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  1. @Ross Fisher This one lol.
  2. Chapter 8: Homewards! As Kemblarsi faded into the horizon, Count Mesabi and Darby stood on the forecastle. Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr "So.... now what? We've been gone awhile" Said Darby, "Do we just keep being gone?" "And have the world live without the Glory of Count Mesabi? The Righteous? The Bold? The Handsome?" Asked the Count in response. "I'm fairly certain that no one has ever called you any of those." replied Darby Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr "Well, I guess you and I remember things differently!" Said the Count. "Yeah, because you're delusional!" Yelled Darby Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr "Hush!" Said the Count, he leapt onto the figurehead of the WTC Seriously, "I have Dolphins to kill!" Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr The voyage to Belson was swift. Over cooked Dolphin, the Count discussed what would happen next. They were to go to the queen, and to present everything they found, and ask a 'favour.' When pressed, he refused to answer what he would use the favour for. But deep down, the crew suspected it involved Horse meat. Soon, they were in Belson's harbour. Belson was built on the river Bhames, and down it, was a series of bridges, the most famous Being Arlin's Crossing. Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr Past the bridge lay the royal palace, where the Count would ask his favour. Return to Belson by North White, on Flickr The Adventure might have been over, but a new one was beginning... FIN This ends Southbound and Down! It's been a year since I started it, and a year since the Count really caused chaos on the Brick Seas. It also marks my return to the Brick Seas, after a chaotic month of law school. So, the WTC will continue to bring chaos to the Brick Seas, and something... interesting will almost certainly happen soon as well. C&C appreciated, about my builds and the adventure. This build was inspired by London Bridge, which I learned after building was built in the late 1800s, not the early 1800s. So, I'd say that "Arlin's Crossing" is a lift bridge, but only opens for really large ships on special occasions.
  3. @Capt Wolf The Carnian ship was saved, but it had sustained heavy damage. Now, it sat on the shore of Isle 2, with a series of a gashes along the hull. The Carnoans milled about on the beach, mulling over the damage. Commander Janszen and Captain Calvo sat in the captain's cabin with the Carnish Captain. "My name is Captain Arnolfo. Thank you for saving my vessel, though I fear the Catfish may never sail again." "Yes, of course," said Captain Calvo, "we couldn't just leave you." "I am sorry to have to ask another favour of you," said Arnolfo, "But it would take us a solid month to repair our vessel. Can you help us? I don't have much to give you. But If I make it back to Carno, I can certainly tell the other captains how you did us a favour." =========================================================================== Options: Repair the Carnish ship: The Carnish ship needs more than a little elbow grease, but your crew can certainly fix it. (1 build required) (This will give you a favour from Carno for later use.) Offer your tools, and your best wishes. The Island needs to be explored, that's why you're here. Isle 2 is small and can easily be explored in a matter of days. (1 build required, showing the island being explored. 100 dbs deducted for tools.) Other priorities We have an important mission. The Carnians are safe and must provide for themselves. We must survey the island from the sea. (One build required, showing a sea side survey) 1 option may be taken this turn. =========================================================================== MEANWHILE Isle 6 appeared on the horizon. The island was flush against Isle 5. Captain Merker looked through his spyglass. Was that... a bridge connecting the islands?!? It looked ancient and made of stone. Certainly this was an interesting set of islands. ============================================================================= Options: Explore the Island The Great Bridge: The Great Bridge connects the two islands. It is ancient, but still seems to be used by the natives. (1 build required.) The Great Statue: A small village composed of wooden huts appears clustered around a tall statue. (1 build required.) Search for the Treasure of Itasca The Lost Ship Itasca's logs report that his ship ran aground somewhere on the south side of the island. Perhaps you can find more information about Itasca in it's remains. (1 build required.) Kingeater's Shrine Itasca's logs keep referring to a place known only as "King Eater's Shrine", but something in his description seems ominous... (1 build required) 1 option may be taken this turn. =================================================================================== 1 build required to continue your story.
  4. Your Welcome! So I forgot to mention in the main post, that there are quite a few gaps in the data. Unfortunately, the top and bottom of the google sheet was cut of in a few months. For those months, I subbed in the previous month's data. I don't see it as a huge problem, but in game Breshaun is just going to be the biggest, forever, as it grows faster than anyone can catch up to it. Whether or not the court finds that unfair to the game is not up to me. I would like to see the ability to become a captial city be more doable, it's a little hard with the current numbers required. Same Could work as well.
  5. Here's a quick graph showing how the top 10 settlements have grown since the start of BoBS! Growth of Top 10 BoBS Settlements by North White, on Flickr I'm proud to say Mesabi Landing is Fourth on the list. Coming for you Weelond!
  6. So, I've been doing some investigating on forts, and I've got to say, in the current game they're quite overpowered. From my research, and my simulations, it would take five class 5 ships, fully loaded with troops. (in total, 125 men) to overwhelm a large fort even somewhat reliably. (This is using the HMS Pegasus, a standard faction warship, as a model. (Guns: 4 ; Crew: 4 ; Hull: 3 ; Carried Troop Points: 5.)) Say you manage to gather up five of these, and send them out on a raid. Well, you'll need troops as well. You'd need ~3 Cities to raise the full amount of troops for them, or you'd need to wait 3 MCRA turns. (Or you could do it with a Large City, and a regular City, or 5 large towns, etc.) And that gives you the following stats: Guns Crew Hull V. Guns Crew Hull 20 45 15 15 40 20 RED is Fleet of 5 Class 5s BLUE is 1 Large Fort Red Fleet is still not beating the Blue fort in terms of Hull. So, you'd need more, larger ships, or more ships. Now let's calculate the cost of all this. 5 Class 5s... (420*5=2,100) 150 Troops: 1 Company and 2 Battalions... (220+80+80=380) Total: 2,480 Dbs. (Not counting upkeep) 1 Large Fort: 300 Dbs. (Not counting upkeep of 60 Dbs) So let's say I invest 2,480 Dbs, months of building to make 5 class 5 ships, raise the troops, and attack this settlement with 1 Large fort. By my calculations, using the data provided about how combat works, I would successfully raid the settlement around 60% of the time. Conclusions: ASSUMING my data is correct, raiding is basically impossible at the moment. While I appreciate the Court's addition of the feature to the game, I feel it is impossible to really successfully raid a settlement with the current fort stats. That being said, this is all theoretical data, and I don't know how right my data is for battles. We will see, with the upcoming MCRA results, how right I am as to this. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
  7. Mesabi

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    @Drunknok Aye, you may choose and build any of the five options. For 'Repair and...' repairing your ship and leaving the island are considered one action. So, for that, you can either do a repair build, or a build of your ships leaving, either of which would count for that option. As for Calinstock's rumours and info: Island 1 is about the same size as Calinstock. For Capt Wolf to be given the Island 1 rumours and information, he had to do around 4 builds, before he was given the info. He ended up doing 5, total for the info, and extra rewards. I would say, if you choose one of the 'explore' options this turn, you will be given a list of options to explore the island, which will probably require 2 builds to gain all the info, and 3 builds to gain the info, and extra rewards. That make sense? Your secret info will be sent by @Bregir when he gets the chance.
  8. Mesabi

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    @Drunknok Wesbert Thaum studied the compass. He took a measurement of the sun. Then he swigged an entire bottle of rum. "Calinstock" he said. "We're on Calinstock." "What the heck! That's nowhere North or North East on the map! This is Crazy!" Said Pip Angrily. "Uh, boss, we got the maps dry. Looks like a location of Carnian positions in the New Haven Sea." said a Marine. (Secret Info Sent by PM) "Well, now what?" Asked Captain Riley. ================================================================================ Explore Calinstock Calinstock is a massive Island, and exploring it will not be easy. Walk to the massive abandoned lighthouse on the hill. It is stone, and at least 5 stories in height. Who could have built it, long ago? Walk the stone road going into the Jungle. A stone road, overgrown, but still visible leads into the Jungle. Where does it go? Walk the Beach until you find something of interest. Sandy, and littered with debris, you're sure to find something else. Repair your Ships and Set Sail Repairs will be easy, as you've done this once already. Picking a course is the hard part. Explore the New Haven Sea. Pick an Isle to visit and explore. Return to Mesabi Landing This will give you an ending turn, as soon as you get home. Only one option can be taken this turn.
  9. Mesabi

    Era II Trade MRCA

    Can I get a clarification for how the battle rules work? So, is a weather gauge rolled for each of the 3-5 battles? or does it only decide the first one? More precisely, how is the type of battle decided for battles 2-5? Is it Hull v. Guns, and Crew v. Crew, or Hull v. Hull, Guns v. Guns, Crew v. Crew How do forts factor into the weather gauge? Thanks in advance!
  10. @Ross Fisher Suddenly, the Prometheans attacked Astrapi, burning it to the ground and suddenly ending your adventure. Don't worry, I'll play nice, and I can't wait to see what you create for this adventure.
  11. @Ross Fisher The oaths had been taken and secrets sworn. The padre's team had the island waiting for them to uncover its own secrets. Choices needed to be made: To the Mines! The mines are big and pull vast a mount of Silver for Oleon's Treasury. Certainly the miners know something. Speak to the miners: Give them a sermon on Zeus's love. This may get some clues. and increase your reputation with the clergy. Simply talk to them. This may get some clues, and will befriend the miners. Give them a sermon on how Hades is angry. This will scare them into talking, but might have consequences. One build with one of these options is required if this path is taken. Build should be mine related. To the Church! The Church of Zeus in Astrapi is one of the largest in the Brick Seas. It pulls in quite a tithe for the Order. Talk to the Clergy Give a Service The Congregation always enjoys a good guest Priest. It helps liven things up. This will increase your reputation among the miners. Ask to view their archives The texts in the Church's library should have information about exploration into the interior. This may gain some clues. Audit Their Income This will scare the Clergy into talking, and will have consequences. One build with one of these options is required if this path is taken. Build should be Church related. Into the Fogmist! Ile de Zeus is large and misty. And Foggy. Perhaps you can find something in the dark. Explore the Coast: Many ships have found their end in the fog, but you might be able to find something. Explore the Interior: Heavily Wooded, the Island's interior is where the artifact is said to be found, but it is dense, and treacherous. It's rumoured that Promethean Practitioners have a small outpost somewhere here. One build with one of these options is required if this path is taken. ================================================================================ One build is required to progress the turn, but two paths can be taken this turn, each requiring a build. In total their are 3 clues you will need to find the location of the Thunderbolt. Clues are awarded based on your actions. Once you've found where it is located, you'll still have to find retrieve it, which will require additional tasks. PM @Mesabi or @Bregir for questions.
  12. Mesabi

    [META] Troop Capacity

    @Bregir using the stat calculator, it wouldn't let me punch in a value of '0' for range. Maybe a glitch? Either way, I suppose that only makes Class 0s more ridiculous
  13. I've done some math on the troop capacities of various vessels. I've found that carrying troops is actually pretty easy, IF you have a specific troop carrying ship, with a high cargo stat. Here's a Graph Troop Capacity Graph by North White, on Flickr Raw Data Thoughts?
  14. Location: Quinnsville Type: Large Factory The WTC's efforts into Horse consumption had come to a head with their new, innovative product! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr Jellied Horse Meat! In a Can! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr First cooked in sea water, than in fresh water with a mix of proprietary WTC spices, the horse meat turned into a delicious jiggly concoction fit for any meal! Jellied Horse In a Can by North White, on Flickr With innovative Cans with a rubber lid (patent pending!) the delicious treat could be stored for months at sea. Untitled by North White, on Flickr WTC ships picked up crates by the cartload, all for sale across the Brick Seas! WTC! a Leading Pioneer in Innovation! FIN
  15. Thanks Blackbird! I worked hard to make that one look like some pictures of what historical buildings looked like in London. Thanks Keymonus! I really enjoyed putting the Coaches together. One of them is from the PoTC London Escape set, but the other two are my own design. @Bregir, how do I license this, as it's in the old world. Do I put Belson, or Corrington? If I put Belson, I know it will bump up the trade value for the city, but I don't know if that's allowed. Thanks!