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  1. What if Barbe-Rogue was the inspiration for both Red Beard and Ironhook?
  2. Mister Phes

    Should I hire Ninja-Pirates, or Pirate-Ninjas?

    Yeah, hire them to do what exactly?
  3. Mister Phes

    Pirates Forum design

    There would however, have to be sufficient demand to justify finding the time... Need well more than three people to get me motivated.
  4. Mister Phes

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I also have a recurring dream about walking through a store and discovering new Imperial Guard sets that I was unaware of... But I can never quite seem to remember what the sets look like afterwards.
  5. Mister Phes

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I keep having this recurring dream the next wave of pirate sets is focused on Islanders... but they're not the same as the Indigo Islander, they look a lot more fierce.
  6. Mister Phes

    Pirates Forum design

    Ah yes... life seems to have gotten in the way. Actually, I started working on a new skin but didn't get very far - however, with enough nagging it could get finished one day.
  7. Thanks! You must have a keen sense of smell.
  8. They sure will. Game-hunting is not my thing, if I wanted to build the sets, I'd buy used copies at a significantly lower price. Besides, I already have them in used condition two or three times over.
  9. Mister Phes

    Pirates theme getting better

    WHAT!!! People complained about the Imperial Flagship? (I assume you're referring to 10210 and not 6271) Finally a solider ship that can rival the Black Seas Barracuda and Skulls Eye Schooner!
  10. Mister Phes

    Pirates theme getting better

    The latest releases also marked the return of the blue coats which is something many had been requesting ever since the 2009 releases. Indeed! Also the soldiers got an updated flag printed directly onto a brick rather than some horrible sticker.
  11. Mister Phes

    Enlighten Brick Boats Review

    Yeah! Or we'll knock yer Megablok off!
  12. Mister Phes

    Pirate theme getting worse

    Only in the past year? Better late than never!