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  1. I‘m out of Popped Corn...
  2. @Puvel The Storm had finally passed, the shelter had held up. There hadn't been much time to explore while they were out there finding the place for the basecamp; several interesting aspects had been spotted while getting there and getting the materials to build the huts. What to do now? Option 1: Continue building up your basecamp - we are here now, let's get a bit more comfortable and settled before we head out exploring! Option 2: North: Go further inland into the hills and the inland lake. What may one find here? Option 3: East: The cove appears to be home to many curious fish and corals. Go explore the reefs. Option 4: South: A wreck, looking like it has been there for centuries, had been spotted on the way here. It may not contain anything valuable to those looking for gold, but maybe something valuable for us? Option 5: West: These flowers and beetles are obviously the hallmark of this island - why not start here on the hilly slopes near the coast? Notes: A minimum of one build is required for the adventure to proceed, but more is encouraged. a map of what has been spotted is here:
  3. @Sebeus I The Storm had finally reached the North Prio Seas, and the Raging Fire had been sent far off course; after it had set a sailor in the tops noticed a town on the Horizon - it was quickly identified as Freeport. Being way off from the planned course and wanting to sell the silver, it was decided to dock there - refill cargo, sell some stuff and maybe gain some valuable information about the Flying Dutchman. It was quickly found out that interest in buying the silver for any good prices was out of question - most of those who could have been interested had already left, and the next wave of merchants wasn't expected for another month. While looking around for a potential buyer, rumors of a ghost ship popped up occasionally; apparently one had been sighted in the South Prio Seas. A) Sell them at whatever price they may achieve and get moving. We've got a Dutchman to catch! Show the transaction - who ends up buying them? B) We must unload the silver cannonballs. They take up too much weight and space. Should we bury them somewhere on the island or entrust them to someone for safekeeping? C) I'll be damned if they leave my sight without a proper price. And who knows, they may even prove useful! We shall improve the ship with studding sails to carry the extra weight at no cost in speed! Notes: You decide which way you continue; North or South? A minimum of one build is required for the adventure to proceed, but more is encouraged. Rumors:
  4. @Professor Thaum After a couple weeks at sea, Captain Barney Wolf had decided that a stop had to be made before reaching the planned destination. After an evening of planning in the grande cabin including a dart game with their map, it was decided that stopping in Pontelli would be a good idea. Having to spend a night in the town anyways, Dr Thaum had decided to explore the town hoping to maybe get some more information. His name had spread to here - in the street, a scientist approached him. “Doctor” he says, “You are a man of science?” “Yes?” “Excellent. I have been experimenting with flight, via balloons filled with hot aires.” “But I have found problems in my designs. Perhaps you could help a fellow scientist out, and we could work towards building something that really flies!” Option 1: I don't care: Show the crew of the Andromeda navigating away from Pontelli towards wherever you are sailing... Option 2: Help the Scientist develop a better hot air balloon, but risk angering the gods… Option 3: sabotage the scientist, and gain the blessing of the gods, but the wrath of Pontelli... One build required to progress, but more are encouraged. Are you too busy to take the opportunities on your way?
  5. Yeah, Gregory Decker for sure enjoyed that one :D Paying over license value on an unmocced ship :P
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    We had decided on it a couple months back. Rule Update here.
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    I have already sent those back, but the transaction parts just seems to be broken.
  9. Yes, and one of them still counts, while the other one barely doesn't () 11/7/2017 21:58:28 Dukesc Oleon Nerdy Mermaid 750 11/7/2017 21:58:43 Oleon Oleon Hades' Trumpet 423 11/7/2017 21:59:39 Oleon Oleon Wolf II 402 (anyone noticing the error in the google sheet: Forget to change the timezone earlier. It is correct now, even if these bids show up as an hour late) This gives us the following auction result (without my messup this time) Flying Colt 3 Bloody Bill Silentwolf 200 0 250 SilentWolf Corrington Hades' Trumpet 5 Gregory Decker Sea Rats 420 0 423 Oleon Oleon HRS Ardent 7 Bloody Bill Oleon 700 0 875 Oleon Oleon HRS Tonnant 8 Bloody Bill Oleon 900 0 1125 Oleon Oleon Nerdy Mermaid 3 Bloody Bill Pombe 200 0 750 Dukesc Oleon Supreme 3 Gregory Decker ETTC 200 0 250 ETTC Corrington The Aspiration 6 Bloody Bill Phred 560 0 700 Phred Oleon Wolf II 4 Gregory Decker Sea Rats 300 0 402 Oleon Oleon (green has already paid, and I'm sitting here wondering how an unmocced class 5 gets more expensive than its value) @Capt Wolf Arr! I hate sendin' back gold! Would've kept it hadn't these crazy paperguys been glued to my neck all night! -Gregory
  10. Arr! Tha auction has come to an end! The following vessels were bought back: Flying Colt - 250 DB, already paid. Silentwolf HRS Ardent - 875 DB, already paid, Oleon HRS Tonnant - 1125 DB, already paid, Oleon Supreme - 250 DB, already paid, ETTC The Aspiration - 700 DB, not paid yet, @Phred - please transfer 700 DB to Bloody Bill The following vessels have been won in auction: Nerdy Mermaid - 180 DB, not paid yet, @Umbra-Manis - please transfer 180 DB to Bloody Bill Hades' Trumpet - 301 DB, not paid yet, @Legostone - please transfer 301 DB to Gregory Decker Wolf II - 400 DB, not paid yet, @Capt Wolf - please transfer 400 DB to Gregory Decker Wrong day, sorry.
  11. (well, I would have gone a bit further on both of them actually. Just wanted to wait another day or two :P) Arr! Two giant chests of golden Doubloonies? Can't say no to that. Send' em over, and you may get your vessels back! (Bloody handprint)(transfer 1125 + 875 (you may do the math yourself or believe me that it's 2000 DBs total) DBs to Bloody Bill)
  12. Sadly there is, at least currently, no way to prevent the "rich" from bidding on these ships. Maybe we can do something different next time... Currently Bloody Bill and other NPC pirates are on nobodies side, but maybe someone from the SR could try finding him to negotiate better terms for the next auctions, given that you are also pirates? I'm not going to guarantee anything here, but maybe something like that could work... The final sentence had nothing to do with leaving out the SR discount - my original plan had it planned in, but I got convinced to leave it out. It was nothing but a (not really fitting I guess) hint that the SR don't show mercy either... We are still working stuff out, so stuff may change. But as these auctions go, this is mostly how it'll be.
  13. @Lord Buckethead, @MKJoshA, @Maxim I, @Faladrin, @Sebeus I, @Puvel, @Sir Stig, MAESTRO, RNTC and Oleon (and various Co-Adventurers who may be reminded by the Adventure leader): If you want to continue your adventure in the upcoming MRCA, finish your MOCs and post them before the deadline on the 15th
  14. You may transfer 700 DBs to Bloody Bill to purchase the vessel back. @SilentWolf Arr! Your letter has been received, and we'll be releasin' your vessel together with the little that's left of your crew once you've sent us the box of gold. GOLD! (Bloody handprint) (transfer 250 DB to Bloody Bill) __________________________ Comin' here to negotiate, huh? Send me 250 shiny golden doubloons and your vessel will be yours again, I'm not changing my mind on that one! (transfer 250 DB to Gregory Decker) Edit: Note: I've filled a bid in the names of ETTC and you just to have a submission in the auction doc. Don't worry about it - the current values won't change again. Also placed another bid on "Hades' Trumpet"