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  1. That's where I'm at. I don't know why there's the push for single use minifigs en masse. Give me more generic army builder series!
  2. Mesabi

    [OL-FB] Smoked meat for the Fort

    Excellent build @Keymonus. I especially like the grill and all the hanging meat, it's presented quite well. I also saw this build, and @Ross Fisher's build at the same time, and I'm pleasantly surprised they're NOT related.
  3. Mesabi

    [COR-TER] He had no choice...

    Nice little build Bregir, I like the terrain technique, and the wall is good as well. I'm also the fan of the violence.
  4. Excellent Scene Ayrlego, The figures and terrain look excellent, and I hope to see them in action! Well, should diplomacy fail, of course.
  5. Mesabi

    Adventure MRCA

    @Bregir Last build post of mine: Updated Goals, considering new l;and combat rules and such.
  6. GM STUFF: (cleaning up and merging from last post Goals: GMs, please let me know how feasible / achievable these goal are. If they do not fit within the system, let me know and I will change them. Originally I asked for a layout of the city, and where troops were stationed: ...but, with how Troops / land combat is done now, I think a general estimate of troops, and fortifications of the city would be a good alternative. Additionally don't forget to deduct funds for bribes, as my characters bribed some city officials. 
  7. So, just bumping this, and redefining my turn goals just a bit, after watching Terraversa / getting the land combat rules. I'd like to know what the city has for Forts, and Troop Garrison, as that's probably a better way of doing this. Hope that helps!
  8. Same here, the Throne of Gonda needs some GM input...
  9. Location: Fatu Hiva Type: MCRA Outcome The Count gazed out at the sea, from the Captain's Cabin of the WTC Libertine. "..and so you're sure, absolutely sure that Corrington is going to war with Oleon over Terraversa?" asked Darby incredulously. "Darby, would I ever lie to you?" asked the Count. "Not five minutes ago, you literally..." Darby paused. "Well I guess if you believe the lie you're technically not lying, because you believe what you're saying?" He asked, trying to consider the mind-boggling logic the Count employed. "Well, either way Darby, you're a pawn in a small game of nations and personalities, and we're raiding Fatu Hiva." Said the count with his usual exuberance. "Also, just FYI, you will probably be tried for war crimes if I am." Darby briefly considered his life decisions, before quietly concluding the Count was messing with him, though he reminded himself to restock the bag of embezzled money, and fake documents with fresh supplies... A bell on deck clanged. They had arrived. The crew scurried to make preparations for the landing. The Count Strode onto the deck, peered through his spyglass. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our prize.... Fatu Hiva..." Said the Count. He paused. "And, may Prometheus grant us strength over these nutcases. Remember, no looting till the town stops shooting!" The WTC marines through up a cheer, and signal flags were waved. "FIRE!" He shouted The deck of the WTC Libertine shook, as it's cannons let loose a volley. Across their battle line, the Heavy Cannons of the WTC Blackbird, WTC Icarus Returning, and 7 other ships pounded the Large and Small fort of Fatu Hiva. The Cannon volleys reduced the two forts' batteries into rubble, before their gunners could properly return fire. The WTC's love of destruction was proudly on display. The Count let loose an evil chuckle. "They should have built bigger forts..." The Count ordered the ships to approach the beaches, and to land men on the beaches. A small gun placement managed to hit the WTC Rising Sun, rendering it helpless, but the Count continued undeterred. The Count himself boarded a small boat, to the protests of Darby, and soon the WTC had descended upon the beaches... On the beach, a different Count emerged, as he called targets, ordering his men forwards... The Oleanders were tough, but they were outnumbered, and outgunned. A tan tide overwhelmed the beach, and the WTC Marines quickly began to overrun their positions. A Soldier drew his cutlass and charged at the Count. A single pistol shot struck him in the forehead, and he slumped over. The Count grinned, and continued his advance forwards. The Beach was quickly overwhelmed, as the smell of smoke and blood choked the air. A few holdouts had taken shelter in a small house. With a loud crack, a machete wielding marine crashed through the door. As they raised their muskets, another Marine poked his rifle through the back of the building. The beach was soon clear of resistance, Oleander Marines retreated up into the city, in a desperate bid to regroup, and defend their settlement.... To Be Continued.... Thanks for viewing my build! I'm glad to finally wrap this one up. I had a lot of trouble with the WTC Libertine, (Which FYI, is an IC ship only, and not licensed at the moment.), and it still needs some more work, but you can't see it in how the photos are cropped, hopefully. The Fort was inspired by one of Phred's , and the beach scene by one of Ayrlego's builds of villager huts. I had a lot of fun with the beach scenes, though I am a tad disappointed the KPA had the descriptor be "Mostly Bloodless" . C&C appreciated, and I'll probably do at least one more of these before moving on to the next project.
  10. Cool, thank you for the clarification. I read your post wrong, my apologies!
  11. Indeed, but let's say troops are part of the raid. Wouldn't they then be commanding troops and eligible for commander skill? I'm totally fine with that not being the case, I just personally think that raids into settlements should earn commander score. (This is not at all related to the Count capturing a settlement last turn! ) Also thanks @Ayrlego!
  12. Rules Request / Clarification: For Naval Raids that involve the use of a Commodore/Admiral/National Hero, can Commander Skill be gained from successful raids?
  13. Mesabi

    [OL-FB] Raising the Flag

    Nice Micro Bodi, the fort angles are done quite well. I also like the vignette of the wall.
  14. Well, that's just the choice of leadership. Personally, I'd love to send the Count rampaging into the Oleander heartlands, but BoBS prefers to avoid the old world.
  15. Nice build Brickwolf. Very neat and well put together. The cobblestone is especially well done. Also, the WTC doesn't really 'Steal' horses. The idea of stealing implies we're taking the Horse's for their intended use of transportation. If anything, I think the WTC are technically horse poachers! Yes, I do, but I want to get my builds for Fatu Hiva done before starting that project. Also, thanks for explaining it Brickwolf! (Though we should look into renaming this settlement as well...)