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  1. Though I have planned a different colourscheme, but I'm not willing to share it yet ;) Thanks!
  2. I've started another vessel, not sure when and if I'll finish it. Already got a nice colourscheme figured out, hope it works out as planned, but transitioning the curve isn't easy...
  3. Legostone

    [MOC] La Flora

    Thank you! Thanks! Also thanks for the Frontpage! Well, maybe I need to see about more then... There is a lot of techniques from that tutorial still in this one, and to top it off I'm pretty sure it is the original hull from the tutorial - @Captain Green Hair would have to confirm that though.
  4. Legostone

    [MOC] La Flora

    Hello, I've not shown a vessel here in forever. How about a Frigate? Started in early 2019, this ship stood on my shelf unfinished for almost 2 years at this point. I finally decided to complete the rigging and add the missing sails the last couple weeks. I think this might be my most elaborate rigging job yet, hope it shows! La Flora is inspired by mid 18th century french frigates. First started but abandoned by Captain Green Hair, I purchased the parts from him and tried to stay close to the initial idea. Sails are old curtains, coloured with coffee. Not a single reddish brown piece was used in this ship. Ratlines are glued. No time for long description, here are the pics! Extra thanks to Sebeus, Kabel and Captain Green Hair for their quick feedback whenever needed!
  5. Legostone

    La Comete

    Thanks a lot everyone! I think I'm gonna take your advice and tear it down. But not before I have an equivalently sized alternative ready, which is currently just missing rigging and sails (easier said then done - takes forever )
  6. Just found pictures of one of my vessels I never bothered posting, not sure if I should create a thread for it since the pictures aren't that great at all. Sadly it got destroyed during transport back from the convention and since the rigging was messed up beyond repair I decided not to fix it and instead reuse the hull another time. Maybe there are some inspirations for others here. I'll check another time but I don't think I took any more pictures of it.
  7. Legostone

    La Comete

    Sorry for digging out such an old thread of mine. I need help deciding. I've had this vessel (La Comete) for about a year now and now I'm contemplating what to I want to do with it. I've had it with me at 4 conventions by now, and due to travel - often by public transport - the rigging is badly worn. Its not super visible in the picture, but the foremast is bent badly and on the verge of falling over, the main is loose, the mizzen has fallen before and the bowsprit keeps breaking off. Besides that, the sterncastle has been knocked off during one of the conventions and since the internal structure wasn't reachable isn't quite stable anymore. Now, what to do? 1 - tear down, new vessel 2 - tear down rigging, rebuild 3 - leave it be and enjoy it as long as it lasts 4 - complete rebuild but back to basically the same vessel (besides small tweaks) 5 - ? I need to decide this within the next week since I have a couple weeks of time now where I can work on this...
  8. Started working on another Galleon, this time a razee. Fairly minimalistic vessel (flat stern compared to usual galleons, not nearly as elaborate detailing around it, but general hullshape still galleon-like) One of the goals for this vessel was making the gundeck significantly lower then my other small galleon - I've solved this by turning the entire sides upside down so I could put cheeseslopes at the bottom of the gunstripe. Not entirely happy with the stern yet, hope I can think of something to make it fit a bit better... Inspired by the Tiger, a british Galleon Razee. ยด
  9. Legostone

    Galleon Esperanza

    Thanks! Roadmonkey replied about the parts around the windows - its indeed the sprues from the ninjago throwing stars Thanks! Thanks and thanks for the answer ;) Thanks! Thanks! Glad you like the stern, a lot of time was spent on the details :D Thanks! Green and gold just work so well together :D Thanks! Hope to see something inspired by it! Thanks! Can't go much larger then this on the small hulls - I think 3 midsections is the absolute maximum for these. Your vessels were some inspiration for me as well, I think I'm gonna continue building a couple galleons for now - this one was a lot of fun to put together.
  10. Hm I feel like you remember your history wrong...
  11. Have another WIP, but I'm not showing the colours yet. Quite happy with the shape of the sterncastle though :D
  12. Legostone

    HMS White Card (Now finished!)

    Great start! The bow looks great, but I think you should give turning the droid arms around a go - it might look a little better that way :D With the stern I agree with Faladrin, it would probably look better if you kept it a little flatter and maybe not quite as wide as it is now - not angling the side windows outwards could already help quite a bit, maybe trying to get rid of 2-3 plates below it as well. Line of the gundeck looks great :D
  13. Legostone

    Galleon Esperanza

    Hello, I present a small Galleon I've been building recently. Think she'll be a class 4, though I guess its at the upper size for those vessels? Gonna leave it with little words since I think the pics should be plenty and I'm too tired to type out a story :D
  14. Legostone

    New Ship for 2019

    Was a lot of fun to join you building this! Still amazed this was put together in a single day
  15. yeah, thats what you'll have to do if you aren't part of any TC and don't want your faction to license it. The royal properties have caused a fairly significant impact on some players accounts so pulling one income source away from them is one of our measurements to combat this. This part should remain untouched, yeah. There are plenty of ways to get some DB's into the quinnsville account by then ;) If its already irrelevant in a game where inflation is a big issue why not eliminate another source of (small) income? well, off course we want people to keep building ships But right now there is still enough money in the game for this to be a non-issue. If it ends up being to expensive it might get lowered at some point, but currently ship costs aren't in line with their potential reward anyways...