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  1. I think it was actually captured by some NPC pirate who then sold it at auction
  2. We are currently not taxing foreign vessels but we are glad if we get an announcement (in a PM is fine) ahead of time so we can plan accordingly
  3. Cardinal's Shadow

    Thanks! They might come in useful if I send it on an adventure one day Thanks! Brick built sails was more of a time thing - I couldn't stand having that ship stare me down for 5 months without sails Thanks! Same background as last time, same Parrots too (though the Panther has decided to hide away). I do need to get a couple more colours though... I think I'm still missing the yellow one, the pink one, the green ones, the brown ones and especially the new blue/yellow one... If you want to take this design - I have an LDD file with the basic design for my fighting tops on my Dropbox. Feel free to use those :D And, unexpectedly (I used thinner string then usual, its also a bit more flexible) I can still pick it up by the top of the masts
  4. Cardinal's Shadow

    Another one of my long forgotten vessels finally presentable. (started ~May 2017, forgotten since 1st September 2017) Having lost the Cardinal in the Battle of the Five fleets, replacement was needed. With the funds available, it was quickly decided that another frigate, maybe a bit faster and lighter, would be needed to replace it. Farrucio Paraja quickly came up with a design; due to various delays a sistership of the Cardinal itself had been finished much faster then the new vessel. Now, half a year later, the delays have been resolved and the vessel been finished. Now that its done, it is time to head out to hunt pirates... To load more cargo, the ships boats had to be dropped off. Lots of various pieces of cargo were being loaded aboard the vessel. Quick overview over the whole vessel: Fishing issues, already noted a couple days ago, popped up once again. With most cargo loaded, it was time to load the small boats - 5 of them, if we ever need to get to any island with the whole crew it would certainly be possible. Waving goodbye:
  5. Whaling Xebec

    Well, you looked into the wrong forum then ;) I have posted 3 Xebecs in BOBS so far (Colour of the Wind, Oscuridad and Mercury). As for criticism - Cousarmy is pretty much on point, but I gotta say, I like the bow a bit more then on mine . As well as that - lots of nice details on the deck
  6. So, after a bit too much waiting (sorry! we redesigned some stuff behind the google docs) we have finally set up a way to change the Black Flag status of your vessels. All in all its a simple addition to the ship license form. After licensing your vessel, just open the form again and pick "Change Black Flag status of your vessel" Once you have done that, you get to another page, where you enter your information so we can accurately set the status. There is, as of now, only the option to raise the flag - that isn't a mistake, as lowering either goes through a) losing the ship or b) through Leadership (this will most likely require a MOC, depending on the case). The Black Flag status is secret, but if you forgot if you set it already feel free to send a PM to me or @Phred. You also don't break anything if you set it twice Here is the form.
  7. With the war at an end, Garveyan Captain Kayne Lowes decided it was time to move to a merchant vessel - but a lack of funds prevented this. He decided to meet his old Friend Jerome Monezterrell in Fuerte Unido to sell his old Xebec and the fishing vessel that he had captured during the war. With the vessels in hand, Monezterrell decided it was time to handle the paperwork right away, purchasing the Mercury (class 3 Xebec) as well as the Eerie (class 1 Dhow) While the transaction was occurring, background activity assured that none of Kayne Lowes men would go swimming in these waters... Note: Yes, those are the same cliffs as for my Galleon, I hope nobody complains about that
  8. Bricklink and shipping costs

    Also: the seller specifies shipping costs on the shop page (and you should get that information while setting up the order too). Are you ordering from another country? Its usually a better idea to avoid if in any way possible...
  9. Thunder

    Thanks! I don't believe that second parts - especially on your Galleons you do a great job of that! Haha Its me trying out dipping the cloth in glue beforehand so they don't fray out on the edges. Its a bit too rigid for my taste, gonna have to try more water, less glue next time I do this. The structural issue is something I also noticed after taking the pics, I must have forgotten pressing that back down after I had reinforced the rigging... The Ketch is actually taller at the bow then your small brig, but I guess the black top on the hull hides that better. I would love to add some minifigs - sadly this ship resides in the dorms; I only have this ship and the Destiny's Bounty (yet, I'm gonna do something with that one too... not sure what exactly yet...) here, no minifigs beyond ninjas. I can see about a little bit of a backstory later... Armament there isn't much beyond 6 small guns and 2 heavy mortars I think @Bregir has one posted somewhere, but I fear it was kinda forgotten... and don't worry about your port for the time being, I'm a little too late finishing it anyways... (should've been done before the end of the ESL-MAR war Basic rigging like this is actually simple, just look at some pictures and give it a try Don't forget the sections in the mast (pretty well visible in the first picture) and go from there. With just 2 small midsections you can build some pretty nice looking ships... Zephyr, Tit, Tribute, El Matador, La Salamandra are ones that come to my mind right away, but I'm sure there are more. Hngghh, this list makes me want to dig out my 3 small midsection prototype that has been sitting for half a year now...
  10. Immediately recognisable - just how it should be. if there is one thing you could change, it could be the top of the obelisk; for this part. Can't decide if my favourite is the truck or the balloon
  11. Thunder

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I think a white top part would be best, but that sadly doesn't exist. You might have spotted it in the BMA pictures; there it was just lacking a handful of strings in the rigging which I finally added here. Reminds me, I should push Captain Green Hair to finally post his Le Fleuron... And see if I can loan out the Brig again, I've yet to take good pictures of that one, and I think it needs couple fixes anyways... (construction workers knocked it over a couple of times in the last couple weeks but otherwise its well appreciated) As for the micro figs - I can't not recommend picking up a couple in yellow and maybe blue, they are quite cheap and work well for this kind of decoration
  12. [OL-FB] Frigate l'Acharnée

    Looks great! Great headrails - you have improved a bunch on those since you started, the only part there I'm not sure about would be the yellow; maybe replace that with more blue or pearl gold as well? Also really liking the Fleur de Lys and the red-blue bulwarks, well done!
  13. Thunder

    A vessel orginially planned for the ESL-MAR conflict has finally been finished. A little bit late, but with a bit of luck (?) it can find a use in the future. Here is the Bomb Ketch Thunder:
  14. [ML-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    I guess a better explanation for the differently coloured hull could have been that the seller used the cheapest paint available to hide the rotting wood in the hull