Waffles and Milk

    By Ecclesiastes,

    Time for a treat! These waffles  made by ExeSandbox look so realistic they are truly mouthwatering!




    [REVIEW] Technic Reviews Online

    By Jim,

    Today the embargo lifted for the 1H 2019 Technic sets. I have published four of the nine reviews. And @Sariel and @kbalage have posted their awesome video reviews! Come check them out in the Technic  forum or jump directly to one of these reviews.


    44499196070_c89500e310_n.jpg 45424826125_d936406b46_n.jpg 46322394581_4b9445e19a_n.jpg

    Trojan Goat

    By Ecclesiastes,

    Forget horses, goats are way better victory gifts! Kristel has done a great job on sculpturing this goat and added a fun twist! 



    8880 Tribute Instructions Available

    By Jim,

    Eurobricks member @Attika has made this wonderful tribute to the classic Technic 8880. And the good things is... @1963maniac has created free instructions for it. Check out the Technic forum for more information.


    EB Star Wars Factions Now OPEN

    By MKJoshA,


    The new Lego Star Wars role-playing game, Factions, is open for signups!


    Check it out on the Star Wars forum. Pick your faction, build some awesome MOCs, and help your team find the holocrons!


    Welcome to Dutch Bros for some great coffee to go!

    By Ecclesiastes,

    Ritzcrackerman has made a stunning drive-thru. Using the Dutch Bros. as inspiration this is truly a place were a would take a break for a cup of joe!


    Make sure to visit the topic in Town forum!

    MOC: Hogwarts Castle Clock Tower

    Captain Nemo
    By Captain Nemo,

    Harry Potter is making a resurgence in Lego and with it comes the return of great custom Hogwarts creations!


    ETELENZOS92 has built his own version of the Hogwarts Clock Tower, complete with a fully lit interior. Head on over to the Licensed Forum to check out this magical build! 


    Not all Christmas Elves (and Dwarves) come peacefully

    By LuxorV,

    Eurobricks Forum member, LEGO customiser and BrickWarriors founder Thrash introduces his latest custom accessories for Elves and Dwarves!

    (Click on the images above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)

    Lego Pictorial Review: 5005251 Penguin Winter Hut

    By WhiteFang,

    Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, Makoy had recently gotten his hand on this promotional minifigure from the Malaysia Toys R US exclusive. Take a moment and see this comprehensive review of the 5005251 Penguin Winter HutWhat do you think of this promotional minifigure design? Do you prefer to see it in the LEGO CMFs instead? What are your thoughts and do share them with us in the Eurobricks Special Themes Forum. 


    Click here to view the 5005251 Penguin Winter Hut review in the Eurobricks LEGO Special Themes forum. 

    A Voltron twist

    By Ecclesiastes,

    This creation made by ExeSandbox sure is a fun take on how the Green Lion spends its time while waiting on its Paladin to arrive! Check out the details here, because there's way more to discover!44877658622_2f4e5baa25_b.jpg

    VicVipeout - Aurora-s1

    By Ecclesiastes,

    This spaceship by Bob De Quatre is ready to crush the competition in any race! Make sure to check out the topic in Sci-fi forums, because this ship is packed with stunning details and features!


    Skyfall: Catching the Train

    By Ecclesiastes,

    "True gentleman (let alone a secret agent) never misses the train." This moc "in motion" is built by sheo, the way the movement is achieved is quite impressive. Same goes for the vehicles, which are very detailed! Check out more in Licensed Forums!


    S.S. Venture

    By Ecclesiastes,

    The Adventurers sets are still my favorite, so this ship made by Jelleater makes me think of the good old times. The ship is wonderfully detailed, especially the rusty parts on the sides. And of course the ship does not float:wink:


    Check out more details in the Action and Adventure Forum

    The Guilds

    By Ecclesiastes,

    The people of Historica are thriving at the moment.  Enjoying the peace, there's time for art and beer and of course much more. Check out for yourself in the Guilds forum!


    Sculptor by Gabe

    New Modular Building 10264 Corner Garage announced!

    By Rick,

    The latest addition to LEGO's Modular Buildings has just been announced. 10264 Corner Garage features a 1950s style garage with working tow truck, an animal clinic (no snakes allowed!) and a rather spacious appartment.


    Check out more pictures in the Town forum.

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