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  1. Excellent build evancelt! I really love the window design, and the greebling and roofs make an excellent scene. Great use of Ayrlego's tree design as well, and the scene is just excellent. I think you should put this up for the "Purser's Network" (task 4) of GOC.
  2. Nice use of the ikea boxes, and a fine addition to Mesabi Landing. The Ikea boxes work quite well here, making a clean, neat house. Great job!
  3. Mesabi

    [SR - FB] Galleon Habana

    Another powerful vessel from you. You're probably going to get some bribes to avoid being targeted... The curvature is done excellently here, though you can tell she's quite a heavy vessel. The blue and yellow looks great, and I like the 1x1 tiles turned on their side as an accent, it's a nice accent. I'm definitely a fan of the little dingy as well, the brick built nature makes it look perfectly in scale with the Habana proper. I really like the technique of the icecream cones in the 1x1 cones for the balcony on the back. I'll have to try that myself some time. Nice job, and you're going to be a terror next MCRA!
  4. Ooh, she looks excellent. I didn't comment earlier, since you put them all on one thread, but I'll add some thoughts on this one. She is a well put together ship, and rendered quite well too. To me, she looks like she sailed out of the scenes of PoTC and onto the Brick Seas. The curvature is well done, and the black highlights well against the white. 2 minor criticisms. The sails could be a bit more animated, and since you're already doing this digitally here, I think it would have been worth doing. Additionally, the black could use some breaking up here and there, it's a bit dark, just by nature of the piece colour, so I think it could have used some more accents. All together though, nice vessel, and I will rue the day my ships run into her.
  5. Mesabi

    [OL - FB -Ship] LBSF Demeter

    Great looking ship Cap, and she's an excellent mix of realistic and "playset" styling for ships. The colouring is done quite well, the sweeping blue, white, and brown make her well in tune for OL colours, and the gold accents look excellent. I like the windows on the captain's cabin, and the entire stern is well put together as well, with the gold highlighting everything. I also like the set of doors by the bow, it's another small, but nice touch. You've definitely got an excellent set of curves on her as well. From experience, it's far too easy to make a bulky, square ship that looks like a brick. I think my one minor criticism is the dingy could have used a line of these on the underside, to make it look more smooth. The understuds of the dingy detract a bit from the smoothness of the rest of the ship. That being said, that's not really a critique of the ship, more of the things on it. All in all, excellent build, and I look forwards to seeing what you do with your trade corporation!
  6. Just unearthing this to add my most recent entry: 32x39: 1248 studs added! ...only 5,700 to go....
  7. Thank you! I agree that Agnes's methods, while unorthodox, are often effective. Thank you Kai! I really liked doing the texturing with the gold bricks, I think it helped with the ornate look of the building. Thank you Evan! I have Photoshop CS6 (a decade old) and I will see what filters I have available there. Thank you Blackbird!
  8. Good fig posing, as usual. I especially like how you did the lamps on the back of the ship. My one critique for the vessel, is the blackness is pretty all consuming, it could use some breaking up with more yellow.
  9. Another great build, and good usage of tiling to create a realistic landscape. The tree looks really good as well. I will say though, the town of wullham has a lot of sheep, and military patrols!
  10. Mesabi

    [OL - FB] Iron Mine Tunnels

    great use of lighting, and an overall nice scene.
  11. Mesabi

    Tulips ... and sistershipping

    Nice little scene! the coat rack is well done, and the rest of the furniture is excellent as well. I especially love the chess board though, I've never seen that done, and I think it's an excellent little addition. The masonry on the walls is another excellent touch. The story is great as well! I love the reference to Monty Python, and the continuing influence of the tulips. They're very.... tribbley...
  12. Reply: We'll have to wait till the next KPA for any specific arrangements, but I am glad to be able to deal with you. I look forwards to working with you soon....
  13. build by @evancelt To NPC nation of Carno!
  14. I think Ska's rules as intended were that each faction can have three and only three Chartered Trade companies. Under the COR page, it says: But to be honest? I'm actually not sure on this one. I've always assumed other factions just didn't include that snippet of text, but I can't be sure. I also vaguely remember some discussion early game about ESL only having one slot open at the start of the game, but I couldn't find a specific reference to it. Unfortunately, I can't answer this one.
  15. All of the quotations work as links to the old discussion. The difference between a Trade Company, and a Monopoly is listed here, in this post by Ayrlego, under the Notes section. For example, what I was told with the WTC (circa 2017) was that the faction approves for a Trade Charter. This allows for you to have an entity that is an EGS entity. THEN, with a significant amount of builds related to one good, you can petition the court for a monopoly on a product. For instance, the WTC does NOT have a monopoly. OOC because @Darnok and I never concentrated on a singular product, IC because we're generalists. We are chartered though. So, having a Trade Company is a prelude to having a monopoly, and you must apply for a monopoly on an in game product you do a series of builds around. Also, any Court members feel free to shut me up.