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  1. When do you anticipate these will arrive?
  2. For those who aren't familiar with digital builds - how does decoration raise the price?
  3. Mister Phes

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    You might be onto something here... but is there a version where you can play Pirates versus Pirates? Or Pirate versus Soldiers, or Imperial Guards, or Islanders, or Imperial Armada?
  4. Mister Phes

    [MOC] La Grenouille (MocYourBricks)

    Let's put a larger image at the start of topic to grab some attention. Those thumbnails are a little small and not likely to stimulate much interest.
  5. Mister Phes

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    Much better! But you could probably add a few more - you've got a lot of space still needing details.
  6. Mister Phes

    Rafts, Rafts, Rafts!

    Good work! I'm always looking for raft MOCs to post on Instagram. Here's one posted a while back:
  7. Mister Phes

    [DIGITAL] Pirate tavern and docks modular

    Excellent! So where are the minfigs?
  8. Ingots aren't generally what pirates are known for plundering! We need the coin! 🪙
  9. Thanks for that! So they have appeared in two pirate sets released 2013-2015. Perhaps their production pre-dates the 2015 wave by a few months...
  10. Mister Phes

    Pirate Ship Collection

    I have never heard of the iircade but sure, please share a link!
  11. Mister Phes

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    You're in a forum with digital builders who do know how to use printed pieces and minifigs... maybe they can be kind enough to impart some wisdom.
  12. Thanks for the clarification! But excuse my ignorance, how are the above coins and ingot acquired?
  13. But that's still not the same as the traditional gold coins? I.e.
  14. Mister Phes

    [MOC] A Skirmish at North Bridge

    You're worth it!