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  1. Location: Spudkirk Type: Small Commerce (18x32 studs) To the edge of Spudkirk, tall cliffs rose up from the sea, revealing small sea caves. The view was especially scenic, and several prominent citizens had built houses here, at no small cost. Darby Tyler strode down the footpath towards his employer's Spudkirk residence. Count Mesabi awaited. Darby knocked on the door, slightly hesitant. He was not bringing good news. "It's good to see you Darby!" Said the Count with his usual amount of disturbed cheer. "You're my favorite Accountant. You never fail to keep the WTC's numbers properly cooked." Darby gulped. "Count, I've finally gotten our numbers somewhat straightened out. After 2 years of auditing... I've come to the conclusion we're hemorrhaging money." The Count stood wordlessly, and walked to Darby. Darby handed him the finalized writeup. The Count skimmed the numbers. "Well then Darby, it's time we got back to work!" Said the Count excitedly. "Tell me, I heard a rumor about a nearby warzone" "The issues on Oleandia with the Lotii? Yes, the conflict-" Darby was cut off. "Say no more, Darby! The WTC's biggest market is the battlefield. Well, that and people who can't or don't read the ingredients on canned food." The Count stood, and yanked a rug off of the floor, revealing a trap door. I've got just the plan in mind, we should head there now! I've got a rowboat in the basement. [ Darby looked at the rickety ladder into the sea cave below. He sighed, as the Count immediately climbed down. The ladder exited into a damp sea cave. Boxes of goods were piled around, while a rowboat sat tethered to a small dock. "I had this built for quick exits. You know, in case my wife came back." Said the Count. "Count, any chance we could stop back in Spudkirk first? I'd love to grab-" "There's no time for us to go back up the ladder and into Taterspock! We need to make sure we get there before the violence is over!" The Count whistled, and a spare WTC marine hurried over, knocking Darby into the rowboat. Darby managed to sit upright as the boat was rowed out of the cave, and towards Count Mesabi's ship. "The real issue is, you don't resolve everything before telling me things!" said the Count, as they rowed into open water. FIN Thanks for viewing my build. It's good to get back on after another hiatus. I built this in late 2021, but I was a bit stumped on the story, so I took a break from it. Now, after 11 months and a move, it's finally up. I really liked the snippet about the sea caves on the Avestia island information, and it was a fun challenge to do a build with them as the primary influence. I ran out of bricks towards the end, so I wasn't able to put in stalagmites and stalactites, but I think it looks fine. I'm looking forward to getting back into BoBS, and I hope to get more up soon!
  2. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece It was a pleasant day in Arlinsport at the University of Tiberia. Birds were chirping, and students pleasantly milled about beside the administrative office. When suddenly, the sounds a maddened horse and rider charged towards the building. "MOVE, NERDS!" yelled Countess Agnes Mesabi at the top of her lungs, as she charged her loyal steed, "Buttercup" into the main concourse. Students dived to the side as she fired her pistol into the air, and Buttercup reared aggressively. Countess Mesabi dismounted, and slapped Buttercup on the hindquarters. Buttercup raced towards the nearest body of students as Agnes walked towards the door of the Administrative building. Meanwhile, An adjunct professor watched in horror as students ran from Buttercups clomping hooves. Countess Mesabi arrived at the board of regents meeting a timely seven minutes late. She dropped a parcel of papers onto the table, and coughed loudly. "You're late" said the chair of the department of sciences. "And why was there screaming and gunshots outside?" "I come here to do business, and all you want to talk about is screaming nerds. I thought you were professionals!" said Agnes crankily. "Also, don't worry, it was a blank." "Countess Mesabi, we're a bit... alarmed by your entrance, but let's move past that. You're here on behalf of the WTC to help the university with budgetary matters?" "Yes of course," replied Agnes. "The WTC is willing to give a large endowment to the university, provided you name a building or two after me, and help us offload some WTC products that aren't flying off the shelves like they used to. I see it as a win win." "Meaning exactly what?" Asked another board member. "Well, we have excess Horse meat to get rid of, some of it cut with low quality Giraffe. That of course can be put in the cafeteria. Also, we want to be the exclusive arms dealer to the UoT." "We Will NOT have our students eating WTC horse slop!" Yelled a board member. Wordlessly, Agnes pointed to the endowment proposal on the table. The Board members looked at it, and glanced at each other. A collective sigh filled the room. "Which building do you want named after you?" Asked the chair. "Here Buttercup!" yelled Countess Mesabi, as she walked out of another successful meeting. Namere awaited once more. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I've been wanting to get this royal project done for a while now, and this is a bit of a start on getting back to it. This build took a lot of work to get right, it went through quite a few design phases before I was satisfied. The entryway is the focal point of the build, and is based off of the entrance to The Golden Cat, from Dishonored. I ran out of a lot of bricks towards the end, which is why the top is rather plain, but I think it turned out alright. I really tried to improve on some specific things from my last build. The road is definitely more worn, and I think it looks good, although perhaps a tad modern. I also utilized the trick of putting plates behind the windows to darken them, as recommended by Ayrlego and Evancelt. I'm not sure how well it all comes across though, and I may need to re-photograph some of it. I'm hoping I can spark some interest in finishing the royal project. Though, the stories around this project might be a bit zany for other people's characters, and cause some people to not be interested. Either way, it's always fun to write for Agnes at her worst. C&C appreciated, per my usual list of sins: I'm sure some bricks aren't fully pushed down, this one used a lot of plates, and so it's kinda fragile. Fleshies inhabit the same world as yellow figs. You can see the blanket under my white background in one shot. I have the same table, and bookshelves prefabs as at least 10 other builds. I take my photographs with my phone camera, a sun lamp, and a super bright bulb.
  3. Location: Quinnsville Type: Medium Educational Quinnsville had grown quickly over the last few years, and with the establishment of the University of Quinnsville in 619, the students were already crowded on the campus. Fortunately, a grant by a mysterious benefactor had allowed them to build a new library to help ease some of the campus's crowding issues. Today however, someone had illegally parked a small horse drawn cart in front of the main entrance. As Campus security ticketed the cart, an official Corrish Messenger walked towards the library... "So after a party last year, I tell Mayor Brickwood that the library in the main building was too small. Like, you could barely haul kegs through some of the doors. Sure you could get them through the main doors, but like, into the library? It was just too tight a corridor." Said the Count to his loyal accountant Darby. "And I tell him that the WTC could fix the problem with a WTC-Brand hammer, and about 15 minutes. But apparently, the "construction" zoning "laws" in this 'town' prohibit it." Continued the Count, gesturing wildly. "Just please tell me why we're in Quinnsville." Said Darby, understandably exasperated. "Look over there." Said the Count, pointing to a carved sandstone head. "So I tell him that if we can't make the library doors bigger, than we just need a separate library to hold keg parties in." Said the Count. "And he gets annoyed, and starts going off about how that's not at all what university libraries are for." Continued the Count. "Anyways, I say, 'Sir,. You need a party library, I'll buy, do you want a red one or a grey one? He kinda scowls at me, but I took that as permission to fund the construction of a new, better, library with appropriate doors for moving large bottles through. Oh, and I picked grey." Darby looked at a small bust of an unidentifiable head. "They did get my hair wrong." Said the Count, no less enthused. "But true art resists interpretation." "Someone chipped the 'o' off on your title, Count" said Darby, dryly. The two were interrupted by a formal messenger. "Count Mesabi of Debonshire, you have a formal correspondence from the Crown of Corrington." "Thank you gentlemen. The Queen thanks you for your service." Said the Count in a suspiciously formal tone. "Darby, we must get going, we are needed in a formal capacity." Without a moments hesitation, the Count power-walked outside, leaving Darby and the messengers behind. "Count, what's going on?" yelled Darby, hurrying after him. "We have work to do!" the Count said, mounted the horse, and untied it from the post. Darby hurried after him. "The last time we had 'work' to do, I was on a boat in the south for over a year!" he muttered. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I've been meaning to do an educational build in Quinnsville since @lm71blackbird put out that amazing university build about a year ago, but I never got around to it until now. The build went through a few iterations. Originally the second floor was far more plain, and was essentially white paneling. Fortunately, @Ayrlego gave me some great ideas, including setting the paneling in half a tile, which really made it pop in my opinion. This build is a GOC build, task 5. @Bregir, @Ayrlego , @Captain Dee , @SilentWolf As for the story, no harm intended towards Quinnsville, I always like seeing your settlement grow LM71, and I enjoy being a part of it. Please understand any misnaming, is just me having the Count be rude IC. What is in the Count's mysterious note from the crown? We'll see! (hint, I love Corrington!) Shots without figures
  4. Location: Spudkirk Type: Small Educational It was a windy day in the Spudkirk, as RSND Chairman Ralph Clutchington and Commander Joshua walked towards the town library, where the mad Count Mesabi had arranged for a meeting. "Ok, so the Crown's dossier on the guy said "DO NOT make sudden movements, threaten, or talk about food in any vocation around Count Mesabi" said Commander Joshua, as the two stood on the stairs. "Understood. I still don't understand why does the Crown hasn't done anything about him! He has all sorts of nefarious business practices, shoddy construction jobs, probable tax evasion, randomly sending a rowboat to attack Fatu Hiva.... then actually invading Fatu Hiva with a private army... the whole thing with the horses.... The bloke is a stain on the good name of Corrington." replied Ralph Clutchington. "Well, he's rich as Hades, and he has the largest private army in all of Corrington." said Commander Joshua solemnly. The two reached the door. "After you, good sir. May the Gods let this go well." They walked inside the library. Looted books and antiquities lined the shelves, as the majority of written texts that once graced Fatu Hiva filled the small library to the brim. The two continued through the shelves to a set of stairs. Count Mesabi sat in the well lit upper floor, having just finished parsing through an ancient text. Darby stood next to him, anticipating the arrival of the two gentlemen. "Anyways Darby, the people who created the vault on Isla Door was super into mysterious underground vaults. Apparently, it was a huge deal for them. That and crypts. Oh yeah, we were meeting the Royal Science Nerd Dude, and Commodore Josh today." said the Count, cheery as usual. "Count, it's Commander Joshua, and the representative from the The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery is Ralph Clutchington." replied Darby, slightly annoyed. "Are you sure, it's not some guy who's nickname is RSND?" Asked the Count incredulously. The footsteps of the two men grew closer as they walked up a set of stairs. "Greetings, Count Mesabi, we're very glad to finally meet with you." said Commander Joshua in a very formal tone. "We're quite pleased to hear that you're offering the use of the WTC marines and shipping logistics for the conflict with the Lotii." Added Ralph Clutchington. "Yes of course gentlemen. I am always pleased to send my rancorous ranks into glorious conflict with other nations. Corrington has red on the flag you know." "We should have over 200 men by the end of the next cycle. replied Darby proudly. This is in addition to the soldiers brought at the last cycle." The Count stood and walked to the window. "That's most excellent." said Ralph Clutchington, "We can certainly use the support." though he wondered how many innocent horses would die in the campaign. "The WTC Marines, while far less organized than Corrington's Redcoats proper, will certainly do their part against the Lotii" Said Commander Joshua. "The WTC always relishes the chance to help Corrington by breaking things." The Count Replied. "But I have a far more urgent question for you. What's the most popular restaurant in this Tubular Town? I wish to buy it out, and shake up their menu..." "Uh..." Stuttered Commander Joshua. "There has never.... uh... ever been a restaurant in Spudkirk.... ever... Everyone does home cooking. No inns, no taverns... no uh.... pubs." improvised Ralph Clutchington. "Then I'll do it myself...." he said, eluding to what the Commander and the Chairmen could only assume was a restaurant that served horses. "The WTC is always happy to assist." finished Darby awkwardly. The Count chuckled evilly. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! This continues Count Mesabi's story from Fatu Hiva. I really had fun building this one. I'm especially proud of doing the window wells for this, it added a bit of a challenge to the build for me. I regret making it so grey (which is why there is moss on the build), but I think it turned out well otherwise. I also did not have the proper minifigures for Commander Joshua, and Ralph Clutchington, unfortunately, so they look a little generic. Comments and Criticism Appreciated!
  5. Location: Fatu Hiva, during the 2nd Terraversan War Type: Small Educational Part 1 Here As soon as the white flag was waved on the beach, Count Mesabi and his personal company marched straight to the Royal Basilica of the Faith. The Clergy, Priests, and Nuns stood no resistance to the Mad Count.... Inside, a flurry of papers, and the protests of clergy filled the air, as Count Mesabi and company packed chest and crate with Heretic materials.In the center of it all, he stood, his eyes darting from paper to page, as he scanned bound volumes, ledgers, and other apocryia. The Basilica had been tasked with protecting with materials the Faith had recovered from a mysterious vault, each to be evaluated, then archived, or purged, by the sensibility of the Order's Edicts. And now, the mysterious texts had been claimed by the Count.... FIN This finishes my story with the Fatu Hiva raid. I meant to do this months ago, (like before we ceded the territory back ) I considered having the Count steal more material goods, but I thought this was a more interesting take on the subject. Canonically, the Count has returned to Mesabi Landing after the ceremony, with this load of texts aboard his ship. Thanks to @Keymonus for letting me borrow from his challenge entry, I really appreciate it, and I love building in the continuity. This Build is set inside @Bart's Basilica, and I hope that they have no issue with my use of it. Explanation for newer players: A couple years ago, I created an in game organization / religion called 'Prometheanism' Which is essentially like a secret sect of Heretics that fights with the Order. I went way overboard with it, so I generally try to mostly keep it out of my stories, but I do like mentioning it here and there. Essentially, in Era II Challenge II, Keymonus had the challenge end with his characters fighting unknown 'heretic cultists' and discovering a vault of their literature and artifacts. In the story, these have been stored in Fatu Hiva, and during the Count's raid, he ransacked Bart's Basilica to recover these heretic texts, since they might align with his ideas, or be related to Prometheanism.
  6. Location: Fatu Hiva Type: MCRA Outcome The Count gazed out at the sea, from the Captain's Cabin of the WTC Libertine. "..and so you're sure, absolutely sure that Corrington is going to war with Oleon over Terraversa?" asked Darby incredulously. "Darby, would I ever lie to you?" asked the Count. "Not five minutes ago, you literally..." Darby paused. "Well I guess if you believe the lie you're technically not lying, because you believe what you're saying?" He asked, trying to consider the mind-boggling logic the Count employed. "Well, either way Darby, you're a pawn in a small game of nations and personalities, and we're raiding Fatu Hiva." Said the count with his usual exuberance. "Also, just FYI, you will probably be tried for war crimes if I am." Darby briefly considered his life decisions, before quietly concluding the Count was messing with him, though he reminded himself to restock the bag of embezzled money, and fake documents with fresh supplies... A bell on deck clanged. They had arrived. The crew scurried to make preparations for the landing. The Count Strode onto the deck, peered through his spyglass. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our prize.... Fatu Hiva..." Said the Count. He paused. "And, may Prometheus grant us strength over these nutcases. Remember, no looting till the town stops shooting!" The WTC marines through up a cheer, and signal flags were waved. "FIRE!" He shouted The deck of the WTC Libertine shook, as it's cannons let loose a volley. Across their battle line, the Heavy Cannons of the WTC Blackbird, WTC Icarus Returning, and 7 other ships pounded the Large and Small fort of Fatu Hiva. The Cannon volleys reduced the two forts' batteries into rubble, before their gunners could properly return fire. The WTC's love of destruction was proudly on display. The Count let loose an evil chuckle. "They should have built bigger forts..." The Count ordered the ships to approach the beaches, and to land men on the beaches. A small gun placement managed to hit the WTC Rising Sun, rendering it helpless, but the Count continued undeterred. The Count himself boarded a small boat, to the protests of Darby, and soon the WTC had descended upon the beaches... On the beach, a different Count emerged, as he called targets, ordering his men forwards... The Oleanders were tough, but they were outnumbered, and outgunned. A tan tide overwhelmed the beach, and the WTC Marines quickly began to overrun their positions. A Soldier drew his cutlass and charged at the Count. A single pistol shot struck him in the forehead, and he slumped over. The Count grinned, and continued his advance forwards. The Beach was quickly overwhelmed, as the smell of smoke and blood choked the air. A few holdouts had taken shelter in a small house. With a loud crack, a machete wielding marine crashed through the door. As they raised their muskets, another Marine poked his rifle through the back of the building. The beach was soon clear of resistance, Oleander Marines retreated up into the city, in a desperate bid to regroup, and defend their settlement.... To Be Continued.... Thanks for viewing my build! I'm glad to finally wrap this one up. I had a lot of trouble with the WTC Libertine, (Which FYI, is an IC ship only, and not licensed at the moment.), and it still needs some more work, but you can't see it in how the photos are cropped, hopefully. The Fort was inspired by one of Phred's , and the beach scene by one of Ayrlego's builds of villager huts. I had a lot of fun with the beach scenes, though I am a tad disappointed the KPA had the descriptor be "Mostly Bloodless" . C&C appreciated, and I'll probably do at least one more of these before moving on to the next project.
  7. =========================================== THE THRONE OF GONDA =========================================== Resources: Characters: Maps Goals Chapter 1: Homecoming In gonda by North White, on Flickr The ships had been anchored in the bay of Gonda, since the port was officially closed to all traffic. Scratches, their rower, guided them towards the docks. "The Great whaling ships of Gonda sail no more." Remarked Delilah, seeing the wreck of a ship against the dock. In gonda by North White, on Flickr "Things have gotten worse since we left." Said Isabella "Well, the WTC is here to fix things!" Said Agnes In gonda by North White, on Flickr The crew disembarked onto the remains of the pier. Old crates and bottles were scattered everywhere. "They're late." Said Delilah In gonda by North White, on Flickr They waited in silence for a few minutes before the carriage arrived. In gonda by North White, on Flickr They loaded in, and were off, leaving the docks behind. The Palace awaited! In gonda by North White, on Flickr To Be Continued... Thanks for viewing my build! This launches my new AMCRA, which will attempt to flesh out Namere, and tell a new story in the old world. C&C appreciated!
  8. Earlier today in Mesabi Landing, one of the city's major dairy producers was raided today by a Corrie platoon. The authorities had received an anonymous tip about health code violations at the site. Upon breeching the door, the Corries were nearly as shocked as the workers. No cows on site; dozens of different mammals had been kept in inhumane conditions to be milked for public consumption. Corrish troops seized and destroyed the stockpile of 'milk'. Several animals also took part. Although "ILK" dairy sells hundreds of liters of milk, Corrish authorities found the nearby storehouses dry. Authorities have issued a recall for all dairy products from Mesabi Landing and are offering rewards for further information on the missing dairy products. OOC: I was inspired by an old Simpsons episode. Let me know what you think! In unrelated news, a new fromagerie has opened in Bastion!
  9. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Royal Collab Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 It was a breezy day in Mesabi Landing, as the winds of change blew through the dusty settlement. Karl Mordo stood on the WTC VIP dock, waiting for the arrival for Count Mesabi. “Now, the Count has always been insane. Unfortunately, after his return from the south, he’s only grown more egomaniacal, and crazy. He’s also very lethal. Unfortunately, we can't strike first. We'll need to wait till he attacks.” Said Mordo in a concerned tone. He peered out into the water towards the approaching rowboat. “I knew the danger when I signed on, sir.” Said the WTC Elite Guard. “Good," replied Mordo, "I have already prepared the pension for your widow. It is possible he may decide to orphan your children as well, so there are funds allocated for a new orphanage.” Replied Mordo stoically. “Is it a coal mining orphanage, like the other one?” asked the guard. “It may be a coal mining orphanage, like the other one...” MEANWHILE The rowboat bobbed in the water as Count Mesabi and Darby were rowed towards the shore. “Alright Darby." Said the Count, "The man we’re set to meet is very dangerous. His work in the Telvoki campaign of the Juniper War earned him the name, ‘The Ripper.’ He’s going to try and have us killed. We'll wait for him to strike first” Darby: “Wait! We hired a guy with the nickname 'The Ripper?!?' Why?!?” Said Darby, realizing his life was once again in danger. Mesabi: “I remember his resume being near the top of the pile. Anyways, expect a sniper team, and perhaps cannons…” Said the Count with the same regard for the statement as his tea order earlier that morning. The Rowboat found it's way to the pier. The Count and Darby disembarked, and began to walk towards Mordo. “Hi there, Karl. Glad to finally meet you…” Said the Count, with more than a hint of paranoia. “And Hi to you, Count Mesabi. Glad of you to Grace the settlement….” Replied Mordo, with slightly more paranoia. “I hope we can discuss business” Continued the Count, accentuating more of his words. His eyes darted the horizon, looking for snipers. Karl: “Yes, business is to be Discussed. Shall we?” Finished Karl, not venturing out further onto the dock in case it exploded. The two continued into the settlement.... TO BE CONTINUED.... Continuing Mesabi's story of his journey towards Fatu Hiva. I hope this build looks polished enough, but @Darnok is going to find some brick I didn't push down. I had fun writing the story for this one, but it took a few drafts. I resisted the urge to have an action sequence, but I think it's better without one. C&C appreciated! pt. 3, coming soon...
  10. Location: Mesabi Landing- Flooded District Type: Small Commercial Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 When the Tsunami hit Mesabi Landing, it claimed some of the settlement as its own. However, stubborn as a herd of carnivorous mules, the residents of Mesabi Landing simply raised their businesses up. Karl Mordo disembarked from the water taxi, and walked up to the bridgeway level. Into the Flooded district Waymart he went, muttering about 'profit margins' and 'incursions into Namere.' Suddenly, Tony burst into the Waymart, rattling the door. "It's the big man's colours!" he purred, then left without saying another word. Mordo exited the store, and ran out to the bridge. Through his personal telescope, he looked out into the bay. FIN So, this build has been on my shelf since early october. I hadn't really been sure what do for a story with it, but I think that the direction I went with is ok. I had some trouble with the photography on this one, and I'm considering reshooting the pictures. The area of course, is the Flooded District (Something I created to give Mesabi Landing more varied areas after the Tsunami), but I think this is one of the first builds I've really done their. Anyways, C&C appreciated, and thanks for viewing!
  11. Location: King's Harbour Type: Non-property Freebuild A few months ago.... Yellowing fliers and newspapers flapped in the wind near the Cocovia Railway. Once this had been a stately manor, but the crown had ordered it demolished, as it sat directly in the path of the rails. The Crown, however, refused to let a good cellar go to waste. And thus, KH safehouse #3 sat directly under the railway. Here, the Count had been directed to go by a rather mysterious letter.... "The Crown couldn't risk our adversaries seeing us meet at the Ministry headquarters." said the Ministry of State Operative. "But we need you. The empire needs a hammer. You, unfortunately, are a hammer." "I'm going to take that statement to mean that I can't be prosecuted for any crimes committed in this venture, including but not limited too..." replied the Count. The Cellar by North White, on Flickr The operative quickly interjected. "No! Just capture the settlement! The instructions are clearly laid out in this envelope." He grabbed a small, sealed envelope from the table. "Oleon cannot be allowed to hold Terraversa. You're going to make them rethink their priorities. The crown is readying a declaration of war." The Cellar by North White, on Flickr "Ah yes, I can't wait to see what needlessly verbose statement Comrade Montana prepares." Replied the Count. "As if anyone ever needed a reason to go to war. My proposal was we just tie a note saying 'Terraversa? Not You're's! War!!!!! >:(' to a brick and toss it through the king of Oleon's window." "That would be a complete breach of decorum and etiquette!" replied the Operative. "That reminds me, I think I'm like 23rd in line to the crown." said the Count. "All I really need is for a bunch of Nobles to lose their lives, and/or their heirs to either conflict, strife, or disease, and then I could probably take a larger role in government. Unfortunately for myself, it's not like there's a major source of this at the moment. What were we talking about again?" Asked the Count. The operative's face drained a bit of colour. "Just... take the envelope" He passed the Count the Envelope. "I think I would rework the diplomacy system to be more centered around 'brick-throwing'." Said the Count. He turned, and began to exit. FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I won't be licensing this (although I figure I could!). It could be a commerce, or governmental, but that feels flimsy in my head, so I feel like I will leave this as a non licensed free build. No harm intended to @bregir per his declaration of war, writing or anything, but I thought I'd give a small poke in his direction. As for line of succession to the Corrish throne, take anything the Count says with a grain of Salt. Or maybe a pillar! C&C appreciated!
  12. The Mesabi Clan is infamous for their exploits on the Brick Seas. Here is an index of them and their exploits. Main Characters: Count Mesabi of Debonshire Veteran of the Juniper Wars, CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, the Fortifier of Nova Malto, Founder of the Grand City of Mesabi Landing, Sailor of the South, and Purveyor of Artiodactyla and Equine Meats Bio: Index: Countess Agnes Mesabi Titan of Industry, former acting CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, Soccer Cup 'winner,' and Liason to the Gondovan Princess. Bio: Index Darby Tyler Chief Accountant of the WTC, Southern Sailor, and Gentleman. Bio: Index: Karl Mordo played by @Darnok Adventuring Telvokian, Tsunami Survivor, and Right Hand Man of the WTC Bio: Index: Unsorted: To Be Updated!
  13. Location: Port Raleigh Type: Small Cultural It was a fine day in Port Raleigh, and outside the Local Government Offices, soldiers idly patrolled, in case of Sea Rat attack. Representative Bob Mitchell was startled from his paperwork, by a rather rude Count Mesabi, wielding a sealed envelope. "What the? Who are you!?" Yelled Rep. Mitchell "The 'name' is Count Mesabi of Debonshire, member of the Royal Parliament, CEO of the WTC, and Adventurer Extraordinaire." Said Count Mesabi in an absurdly confident voice. He dropped the letter off on the desk. "You'll want this." "It's labeled, the "I Love Corrington" Bill..." muttered Rep. Mitchell Meanwhile, Accountant Darby dug through papers in the Records room, searching for tax information so that he could finally finish the 617 Audit of the WTC. The Count moseyed over to the Liquor Tray, and without a bit of hesitation, began chugging the most expensive wine. Rep. Bob sputtered, "Hey, you can't..." The Count ignored him, swallowed, and interrupted. "You know, I can almost taste the grapes in this wine." He paused. "Oh were you saying something?" Bob tried to talk once more, but the Count interrupted before he could even get a single word out. "This bill will revolutionize Corrington, go ahead and open it!" Said the Count with the enthusiasm of a small child granted free reign in a candy store. Rep. Mitchell scanned through the bill. "This is just a series of massive Government contracts towards the WTC...." The Count took another swig, before backwashing half of the swig into the bottle, setting it down, and walking over to the desk. He picked up the piece of paper. "No, Todd," He said, "The Bill creates a new holiday called 'Corrington Day,' declares Strawberry Cake 'Anetta's Cake,' and allocates funds for a funeral for Comodore Cooke when he gets executed for heresy in Terraversa" He paused. "And additionally, has a few riders making sure the WTC gets those government contracts no one else wanted..." "This is Insane!" Yelled Rep. Mitchell, "I'll never vote for this bill, even if it passes the Noble Parliament!" "Well then, Rep. Micheal, I guess you don't love Corrington." And with that, he grabbed an envelope, and left the Office, leaving a bewildered Rep. Mitchell to consider his life choices, and the Insanity of the Mesabi name. Outside, Darby and Mesabi reconvened. "So, according to this," said Darby, "The WTC owes the crown-" The Count interrupted. "Darby, I understand you're excited, but I have something more important! I stole this envelope from the desk of Rep. Rob Witch-hazel! It could be important!" "Wait, isn't that like super illegal to-" Darby was again interrupted by the roughling of paper as the Count tore open the envelope like a lion to a gazel's stomach. "Aww, it's just a lame birthday card to his nephew in Quinnsville, but wait!" He exclaimed. "There's 2 Dubloons inside! I'm rich!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build. Here are some shots of the entire building. I really enjoyed this build, and I really tried to make it look as neat and put together as possible. I think it might have turned out a little too neat, but I'm quite happy with it. C&C appreciated! Apologies to @Bregir, but IC Count Mesabi would assume that Cooke would be executed for Heresy. While I'm not sure how *hush hush* the TER story has been for us, (still catching up on 2 years of backlog ) I could See Count Mesabi knowing Cooke is there, and assuming he would be executed for heresy for no reason other than that's the kind of thing the Count assumes. I mean no harm, and enjoy your stories and this is entirely an IC statement.
  14. Location: Port Raleigh Type: Small commercial Darby entered the study, to find Count Mesabi finalizing the 621 WTC budget. "Ah, Darby, my loyal accountant. I'd like you to take a look at these numbers, I think you'll find them, invigorating." With a disturbed enthusiasm. "Alright, looking at the list of expenses... why is our expense account total listed as "i"? Asked a very confused Darby. "Because it's impossible for us to lose money! Thus, our expenses are an imaginary number!" Said the Count enthusiastically. "That's not even how- Wait, and why do we gain money under "possible ship losses?" Asked Darby, exhaustedly "Because we don't have to pay the crews anymore, so it's a net profit." Said the Count. "Unlike my attempt to use giraffe as a substitute for Horse products." "Where did it go wrong? Their necks should have given us more than enough meat, and bones for glue!" muttered the Count, dejected. "And now, I've got a storeroom full of pickled Giraffe meat that no one wants to buy." "Sir? The Budget? I don't think the shareholders would appreciate projected profits to be quote 'Eleventy zillion and one of those big stone coins or two or whatever.' " Replied Darby, in a concerned tone. "Plus the shipping costs from Telvok, I know those traders screwed us Darby! Courtesy Fees!?!" Yelled the Count "I'm just going to need to do this by myself, aren't I?" muttered Darby. FIN Well, this is my first real build since January of 2019. I tried to pay attention to the concerns I've heard over the years, namely bricks pressed down, techniques, and Photography. I feel like this build really rectified most of those (I think I see one of the floor tiles not fully pressed in, but it's not super jarring, imho) but if anyone has any comments about things I could improve on, let me know. The original story of this build was this was the Count's living room in his Port Raleigh mansion, and he had a secret illegal horse glue factory in the basement. @Darnok pointed out that this kinda was silly, as there was no good reason for horse glue to be illegal, and after a few story and build revisions, I just turned the lower level into a standard 'commerce-storeroom' build. I'm pretty happy with this one, but I still need to get out some elements out of storage. I couldn't find any TNT bricks to hide in the build! Here are some pictures of the full build. My baseplate here this weird, 32x34 minifig-flesh-yellow one I've had since childhood, so it looks rather weird in the pictures. I cropped those out of the story shots, but to see the full build they kinda poke out. C&C appreciated!
  15. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Troop Raising "Halt! This is a restricted area!" Said the WTC marine to the Commander The Agent of the crown looked taken aback. Only the WTC would have the gall to openly disrespect a high ranking commodore of Corrington! "Listen here, sonny!" Spouted the Commander. "I happen to be a veteran of the Juniper Wars, a Commander of a Class 5 ship, and an authorized agent of the Crown on a mission to make sure that the WTC has properly complied with all forms, regulations, and documentation of troops raised in the settlement. "Access is Denied, Mr. Commander." Said the WTC Marine. "Grrrr, you will let me through into this office!" Yelled the Commander. "Uh, Sir? I'm just making sure no one goes into the flooded toilet. The Office is down the other hall..." "Oh." FIN And back. Only took 2 years. . I built this in 2018 to test some floor tile ideas, and it's sat around since as it didn't really fit with anything. It's too small to be a small build, but I needed something for a troop raising and it doesn't look half bad.
  16. The Continuing Adventures of Count Mesabi! Location: Astrapi Acropolis Type: Small Cultural (Prison is a Government building, government is cultural. Also commentary on Oleon's culture ) Deaaaaaaaarrrrr Wifeee, So, today, on my long and winding voyage back to Mesabi Landing, I stopped in Astrapi Acropolis to talk to Padrè François, cause you know, I was kinda bored. Anyways, after breaking into a highly secure Oleander prison, I found his cell. He was just hanging out, so I walk up, and I'm like, 'Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?' And he's like 'YOU?!?' And I'm like 'Yeah?' And he's like 'I've burned heretics in fires.... blah blah blah blah... I should purge... blah blah." and anyways after like a few minutes of this, I'm like 'Oh yeah, while I've burned churches and abbeys and monasteries, and convents...' Well, then some idiot guard walks in, apparently he heard us yelling or whatever, and he's like 'Freeze!' And I'm like 'You don't control my temperature!' And then I used my awesome fight skills to incapacitate him peacefully. Anyways, then I just grabbed his chamber pot and and threw it in his bed and left. So, anyways, I'd say it went over well. A victory for interfaith dialogues! Oh, and for plausible deniability, "Or maybe it was a dream." Love, Count Mesabi Thanks for viewing my build. Also thanks to @Ross Fisher for letting me use his character. I kinda overbuilt on this one, I was originally going to have the Count escape through the window, but changed my mind. I also made it as simple as neat and spartan as possible, reflecting Oleon's culture because it's a prison. As this is somewhat of a bizarre build, and Mesabi is a somewhat unreliable narrator, I wouldn't think to hard about how canon this is.
  17. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Artisan? Task: Mangrove Madness, No. 12 Corrington's mail system allows for speedy communication through the colonies. A post marshall ensures that letters are kept confidential, and that the proper amount of postage is added to each letter. Even the mighty, WTC obeyed the rules of the post office, it was far too risky to risk losing canned Horse Meat orders. Fin Thanks for viewing my first build in like forever. I thought I'd do something stormhaven related to warm up, and I hope that this works too get my skills back. C&C appreciated. Prepare for shenanigans.
  18. Location: Rogian Sea Type: Class 5 Junk The WTC had been the first trading company to set up shop in the south, and had a small outpost on Kemblarsi as well. Today, a new ship was heading in to dock. Captained by Madam Dogtooth, the WTC Rising Sun was a Junk originally from the Gerlo Empire. The Junk was mostly unarmed, prefering to defend itself with speed and maneuverability. As port appeared on the horizon, it's precious cargo would soon be unloaded. What was on board could soon change the course of history in the Brick Seas... FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I'm happy with how this one turned out. (It's a substantial improvement over my last Junk for sure! ) This was an interesting build, for sure. I used Mixel joints to make the stern and bow rise above the rest of the hull, and than used some different techniques for the rest of the hull. The sails are from destiny's bounty, of course, and they look nice, especially with the colour scheme. I'm not sure if this is a class 5 or 4, and I'll be happy to downgrade it if the court so requests. C&C appreciated!
  19. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Rebuild Studcount: 32x16 (512) Mordo, and Captain Angles walked along the remains of one of the wagon roads that crisscrossed Mesabi Landing. Mesabi Landing Repairs by North White, on Flickr "If we're lucky, the town should be dry by the end of the week." Said Angles optimistically, as his boots squished through the mud. "Luck has not been on our side recently," replied Mordo, "between those idiots in the row boat that attacked Fatu Hiva, and a $&@#ing Tsunami, I'm not sure what else can go wrong." Mesabi Landing Repairs by North White, on Flickr "The Horse Meat AND the explosives was waterlogged." replied Captain Angles "Okay, I definitely jinxed it there." said Mordo. FIN Thanks for viewing my first build for the repairs of Mesabi Landing. I took almost all of @Elostirion's suggestions for this build, and a big thanks from him for his advice. I hope this build can be counted, as it's not really about rebuilding, but I'll get to that soon enough. C&C appreciated
  20. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Repairs Studcount: 48x48 (2,304) Repairs continued in Mesabi Landing every day. Today, a street was being cobbled, whilce cleanup on the shoreline was done. Joseph Zumbro supervised the work from in front of a small pub. The pub, of course, had been one of the first buildings repaired in Mesabi Landing. Around back, the mess of the shoreline was slowly being dealt with. The newly cobbled road would help things, was the thought. But that didn't stop the WTC from trying to make some work of it before the road was finished. Next to the Bar was a stately house that had been hit hard, and been half washed out. But there was still plenty of work to be done... FIN Thanks for viewing another repair build. Originally, I was just going to have rails next to the road, but then I realized that I wouldn't have really built anything. So, I replaced where the rails were going to be with some buildings. I hope the grey building isn't to simplistic. I used grey 2x4 tiles to try and make it look like it had mason work done. I looked at several techniques for making stone buildings look interesting, but I wasn't quite happy with any of them, as they were mostly for medieval buildings. The White building uses the same siding technique as my last build, which I think works well, and the roof is based of of a build I saw a while back in GOH. The tsunami washout was inspired a bit from my time in Duluth, on Lake Superior. The lake washed out canal park almost every november or so. Anyways, C&C appreciated. Let me know any improvements I can do
  21. Location: Quinnsville Type: Small Commercial / Troop Raising The WTC Rising Sun had arrived after a long voyage in Quinnsville to deliver it's precious cargo. But the WTC had much to do, and troops were being loaded onboard as cargo was offloaded. [/url] Madam Dogtooth supervised the work, as she prepared for her next voyage. [/url] FIN Small dock build from me raising more troops. C&C appreciated.
  22. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Commercial Stormhaven was a small settlement, and for a long time goods had been brought directly in by Corrington. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr That had changed when the WTC set up a Waymart in the settlement, forcing the settlement's locals to buy from them. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr Today, a Nameren Businessman had arrived to do business with the WTC. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr "No, I don't want a #&$#ing loyalty card!" muttered a disgruntled Marine. "But it gets you discounts!" Said a WTC lackey who was loitering in the store. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr The Marine stormed out, as the Businessman entered. Certainly, there was something to discuss.... FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I stole a technique from @Ayrlego for the siding, which I think turned out very nicely. I wish I could of done the design for the mangroves that the other builders in Stormhaven did, but alas I did not have the pieces. I hope they look alright. C&C appreciated!
  23. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Rebuilding Studcount: 16x32 (512) After the Tsunami, most of the water receded. however, one district of Mesabi Landing, Uptown, was reclaimed by the water. Mesabi Landing Repairs by North White, on Flickr Mordo and Captain Angles explored the waterlogged buildings by boat, while a Marine tried to make the best of the situation. Mesabi Landing Repairs by North White, on Flickr FIN Thanks for viewing my build. Again, thanks to @Elostirion for his suggestions and recommendations. The idea behind this one was inspired by the flooded district of the game dishonoured, and I hope to do more with the concept. I just ordered 100 1x2 trans blue tiles for future projects, as I barely had enough to cover this build. C&C appreciated!
  24. Location: Port Raleigh Type: Small Residence/Shiplevels With the HMS Red Angel, docked in the harbour, Captain Ansa Mesabi disembarked and walked up the hill towards a mansion now owned by her infamous brother. Ansa knocked on the door. She wasn't quite sure what to expect, as it had been at least 3 years since she'd seen him last. "Hello?" asked Darby Tyler, "Who are you?" "I'm Captain, err, Count Mesabi's sister." she said. "I figured we had some catching up to do." "Oh..." Said Darby. "This is awkward. He's literally never mentioned you." "We're not super close." Said Ansa. "Well, I'll go grab him." Said Darby. "No need, Darby." Said the Count. "I was eavesdropping, because I was bored. Tell my sister to come in!" Darby ushered Ansa in, and walked down the hallway, muttering about finances. Ansa and the Count walked into the den, and sat down. "So, what have you been up to?" Asked the Count. "Well, I was assigned a ship. Sailed it into the Sea Rat Capital. Admiralty board was not happy about it." said Ansa. "Ha! I've been there. Well, I haven't, but I remember back in the Juniper War..." The Count was interrupted. "You do realize I fought in the Juniper War, right?" replied Ansa snarkily. "Right. Go on." said the Count, sheepishly. "Anyways, than I tried to assassinate the Dread Pirate Sinbad with Strychnine poison. Turns out he's immune to it." said Ansa, referring to an unfortunate incident on a dock in Bastion. "Wait, how is that even possible?" Asked the Count. "I don't #%&#ing know, he's #&%$ing Sinbad. I just went with it, and accepted his terms." said Ansa annoyed. "They let me keep most of our ships." "What did you lose?" asked the Count. "Oh, just some WTC ship." Said Ansa referring to the class 7 WTC Judgement, which currently was being used to wreak havoc across the Brick Seas. "Not the big one, right?" asked the Count. "ANYWAYS" continued Ansa, avoiding the topic. "I've been dry docked for the past few months. Like I said, the Admiralty Board isn't very happy with me. I barely got permission to travel to Port Raleigh." "Well, apparently my wife has been causing all sorts of grief with the Government, so I guess we're in the same boat." replied the Count. "Wait, are you still married to that lady who-" asked Ansa recalling a particularly unpleasant experience involving a cannon at a wedding. "Yes." replied the Count "Even after she-" asked Ansa recalling a different but equally unpleasant experience involving the queen, a diplomat from Eslandola, and a cat. "Yes." replied the Count "Prometheus! No wonder you went all the way from the South." replied Ansa "Yeah..." said the Count. "Hey, you want to get a Drink? Those Lotti in town have a place with Sake, it's booze made out of rice." "Eh, why not. I also have that paperwork for the ship licenses you wanted. replied Ansa "Splendid! Let's get going! Said the Count TO BE CONTINUED Thanks for viewing my build! I decided to finally actually get the WTC some ship levels, and what better way to do it than to actually show the Count interacting with his family. I haven't used Ansa Mesabi much, but I thought it would be interesting to have her in the same room as the Count. I referenced the Sinbad incident, which I never fully resolved. But I'd like to give a shoutout to @MKJoshA who let me keep most of my ships, and thus kept this character from being stuck in Bastion. I've also tried to tie in some other story elements with this build. You'll notice a Tiberian Puffin, from the Reckoning Storyline, along with the Count's Golden Sniper Rifle, and a Promethean Stained Glass window. Continuity is key! Let me know what Ya'll think of this one. I tried to use some good techniques for the floors, but the walls are probably a bit bland. A lot of my pieces are tied up in my last build, which I need approved by the Court for repairs on Mesabi Landing. I've done a build every day for the last few days, but tomorrow I start my new job, so things will slow down from me, back to, well, the rate the rest of you build at. As usual, C&C appreciated!
  25. Location: N/A Type: Class 4 Ship WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The WTC Libertine had a long history. Built as an Oleander Snow around the turn of the century, the ship was sold to Telvoki trader, who used it to smuggle for Corrington during the Juniper War. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The ship had been bought by the WTC, who kept the blue colour scheme, and renamed it. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The Ship was to be assigned to Captain Angles, whose' original ship, The Checkered Past, was far to leaky to be used as a trade ship. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The ship was quite well stocked, favouring hauling and smuggling over combat. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr But the WTC had plans for this ship... Fin Thanks for viewing my new ship! I was heavily inspired by @Captain Braunsfeld's ship, and you'll probably notice a lot of similarities. Yes, blue is super historically inaccurate as a colour scheme, but I had the white and blue hulls, and I really like how it turned out. I think the one thing I don't like is the Rigging pieces, I wish I had the long ones, but unfortunately, I only have the short one's so I doubled up. I probably won't do custom rigging on this, but I do plan to make some sails for it, at some point. I'd like this to count for Task 2 of Category 3 of the GOC. Please let me know any suggestions for her, I'm calling her finished, but if anyone has any suggestions for making her better, I will work on implementing them. @Bregir, @Ayrlego, @SilentWolf, and @Captain Dee, let me know what you guys think too.