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  1. Post up your custom minifigs, weapons, and gear

    Very nice @TheBeeze! I'm most pleased to see Her Majesty's Armed Forces on display!
  2. Sorry @Bregir, the photos were combined with the last post so you would not have been notified.
  3. I have ANNO 1404, good game but I never make any money. An extremely complex economic system would be better, but far to complicated and might even dishearten any player wanting a simple game that can be played while not taking up too much time in real life.
  4. @Bregir thanks, I had planned on not having a full deck. I'll take some pictures of the masts asap! With three masts: With two masts:
  5. After much consideration I might convert my cruiser to a sixth rate due to the inclusion of a cabin. Another mast will be added and another deck placed atop the current one. Would there be any major downsides in this eg. is it too small/short?
  6. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    I'd build a figurehead and name her after that, that's how I got mine
  7. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    Not to be interject in any way, but that was my preliminary name for my upcoming ship, mentioned in the PM. If you feel strongly about using it, by all means go ahead. I realise this sounds quite pompous but I can assure you I'm not at all bothered at you using this name
  8. [Sistershipping] Western Wind II

    A very clean build! I wouldn't fuss about simplicity as in most cases, less is more. The conversations is also well thought out and presented to a high standard, well done!
  9. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    A very nice ship indeed sir! I like how many details you've packed into this, must have taken a fair bit of time. It also looks very similar to one I'm building, Corrington will rule the waves!
  10. Woo hoo! Congratulations to all contestants and @Capt Wolf for the cash! A most enjoyable event to be a part of.
  11. Really nice build, I like how you've sectioned the decks to be removed - I always try to do this when building! The only problem I can see is that it would be a pain to keep that white clean
  12. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    Superb build! Tell those engineers to hurry up and build that bridge, I want to see more of it
  13. Thanks @Garmadon! I'll try to incorporate your feedback - somehow! I like how complicated that cannon looks without using too many parts, great design!
  14. Thanks guys for the feedback, especially @Bart! I like having a few functions in my build thus why I wanted a working capstan. I'll happily trade function for historical accuracy though.
  15. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Ehh... isn't this a good thing? So many options for those builder who vary from building factories, jungles and stories! I understand Oleonander will want to compete with Corries and there is nobody forcing any player to join in.