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  1. vascolp

    [MOC] 12 Speed Rotary Gearbox

    Hi. As in your 4 speed gearbox, you use only one side of the driving rings. This seems interesting to me as it might reduce friction problems (maybe at the cost of a bigger size). Am I right?
  2. vascolp

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    It seems to me that that structure is there to give some angle to the blades. That is done through a half pin inserted in this 3L axle and pin connector. The structure might be a starting point for some mods (but the space is very small....), but given the fact there are no references to it in the box, i am pretty sures there are no functions here...
  3. vascolp

    [APP] BrickController2

    Thanks for your answer ! it is a pitty, though
  4. vascolp

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hmmmm! Dos it work with Nintendo Wii remotes?
  5. The color shadding variations are really something that happens, specially in lighter colors. I also have the same problem with my Land Rover roof. That might be a consequence of different factories and probably also resulting from new/different fabrication processes, environment friendlier, but with these drawbacks. I suppose TLG is aware of that and it is a conscious option, environment above color perfection. In fact, not only there are color variations, but it seems to me that some parts on most recent sets are a bit more flexible than they used to be. Not necessarily a bad thing, but different...
  6. Just got my breakfast watching your video. Very good video and the calm music in the beginning made it even better. Thanks you for your effort... have a nice sleep And the car... ! Even you, a demanding guy, concluded with a "looks out of this world"! This thing will sell!
  7. vascolp

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Since it is a display model, maybe it connects directly to a power plug!
  8. 59: 10 24: 6 47: 4 33: 3 53: 2 41: 1 Thats it!
  9. vascolp

    Review - MOC Truck (42075 Alternate)

    I had the same issue in my tc18 entry. I put some pictures in the WIP topic and then selected all of them and paste them in the entry topic. It looked ok on a pc screen but on the mobile phone pictures were distorted. The solution was getting each picture address and paste them one by one. Don´t know if this helps you....
  10. 29: 10 53: 6 43: 4 17: 3 24: 2 59: 1 Incredible contest, incredible entries! Congratulations to all!
  11. vascolp

    Tensegrity GBC

    Very good, very nice!
  12. 36. WOW4x4x4 - White Orange Wheels 4x4x4 Features 4 wheel driving 4 wheel steering with return to center Full suspension V8 fake engine Playability Doors open Small trunk in the back Optional roof Adjustable front seats Back seats replaceable by a truck bed Optional small roof And a video: WIP thread:
  13. Renamed to WOW4x4x4 - White Orange Wheels 4x4x4: And a video: And more pictures here: Edited just now by vascolp
  14. vascolp

    [TC18] McLaren F1

    @letsbuild! Don´t get chicken! LETS BUILD!!! NOW! You have a very nice car, it just needs a final touch! Don´t give up now, at least do something to go to the contest and then take more time to finish it as you would like...
  15. vascolp

    [TC18] Mini Porsche 959 AWD

    Really cool front suspension! I thought it wasn´t possible so narrow. Maybe a 4L axle with stop and bush instead of the tan axle-pin to connect the lower part of the shock absorber would make it stronger?