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  1. Well, there are some nice closed loop small GBCs out there (miniloops,) . You could imagine a line of miniloop GBCs sets, that could connect to each other, forming a bigger one. Maybe some of them manual and one or two with a motor, that could be used to power the union of several. Wow, this would be nice!
  2. Thanks! Thanks! The minifig seats that rise where really fun. I wanted to be able to open the canopies both at the same time, then connecting the seats to it came naturally, and then... why not ejection?
  3. Hi everybody! This is RSR-911 Space Cruiser, an alternate model of set 42096. 42096 lights are canopies. Inspired by that, I did this MOC. It was really fun to build, hope you like it. Features: Retractable Feet with suspension Openable Canopies Retractable Rotating Antenna Ejection Seats Stand Description plate LEGO 42096 C model (87% parts) Ship: 1105 parts (69%) Stand: 261 parts (16.3%) Name Plate: 24 parts (1.5%) See the video below. More pictures here. Video:
  4. 20: 10 17: 6 7: 4 5: 3 12: 2 10: 1 Very cool contest, incredible participants, very difficult to choose!
  5. vascolp

    General Part Discussion

    Yes... but old:;name=Train Wheel with 2 x 2 Stud Center, Traction Teeth&amp;category=[Wheel]#T=P&amp;C=5;name=Wheel with 4 Studs and Axle - Traction Teeth&amp;category=[Wheel]#T=P&amp;C=5
  6. vascolp

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    I was just thinking on it right now.... 16T and 24T on that position do not mesh... is it for a chain? The chain solution is great! I like it, I might use it! Very cool!
  7. vascolp

    [TC19] Katana supersport

    Your motorbike is really beautiful and I like the way you found to squeze the stepper inside it! But, and please correct me if I am wrong, I have the felling that your gearbox will spin in one direction in 1st and 3rd gears and in the opposite direction in 2nd and 4th gears. That, because the axles with the driving rings should be spinning in the same direction, but you are connecting them through a 16T-24T mesh. Am I corrrect?
  8. vascolp

    [TC19] The Red Blaze

    Wow, those pictures from above are really nice! Glad you liked the suggestion ... Fortunately your bike's seat looks really comfy!
  9. vascolp

    [TC19] The Red Blaze

    This is really cool, i like it very much! Those curved parts you used on top of the fuel tank and on the botton, wouldn´t they make a nice front wheel mudguard? Also, the seat and the footrest position seem to be not quite compatible with those handlebars, the driver would have to bend a lot! What about long handlebars, allowing the driver to rest its back? How would it look?
  10. vascolp

    [WIP] Straddle Carrier

    Hi, very cool stuff! You could try wheels without rubber tires.... just the rims or fake tires made with small link chains, for instance. Not that nice but it would probably slip enough to avoid leg spreading? About container decoration, you could make a decoration of 3x3 containers size, so you would have a puzzle that you would build using your machine!
  11. Yes really cool! And funny how you did a modern version of the old square piston.
  12. Well observed, I didn't notice that. Thanks ?