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  1. Who will be the next Mayor of Pontelli

    I forgot to mention that Sally is a fashion designer and has her own clothing shop in Pontelli labelled "Smiling Sally". And as a minifig she has nice custom parts, torso custom printed and legs through Firestar toys.
  2. [COR-FB-Class 4 Ship] Brig, "Puffin"

    Fantastic ship! It seem the new curved bricks allow pretty decent custom hulls. Do I have any of the larger curved bricks in brown? No.
  3. Who will be the next Mayor of Pontelli

    Thanks. Spot on! Well, I would call him an "Islander" not "Cannibal". He is also the chief of a nearby living islander clan. There will be huge trade synergies, etc. So, Pontellians, vote!
  4. [COR - FB] Timber Plantation, Quinnsville

    It is LDD, but it looks good!
  5. [TSotEP] 11 - Sea Monsters Behind This Point

    Thanks. I built the "Surprise" in 2016 for the "Brickmania Antwerpen" event. As the "Captain Cookie's Delight" is more a MOD than a MOC, the "Surprise" is the last ship I built. (Probably time for a new one.) Yes, you have seen the ship in a previous episode when it was still in harbour. Or you've been to Antwerpen in late 2016. Thanks. The sea monsters and I appreciate your comments Yepp, you have seen the ship, but at that time I still had to reconstruct the bow section ... Thank you. "still"? Ah, well, they've been on flickr for some time... That is enough about monsters for the time being, right? We need to get on with the story!
  6. Who will be the next Mayor of Pontelli

    Noone in Pontelli has ever heard about the WTC. What is that anyway? "Worried Trade Company"? "Without Tasks Completed"? "Watch Them Complaining"? Anyway: Everyone is invited to impersonate a voting Pontellian.
  7. [COR-FB] Quinnsville Cannon Foundry

    Quite good. Experts are at work!
  8. Citizens of Pontelli, please vote for the candidates: 1) Sergeant Diego Ramirez A more conservative candidate. Right forward player of the Pontelli Platfeet soccer team. 2) Toktawoo A good friend of Colonel Brickinson. 3) Swash Buckler One of the more daring citizens of Pontelli. Always smiling. 4) Smiling Sally Well, what can I say ... 5) Attorney Jon van Dyke A proud member of Pontelli's jurisdiction. Not the smiling type of guy... Please cast your votes until the end of this month. (Everyone in BoBS can assume the role of a Pontelli citizen and vote)
  9. [ESL-FB] The Cliff of Pontelli

    Thanks. Thank you. And I agree There have been some comments about Asma's money. Maybe it was not expressed clearly enough: Asma has robbed Pontelli of all their money. That was what she called her "modest Mayor muneration". This should read "remuneration" but I wanted to have the alliteration. Well, I don't feel too sorry... I did not want to play this out too much, but on the picture towards the end you see a black speck on the beach which is bloody red underneath. But let's see what will happen next in Pontelli Thanks. The custom torsos are actually printed. Worked out pretty good I do not know what or who Minnie Driver is so any similarity is unintended. Thanks. It is almost like Monty Python's "Well, tonight we take a look at some famous deaths..."
  10. Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 - you are here. The Surprise was smoothly sailing away. Captain Blofeld called up Lady de Summer: Mylady, there is something I need to tell you. Lady de Summer: About that red-dressed sailor of yours? I agree that he is one of the best in the crew and doing real well. Also he's kind of cute... Captain Blofeld (blushes) Captain Blofeld: No, Mylady. That is not what I want to talk about. Lady de Summer: Is it about the boxes that Samuel Abacus has placed all over the deck? They are quite disturbing. Captain Blofeld: No, Mylady. That is not what I want to talk about. Lady de Summer: So, what is it then? Captain Blofeld: You remember when we discussed our destination? And the course we would have to take? Lady de Summer: Yes, we were looking at my map. Captain Blofeld: Right, right. And I warned you that danger was lying ahead. Lady de Summer: Yes, you did. Captain Blofeld: Well, it says "Beware! Sea Monsters Behind This Point". This is actually where we are right now. The seed, it is sown, the curse, it is cast! Look out ahead, if you dare! In the calm of the sea, the signpost was clearly visible. Also the two sea monsters behind it. They smiled at the Surprise and Lady de Winter was grinning back at them. Lady de Summer: Well? And that is all? Captain Blofeld: Yes, Mylady. Lady de Summer: Then this just means that we are right on track. Captain Blofeld: Yes, Mylady. Lady de Summer: Captain? Captain Blofeld: Yes, Mylady? Lady de Summer: Get on with it. (off) Captain Blofeld (blushes). To be continued...
  11. [Esl-FB] Concerning Volcanoes and hot water springs

    What a fine topic for a lecture - great to see how science prospers through the Royal Society!
  12. [ESL-FB] The Cliff of Pontelli

    It was a bright day in Proud Pontelli. There were no signs of warning as to the dramatic events to follow. Asma April, Pontelli's self-appointed Mayor, was taking a stroll while talking to Colonel Brickinson. Asma: Colonel, tell me about the situation in my, erm, in our city. Brickinson: The mood is not very good at this point in time, Ma'am. Asma: My mood is great. No reason for anyone to feel bad. Brickinson: Well, the economy is not doing well, Ma'am. The ban on pets has led to a small increase in our fur production but that was not sustainable. With all of the cats absent, the mice population increased beyond imagination. The rodents have plundered our flour supplies. Bread prices have risen ridiculously. People are hungry. Many merchants are staying away from Pontelli now. And the army is not happy too. Asma: I have increased our army. Again no reason to feel unhappy. Brickinson: Well, the soldiers have not been paid. Look at the sourly faces of your personal guards, if you want proof. Asma: They should feel honoured to serve me. What is mere payment against this honour? Brickinson: In any case, Pontelli's treasury is empty. We cannot invest in anything anymore. I hate to break it to you but we are broke, Asma: Luckily, my modest Mayor muneration has allowed me to keep a few coins. Asma: So, Brickinson, you are bringing no good news? Brickinson: I am sorry, Ma'am. Asma: Well, you better should be. I can see it now. This is your fault. You have been plotting against me. Brickinson: I beg your pardon (notices something on the ground) Asma (thinking): He is standing right next to the cliffside. Just a little push to get rid of my enemy - forever! (raising her arms she starts to run towards Brickinson) Then things happen very fast. Brickinson bows to pick up what he has seen on the ground. ... and Asma April stumbles over him... and her impulse catapults her over the side of the cliff! THUD Brickinson looks up again, wondering what has just happened... the others stand shocked. They go to the side to look... And then they realize that it is over. Suddenly there is hope again in Pontelli. In Free Pontelli.
  13. [TSotEP] 9 - Through the Waters and Over the Waves!

    Great to see how utterly determined our Corries are. The dynamics of this MOC are fantastic! I see the guys are losing a barrel. Was it rum or water? Did they bring any rations along? The other parties involved in this race or treasure hunt seem to be slightly better equipped (ship-wise).