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  1. looking good Bregir, and I love the birch trees. The scene is well put together, and I like the figure usage (good head usage for the Oleander troops! ), though I wish some of the Atwi could be seen better. Excellent build, and I can't wait to see where Cooke goes next! (partly so the Count can mock him! )
  2. Mesabi

    [SR- OKT] The cool vaulted cellar

    looking good Thuam, and those beer mugs really stand out. The build definitely meets the classic pirates style, and it's a great addition top the challenge.
  3. great build @NOD, I was considering doing the TV defense build, but I had no clue what to do, and I'm glad I didn't since you really had some much better ideas for strategy! The build is quite put together, and I love the interior. All it's missing are some dead Oleander soldiers!
  4. Mesabi

    [GOC-FB-COR] Archery Lessons

    quite a nice build @evancelt, The scene and the figure posing is excellent. I've liked watching your story come together, and each chapter has an interesting 'slice of life' for Captain Brickleton. Keep up the good work, and It'll be interesting to see your character in the war against Oleon!
  5. Nice scene, @CapOnBOBS, the pathways look quite excellent, and the theme is good as well.
  6. Mesabi

    [OL - AMRCA] Le Terreur

    @Bregir Dang, that's the first time I think that those areas have been defined. I was under the impression that Yeldo was Tam as well. The flickr page for it is private, so it might be one of those things that was defined but not public
  7. That's what I was thinking, they're quite wide, and having built a model of the cutty shark, they seemed way wider then I'd have expected.
  8. @Bregir, @kurigan, @Legostone So, I was at my local thrift-store the other day, and I picked up these 2 1953 Pyro ship models. I bought them and built them, and I was wondering if y'all could tell me how good of a reference they would be. They look a little 'fat' to me, but I literally have never been on an actual sailing ship, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice if they'd make decent things to reference for ships going forwards. The Bon Homme Richard Bon Homme Richard by North White, on Flickr A Brig of War Brig of War by North White, on Flickr Brig of War by North White, on Flickr More pictures on my flickr
  9. Quite a sleek ship you've got here today, @Bregir, the curves look quite excellent. The rigging, and scale for the build makes it look great, and it's always awesome to see more exotic builds on the brick seas!
  10. Great build @Darnok, and excellent story. The build came together quite neat, and like the interior. The cabinet, and roof both stand out in the build. I totally agree here!
  11. Mesabi

    [BTV1-OL] Loyalists Join the Cause

    Nice build @Captain Genaro, I like the roof technique, and the figure usage and posing is quite good as well. You do need to fix your photos, however, the first is broken, and they're both private on your flickr.
  12. Mesabi

    [BTV1-TER] The price of war

    Looks excellent Legonaut, I like the clean nature of the build. It actually looks great without the scatter. great job!
  13. An updated list of my entries. Task 5: Higher Education Quinnsville University Public Library for the higher education requirement. [Approved] Task 3: Merchant Marine WTC Rising Sun for the 'exotic' requirement. (I renamed it the Red Sun in the forms) [Approved] WTC Libertine was originally planned for this task, but it was not approved, and I will be using it elsewhere. [Withdrawn]
  14. Thank you! Thanks! Checkered floors with jumpers is one of my favorite things to do. As for the Jumpers, bricklinked them in bulk! Thanks Captain Dee!
  15. Excellent build @Bregir, and I am already planning on stealing more than a few of the techniques you used here. I really like how the faced is done on a corner, and the exterior with the tiles looks excellent. The fabric rolls, the sewing machine and the interior is fantastic as well. Great addition to King's Harbour!