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  1. Arrival at King George's Cove

    Charming creation. And I agree with the others: we need more pictures!
  2. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    A daring bridge construction - well done!
  3. A more elaborate Western House

    I did not try a whole town in one style. As you can see in my other postings, I have tried to bring some variety in terms of colours and building styles.
  4. [MOC] Once upon a times when master Wu was young...

    This is soooooooooo perfect!
  5. [MOC] Blackwail Castle

    Really good looking!
  6. [COR Nov FB] Tailor's Shop, Jameston

    Nice build. Some different approach for a change.
  7. [MOC] Art D├ęco Gas Station

    Fantastic creation!
  8. Western MOC: Confederate Fort

    Walkways? Everything in brown would have led to the GWS problem. On the other hand I also did not like the TLG approach using black all over the place. This looks fine for me. Good to hear that your part of the town will be coming! (Does Maxim have a lorry?) The confederate guys are custom built. You can find the decals here on eurobricks. See above. You just need to print them on some "adhesive label paper" (I don't know how that stuff is called in English). One torso is take from Star Wars (the guard in front of the gate).
  9. MOC Romans VS Greece Hoplites

    Finally somebody made good use of those minifigs! Great scene.
  10. A more elaborate Western House

    Thanks - it WILL look great in a bigger layout as this is what it was built for (BrickMania Antwerpen) Thanks - I like that too. I am also already very excited! Thank you, Sir!
  11. Western MOC: Confederate Fort

    Usually people go for a cavalry fort and have those blue guys all over the place. This one is different: This is a confederate fort. This fort will be shown as part of the Western Layout in BrickMania Antwerpen next month! C&C Welcome!
  12. A more elaborate Western House

    Hello, moving on with the development of Western City Houses: Now this house has been inspired by the lego ideas project of Marshal Banana. However, my version is more simplified - more Captain-Braunsfeld-ish. So, here you see the rich banker in his house. And below his wife.... fiancee.... mistress....? Enjoy the weekend!
  13. [Esl Oct] Octoberfest -The One Drink

    "one drink to quench them all" - great idea!
  14. Dwarves' Airship

    Great - only dwarves can build those fine creations!
  15. Pirate Diorama

    Terrific diorama. This one really has everything - giant monkeys, old pyramids, giant skulls, shipwrecks, etc. etc Excellent!