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  1. Mister Phes

    Suggestions & Membership

    Do not doubt yourself in the face of a challenge. We do indeed have success! But is there any particular reason you've made this a GIF? A PNG would result in a smoother edge. I'd also give it a polish...
  2. Mister Phes

    Suggestions & Membership

    Your image file seems to require a login to access. This is what I see in the topic: And when I attempt to access the file on the server, I get asked for a username and password. If I cancel I get redirected to a webpage with this error message:
  3. Mister Phes

    Suggestions & Membership

    Actually, we're just busy... we get dozens of notifications and messages each day so we can't follow everything all the time. The concept isn't bad but your graphic will need to be reduced to the average tag size and in doing so the legibility of the text is lost. So the colours will require adjustment and I suggest making the background transparent as that will allow the coin to be larger.
  4. Mister Phes

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    It's unfortunate your submission overlaps which a current product release, however the Classic Pirates would love to help builders share there creations through our forum and social media!
  5. Mister Phes

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Islanders Spirit Beacon

    Just post new images in this topic. Our enthusiastic Pirate Regular, @Faladrin will edit them into the first post.
  6. Mister Phes

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Islanders Spirit Beacon

    Unfortunately there is no way to reassign a topic, the forum does not provide an option to do that. No, you're not missing anything. Make the image size larger, at least 800x600.
  7. Now that the updated Caribbean Clipper has reached 10K supporters we need a new pirate themed LEGO Idea to promote. So we want YOUR suggestions! Round #1 Post the name and/or image (ideally both linked to the Ideas webpage). You may submit upto THREE LEGO ideas. Round #2 After we receive sufficient suggestions we'll create a poll with the top 3 suggestions and then you can vote for favourite. Where can I find Pirate LEGO Ideas to support? There are dozens more the LEGO Ideas website. LEGO Ideas Support Thread - check to ensure submissions are still open Here are some examples to get you started: Seagull Bay Lighthouse Imperial Fortress by Delusion Keeper The Kraken by steveiuliano Islanders Spirit Beacon by Sir Archibald: Imperial Island Fort by BrickHammer
  8. Mister Phes

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Islanders Spirit Beacon

    What kind of assistance do you require?
  9. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Its time for Battle

    Jose's now has alfresco dining - very nice!
  10. Mister Phes

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    What would be ideal is to find a background large enough to accommodate the entire display. Perhaps this isn't piratical given you've placed the display next to a window, but a consistent background goes a long way in bringing everything together.
  11. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Ship: "The Falcon"

    A fine ship to be sure! Tiz been shared in the Classic Pirates Facebook group.
  12. Mister Phes

    [LEGO IDEAS] Modular Island Fortress

    @Techam, thank you for sharing your fortress with us!
  13. Mister Phes

    [LEGO IDEAS] THANK YOU !!! - The Fortress

    Congratulations, @Piraten! However, you'll probably get a better response posting updates like this in the Classic Pirates Facebook Group. Don't think topics like this will get much attention in the forum.
  14. Mister Phes

    Suggestions & Membership

    Ok.. looks like I'll have to do that. You previously suggested: