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  1. Mister Phes

    Question on Pirate Sail from Enchanted Island

    Time for to use that memory recall voodoo! Aye, built a small ship MOC.
  2. And we hope to cover Bricks Cascade 2024 just as brilliantly! đź’Ż About your collection... How long have you been building it for? Are there any sets in there from childhood? Or has the bulk of them been acquired since you've been an AFOL? And where have you sourced this collection from? A variety of sources? Or just an online market place like eBay?
  3. Mister Phes

    [CONTEST] A Storm Brewing - Challenge 1 - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    Click here to View the WINNERS!
  4. That's a brilliant clarification! The background information will help immensely when I get around to writing the blog post. But, there's still plenty more questions... How did you get involved with Bricks Cascade? Do you have any advice to anyone who may be interested in presenting a LEGO Pirates display at Brickcascade, or just events/conventions in general?
  5. Mister Phes

    Question on Pirate Sail from Enchanted Island

    Nay, this particular sail did not! Only three other LEGO Pirate sets had smaller boats with a main sail, but not the jib. 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up 6277 Imperial Trading Post 6273 Rock Island Refuge
  6. Because I sure do have a lot of questions... How many Bricks Cascades have you presented this display at? And what year did you start presenting? And how has display evolved over time? Is it the same every year? Or has it grown?
  7. This is such a sumptuous visual feast! Do you mind if I ask more questions about Bricks Cascade?
  8. Mister Phes

    BoBS Challenge I - Voting is Closed

    CAT A “Sailing to the New Haven Sea” by NOD “Storm Chasers” by Bricksbypidy CAT B “The Questers” by Professor Thaum “The Conclusion” by Fraunces
  9. Mister Phes

    [POLL] Ships

    Printed cloth sails for me! And hulls that are a combination of brick-built and molded.
  10. There are a couple of official LEGO Pirate articles on LEGO.com Has anybody read either of these? LEGO® History | LEGO® Pirates * Why is classic LEGO® Pirates so iconic? * And, as per usual there is a comprehensive blog post with further analysis and content. * official LEGO.com affiliate link
  11. Time to select the WINNERS! Here be a taste of the entries... Who will WIN the PRIZES? YOU decide!
  12. That be fine! Just so long as everyone receives the proper acknowledgement. You've been incorporated into the slideshow on the homepage. On desktop, if you mouse-over the photo the names linked to the respective Instagram accounts will appears - Beyond the Brick links to their YouTube channel.
  13. As for the photos you've already shared... Who else be in this photo and do they have a primary social media account they would like to include with their credit?
  14. Mister Phes

    BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 - START BUILDING!

    It's not like us awesome Pirates have a... blog Facebook page Instagram Pinterest X Tumblr You could follow