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  1. That's a pity, but thanks for informing me! That combo looks great. I'll try to get my hands on those pieces eventually. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you so much for these nice photos! Very helpful. I hope someone who has the Medusa hair will yet find this thread!
  3. I don't own these hair and headgear parts, and I'd like to know how well they fit together with these beard parts. First is the Medusa hair https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=118155#T=P and the medium short beard https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=93223&name=Minifig, Beard, Medium Short&category=[Minifig, Body Wear]#T=P Second is the Flying Warrior helmet https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=24088&idColor=115#T=P&C=115 and the Gandalf beard https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=10052&name=Minifig, Beard, Rounded End&category=[Minifig, Body Wear]#T=C (or if that doesn't work at all, the Sensei Wu beard https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=93069&name=Minifig, Beard, Fancy&category=[Minifig, Body Wear]#T=C or Vitruvius beard https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=15442&name=Minifig, Beard, Long with Knot&category=[Minifig, Body Wear]#T=C&C=1) Photographs would be appreciated, especially if the parts fit slightly less than perfectly.
  4. Spanish Colonial Outpost

    Nice job on this bartizan. It's definitely a distinctive feature of early-modern Spanish and Portuguese forts and a treat to see in such a Lego model, but your rendition of it would be more accurate if you enclosed it more. Generally they have just a few small windows. I think the crenellations could also be more accurate if desired. Did you refer to any photographs when designing them?
  5. The top five that stood out to me happened to be listed consecutively: 8. stebai - 1 9. antp - 1 10. 6kyubi6 - 1 11. jaredchan - 1 12. Rustony - 1
  6. Another addition to the list, from the Adult Swim animated sci-fi comedy series Rick and Morty:
  7. MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    Thanks; some of my architectural models built on this scale include the diner and "origin mirror" shrine which you can find on my photostream through the linked image in my signature. Great, thank you! I could certainly build a good likeness of Basil's Austin on this scale, but I think I'll reserve that for next summer by which time I'll have made other changes.
  8. MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    A previous commenter in this thread, grum64, sent John Cleese's personal assistant a message with a link to this thread. The kind response is quoted below. Now to respond to the recent comments: Pop cultural creations do seem to do very well on that site, but I'm not sure I could honestly put this up with the intention that this concept would fit their needs. It's a huge diorama with no easy way to create playable figures! Thanks so much! I'll do my best, but I think it will be a distant future... Is not fire, is only bell (it's a semitone higher than the burglar alarm)! Thanks very much for the generous compliments. Post photos when when it gets one! I'd love to see a minifigure scale exterior. Ho there, I don't know if I could manage to build the exterior on this scale! But hey, that's great. I put quite some effort into getting the frame and panel look of the doors correct and so appreciate your observation.
  9. MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    Thanks, Tedbeard! You're a face I recognize - you must not have changed your avatar since the days of the EB Pirate Ranking System! Thank you, Gary. I'm happy to share this here with some Europeans after exhibiting it for mostly Americans at Brickfair! I'm glad you fancy this one too, and when I likely have it back with improvements next year, I can show you the run of it if you like. Do it! I re-watched some episodes for reference and found I enjoyed myself more than I would have expected. If I do the dining room, I'll definitely do the kitchen too, but I think the second floor with the stairs that go up more than necessary just to come down again would be most unique. Thanks for your compliment! Glad you like it, and you have some great models on flickr yourself. I've added you too. I had hoped it might be a worthy hommage; thank you. Your avatar seems to honor a television series as well, Babylon 5? Thanks! Of course it's one of my very favourites along with Black Books, Black Adder, Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em, and although it's not a sitcom, Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. Much appreciated, and I just saw your nice Gettysburg scene on flickr having admitted it to the Historical LEGO group (I've been a bit behind on the queue lately!).
  10. According to Bricklink, the transition wasn't universal and immediate, but rather primary color 2x4s without cross supports appeared in Basic Sets through the early 80s before being wholly phased out in 1984, while the rare light grey 2x4 without cross supports is listed as an alternate for 1990's King's Mountain Fortress, though this seems somewhat suspect to me.
  11. Thanks for the info, guys. I will see the film eventually... I found I was left in the dark for many references to it at BrickFair last weekend. Which it seems were introduced for 2x4s in 1979 along with many other modern parts. With the exception of the light grey 2x6 (which I now see was introduced in 1993) and the light grey plate (introduced with Classic Space in 1979) it's possible that the bricks appearing in this scene are from 7-2: http://www.bricklink...gItem.asp?S=7-2 (Granted the 2x10 blue brick must be from a similar Basic Set.) *************************** Last week's episode of Utopia had a similar scene set in a modern-day American home with a young girl assembling a stack of 2x4 Duplo bricks or perhaps it was a clone brand, either way with bright pastel colors. It's a really quick glimpse within literally the first minute of the episode, and because you can barely see the bricks I won't bother with a screenshot.
  12. It's Gilderoy Lockhart's from the dueling club set. Having just obtained one of those somewhat rare green hair pieces, I can now make that Joker fig too, only now there's an official one coming out with the UCS Tumbler set that will make this particular purist custom obsolete! I love your Brainiac 5 though.
  13. MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    Thanks! Ha, thank you. Eurotrash stole my line, so I'll have to leave this video instead. Thanks so much! I'm glad you could appreciate the nods I incorporated. Wow, that's very flattering, thanks. Thanks, he might be. It's too bad Cleese is only an honorary professor at my school, but he did visit my residence hall once, and I think he got away with it. Thank you!
  14. MOC: The Fawlty Towers Hotel

    Thanks! I tried to pack in as many nuances as I could glean from the somewhat obscured views provided by my reference material. Thank you. The highlights of red and yellow from the "props" (ie, the flowers, fire extinguisher, and fire bell unit) are mostly original to the show. I was pleased with the variety of color they provided, but as rushed final additions to the model I'm not entirely satisfied with the parts choices (the flower pot in particular). Maybe I'll change them up for future photos. I started out with uploading a shot of the wall tree beside the front door because it was furthest from what one sees in the show (and hence the least recognisable) and worked up from there. Since you did recognise it from images of the completed model, I'd say you're totally within reasonable bounds of acuity! Thanks, I changed the anagram for each day I exhibited this, so I'm hoping to see some photos uploaded by others where in the letter tiles read fatty owls or farty towels. Thank you! I look the liberty to design the wall tree for hanging one's hat in the most ornate Victorian style possible because the series only shows it from the side. Judging from what one can see however, it's probably a simpler design like this one, but I referenced several others for the details I included in my composite. I'm glad to be able to share it with people here who haven't seen it on flickr! I really appreciate the compliments too. Thanks, I'm pleased to have informed opinions on this!
  15. Hi there, Here are some photos of my newest model I displayed at BrickFair VA this past weekend, a diorama depicting the set of the classic BBC Two sitcom Fawlty Towers. The hall tree with dual umbrella stands in the vestibule at the back of this photo can be seen in better detail here. Here's another shot from the con showing the reception desk, the fire bell, and the moose head with a broken antler. Here's a work-in-progress picture showing an alternate corbel design in light grey and some of the winder stairs. Here's what the whole diorama looked like from the front sitting on the table, which provides another view of the staircase. I plan to modify this and post another set of photos once I get some parts I don't yet own and will maybe even build the upstairs or exterior. Thanks for looking, Nathan