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  1. MRCA II Adventure

    You can start your first adventure at any time (well, at any time an MRCA runs), but once you have started the first one you can only start a new one every 3 months, but only if you do not have any running adventures for which you are lead adventurer. They will have to be ended first. You can always join others in their Adventures.
  2. @Puvel Shortly after landing, Puvel stumbles upon a large brightly coloured beetle, obviously one of the rumoured gem-bugs. While the Royal Pioneers survey the landing site, he takes the time to describe and draw the beetle for the Royal Society. (67 dbs added to adventure treasury) After a few hours surveying the terrain around the landing site, dark clouds gather above the expedition. It has every appearance of leading to a storm over the colourful paradise, even before exploration has truly begun, and Puvel and Leftenant Hornblower has to make a decision. Safe choice: Get your tents out! Let's set up camp and wait out the storm without getting our uniforms wet! Risky choice: No time to waste, let's press on! It's too beautiful here not to continue our exploration, and that storm will surely change direction any time soon now. Elaborate: Chop down a few trees, and let's build some rudimentary shacks! This will help us endure the storm, and bring some Corrish order to paradise - just as it should be. Build two small residential properties and one vignette showing the rapid construction work. Note: In any case, the adventure requires one build to continue. If you decide on the elaborate choice, a total of three builds are required as mentioned. Your story should clarify which option you are taking, but you are welcome to interpret the options creatively. Let us know if you have any questions.
  3. @Sebeus I Heading towards the rumored location of the Flying Dutchman, the look-out hails the deck - a lonely mast poking out of the ocean has been spotted. Upon closer inspection, a golden amulet on the mast (23 dbs added to adventure treasury) identifies the wreck as a Mardierian vessel. Everything points to this being the Mardierian war galleon El Grande, rumoured to be on a secret mission armed with silver cannonballs, in a last desparate attempt at changing the outcome of the war of '617, and in the deep, a silvery shine can indeed be seen amongst the prowling sharks. But what enemy would one hunt with silvery weapons? And can they prove useful in the future? What are your orders, Captain? Safe: Ignore this shark-infested wreck - the Flying Dutchman is rumoured to have been seen further north from here. Risky: Hey-ho Silver! Get me these cannonballs, and get all of them!! Poseidon will watch over us and save us from the predators of the deep! Elaborate: Hey-ho Silver - but do it smart! Do everything to protect ourselves from the sharks - put together some diving equipment, and get out the harpoons! Then get me that silver! Build one moc showing the diving equipment fashioned for the task, including measures to fend off the sharks, and one build showing the underwater retrieval of the cannonballs. Note: In any case, the adventure requires one build to continue. If you decide on the elaborate choice, a total of two builds are required as mentioned. Your story should clarify which option you are taking, but you are welcome to interpret the options creatively. Let us know if you have any questions.
  4. [COR - FB] Letters to be written

    So much being posted over the last couple days - I guess it might have something to do with the new MRCA Great story and all - but my favorite has to be the chair. Simple, but very effective build. The desk is also cool, but I'm wondering what those golden swirly pieces are about? OOC: are you ever going to build the artisan where you got those glasses? Your character seems to be the only one around who is wearing glasses, and yet they certainly existed during the equivalent of the timeframe we are playing here.
  5. MRCA II Adventure

    No guarantee this is correct: If there is a settlement of your faction, you can just place the troops right then and there - at least for the first MRCA; this might change in the future. If there is no Settlement there, you'll probably have to go there with one of your vessels that has some cargo space (you can transport 1xsmallest troop unit per cargo point) to get the troops there to explore. Note: My interpretation of the rules, someone else will have to confirm this.
  6. Account Summary

    @Elostirion It is fixed now
  7. Era II Trade MRCA

    I've shifted the Sirrus to you, but the Night's Whisper is already in the hands of Gulagurag. Everything there seems alright now ;) Who is the responsible for Rassilon? It is massively above the limit with 2 class 4 vessels and a limit of 2... (Pineapple Revenge and Clearance)
  8. Account Summary

    Seems like an issue @Phred will have to handle. I think I know what is causing it, but I'm not changing some formulas on a doc like this one ;) Please be patient, but I think you can expect the issue to be fixed before the MRCA starts. Treat the affected accounts as if just license expense+ship limit expense being subtracted.
  9. Era II Trade MRCA

    Just confirming: The 3 free class 5 vessels each faction receives are upkeep-free, don't count towards shiplevels and don't cost anything, correct?
  10. Commodore Edgar Evercrees, Captain of the Oscuridad. Paperwork: (taking this vessel from the shelf shows me again how much sturdier my new vessels are. It almost falls apart while picking it up...
  11. Paperwork...

    Hey, its a game And you can't say I didn't have the infrastructure beforehand, my shipyards alone have produced about 100 shiplevels worth of vessels. And I'm not raising any shiplevels in secret here...
  12. Paperwork...

    Thanks! :D Do something fancy! And be it stacked 1x2 plates to show books - set them on fire if you want to. Would fit your character. Thanks! I couldn't stand making anything bigger with that technique though, I can only imagine the amount of time some people spend on their fancy floors mosaics... Ericc, you may dump this chest into the ocean to pay whoever we are paying here. Note: I need to finally put sails onto that frigate... It has been sitting like this for a couple months now. Also: this is the ship level unlock build for MAESTRO :P
  13. Paperwork...

    In a silent corner of the Library of Fuerte Unido: Pay extra just so we can license more vessels? We are already spending way too much on keeping them afloat! And who are we even paying here? I control the Eslandolan fleet! Are we throwing the gold into the ocean to pay someone we don't even know? ...Well, I suppose that is probably what we'll have to do. It seemed a little weird the DBs and PIPs just disappear from the game while upgrading shiplevels OOC: This build is for raising the shiplevels for myself to 35, and the second one further down to increase MAESTRO's shiplevels to 25.
  14. Pirate Instructions Help

    While they are in no way exact instructions, I think Captain Green Hairs "Build a Frigate" Thread from a while back is amazing, it helped me a lot on my first couple vessels. Sebeus also kinda provides instructions for his blue frigate - the build process and an LDD file. Both techniques can be applied to ships of different sizes off course - especially CGH's technique has been seen from tiny Brigs with two midsections to two decked Ships of the line on 6 midsections. What parts do you need? Well, difficult question, mostly because most who build in those techniques build their ships to keep them - at least for a fair while, and then don't track how they take them apart, and once you have built a couple ships you get a feel what you'll need (or you are like me and ordered 10 times the amount you needed of certain parts...) As well as that - @Capt Wolf, could you, at some point, build a 3 or 4 midsection Galleon like a tutorial? I think I could manage without one, but I think if you would make one I would probably put one together for one of my - already full - shelves as I like to "collect" ship building techniques... Edit: @Drunknok I wouldn't buy those instructions, those are some very simple builds actually. You could probably put them together from the pictures alone...
  15. Era II Trade MRCA

    Do vessels that arrive early in a port have a chance to still earn the full income, even if later vessels cause oversupply?