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  1. Mesabi

    Adventure MRCA

    @Bregir Thanks for the update! I am excited for these new changes. Question: For my AMCRA, do I still use the last GM turn, or do I continue in my own direction?
  2. The Continuing Adventures of Count Mesabi! Location: Astrapi Acropolis Type: Small Cultural (Prison is a Government building, government is cultural. Also commentary on Oleon's culture ) Deaaaaaaaarrrrr Wifeee, So, today, on my long and winding voyage back to Mesabi Landing, I stopped in Astrapi Acropolis to talk to Padrè François, cause you know, I was kinda bored. Anyways, after breaking into a highly secure Oleander prison, I found his cell. He was just hanging out, so I walk up, and I'm like, 'Yo, how many times have you dropped the soap in here?' And he's like 'YOU?!?' And I'm like 'Yeah?' And he's like 'I've burned heretics in fires.... blah blah blah blah... I should purge... blah blah." and anyways after like a few minutes of this, I'm like 'Oh yeah, while I've burned churches and abbeys and monasteries, and convents...' Well, then some idiot guard walks in, apparently he heard us yelling or whatever, and he's like 'Freeze!' And I'm like 'You don't control my temperature!' And then I used my awesome fight skills to incapacitate him peacefully. Anyways, then I just grabbed his chamber pot and and threw it in his bed and left. So, anyways, I'd say it went over well. A victory for interfaith dialogues! Oh, and for plausible deniability, "Or maybe it was a dream." Love, Count Mesabi Thanks for viewing my build. Also thanks to @Ross Fisher for letting me use his character. I kinda overbuilt on this one, I was originally going to have the Count escape through the window, but changed my mind. I also made it as simple as neat and spartan as possible, reflecting Oleon's culture because it's a prison. As this is somewhat of a bizarre build, and Mesabi is a somewhat unreliable narrator, I wouldn't think to hard about how canon this is.
  3. Minnesnowta Man, university students have opinions on Everything! They purposely only had abstract abstract art so no one could get offended at my old university. Try being offended by a giant steel support beam wrapped around a circle. I went to the beach in march on lake superior once. Got to walk out on the ice XD.
  4. Ross, your builds continue to be excellent. Keep up the great work! So, it's snowing here in my corner of the Midwest. It won't stick, but how's the weather for everyone else?
  5. Mesabi

    [GOC] WTC Rising Sun

    Yay! Another Task Complete! Thank you! I remember this being really fun, and difficult to build. I used Mixel Joints to allow me to get the bow and stern to look the way they did, which took a lot of trial and error. I picked up This book for some inspiration and help on a massive project that did not survive storage. Hopefully I can get some inspiration from it. I'll license her as a class 4. Thank you for Thanks Wolf! I did go for a more artistic approach than a real one, but I like how she turned out. Thanks lol. Thanks Bodi!
  6. Crud. Would I be able to add a secondary connected structure to have this qualify?
  7. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Artisan? Task: Mangrove Madness, No. 12 Corrington's mail system allows for speedy communication through the colonies. A post marshall ensures that letters are kept confidential, and that the proper amount of postage is added to each letter. Even the mighty, WTC obeyed the rules of the post office, it was far too risky to risk losing canned Horse Meat orders. Fin Thanks for viewing my first build in like forever. I thought I'd do something stormhaven related to warm up, and I hope that this works too get my skills back. C&C appreciated. Prepare for shenanigans.
  8. @Wellesley, Excellent build. I love the concept, and it's very well executed. It's fitting for the WTC, and I appreciate mentioning us in a build. these actions were not ordered by the WTC however, and there is no "legitimate proof" that these are not stolen uniforms the WTC is not liable for any and all underwater tunnels in these settlements. Just wanted to mention a bit of etiquette here,and feel free to ignore me. the title is [your faction-FB] so while this does involve Sea Rats (I guess? The WTC is definitely not Sea Rats!) You would still put [COR]. Additionally, and while this is optional, we do try to use specific settlements in our builds, as it allows us to build on each other's work, and build up settlement values. Like, okay, you did this great build with underwater tunnels. If you set it in a specific settlement, since I like the idea, now I could use it later. If you have any questions, let us know, and we're here for you. Also, as a side note, I am totally okay with anyone using WTC marines in their stories, just know that the company may or may not approve of their actions.
  9. Mesabi

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Very nice, very clean build. It really turned out excellent in real terrain.
  10. @Roadmonkeytj
  11. 2 separate incidents. The front one got hit by gravel in construction. The back one went when I was trying to close the door and my hand went through it. Thankfully both were covered by insurance, and they were able to get them both fixed today.
  12. Meanwhile the highlight of my driving this year is I'm getting the rear and front windshield replaced on my '09 Nissan Cube
  13. Excellent write up @Capt Wolf! I look forwards to seeing these developments on Brick Seas...
  14. I have openly talked about my want for more religion to be in BoBS, mainly because it was such a factor in soooo many things in the Age of sail. Like, let's face it, Church of England, Reformation, the spread of Islam, etc. all happen during the age of sail. Additionally, it was such a big part of why nations went to the seas, to go spread religion (pilgrims, catholic missionaries) and the wealth they brought back usually fueled the religious wars that were being fought. So, I see BoBS as wholly lacking without the religious history being involved. However, I do understand the reasons we don't really get into it in BoBS, (though if you're going to question my realism with ships and technology.... ) and I respect them. I do like having my band of religious ninja-warrior-assassins to rough up people who get a little to into the faith though. Ha! "Cold" New England!?! try visiting the midwest around february or march! Oh wait, you can't! the highways and airports will be snowed in! I know what you mean, and I think the best way of understanding other's beliefs is to simply have conversations with people of different faiths. I had an Islamic coworker who I talked to at length about this, and I am far richer from the experience. Same would go for my Judaic, and Baptist friends. Man, that's awesome! Have you ever performed a wedding before?
  15. So... I drink black coffee by the pot. Some days I drink over a gallon a day... I may have a problem.... I mean quite honestly, most of what Count Mesabi does is stuff I find humorous. A lot of that is real world stuff, but not always. I do try to veer from too many political jokes in my builds, (we live in such polarized times that it just seems like a better idea than not.) And other than stealing like campaign slogans, most of any BoBS politics I make fun of is just for me to tease someone / someone's nation. That being said, I love to lampoon the STATE of the world, with corporations and such, and I consider history fair game as well. And, a slight update, I'm moving on monday, so expect me back soonish™