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  1. I know it is easier to write than actually do it but... Could this old part help? 6571: Also, it is a bit rare part....
  2. vascolp

    Infuriating Details

    You are right... and that's an annoyance... so inline with the spirit of this thread!
  3. vascolp

    Infuriating Details

    If I understud you well, you can do it with the old 4143 gears... I think only with these ones... and they are not that easy to use...
  4. 17: 10 18: 6 27: 4 22: 3 11: 2 3: 1 Incredible contest, very very difficult to choose! Many entries that I really like, and no points to give… Congratulations to all contestants and EB!
  5. Maybe you could also take a look at set 8257 Cyber Strikers. Not exactly what you described, but the effect is very cool, maybe it could be used for fire spitting. There are videos of it, search yt. And in the end, please do show us what you have built.
  6. Hi, Instead of one port for firing and one for raise/lower, why not a port for a gearbox and the other port for the action? I mean, a gearbox with three outputs, three functions: raise/lower, fire and rotate? Space might be a problem... and a chalenge...
  7. Hi everybody, I have created free instructions for this MOC in rebrickable. Check it here. Have a nice day!
  8. [This] might be a good option, I did not try it, I don´t have them available: or maybe other thing that hangs on minifig neck...
  9. If I understood your problem, minifigs can give you a hand… or rather two. Not perfect, there is a bit of tension and you get two protuberant radius bones...
  10. Wow, this is very cool! Small, and with an unusual playability!
  11. In my opinion, I would exclude GBCs. GBCs are a specialized field that deserves its own contest.
  12. No cars, trucks, cranes, boats, planes, chopers.... spaceships (!),... quite a challenge. Watch out, GBCs are none of those!
  13. Cool! Will you put a tooth in the right side of the left part? Maybe one in the right and one in the middle?