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  1. Captain Braunsfeld

    A modern coin system - and someone buys a house

    Thanks - I think the red and blue houses are better ... Here's a variation of that Gwuinee-picture.
  2. The Palace of Pontelli. Early afternoon. A number of differently shaped metal objects of various colours is spread out on the table in front of the Mayor of Pontelli, Smiling Sally. She is accompanied by Attorney Jon van Dyke (head of legal affairs) and Toktawoo (head of foreign affairs) and a Marquis from Oleon. (The Marquis is leaning on a golden walking cane, he must have made some money recently...) Sally clears her throat, briefly glances at Jon van Dyke and Toktawoo, and then commences: Well, Mister Oldton. I understand that this collection of metal is actually a new monetary system that you want us to implement. Ismael Oldton: That is correct, Mylady. Smiling Sally: You are lucky, that my old friend the Marquis d'Ape has spoken in favour of your suggestion. So, let's hear what you have to say. Ismael Oldton: What I suggest, Mylady, is actually straightforwarth. Lemme explain: This (pointing to a silverish small coin) is a Fnarthing. Jon van Dyke: Does it smell? Ismael Oldton: No, no, not yet. If you happen to have three Fnarthings they are actually worth a half Pnenny (pointing to a reddish small coin). Toktawoo: And then two half Pnenny make a Pnenny? Ismael Oldton: Not quite, not so fast. Three half Pnennys make a Pnenny. (Jon van Dyke and Toktawoo exchange looks) Ismael Oldton (continues): Three Pnennys are worth a Thrupnenny, that is that spirally piece over there. And, of course, two Thrupnennys are a Sixpnence, when you add another Fnarthing. (Smiling Sally is frowning while the Marquis seems to giggle.) Ismael Oldton: Now, I call two Sixpnence a "Robert" (a quadratic coin). And, as you may have guessed, two Roberts are the equivalent of a "Venician". Jon van Dyke: I am sorry, which of these metal pieces is the "Venician"? Ismael Oldton: That massive golden quarter of a ring over there. Jon van Dyke (trying to lift it, failing): Oh, I see. Ismael Oldton: The interesting thing is, if you have a Venician and three Sixpnence, you get an Gwuinee. Toktawoo: What is a Gwuinee? Ismael Oldton: This little furry animal. Jon van Dyke: I heard that there also was to be a Shnilling? And it was worth thirteen Pnence. Maybe that is the same as your Pnenny. Ismael Oldton: I skipped it. Who needs a Shnilling in such a well-balanced monetary system? Smiling Sally: Quite right. Tell me, what is this large piece of gold? Ismael Oldton: A Pnound. It is the equivalent of two Gwuinees and three and a half Fnarthings. Jon van Dyke: And what is that small dotted piece over there? Ismael Oldton: That is my breakfast cookie. Smiling Sally: Right. So let us imagine I want to buy something. Let's say that it is costing a Venician and a Thrupnenny. So if I would pay with a Pnound, what would I get back as change? Ismael Oldton: How would I know? Smiling Sally (talking to the guards): Mr. Oldton wants to leave immediately. He is given three hours to leave Pontelli. He is a persona non grata and will be arrested should he try to ever enter Pontelli again. (Oldton is chucked out) Smiling Sally: So, what is the latest update on the tulip trade? Jon van Dyke: The trade seems to be going crazy, Mylady. People have started to take loans just to be able to participate in the tulip trade. Smiling Sally: Because the tulip prices keep rising? Jon van Dyke: Yes. They believe this will go on forever. (new scene: A street in Pontelli) Willem "Chuck" Norris: Good to see you Mr, White. Mr. White: Goodday. Willem "Chuck" Norris: As I mentioned last week, I intend to buy this house (pointing to the tan coloured house behind them) Mr. White: Well, that is going to be quite expensive. How would you pay such a large sum? Willem "Chuck" Norris: That is going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience. I have this tulip certificate. Mr. White (smiling): Very well, Sir. Then this whole street is yours! Willem "Chuck" Norris: I like the way you do business. The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move Gray's Universal Store What is he doing here? The Tulip Traders Tulips in the Garden The first LTP Those Terrible Tulips The first LTP - continued The Holdup Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea A modern coin system - and someone buys a house (You are here)
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Forbidden Oasis

    It was great to see this fantastic build live at Brickmania Antwerp - and the interior shots are incredible too. It is such a well-designed, carefully crafted work of art. And @Sebeus I has threatened to build even more sets in that style! Can't wait!
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea

    Same as if they were guarding piles of gold A lot of people are busy in the tulip trade. And I need to licence all this stuff.... when I find the time...
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea

    It is not a secret, the question is, whether I remember.... The torso belongs to Hector Barbossa! Thanks. And you will get some more installments of this strange series.
  6. Captain Braunsfeld

    A Good Idea?

    Maybe you did not understand that right. Rum is still sold as rum. But now you can speculate and invest into tulip certificates. You might want to investigate more about the causes of the 2008 financial crisis (although this storyline is based upon another crisis) Thanks - yes, what could possibly go wrong? Every investment pays off the next week! Exactly. That's the spirit! You could get quite a lot to drink for a single tulip certificate... Why should this booming market ever crash?
  7. Captain Braunsfeld

    A Good Idea?

    Pontelli. An evening of tulip trade. Things are going well. (btw. the reading voice in your head for this should be the guy doing "extra credits" on Youtube...) Lady de Summer (on the left of the table): I want to sell 20 tulips. Sir Krantenhagen (on the very right): Yes, Mylady. There's plants and bulbs but I don't see none of them. Lady de Summer: Well, I am just a Lady, sitting across from you, wanting to sell some tulips. And certainly I have 20 tulips. Just not here and not with me. Sir Krantenhagen: So how do you want to sell them? There was a pause. Everyone glanced at the others. Lady de Summer: Certificate. Sir Krantenhagen: Sir Tifficate? Who's that? Lady de Summer: Cer-Ti-Fi-Cate. One word. I will sign a certificate. Like this one: (pulling up a pre-prepared document) Sir Krantenhagen: (thinking) Slim Shady: I think that will do. And it will free us from moving those tulips all around. Lady Beetle: And we can also sell tulips outside of the season. Sir Krantenhagen: You mean, just sell their certificates? There was a silent moment at the table. And then they all thought, that it was a good idea. (They did not know...) Sir Krantenhagen: ... and the price for a certificate will be? Lady de Summer: ... just like the added prices for all the bulbs and plants... The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move Gray's Universal Store What is he doing here? The Tulip Traders Tulips in the Garden The first LTP Those Terrible Tulips The first LTP - continued The Holdup Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea Tulips ... and sistershipping A Good Idea? (You are here)
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    Tulips ... and sistershipping

    A very fine build. Quite exquisite. And grown men talking about tulips. This is how it has to be! But of course everybody knows that the Norwegian Blue is a parrot. Captain Cookie is happy to have one: But that is besides the point. Thanks for keeping the tulip topic up while I was away on Brickmania Antwerpen.
  9. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Holdup

    ... but I forgot to also replace the dust clouds of the front wheels
  10. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Holdup

    So I took this to brickmania Antwerpen and used white. Looked ok to me. I heard that someone wanted to meet me there, but I was outside the building taking a break. Now I want to know: whom did I miss?
  11. Pontelli. Early morning on a Saturday. An ordinary street. We have seen it before. The neighbours are having a discussion in the backyard. Sam: Oi, Piedro, how is it going? Piedro: Can't complain, Sam. Sam: You heard about that holdup last week? Piedro: Yes, we need protection! Sam: I see you have already guarded your garden. Piedro: Just like you. Sam: Can't be careful enough these days. A guard in the garden keeps the highwayman away. Piedro: And now our tulips are safe. Sam: I've hired some guys from Pontelli's First Riflemen. Piedro: Mine is from the Eslandola Thirthy-Fourth Marine Corps. Meanwhile the tulip trade was growing strong: we take another look into the well-known tavern Sir Krantenhagen (on the very right): I believe, Lady Beetle has a new proposal to make? Lady Beetle (next to him): Yes, I have. I'd like to trade something new. Sir Krantenhagen: And that is what, mylady? Lady Beetle (holding a small object in her hand): This. All others: What is this? Is this some kind of pastry? That's no tulip! Lady Beetle: It will be! This, my friends, is a tulip bulb. Fred the shopkeeper (next to Lady Beetle): That sounds interesting! But what type of tulip will grow from this bulb? Lady Beetle: Oh, you can easily look it up in the "Book of Tulips". It will be a "Mondial". Fred the shopkeeper: Did you write the "Book of Tulips"? Lady Beetle: No, Alberto da Pontelli has written this scientific book. I just have a copy. Fred the shopkeeper: So you want to sell us this tulip bulb instead of a real blossoming tulip? Lady Beetle: That's right. It is just a small matter of time until the tulip will blossom, so we can trade the bulb right here and now. (The others nod.) Fred the shopkeeper: And how much do you want for the bulb? Lady Beetle: Actually I have quite a few bulbs. And I want the same price for them as for a "normal" tulip. And I accept no pnounds or pnence. Slim Shady: I'll buy the bulbs. All of them. Sir Krantenhagen: Ok, then that is settled. (to himself) I'll need some new sheets of paper to keep track of this new type of trade. One question, Mylady. Lady Beetle: Yes, dear Krantenhagen? Sir Krantenhagen: How did you get into this tulip trading business? Lady Beetle: By accident. Two suitors of mine have been giving me tulips as presents. You might know them - Captain Cookie and Commodore Spoon. Sir Krantenhagen: And then? Lady Beetle: Then my house was filled with tulips and I could hardly move anywhere without stepping onto a tulip. So I started to sell them. Sir Krantenhagen: And that was good for you? Lady Beetle: Yes, the house has much more space now - and I made some money (smiles). Sir Krantenhagen: And your suitors? Lady Beetle: They lost some, I guess. You know how expensive those tulips are... The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move Gray's Universal Store What is he doing here? The Tulip Traders Tulips in the Garden The first LTP Those Terrible Tulips The first LTP - continued The Holdup Neighbourhood Watch and a New Idea (You are here)
  12. Captain Braunsfeld

    The Holdup

    Thanks. And why does the Professor complain - he got some tulips when they were still cheap. I am thinking of changing the dust colour to white. And bring this MOC to Brickmania Antwerp next week. Yes, you may praise the dust clouds, but the coach is still borrowed from TLG You have a sharp eye. Yes, I thought that Mr White's expressions were more important than those of Dennis M.
  13. Captain Braunsfeld

    The first LTP - continued

    I guess the marquis has been rich before. Although, with his habit of playing cards, he also might have lost a lot of money. In any way I was surprised to see him drink tea.
  14. Captain Braunsfeld

    [COR - Troop Raising] Spudkirk Southern Battery

    That's what I would call a decent artillery!
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    [OL - FB] A Carriage Ride to Meet

    Fine carriage!