR-FB] On the Westface Quays.

    Splendid build, Bregir! Glad to see these guys back in action!
  13. Spud The Viking

    [WTC] WTC Outpost in Black Beach

    Looks like a good, solid tower! I appreciate the use of digital backgrounds, I think if it was a bit further away from the screen you might not get the light grain from it?
  14. Superb write up! Many thanks to those involved, great to read about some action in BotBS!!
  15. Spud The Viking

    [GoC] Arlinsport Factory

    Thank you all! Extra effort is always worth it - it's just extra effort to take apart!