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  1. That walkway on the side is amazing Ship is looking good too, cool ideas with the special guns, but I have a quick question on how you licensed it - did you happen to license it twice, once as a class 6 and once as a class 5? I would like to remove the wrong entry @Professor Thaum
  2. @Kwatchi So, where do I start? Lets have a look at a real ships plans from ontop: And from the side: First thing to note - the headrails basically add a trapezoid-shaped small deck to the bow (it is the same for bigger vessels, so if your ship is bigger then the Surprise its still fine), nothing really round. Now, lets continue by looking at a larger ship from the side, HMS Victory: Second thing to note - no matter the size of the ship, the top rail basically ends at the highest point of the forecastle. Okay, basic principle on some plans are dealt with, how to build it now? So, lets have a look at some example builds: Examples in lego: I hope I could help get some inspiration, if you need more I can have another look around if I find anything
  3. [SR - MCRA Mar] On Trial Again

    Looking great, and I‘m looking forward to see what the Bounty Hunters end up doing to Sinbad and if can manage to escape! Is the hairpiece from the defendant a real thing? I thought those were only made in white...
  4. [SR-ship] Barque Narwal

    Incredible details with the sails and yards, and the rest also looks great! Nicely shaped stern too! @Kwatchi can you post the issues you are having with the headrails in the Shipwrights Guild Hall? I can see if I can find a couple good examples from simple to complicated that work well
  5. Rotating Meat

    Thanks! Thanks! Glad you noticed the roof, it is the reason this build is a thing Thanks! Thanks! It is the old variant of the round quarter piece: Thanks! Yeah, how else would you have it heated evenly? Go and try to feed them anything that doesn't come from a horse... There is a reason I had to buy the meat locally. Reminder - if anyone brings this concept further, making the whole process more efficient, there is a 150DB prize for that if built in an Eslandolan Settlement!
  6. Before anyone misses it - Captain Green Hair has posted another one of his great ships over in the pirate subforum, go here to check it out: Le Fleuron Also, two more pics of my new WIP: Goal is to finish it by April 13 for Wetteren, gonna be a bit of a challenge getting there, but wish me luck
  7. MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Great ship Captain! Took you a while to post it though, I remember you had it done for quite a while by now, hadn't you? I do think you are lying a bit about the reddish brown - I think I spot some in the cabins interior and at the top of the ladders in the hole... Your stern has to be one of the best ones shown on this forum, great work all around! Nice to see many, but not too many details around it :D Your rigging looks great, but I feel like it isn't quite as tight as on some of your other ships...
  8. Eslandolean Black Suede Shoes

    I gotta say, these are pretty great...
  9. Account Summary

    Hm, I never paid much attention to that. @Phred any idea what could be going wrong?
  10. Account Summary

    What is wrong with the April one?
  11. Well, technically there is Nova Malto, which is now owned by Eslandola...
  12. Rotating Meat

    With the cheap meat available around Mesabi Landing, it was fairly obvious that something had to be done with that. Realising that setting up just a grill wouldn't be too interesting - it had been done many times before - James Hred decided it would be best to do something nobody had done before in this city - why not cook the meat while it was rotating? This would cause an issue - all the grease would drop into the fire. To prevent that, he decided to set up the rotating part vertically. But wait, there is no vertical fire that would evenly heat the meat - the meat now has to be heated by metal rods that were heated to glowing red in an oven nearby. A pretty involved procedure, just to make some fancy cooked meat that can be cut off the roll... Here you can see a bit more of the procedure - a young boy is turning a winch, which is in turn turing a belt which rotates the meat. Another assistant picks up the glowing red metal rods and replaces the ones that have cooled down. James Hred cuts off the good meat and sells it to locals. Now, James has run into an issue - he isn't very creative at naming things. He needs help naming this new technology and hopes it can be simplified in the future - having 3 people work for this seems quite ineffective. If someone were to develop a better solution he is willing to offer a 150 DB reward if it were set up in an Eslandolan Settlement. Licensed as a small Artisan in Mesabi Landing
  13. MAESTRO: an Eslandolan Trade Company

    The Fleet of MAESTRO: MAESTRO: Esmeralda, class 5: El Rubi, class 4: Arkady, class 2: Rojo Tormento, class 4: Colour of the Wind, class 4: Cardinal II, class 6: Faladrin: The Messenger, class 3: The Lady Hawk, class 3: La Raenette, class 2: The Brickwall, class 5: Legostone: Green Winds III, class 5: Cardinal's Shadow, class 6: Eerie, class 1: Triunfo, class 7: Reventazon, class 4 (CH4B win): Santiago, class 7: Maxim I: Tuna King, class 3: Purple Rain, class 4: Purple Reign, class 5: Knight, class 2: Prince of Stedor, class 6:
  14. Its based on a 6 midsection prefab, though the lower part has been removed. In-line with the suggested number of midsections we have by now
  15. [SR][FB] The Prio Ship Palmetto

    Yeah, this one looks fun Simple lanterns, and the style is clearly something new. Great use of the small prefab hull! Btw, given that it is a recently captured vessel, you now have the honour to be the first to use the update link feature of the Ship license form (Sorry, have to - spent way to long on the behind the scenes stuff for the two latest additions here)