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  1. [WTC] Minichallenge- Saboteur

    Six more days to put in your entries!
  2. Wow! You're story is fantastic! Your builds are great as well. I can't even begin to list all the things I like about them. The Arlinsport gate is fantastic, and the Temple scene looks like a real scene I think I saw somewhere. Is it based off of something? Thanks for your participation, and good luck in the contest!
  3. HELP! ! !

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble with the Personal Messenger. I can't seem to send PMs to two recipients, even though I'm at the rank where I can. Am I just doing something wrong, or is it a bug?
  4. Dear Mr Science Guy, Your scientific society is completely lacking and doesn't deserve me. I bet you don't understand real life skills like stealing, and burning bridges! Maybe I'll start my own society, with card games and call girls! Your's truly Count Mesabi OOC: Eh, no hard feelings. I'm just here to have fun, and the royal society looked like fun. Didn't really know the etiquette here, but I guess I violated it.
  5. Sorry! I messed up and read the page wrong. I haven't rewrote it yet, but It should say that the application fee is nonrefundable, and that Count Mesabi is happy to be considered. My Bad!
  6. Wow! Fantastic build and story Keymous! Each room is really well done. I like your posing for the figures as well, but that's probably my bias towards people who post stories in a similar style to me. I'm curious why the Varcoastians would just have a crystal skull lying around though Also, I'm totally forgot you were using Varcoast. I just decided to use a Varcoastian in my story, but I was thinking Varcoast was analogous to Russia, so I gave him a russian accent. You are free to have Count Mesabi, or any of my other characters involved in treasonous actions. Feel free to PM me if you wish to do so.
  7. The Count is avoiding Chaos (Mostly) by visiting Camp Isaac! I'd really love to be invited (hint hint) to the society, but I need a member to do that. Let me know if I haven't burned those bridges yet.
  8. Dorm Life

    Jesus, @Elysiumfountain. You are insane! (In the good way) Your dorm must be huge if you can fit all that in it. I have so little space in mine, everything, books, papers, legos, foodstuffs. Is really just in piles. Fantastic build, By the way. I knew you were a decent builder, but I didn't know you were THAT good.
  9. Oh man, that'd be awesome! My Kawashita tag is lonely. And increasingly irrelevant.
  10. I think we decided on Carrefour as the name for the city. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hi. So, I'm thinking of joining Heroica. I'm already pretty involved in BoBS, but since there's a limit to three property builds a month there, I was looking to join another game. Also, AG is on Hiatus, and I have a month to do my GBW build. I will do my homework for this, but is there anything you guys would suggest I know before I really start considering joining? It'd be a while before I did anyways, All my medieval pieces are at home, and I'm at college, so I'd have to do some ordering, or just wait till I'm home next. Really, I know nothing about how this works, I haven't read the rules yet, I can't seem to find them. Can someone link them to me, or give me a brief overview? Really I want to know if there's a build limit per month, or weekly point system, or if everything is campaign based. Personally, I'd like to be a warrior monk in Avalonia. But, I'm not really sure what I want to do. Thanks, and sorry to be a noob.
  12. Hey @Professor Thaum, how about throwing us a bone, and showing us your build process? Also, what's the Ship's name?
  13. Location: Camp Isaac Type: Small Educational It was a sunny day on Cascadia, as Count Mesabi, and Darby Tyler walked along the path with their guide. Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "And here we have the Big Cat observation post. I'm not sure where Major Allcock is, but I'm sure we can find him." Said their guide, Dexter Kip. "Let's not. He's still mad at me for the whole, well, let's not get into it." Said Count Mesabi Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "We're so glad to have visitors! And your donation of Eslandolan rum, furniture, and carpets will do much to further our scientific causes." Said Dexter "I'm still not sure where the marines got that stuff." Said Darby Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the jungle air! Maybe we'll see a tiger! Did you know tiger's are native to Mokolei? Fascinating!" Said Count Mesabi The three tromped over the bridge towards the observation post. Fish hung as bait from the wood and stone structure. Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "You talk to the man out here, Darby. You're both holding books, so you must have something in common." Said Count Mesabi, "We're going to watch for tigers and talk finances." "You made me bring the book!" Said Darby. Nevertheless, he waited outside. Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "You are man of Science? No?" Asked the Royal Pioneer. "Well, uh, I'm an accountant. So Arithmetic I guess?" Said Darby "I am Dmitri. I observe Cats. Birds. Living things. Science." Said Dmitri Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "That's very Corrish of you." Said Darby "I am Not Corrish, am from Varcoast. Not all Science types Corrish. Not all Money types Eslans." Said Dmitri "How'd you end up here?" Asked Darby Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "Am explorer. But Dmitri explored enough of Cascadia. You going on adventure? No? Take Dmitri with." Said Dmitri "Well, I'd have to ask the count..." "No. Dmitri come with." Meanwhile, Count Mesabi and Dexter talked. Camp Isaac by North White, on Flickr "Listen, uh I was pretty drunk when I signed up for this Royal Society of Natural Philosophy thing. So is there any chance...." Count Mesabi was cut off. "Fee is non refundable." Said Dexter "Well then I am glad to be a member." Said the count. FIN Thanks for viewing my latest build! I bought This for the parts, and decided to make a build with it, after seeing @Bregir's fantastic rope bridge build. The build is supposed to be an old Native building built over by the Royal pioneers. I don't have any big cats, so I couldn't include any, unfortunately. C&C appreciated!
  14. Well, personally, I think we should be coming to you for building advice, instead of vice versa, but whatever. i like the dark tan in the flooring. The only thing I would suggest is make the base a little larger, and put foliage on the outer edge of the columns.