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  1. I'm just going to invoke "Death of the Author." Your guess is as good as mine.
  2. Excellent build Cap, and props to you for adding interiors! I love the feel of this build, and it reminds me a lot of my local historical society's one room schoolhouse. The embellishments are a nice touch aesthetically, while still keeping your faction colours. I like the basing as well, having the school at an angle really shows the extra care you put in. Excellent job, and it's good to see that Oleon is indoctrinating its children from a wee age!
  3. Location: The University of Tiberia, Arlinsport, Tiberia Type: Royal Project Piece (This takes place sometime in 621) It was another pleasant day in Arlinsport. The well manucrued lawns of the University of Tiberia fluttered gently in the breeze, as Agnes Mesabi walked to a surprise meeting at the Mesabi Hall of Geology. A squat, and tough building, the Geology Hall was a recent addition to the University. It's construction, of course, was made possible with the new influx of funds the Mesabi family had charitably dumped into the University. While the Mesabi family was quite dreaded across the Brick Seas, their vast wealth and willingness to keep up appearances had lead them to dump large amounts of capital into Corrington's colonial educational institutions. This allowed for several educational institutions to add new facilities.... provided they put up with "Mesabi Shenanigans" on the premises. Agnes Count Mesabi's harridan of a wife, walked into the halls of the Geology building. Her stiletto heels clacked with each step, ominously announcing her arrival. In the research labratory, WTC Leader Karl Mordo chatted with a Professor of Minerology. "So you see, with these samples, we're hoping that we can identify a common pattern." Said Mordo gruffly. Agnes burst into the labratory. "Karl Mordo! My old friend and confidant. Can you guess why I'm here?" Said Agnes in a nail bitingly aggressive tone. " you've come to kill me then...." Said Mordo cooly. He reached into his holster, and drew a pistol. "At LEAST you had the decency to come do it YOURSELF!" "Hey, easy there Mordo..." said Agnes, a little slower, but no less agressively. "Let's talk this out..." With a quick motion, Agnes was behind the Professor, pistol in hand. "TRY SHOOTING ME THROUGH MY NERD SHIELD YOU ****!" She yelled, Aiming her pistol squarely at Mordo's forehead. [/url] The two aimed their pistols at each other for a solid 30 seconds, neither blinking. The Geology professor stood nervously, too afraid to say a word. A grad student cowered in the corner. "...So you're not here to kill me?" Asked Mordo mildly sheepishly. "What? No, I just thought I'd surprise you while I was here to giva a speech for the 'Women in Business' event." Said Agnes, mildly annoyed. The two lowered their pistols. The Geology Professor Scattered. "So, I had a proposal for the WTC to expand our business opportunities." said Agnes. "Involves some things with Oleon, involves the sale of some less than legal merchandise....." Mordo sighed. "You ran out of money in Namere again, didn't you?" "Look, overthrowing governments is hard and expensive! We're certainly not winning the hearts and minds at the moment. But I'm thinking throwing even more money at the situation will fix things." Said Agnes, rolling her eyes. Mordo grunted, and walked over to a chair. "I'm trying to use science to improve our prospecting, but I'm fairly certain I'm going to need to find a different professor to work with, thanks to your antics." Agnes ignored him, and handed him a piece of paper. "Lemme just get your signature, and I'll keep the fact you just tried to kill me on the down low." Mordo glanced over the document. "You really like this Namere thing." He muttered. He signed the piece of paper, and handed a copy back to Agnes. Agnes turned and left. "Oh, and if I wanted you dead Mordo?" She paused, smiling to herself. "I'd just hire someone to do it." FIN Thanks for viewing the build! This continues my work on the Royal "University of Tiberia" project that I've had going since.... 2018. With the current rate of progress I'm making on it, (about 1000 studs per year) I should be done in 2027! Honestly, looking back on my project writeup, I'm not satisfied with what I have their, so I'll probably get it fixed. If anyone is interested in helping, do pm me in the meantime. Regardless, enjoyed building this one. I originally planned to have it be set in Mesabi Landing, leading to a more squat look, but I didn't feel like the style was really working for that settlement. So, I changed up some parts of the build, and set as a part of this project. Storywise, this ties in with my long neglected TMCRA, with Agnes trying to overthrow parts of Namere. Karl Mordo is @Darnok's player character, and he told me that the story was fine, as long as " Set it some time in the past." Thus, the disclaimer at the beginning. I'm also referencing his many prospecting builds on behalf of the WTC. I'm sure this also would lower the IC opinions of everyone of Agnes Mesabi.... if they weren't already rock bottom. Anyway, thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated, and lets hope this royal build gets done!
  4. Mesabi

    Troop rules and land combat

    Hey, if the court so feels that this is correct, please make sure that Count Mesabi is added to the next Account sheet under "Commander." He lead the charge on Fatu Hiva, and it was a successful outcome for him.
  5. Mesabi

    [COR-FB] A Carnivore's Welcome

    Thanks for the feedback y'all! Thanks Ayrlego. I do like to make my WIP shots and titles seem just a tad concerning.... Thanks Darnok! I like to imagine that if the Count ever dies / I kill him off, Darby will go mad with power, and rule as a brutal despot. Thanks for the comment. Good to see the Triuri faithful are still on here! The ironic part is for no good reason, I have one of the highest ranking titles. Man, Era I was weird. Anyways, thanks for your positive feedback! Thanks Bregir, and that's quite high praise. I'm glad I've figured out some improvements as a builder, and I really think taking time away, learning to work with less, and relentlessly plagiarizing learning to understand what works for other builders has allowed me to learn some new techniques properly. And thanks about the story too. I really enjoy writing the Count, and it's always a win-win if I can do it in a way that keeps him as the roving madman we know and love, while not upsetting anyone. I'll always be embarrassed about things that happened early on, but I'm glad to know I still have a place here. Also, I just couldn't NOT have your irregulars aim a rifle at Count Mesabi. Thanks for some IC banter from your characters, I'll make sure that the Count has something to say about them later.... Anyways, if you get one of your characters made a Count (And I really hope you do, you've put in quite the amount of work for Oleon!) We're going to need to have a "Count-Off!" Thanks Jeff! And nice to meet you, I'm not sure if we've interacted before. I'm not sure what to license it as, and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I wouldn't call it a fort, but it could certainly be a repair build, or a commerce, since it has a road, and commerce is done on roads... well, it doesn't really matter to me. It's a nice a build, and it doesn't need to be in the EGS. When Oleon decided to occupy Terraversa, Corrington decided to respond by invading Oleon's settlement of Fatu Hiva, to blockade the New Haven Sea, and to convince them that conquering Terraversa would be a dastardly display of imperialism. (This is editorializing of course!) Count Mesabi, incorrigible bastard, titan of industry, and warlord, was allowed to enact his plan to invade and capture Fatu Hiva, followed by Corrington proper. With luck (and in all honesty, a lot of it, the RNG Gods seem to have truly smiled upon me.) he was able to take the settlement. Needless to say, this made Oleanders hate him more than they already did. (Which as far as I can tell, was a already lot! ) So, as an Oleander, you should probably hate the Count. Anyways, that's a few links if you want to get yourself caught up on some Olde BoBS. history.
  6. Mesabi

    [OL-FB] Some pretty large bones

    Excellent build and story! I really appreciate your unique eye to the BoBS world, and the resulting builds from them. The skeleton came together nicely, and I love the "age of discovery" feel to the build. Great job!
  7. Excellent build Aylego, I agree as to the rest that the Scala pots look superb here. I like the usage of car wheel wells over the windows, I think they really add to the texturing here. The tree in the background looks great, and you can really appreciate all of the detailing you've put in. I love the tower part of the build, the use of the technic 'x' bricks gives it a proper military feel. Additionally, the use of the curved window frames looks great, and I didn't realize they'd look that good when used like that. I'll have to borrow that sometime! Now this is the student lecturing the master, but I think the right support of the wooden awning looks too long with how you did the basing. I think if you extended the tan base out just a few more studs, and had them the same length, it would look a hair better. Another slightly negative thought of mine, is that the building's exterior doesn't make me feel like it's more of a forge, than any other building. It's a great build, but if you took the guards off of the tower, I could just as easily see it being a bakery, potters, or similar building. But again, none of the build looks bad whatsoever. The colour, the form, and the presentation are all perfect. All together it looks excellent, and is another testament to your skill.
  8. Location: Seawatch Type: Freebuild It was a humid day near Seawatch, as Count Mesabi and his loyal accountant, Darby Tyler walked towards the city gates. Count Mesabi had anchored the WTC Libertine off the coast of Seawatch, avoiding the heavily patrolled harbour. The two had rowed ashore, and walked down the path towards the city proper. "Anyways Darby, the best way to visit a heavily fortified wartorn city is via surprise. You simply appear at an unexpected interval, and come bearing gifts. It worked for Fatu Hiva" Said the Count cheerily. "Count, they burned you in effigy after the Corrish force pulled out. There's literally been talk of making a holiday when you die." Said Darby, incredulous as ever. "It was such a touching tribute! I always like statues of me! And fiery infernos always have a special place in my heart! Anyway's we're here. It's been a while since I lent my hands to Corrington's Leadership. I always get the feeling like they're anxious around me though. They're probably afraid of my title." Continued the Count, pondering back on his many, many misadventures. "AVAST CARNIVORES!" Yelled the Count at the Carnish gate guard. "I, his excellence Count Mesabi demand an audience with your mayor, the leaders of the joint military task force, your quartermaster, whoever's in charge of your theater guild, and your cheapest cheesemonger!" "Who the Megablocks are you?" Yelled back the Carnish guard, gripping his musket tightly. The Count smiled. He had new friends to make! "Look, uh, just please tell a Corrish guard to find a sergeant or something? Tell them that Count Mesabi is here." Yelled Darby, hoping to slightly The Carnish guard stepped away. A loud "WHAT?!?" came up from over the wall in a heavy Corrish accent. An alarm bang clanged loudly, the gates were yanked open, and Corrish and Oleander marines sprinted forwards, muskets in hand. "See Darby! Look at the warm reception we're getting" said the Count happily. Soldiers emerged from both sides of the path, climbing through bushes and thicket. Each pointed their musket at the duo. "Augh! don't shoot me! I don't want to die!" Cowered Darby. "Drop your weapons you nutcase!" Yelled a Corrish Guardsman. "You will hang for what you did to Fatu Hiva!" Cried an Oleander marine angrily. "You're a danger to the free markets!" muttered an Eslandolian guard. "No sudden movements!" Shouted the Corrish ranger. "Who wants canned meat!" Said the Count. "I brought enough to share!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I thought it'd be fun to have the Count here for this, so he has found his way over. For newer builders, my character, Count Mesabi caused a bunch of IC and OOC strife when I first joined BoBS. Long story short, I nowadays I do my best to not cause OOC / irl issues, but I very much enjoy playing a character who is reviled, hated, and despised across the Brick Seas. Anyway, I enjoyed building this. The wall segments started as an experiment, and the rest of the build followed. I did my best to make sure all the factions present in Sea watch were represented. Hope I didn't miss anyone. I'm not sure if I can license this. If I can, I'd like to do so as a small commercial. Thanks for viewing my build!
  9. The Count served as a low ranking officer in the wars, and the conflict is what drove him insane. He's always faulted Corrington for their loss in the war, and a lot of his antagonism to Corrish characters stems from it. He also ran out of food and ate his horses in the war... leading to another character tic...
  10. What a glorious vessel, and I'm mildly terrified to see you are continuing to pumping out supermassive class 10 vessels. She's a proper Galleon for sure, and she really screams power. The detailing is on point, and your shipbuilding skills really show. Fantastic job! pls don't hurt us!
  11. Mesabi

    [COR - FB] Jungle Meeting, Seawatch

    Excellent build Blackbird! Your figure posing, and foliage is on point! My only critique, is I'm not sure I like the exposed tan studs on the tents. I think using white, or tiles would look a a bit better. Either way, excellent job!
  12. Lovely build Ross! I like the landscaping, and the display base is fantastic. I'm assuming those are hovercraft hulls? The writing is excellent as well, and I appreciate your addition of a character who's a bit obnoxious. (He was probably added while I was out, just my first sighting of him.) Maybe he'll bump into the Count one day. I definitely like your battle nuns as well. Every setting is improved by battle nuns! Excellent job!
  13. Mesabi

    [COR - FB] Leaving Spudkirk

    Thanks Darnok! I really liked how this one turned out, though I definitely struggled with the writing a bit with it. Sometimes a good build is hard to write a good story for! Thanks Ross! I always enjoy circling back to the Bricks now and then. Thank you Spud! I can concur about the residential populace of Spudkirk being glad he's gone. Will get this added to the settlement thread! Thanks Nod! I considered turning this into a pirate hideaway, but I ended up deciding against it. Thanks Jeff, and it's great to see more new members on the Brick Seas! For cans, I usually use eraser's head from the batman CMF series, but really any grey 1x1 cylinder works. Glad to be back! Thanks Blackbird!
  14. Mesabi

    [COR-WTC FB] Supply issues

    Nice build, and great little story to go along with it. The tent came together pretty well, and it's a very tidy, well put together scene. The story made me crack up, and I hope to get some builds over there soon. Breakfast in Bed!