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  1. Flying Dutchman WIP

    Looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing the real thing on the weekend ;)
  2. Voting while refreshing in Safari might still work, at least it did for me. Terrible work around though.
  3. New Haven builds: Small Factory (Capt Wolf) Residence (Legostone) Education (Maxim I) Artisan (Maxim I) Commerce (Garmadon) More coming soon
  4. New Haven Housing

    As other tasks had already been occupied, we decided to add some more housing to New Haven. Build from solid stone that was found nearby, we decided that painting it would make it look best. Off course, everyone was complaining about us taking so long to finish up the roof - it seemed like they wanted the roof to collapse on their heads. This roof should last. I needed a use of my blue windows for a while now, and given that most of my bricks useful for projects like this are currently out of my reach, this was the obvious choice to build. The roof is also offset half a stud in each direction, but that isn't too clear in the picture sadly. To be licensed by Corrington for New Haven as a small Residence.
  5. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    The first Lego Bear that was actually available would be the 2000 Polar bear, which looks similar to what (tiny bit) we can see in the old mine. Bear&category=[Animal, Land]#T=C
  6. Compressed weaker shock absorbers have been used a couple times as explosive features in system sets. The latest one being 60076 Demolition side (see instruction 4) from 2015, then there is 8038 from 2009 and some of the old Western Sets (6765 and 6764). I would guess this would mean that this use is a completely legal technique then...
  7. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I'll straight up disagree here. 6 midsections, 2 decks is certainly easily possible (which would be bigger than the Margot), and with some compromises, 3 decks, 22 wide and 7 midsections remains a possibility. If you really want to challenge me on that I might consider trying it (Although I would have to order 2 more midsections...)
  8. Wait, have some protesters aquired an early prototype then? Well, I can only repeat others - impressive Ship of the Line! But I have to agree with the bow - I'll shamelessly self-advertise here and show you a couple of my solutions. Starting with the most elaborate I've done this far - flex tubes and droid arms. Then there are flex axles - which I found working pretty well, but they require some effort to mount properly, given that the mounting options are somewhat limited. And lastly - a solution I don't have my own example for(that is good enough for sharing), I'll rather show the solution by Captain Green Hair directly - brick (plate) built headrails. Non of these are 2 deckers, but several of these techniques have been used in 2 decked vessels - like the Prince of Wales, La Mort Royale and Sang Royale which come to my mind right now.
  9. Test Poll

    Regular voting didn't work, but voting while refreshing did. Confirming @mocbuild101's observation here. Good luck finding a solution!
  10. Go for it - just because you participate in the EGS you don't have to license everything you build.
  11. Fight to the Death

    That background is amazing (same for the mini ships) ! Looking forward to the next part of this!
  12. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    First - my old class 5Fs (Rojo Tormento, Piece of Eight, Green Winds and Colour of the Wind) are all almost identical in size, even if they don't look that way. Green Winds being an exception, being a little bit longer than the others (Rojo Tormento is 60 studs long, Piece of Eight 65, Colour of the Wind around 63, Green Winds closer to 70 if I remember correctly). All these were (or intended as) class 5F vessels, so I would really prefer them to stay class 5. Currently I only have a comparision pic of the latest two (Piece of Eight and Rojo Tormento): A 12 gun Xebec and Jon El Flurry (which you suggested as a class 5) are also in the picture. Rojo Tormento is about 4 studs shorter than the Piece of Eight, but still decently longer than the Jon El Flurry and Xebec (which I had intended as a class 4A equivalent). The Cardinal was always intended as a large, 36 gun Frigate, one that snugly fits onto my shelf. I honestly couldn't fit a bigger ship in there... Compared to the Dragon's Revenge - the Cardinal is much bigger - the Dragon's Revenge is a 3 3/4 midsection ship, while the Cardinal would be comparable to a 5 midsection ship (just like Maxim's Margot and the Santiago). And again - can't we just follow the spirit of the builder? The Cardinal was intended, all along, as a fast class 7 frigate (even before I knew details about the new system), with 36 guns. Another thing you should keep in mind here - people build in different scales. You may have noticed that I keep my ships with fairly low decks and small spacings between gunports (usually sitting at ~3 studs + the sides of windowframes), which has fittingly been called (I think by Captain Dee) Minifig Illusion-Illusion scale. I can't work in the regular scale (I think I have scrapped about 4 ships in a slightly larger scale this year alone), and I really dislike tearing down my ships (I currently have about 10 of my ships assembled and don't plan on tearing down any of them any time soon), which limits the size I can with for my ships (also space) - again working with me with my ship scale. If you really want me to I can put together a 9 midsection based first rate class 10 on prefabs with premade rigging in about 10 hours, or spend 3 times+ as much time on a frigate which I consider a class 7. I also agree with @Capt Wolf on not downgrading ships except on request. Here I will jump in and agree that the Victoria can get one.
  13. @Mesabi For flickr accounts - there is one (somewhat complete) solution - the flickr BOBS group. Most (bot not all!) members that use flickr are members there too.