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  1. [COR-FB1] Mesabi Landing, Fort Agravia

    I like the big Betty and that, of course, Code 404 is missing and now we know what happened to the drunken horse.
  2. I like the tents and the new uniforms for the artillery troops!
  3. Sauron Renovates: The New Black Gate

    Well, you know, they are all nice people when you actually get to know them... Right, Sauron has forgotten the letter box. Maybe he does not want to get bills...
  4. [MOC] Django Unchained - What's everybody staring at?

    Iconic - great MOC! (and not as violent as the movie...)
  5. (MOC) Lego LOTR Helm's Deep

    The action looks great!
  6. Sauron Renovates: The New Black Gate

    A happy day for Mordor! The renovation of the "Black Gate" has paid off. Sauron is happy to receive the second prize of this year's "House and Garden Challenge". Behold the jury as they are passing the prize cup and some nice Gondorian flowers to Sauron's mouth. I am always surprised about the things that Tolkien did not tell us... Here is the "New Black Gate" without the minifigs: Constructive criticism is welcome.
  7. Old Fashioned Racing Cars

    Thanks Yepp, it worked out surprisingly well I agree , thanks.
  8. MOC: Weekend at the Sea

    This is breathing summer all over the place! Excellent charming MOC - beach is nice and the individual houses are perfect.
  9. Cars for Modular Round 2

    The Sports SUV is my favourite!
  10. [SR - FB3 July 17] a mouse study

    MOUS Charming build and story!
  11. Old memories

    Fine story, well illustrated by MOCs.
  12. [COR - Jul FB] Infantry Barracks, Port Woodhouse

    Great barracks. I see how your buildings are fitting together - I like this even more than the one I just commented on
  13. [COR - Aug FB] Armoury, Port Woodhouse

    Fine creation, both exterior and interior!
  14. Wheel Spoke Factory

    Fine small factory!
  15. Old Fashioned Racing Cars

    Hi there, some of you may know me as contributor to mostly GoH and BoBS, but I took the liberty to create some "fantasy old fashioned racing cars": (old and new gray clashes a bit but pls note the horn!) .. and these made me think of Mario Cart... Has somebody used the trash bins before? I hope you like these automobiles. A few more pics can be found on flickr. Constructive criticism is welcome!