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  1. yeah, thats what you'll have to do if you aren't part of any TC and don't want your faction to license it. The royal properties have caused a fairly significant impact on some players accounts so pulling one income source away from them is one of our measurements to combat this. This part should remain untouched, yeah. There are plenty of ways to get some DB's into the quinnsville account by then ;) If its already irrelevant in a game where inflation is a big issue why not eliminate another source of (small) income? well, off course we want people to keep building ships But right now there is still enough money in the game for this to be a non-issue. If it ends up being to expensive it might get lowered at some point, but currently ship costs aren't in line with their potential reward anyways...
  2. Legostone

    Account Summary

    Looks right to me, can‘t see anything wrong on my end. Can you doublecheck? It may have been enough to have someone capable of editing them reload them (pretty sure that fixed someone elses issue earlier this week already...)
  3. Legostone

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    BOBS cards! A little late (as usual), but in time for the MRCA! @Flavius Gratian Cease, in the name of Her Majesty! Lieutenant Lavendwood of the HMS Intrepid has shown great zeal and tactical skill in fighting pirates, recently driving off Bluebeard himself. Serial: #20 Bonus: +1 to manoeuvre Transferable, assigned to HMS Intrepid @Professor Thaum Good luck and fair seas! The Red Dragon is a lucky ship. A very lucky ship.So lucky, in fact, that it is said it will never be lost at sea! Serial: #21 Bonus: This vessel will always divert to nearest port when in trouble at sea, even if it is not in the same zone. Effectively, it cannot sink outside of combat. Non-transferable, locked to the Red Dragon @Garmadon No guts, no glory! Captain Nordau is brave, many would say bordering on stupid. His raid on Acropolis was, at best, optimistic... Or so his critics would claim. His crew, on the other hand, celebrate him as a hero! Serial: #22 Bonus: +1 to crew Transferable, follows Captain Nordau @MKJoshA A sunken Enemy! The Komodo Dragon II's crew managed to tie a couple guns onto floating leftovers of the Diligente and add them to their own vessel. Serial: #23 Bonus: +1 guns for the Komodo Dragon II Non-Transferable @Bregir Blaze away Having given Montroy himself a bloody nose, and soon a stretched neck, the arrival of the Blazer and Western Wind in Calisto attracted many young volunteers ready to join their crews in their adventures Serial: #24 Bonus: +1 crew for one of the two vessels Transferable between those two vessels I have a surprise for you! The Carnian trade convoy never saw it coming. Out of the blue, Zublius van Wreck sprang his trap on the merchant vessels. Serial: #25 Bonus: +1 manoeuvre for the Reaper Non-transferable
  4. Legostone

    MRCA Deadline January 8

    I‘ll grand the extension, holidays have just passed and shipping troubles are expected. But please, already submit the forms already (even with wrong data) as they help tremendously preparing the amrca. Same applies for @Drunknok, fill out the form, we know its delayed but its impractical having to keep track of this manually.
  5. Seeing all the stats of your factions(members) ships. If it got lost again I can make a copy (don't have access to the original) and send it to a handful of more active SR to spread it further. @Capt Wolf Nova Terreli Tax taken care of.
  6. Legostone

    MRCA Deadline January 8

  7. I've started a new vessel, not quite happy with the shape, I think the stern is a little to thin. I have a couple ideas to fix this, gonna try that tomorrow. Stern test, happy with some parts and not quite happy with others. Again, it seems a little to thin for a vessel this size...
  8. I'm the one to PM to change stats Though ideally you could license your vessel as a class 6 with your own stats and I'll take care of removing the duplicate and fixing the costs.
  9. I think it broke something, I can see if I can add it back at some point.
  10. Legostone

    Account Summary

    Have you added the MRCA results from the last MRCA? I've prepared everything for you, you just need to import it ;)
  11. Yeah, I‘ll also agree with Drunknok here - exceptions are always prone to cause trouble down the line.
  12. I don't think we actually changed it yet :P
  13. No we were just really late publishing it.
  14. Careful planning, high range and loads of cargo. That ship alone has made me over 8300 DBs since I licensed it after losing Green Winds II in January.
  15. Dammit. just too large and not quite hitting the theme of daily life:P Might still participate, I should have a little time over the holidays.