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  1. I'm not 100% thats how it works, but I had remembered that there are basically two levels of going up a settlement level - first with the settlement size (affecting the trade value) and then parity (affecting everything else). That way no gaming the system possible there.
  2. Once something happened is already implemented in the account summaries (if it is up to date is another question... ). I'm just asking given that I've recieved multiple requests asking if the Black Flag was already raised for some ships, and making it public to the faction could solve that part.
  3. Quick question - will anyone be mad if I add the Black Flag Status to the faction summaries? This could make some stuff easier to keep track off. Also, I have no idea who was responsible for setting black flag beyond the form.
  4. Legostone

    Account Summary

    There wasn't a single entry in the ship doc. You can license in any name, so that shouldn't be the issue. @bmerrill can you submit the ship license form once more? Mention me once thats done, but so far not a single vessel has been licensed in your name. Make sure to use your username on the forum in the name field.
  5. Its not even a months MRCA income for MAESTRO now The DBs need to go somewhere after all
  6. MAESTRO is not speaking for Eslandola. They aren't claiming territory either. Merely protecting an old ally... Included in the transferred 8000 DBs are the fees for the letter of Marques for the following vessels: Tritao, class 7 (Legostone) Cardinal's Shadow, class 6 (Legostone) Cardinal II, class 6 (MAESTRO) Peregrine, class 4 (Fuerte Unido) AQAR, class 7 (Maxim I) Beluga, class 5 (Maxim I) La Mystique, class 3 (Maxim I)
  7. Legostone

    Preparations & a messenger

    Thanks! Bodi explained it further down Wooden seas would be rough, wouldn't it? It had to be ornamented, its a staatenjacht after all: Go for it! More small vessels for the Brick Seas! (still wondering why everyone - including me - is constantly building giant vessels, the smaller ones are so much better value) Thanks! As @Professor Thaum and @Bodi have noted these are indeed leeboards I'm not sure yet, but I might be sending it off for an AMRCA this month... more political drama Like half the other ships I've built? Yeah would be a bit of a shame...
  8. In the port of Fuerte Unido silence has been covering the port, observing lots of precious cargo being loaded into a small vessel ready to head out. Why and where they are planning on heading to has yet to be specified... Right after loading this precious cargo, orders to rebuild the Triunfo were quickly passed over to Farrucio Paraja. El Mensajero:
  9. Likely, but don't expect them soon
  10. Legostone

    Single crankshaft W16 Engine

    Those are limited in movement unlike the part I used - I had considered them before. Thanks everyone!
  11. After seeing others try it, I decided to give a single crankshaft W16 engine a go as well. Maybe someone else will take it upon them implementing it (or an improved version) in the Bugatti Here you go: I solved the issue of the length of the connecting rod with these parts: And off course, this would be useless without a video, so here you go!
  12. As a general note - for convenience sake - I would encourage those with late additions to the builds (which is fine for the AMRCA) to still submit an AMRCA form before the deadline, so we know the moment we start discussing which adventures we have going on.
  13. The one wearing Blue is holding the gun, it has to be Bloody Bill!
  14. Yeah no worries. PM me where to apply your +2 crew BOBS card ;)
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