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  1. A couple ships in the works from me! As well as another project that I won't post until done ;)
  2. Legostone

    Account Summary

    @Drunknok No idea what I was doing there, but I managed to fix it. Note to self: take notes setting up these sheets in the middle of the night. +1 if statement per line...
  3. Legostone

    Account Summary

    Gonna fix that tomorrow, currently only on my phone.
  4. Legostone

    [META] How Settlements have Grown

    How about a maximum percentage of NPC properties in settlement?
  5. Legostone

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    He has messaged me on Skype about a month ago claiming to be okay No need to be worried, no idea when he might be returning.
  6. I'm fine with it, but wait for @Bregir
  7. I think if we are talking "1 deck" in the sense of class 6 and 7 we are talking a closed off gundeck like on a frigate. This is an open deck vessel, so its gonna be outside of the suggested sizes, so class 5 or 6 would be, at least in practice, outside of the current suggested sizes. I think my old vessel "Green Winds" is similarly sized to yours while being licensed as a class 5.
  8. Troops have, unlike other licenseable things, no given limit for the size of their MOC, so I don’t see an issue recruting them alongside another build. Though I’m not sure if a bakery is a good example... Maybe if you wanna license a group of baguette warriors?
  9. Legostone

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    No form submitted here? You'll have until Sunday. And please, in the future, enter your forms early and just ask about a short extension. @Captain Genaro
  10. He submitted early enough, don't worry
  11. Newly started AMRCA. Just copied the two columns from the doc, nothing to worry about
  12. Has anyone forgotten subbing their AMRCA form? Currently the following have been submitted, anything missing, anyone needs a short extension? Bart Padre François (Ross Fisher) Capt Wolf RSND Drunknok Eslandola Mesabi I would like to remind everyone here that if you ask a small extension is fine, but filling out the form in time is really helpful for the AMRCA team.
  13. I think it'll be accounted for in the upcoming war rules, not in the raiding rules. If you feel the desire to raid a settlement without fortificiations the neighboring settlements don't matter, at least for now. The Royal Fortress in Puerte Desafio doesn't protect Fuerte Unido (Large Fortress) nor Nova Malto (Medium Fortress) nor the two small Fortress only Settlements on the island.
  14. Legostone

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    Okay, @Bregir I'm not quite in the loop - that class 2 license is missing a couple of pts (and I must have messed up the columns in the doc, there are too few stat points attached instead of too many). Given that's not your fault here, where can I apply these 3 missing points, at least until it has been clarified?
  15. Legostone

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    You have licensed it as a class 1 but entered the number of stat points of a class 2. Can you pm me what to change? @Mesabi