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  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Blue Imperial Fort

    Sorry for commenting late: very fine creation(s) !
  2. Captain Braunsfeld

    Daleks find the/a Doctor

    Thanks, glad you like it. Now we are in trouble for bumping this old topic
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    [ Mystery Island 15 ] No omelette !

    I thought we had finished the storyline Poor Callagan, I think there is an excellent hook shop in Pontelli...
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Tintin - The Unicorn by SaltyFish

    A great creation - it has my vote!
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Pirate Essentials by ChaMi

    Excellent, harr harr!
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    Wreck in the Abyss

    Pretty good wreck. Actually, as TLG is not putting out pirate ships, it would be better to have the restored thing. I'd probably buy it to repair it!
  7. Fine story and excellent vignettes to accompany it.
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    Orange Plantation

    Good idea - fine execution. Is it the first orange plantation we see in BOBS?
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    The road towards peace

    A nice variety of bluecoat uniforms.
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] The Renegade Cutter

    I like it. It's got a monkey, so it must be alright. I am actually working on a ship of similar size right now - using the same hull pieces
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    [Mystery Island 14] The Great Banana Rush (of 619)!

    You are probably right: the storyline is over. I need to gather new silly ideas for a follow up - or something completely different. @Garmadon Could you add a "The End" at the end?
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    [Mystery Island 14] The Great Banana Rush (of 619)!

    Fine business opportunities arise here - a perfect place for the ETWC. And a perfect build, thanks
  13. Captain Braunsfeld

    [Mystery Island 13] A Surprise Reward

    Thanks. I was surprised myself how Thaum-ish the writing turned out to be The storyline is not over, or is it? The banana mutants are gone but maybe another chance for crowd-building will arise. That is good. That means it has turned out well We need more Gloogloos! Thanks for allowing me to use your famous Professor. The mistake I made is that I did not provide Callaghan with some sort of canvas But he is carrying so much already. It was fun to do the Googloo (my wife was very surprised. Her first question was "is that Lego?" She had not noticed the Gloogloos before.). Unfortunately we do not seem to have those white roundish bricks. After a discussion in the family we stopped searching and I had to modify the Gloogloo. The pictures you gave with Googloos were enough. And the other thing was Lauln's hair. It seems to be Anakin Skywalker in Clone Wars. So I searched in our star wars stuff and I found the minifigure - but someone had already removed the hair Nobody knows where and when I will find this. Now, what will Professor Thaum do with all these riches?
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Excellent creation, very classic!
  15. Something strange is going on... So far: Explosion on Gunpowder Island A Message Is Sent A Message Is Recieved At The Headquarters Encounter in the Jungle Don't Shoot Examination Subjects Meanwhile... In the Laboratory Never Alone A Scientific Breakthrough Air Strike ... Saturday evening on Gunpowder Island: Callaghan : Do I have to take another picture? Dr Thaum : Of course, this is such a nice scene on the beach. And it is peaceful now, since the banana mutants have gone. Iauln : Doctor, did you notice those coconut-loaded swallows in the past days? They were everywhere. Dr Thaum : Yes, my dear Iauln, but they also seem to be gone now. Iauln : And now the island is full of banana trees. Dr Thaum : You seem to like those bananas. You are eating them all the time. Iauln : They are just perfect. I have never tasted bananas of such amazing quality. They .... Callaghan : Wait, what was that noise over there? Did you hear that? They rush to the left. Find nothing. Return. Iauln : Look, Doctor! Dr Thaum : I see. Iauln : Yes, my bananas are gone! Callaghan : Somebody's left their trash here on the beach. Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan! Dr Thaum : This is no trash. That is the finest silver. And there is a letter going with it. It says: To Dr. Thaum for the discovery of cocorite. Callaghan : From whom? Dr Thaum : It does not say. Must be some secret admirer. Iauln : But where are the bananas? Dr Thaum : Stop thinking about eating all the time! You guys bring the silver to our ship. Quickly! And Callaghan! Callaghan : Yes, Doctor? Dr Thaum : Take a picture first! (to be continued)