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  1. Fortification is defensive, so probably not that fitting. I think art and culture would probably still fitting best. Unless you have your prisoners work, then you can make it a factory I guess
  2. Legostone

    MRCA Deadline October 23

    If anyone has issues submitting their orders please tell us now instead of waiting until the weekend. If anyone needs a little more time for their AMRCA, please request it here (though ideally that should happen before the deadline!)
  3. Legostone

    The Tables Turned

    Lets see how this turns out, we need more piracy
  4. Legostone

    [WTC] Blackbird

    In this context: Open Deck: 1 deck: 2 Decks: Seeing this topic pop up multiple times, with different people (including others having issues with my picked class), I have a feeling we may need to revisit the guidelines or get together a small panel of non-leadership members to decide on ship level. If any of you have any particular suggestions, either write them down somewhere in one of the public threads (lets not derail this one further) or PM me and I'll forward it. I would rather have everyone be happy with the system then this what we have right now.
  5. Legostone

    MRCA Deadline October 23

    Is it possible that we change that in the future? I see no problem if both vessels start in the same Zone.
  6. Legostone

    [Mesabi-AMCRA] The Throne of Gonda

    Burned out carriages? Wrecks in the Harbour? What more is to come?
  7. Legostone

    [WTC] Blackbird

    I think class 6 would be fitting a tad better. Most class 7 vessels currently are 2 deckers or very large frigates of 28+ guns. Going with the "sleek" example here - pretty sure I'm counting 5 midsections there, but the vessel is still kept compact and fairly low. Ship looks good though, though I would've liked a more elaborate stern and bow, I know @LM71Blackbird can do that if he wants to I'll recommend starting the headrails further down on the bow on such a low vessel though - La Comete's headrails start 2 plates above the prefab piece, and the hull extends 7 studs above that still... No open gunports? Not enough budget left for some salute shots? Glad to see an active crew aboard!
  8. Legostone

    MRCA Deadline October 23

    quick reminder for everyone, don't forget to submit your forms ;) (or ask someone to submit them if there are issues!)
  9. Legostone

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    BOBS cards should be active on the vessels now. Need to add a star or something to note that in the future...
  10. Legostone

    New troops at Eltina

    How many troops are you raising? Nice build showing them off btw
  11. Legostone

    COR-FB] Official yacht Amiable

    No, thats not nearly enough gold, a ship like that needs to be heavy enough to just barely not sink because of all the gold on it
  12. Legostone

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    I’ll take care of applying bobs cards before the mrca ;)
  13. Legostone

    Account Summary

    At least for vessels this applies. Would be surprised if it wasn’t the same for other stuff ;)
  14. Legostone

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Just PM me (or one of your faction members if you don't want me to have a detailed look at your stats) and they or me will take care of it
  15. Legostone

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    I can't see it in the licensed ship list, the licensee may PM me the name they'll use for licensing