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  1. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    I saw the pics following that other link. Fine MOC!
  2. Simian Space Ship LL 918

    I suspect it will be yellowish. Yepp, it is meant to be somewhat recognisable but these rockets were too good to be left out of it.
  3. Don't Blink, Dr. Jones

    Thanks. What good is a sword against the stony skin of a weeping angel? And the background: yes, meant to be stars. Starry, starry night...
  4. Space Base H17

    Well, this seems to be the ultimate space station then.
  5. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    I've been building space & adventure stuff ... I will be back with the 2nd part of that story of the "8 Provinces". And no, I am viewing from my PC, as always. I can see a lot of pictures, but none on this post.
  6. Cardinal's Shadow

    A great ship builder has struck again
  7. [OL-FB] The Pearl of Loyalty

    Phantastic ship - looks marvellous. The blue gun ports look good against the black hull.
  8. Iron Foundry for Weelond

    The pictures seem to have disappeared...
  9. Simian Space Ship LL 918

    Space. The place for the experienced traveller. Searching for bananarite the simian space ship with its one-monkey-crew is on a five-hour-mission to boldly go where no monkey has gone before. Here you can see how easy it is to manoever a space ship with four hands and a tail: Enjoy and have a nice weekend!
  10. Space Monkey

    Thanks a lot - we'll see, I am definitely intrigued by that Bananarite idea. The helmet piece just about fits. But maybe it was not meant to be used this way
  11. Dr. Jones in trouble again

    Here they are.
  12. Don't Blink, Dr. Jones

    Indy soon realized that those statue like creatures started to move when he was not looking... "This is going to be a long night", he thought. (Larger versions on flickr)
  13. MOC Micro Temple of Anubis

    a perfect micro edition of a great set (that I am lucky to have)
  14. Space Monkey

    Yes simple - especially the baseplate didn't take long But I wouldn't want to add anything more.