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  1. Mesabi

    The Brick Seas News Archive

    Hey, @Drunknok, you forgot to add my little occasional newspaper, the Arlinsport Adviser, which I use to analyze the brick seas from time to time.
  2. Alright, I'm pretty close to finishing, sparing another redesign. Had to remove the six shooter, as it didn't make sense. They're just too dang long for prefab hulls I think. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr Thoughts?
  3. More progress. I removed the stern for now, for reshaping. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr I don't have the pieces to give it a lot of cannon ports, so I'm kinda neglecting them. This still will be a warship, but maybe one that relies on crew. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr The bow. It needs more detailing, the figurehead, and more curves, but it's a start. I realize that the six barreled "bomb ketch" styled shooter is completely anachronistic, but I think I'll keep it for the rule of cool. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr
  4. June 618 "More than just fake news!" Excitement continues on the Brick Seas as various adventurers continue to explore the world, new and old. We here at the Eltina Courier bring you a sample of what's happening on the Brick Seas, for only half a Db! Bastion is Busy! Corrish Warships, Eslandolan Warships, and a lot of pirates have found their way to Bastion recently, and just before the World Football cup! Will peace be brought with some good old ball kicking, or will this be the final spark to a powder keg? Terraversa is getting crowded! Our sources inform us a new ambassador to Esl is in the works. A dock worker informs us that he overheard Guilder discussing plans for the ambassadors arrival in Kings Port. The Capitan of the Valiant Phoenix was seen toting a large packet with an official seal. But the plot thickens as an unknown man made quite the show as narrowly lept from the dock landing on the phoenix's decks. We will keep you updated. Dialogue of the blinds! Thaddeus Calvo's expedition reached its goal only to find the island inhabited by blind but not deaf natives. A subtle dialogue is about to arose. Now the choice is clear : a tap dance or let the bullets do the talking. Whatever the choice, we're listening alright. Andromeda to Altonia! Professor Thaum's hunt for the mysterious "Red Oktober" took another turn as the item was salvaged by Altonians, and taken to the capital of the Kingdom of Windmills, Ulric. With new studding sails installed, and instruments to explore both sky and sea, the Andromeda might be the best equipped ship on the brick seas. But will this be enough to reach their goal? Mesabi at the gates! According to our sources, Count Mesabi has reached the mysterious and far off southern kingdom of Kemblar, but is now trapped outside the gates. As the Count has packed a large collection of explosives, it can be presumed he might blow up the walls potentially sparking a war between the far off kingdom and Corrington WTC off the gates! According to sources, the Cranky Parrot has reached far off northern seas. The instruction of the Count were clear "Join us to reinforce" . As the Cranky Parrot's crew has packet a large collection of booze, it can be presumed that the Count's instructions will be followed to the letter. Sure after a whaling interlude, will the Cranky Parrots ends its round the world trip southbound and down. More Terraversan Drama! The RNTC adventures in Terraversa continue to become more complicated and they seem to be faced with a choice of who should control Terraversa. As Eslandola sails quickly towards the isle, they might find their own options complicated. Damaximous leaves Tendorn!The Prince of Stedor has reportedly left the island nation of Tendorn, and is now sailing into Loti waters. Our sources report the waters are heavily patrolled for Madrician vessels, So we can only expect that he might meet a patrol. How he reacts is another question. Pirate Hunt Nears Conclusion! The Hunt for the Red Rascal Pirates nears its conclusion, as the location of the Red Rascal Pirate Hideout has been located. As the WTC prepares to assault the fortress, we can only expect the conclusion will involve a ton of explosives and shenanigans! WTCM: Fact or Fiction? The WTC Monthly continues to be fiction according to our sources. Not only does it provide fake news, but it also posts terrible recipes. 'I burned my house down making that spicy tortilla thing!' said a poor reader of the magazine. 'Now I live in the outhouse!' We can only hope the mad fiend Drunknok starts publishing real news and better recipes. This edition of the Eltina Courrier brought to you by the WTC- Corrington's best trading company after the ETTC. W.T.C. Your solution to chaos. Thanks to @Professor Thaum and @Roadmonkeytj for help writing this. Looking to help out with the next round of AMCRA writing? PM @Legostone or @Bregir
  5. Work continues: Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr The front is going to be a little boxy to hold the six shooters, but otherwise I think it will look pretty good. Thanks for the bow examples but the darn things are just so big it's hard to make look right.
  6. More progress Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr The front is going to be a little boxy to support the six shooters I think, but otherwise I hope its an improvement.
  7. @Bregir Thanks for your advice. I do agree it's a little to boxy at the moment, so I think I'll strip it down to the first layer of gunports. I'll try to follow your advice as much as possible for the redesign.
  8. @LM71Blackbird dangit, your right. Time to do some restructuring.
  9. I think with the six shooters, raising the bow isn't possible without a complete redesign unfortunately. There is a third mast I added, It just wasn't on during the pictures I took.
  10. Working on a class 8 ATM, was wondering if anyone had some feedback. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr The figurehead is a little large, but I like it. I'm also keeping the giant six shooters for cannons. The front still needs some work, however. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr I did my best to give her some lateral curves, and I hope it shows. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr Thae Captain's Cabin is designed for large scenes on the interior. It will have 1 deck on top of it. I don't want to overdo it like some of my older vessels. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr It definitely needs more detailing. Destroying Angel WIP by North White, on Flickr General thoughts? I'll be giving her string rigging and fabric sails. Altogether, I want this to be my best, and largest vessel yet.
  11. Mesabi

    [SR - FB2 Jun 18] White gold for Tortuga

    Very nice LDD build Thaum. I like how clean and neat everything is. However everyone knows that the best salt comes from a mine. Preferably in Mesabi Landing!
  12. Thanks @LM71Blackbird, I'm always being told to press things in. It looks pressed in when I build it I swear! Additionally I ran out of 2x2 jumper plates, so tiling things completely wasn't possible. (I bought like 50 of them too!) Thanks for your comment, and I hope you'll add your own contribution as well.
  13. Mesabi

    [SR - Poppy Port] Mill

    Very nice mill bart, the colouring really turned out well, and I like the addition to Port Poppy. Keep it up!
  14. Mesabi

    Account Summary

    @Phred, can the WTC Beacon be removed from the account sheet? It was captured by Kwatchi, and scrapped for parts, so it can simply be removed from the game. Thank you!
  15. Got my first build up for the royal university. It's a corner of location 15 on the map. Can't wait to see everyone else's!