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  1. Mister Phes

    [MOC] PARAISO - MOC 21322 Barracuda Ship

    Indeed! Have we frontpaged this one?
  2. It's possible but you've only just signed up to Eurobricks! We've just taken on three Facebook moderators, but there are plenty of other positions. Please tell us more about your skills...
  3. Yes, you may. The group URL is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/classicpirates/
  4. To star, we need two things: Grant you access to the Shipyard Setup a Classic Pirates account.
  5. I just read it then! So you wish to learn the ways of the Classic Pirates blog?
  6. Well that does explain why The Incredibles have launched a salvage operation...
  7. Ok Evan, access to the Shipyard has been granted. Please confirm by posting in the Facebook Crew Welcome topic.
  8. In true Classic Pirates fashion we'll recruit all of you at once! See who gets recruited... see who walks the plank! It's fairly obviously who Evan is on Facebook, but Kurigan and PxChris will need to advise further. You can do that in Private Message if you prefer. I'll need to give Evan and Chris access to the Shipyard but I think Kurigan already has access - correct me if I'm mistaken.
  9. That's the spirit! Well, Classic-Pirates.com could really benefit from another blogger.
  10. Ever visited Classic-Pirates.com?
  11. Your enthusiasm is admirable! However, we wouldn't want you to go to the trouble of using Facebook if you're not already using it. There are other ways you can contribute (without Facebook) if you're interested.
  12. Mister Phes

    La Comete

    Thank ye! Now I just need to find some time to edit them into Instagram format and we've got our next post.
  13. Mister Phes

    La Comete

    Mainly the ship exteriors... We're due for a magnificent pirate ship on the Classic Pirates Instagram. And some close-ups...
  14. Anyone Interested in helping out with the Classic Pirates Facebook Group? All that's required is to delete the occasional spam post and like new posts. And if you're feeling adventurous, occasionally write positive, encouraging comments on posts. Also, should you stick at it, you'll be awarded a nice medal, starting at bronze and upgrading periodically due to exceptional service.