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  1. Mesabi

    [Hideout] Cutlass Cay

    Very nice build, @Bregir. The tower is very well built, and I like the docks. It's almost a little too fancy for a pirate hideout.
  2. Mesabi

    [Rules] Pirate Hideouts

    I'll clarify a tad. I'd love to use a hideout on an Island, to strike at black flag pirates, because that would be cool. Also, the WTC is above piracy, but certainly not many, many other crimes. Side note, would any of your settlements like some opium? First order is free!
  3. Mesabi

    [Rules] Pirate Hideouts

    Well, this is certainly a cool feature, I love the idea, and I think this will add a lot to the game. Certainly, it's piratey, and fun. I have a suggestion though, I'd like to see a TMCRA ability to maybe search an island for hideouts? Setting up an AMCRA is quite intense, and I'm not sure it's the best forum for finding hideouts. And I must say, I have one serious gripe with it. Okay, so great. I don't use black flag ships, nor do I want to, so it looks like this cool feature doesn't work for me at all. I don't want Black Flag ships, and I don't plan on using them, at all, probably ever. However, I'd love for the ability to use these for the WTC to do some privateering on our enemies, and escape to safety from the righteous anger of @Bregir. So why don't I just use black flag ships? Well, If I used Black Flag ships, I'd be subject to privateering actions, and essentially would end up attacking everyone, when my list of enemies does not (yet!) include everyone. So, this is an excellent feature, but unless something changes, I won't be using it.
  4. @LM71Blackbird, Uh maybe? this is the one which ran in october. You have ships in it though, so maybe not?
  5. Wow! Excellent builds all around! I especially love the Pig temple, the shaping is fantastic. The Physical build is great as well, and I really appreciate the creativity that went into all this. Side note, where are ya'll making camp? If you plan to establish a settlement, you will need a map location for it.
  6. Mesabi

    Gold smelting factory

    Very nice build @Bart, good to have you back from the high seas! The Gold smelting scene is done very well, and I like how clean the build is.
  7. Got a new ship planned. Any advice is appreciated. I think I got the shape right. Not sure about the colour scheme, or if it needs any more colours. WIP ship by North White, on Flickr WIP ship by North White, on Flickr WIP ship by North White, on Flickr
  8. @Ayrlego Thank you! I was very pleased with how this build turned out. Here are some more pictures, this time with the debris removed.
  9. Excellent build @Elostirion. Great colouring with the Dark Orange, and the whole build is very realistic! I would have loved to have seen an interior on this, however, it's certainly large enough for it.
  10. Mesabi

    Factions - General Discussion

    Wow, this is looking great. I may have to join once this starts up. Random question, where are all the red torsos from in the second image of the black sun thread? They look really nice.
  11. Mesabi

    A boat, adrift

    Looking forwards to telling this story arc with you @Drunknok! Oh good idea!
  12. Chapter 2: The Blue Moon Pub Option Taken: The group quickly disembarked from the carriage, and lead them down a side street, ditching his hat. The streets were strangely quiet, and many of the buildings were boarded up. They were lead through a barricade into a cordoned off street. Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr "Glad I got you out of there," Said their guide. "Things around here aren't super stable." He lead them into a tavern. Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr "Good to see you too, Ivano" Said Princess Isabella. The group went upstairs, where a command center had been set up. Papers and old pizza boxes stacked the tables. Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr "Is like the only place open the pizza place?" Asked Mccoy Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr "Right! Now to Business!" Said Ivano. Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr "Here is a complete briefing of all of our resources, troops, and Dbs. And of Course, the situation in Gonda right now...." Blue Moon Pub by North White, on Flickr To Be Continued.... ============================================================================================ Thanks for viewing my latest build! C&C appreciated. Notes for the AMCRA team: I've chosen to let y'all define the current situation in Gonda, and the Current Resources of the Loyalists. (Like give me some Loyalist troops, and a Db balance, positive or negative.) (Also, make sure you decide what's going on in Gonda, and options of how I take advantage of it.) I'm doing this so that this adventure is as fair as possible, since I don't want to overstep my bounds in terms of NPC relations. Also, NPC dev committee, now might be a good time to go over the Lore for this?
  13. @Wellesley Welcome to BoBS and the best faction! Quite honestly, don't worry about it too much. It's a big enough world to avoid trampling on other people's lore, and once you find yourself in the new world, it doesn't matter to much what happened in the old, unless you want it too. My personal character, has almost no lore, because I think it's more interesting to keep him mysterious. Well, feel free to take a loan out from the Bank of Corrington, they have 'new player packages' for Corries. EGS is fun, and it really gives me a sense of power in the BoBS world. As for where to put them, I'd suggest Mesabi Landing. It's the best and biggest settlement, hands down, and it could use some more people other than Drunknok and I. Otherwise, Quinnsville could use a hand.
  14. @Bodi I mean it's up to you / Oleon Leadership. I'm just a humble Corrie who stirs up trouble.
  15. @Ross Fisher *cough* *cough* you forgot to add in the name of Prometheus!