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  1. Pontelli Platoon

    Asma April, Mayor of Pontelli has decreed that more troops are required to protect the city. (The platoon has been registered.)
  2. BoBS CMF - Series 8

    Thanks - good taste! Ok! Thank you - can some supervisor correct the title of the series to 8? Please? But anyway 7 is my lucky number. Great - fans of Captain Cookie are always welcome! There are some slight changes in there, actually. E.g. the monkey did not have the banana milk before. Ok, with two more weeks to go a participation might be possible Thanks. It was good to have that torso printed
  3. BoBS CMF - Series 8

    Here are some of my favourite characters of BoBS so far: .... he is waiting for his storyline to continue... ... still searching for the Highwayman. ... I missed the Weelond Octoberfest this year. Pity. ... one of my favourite characters. ... also waiting for the story to continue... (and no, this is not the Highwayman) Have a nice weekend! (Now I need to go back to work on my Western City)
  4. BoBS CMF – Series 3

    Quite nice - monkey was noted.
  5. MOC - Western Laundry Shop

    Comic books have told me that there is a Chinese laundry in every Western City. So, here we go: Thanks for watching!
  6. MOC - Wild West: School

    Very nice. Great to see more western creations appearing here!
  7. An Old West Town

    Very good - and much more elaborate than my attempts at Western houses. Fine creation!
  8. Western: A New Saloon

    So do I Did you notice the Western version of Maxim standing on the balcony?
  9. Some More Western Houses

    Thanks. The bell is "borrowed" from the Lone Ranger train set....
  10. [MOC] - LotR "Mines of Moria"

    You have captured the scene quite well!
  11. Steinn Fortress

    You've gone micro - but still it is a Mitgardian build
  12. [SR - FB] Nerdy Mermaid

    Fine build, very aesthetic!
  13. Tags? What about a tag for the number of contributions in era I?