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2024-07-04 Infamous Steve 01

I. Steve Goes Rogue

After yet another tedious and unprofitable voyage Steve the Merchant became so disillusioned with the Imperials' crippling taxes on honest trade, their heedless consumption of natural resources, and their exploitation of the native Islanders, he made up his mind to seek his fortune outside the bounds of the Empire.

II. Fortune Beckons

One night playing a game of Whist in a Port Royal tavern, Steve won a tattered map from a crusty old seafarer who swore the map would lead the worthy seeker to the legendary "Fountain of Fortune." It was the first Steve had heard of it but he asked around in the days ahead, curious whether there was any merit in the old mariner's story and in the mysterious map. Over jugs of rum and pints of coffee in the harbor towns he began hearing more tales of the Fountain, and many a night he pondered the map's inscriptions by lantern-light in his cabin. Steve began to believe.

III. Fortune Found!

With map in hand and supplies carefully stowed Steve and his faithful treasure-sniffing dog, "Captain Fang," set sail to find the fabled isle. The voyage was long and dangerous—a gauntlet of volcanic islands, stormy seas, and shark-infested shoals—but the map led them true and at last they found a small, deserted island covered with lush vegetation and the scattered bones of past treasure hunters, just like the legends said. And sure enough at the center of the island, veiled by tropical foliage, Steve found the half-buried treasure. The weather-beaten chest was broken open but it was there—all there! Steve and Fang set to work digging it up. Gold doubloons, bar silver, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies flowed—a Fountain of Fortune indeed! It was heavy work, and when Steve finally hauled it away he was pleased to find a freshwater spring bubbling from the heart of the island, where it had been obscured by the treasure.

Steve drank deeply. It was the most delicious water he had ever tasted: crystal clear, pure and enlivening. In that moment he knew Fortune was with him and anything was possible. He secured the treasure aboard his skiff, turned to the wind, and set sail for the next adventure.

IV. Epilogue

Back on the island a dark green bottle was lodged in the sand beside the spring, where Steve had overlooked it. Snug inside was a leathery parchment with the following, written in flowing script:

Of the Fountain of Fortune drink and beware!
For her spell on you will be set:
These waters grant life enduring
While you spread the gifts you get,
But if stowed away un-sharing
By the hoard shall your soul be ever possessed
'Til you cast your last coin back to the Fountain
And there lay your bones down to rest.

What will become of Steve and his newfound fortune? Will he use it to help right the wrongs of the Empire, even if that means working outside the law? Will he share the treasure and find unexpected allies? Or will he succumb to the lure of the hoard? Only the future will tell...

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A nice build that correctly captures the nature of the Steve we know and love! The fluff around the build is well thought out, and instead of some lazy prose, it reads well. There's however little mystery, since we know our Steve would never hoard his money to no end! It is original enough for what it intends to be.

One small critique is the fact that there's a little too much foliage (it is a small isle, so it should have small amounts of stuff), and you mention a digging operation, but I see few traces of such an operation, maybe add a little sand here and there to improve the illusion. But these are small nitpicks...


If I can make another recommendation : make a follow on! Where does the money end up? Does he get cursed (is it how he lost a leg and became a pirate captain down the line)? Does he buy a merchant boat with and tries again with the redcoats instead of the bluecosts? That's what I want, more, because this is already great!


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I love Steve’s dog, especially where he’s holding the hat!

How many pieces did you use? I’m with Horation, you could have done with a bit less foliage on the island. Perhaps Steve’s dog could’ve had room to dig in the sand too!


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@Horation, @SevenDeadlyStreamers, and @Yperio_Bricks, thanks so much for the positive and constructive feedback! So glad you enjoyed the MOC and the tale!!

@Horation, these are great suggestions, thanks again (I am already working on a sequel, if I can manage it), and @SevenDeadlyStreamers, very true: the Island is quite overgrown. I pushed the piece limit to the max for the small category: 199 pieces, all-in (counting Steve, creatures, props, and backdrop).

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This is a very beautiful and imaginative story! Like the message on the scroll of parchment, the Fountain of Fortune is both happiness and a burden.

The ship, treasure island and volcano island are well built. Plus, the appropriate surface for water and round bricks for the waves. Even the parchment scroll can be seen in the bottle. Good photo story of the trip to the island, excavation of the treasure, discovery of the Fountain of Fortune and the bottle with the message.

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Thanks,@NOD, I'm so glad you enjoyed the tale, and you caught those details in the MOC; I had a lot of fun with this!

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