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  1. "Dimension Portal Lighthouse" by Delusion Brick The story talks about a Lighthouse that is not like the rest! It stands like an illuminated 'door' for different worlds calling out on the bold that will find him and allow them to take them on a journey in magic worlds. With its guard holding all the keys for any destination... if you ever get lost, he is the one to find you and bring you back!
  2. "Trading Punches" by Dread Pirate Wesley
  3. Mister Phes

    [OFFICIAL] "How to Be a Pirate" LEGO Little Golden Book

    Barnes and Noble Blackwells Books A Million Bookshop.org HusonBookerseller.com Google Play IndieBound Kobo Powells RHC Books Target Wallmart
  4. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Temple of the Black Panther - 4 Adventures through time

    Yeah others! See if you can figure it out like I did... staying up all night, looking through every set released in 1999!
  5. Mister Phes

    [COR-OKT] Oktoberfest Joust, Punto Sur

    For a moment there, I thought I wandered into the LEGO Castle Forum by mistake!
  6. Mister Phes

    [OFFICIAL] "How to Be a Pirate" LEGO Little Golden Book

    Well, you know that old saying... "Don't judge a book by its cover" Cecilia may get up to some really foul deeds - we just don't know yet!
  7. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Temple of the Black Panther - 4 Adventures through time

    I'm guessing this is the one minifigure...
  8. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    Congratulations, @Professor Thaum, your very first MOC has made the Eurobricks frontpage!
  9. Mister Phes

    [MOC] Magnetic North Frigate

    Professor Thaum has emerged from his lab with a pirate ship, the Magnetic North! Take a closer look at his debut MOC, a frigate with a unique colour scheme and custom sails.
  10. "Imperial Sailboat" by Delusion Brick 40487 Sailboat Adventure The official 40487 Sailboat Adventure available as Gift for Purchase on LEGO.com. Original Submission to LEGO Ideas Originally named “Sailing Ship Adventure” by Yc_Solo, 40487 Sailboat Adventure is a modern recreational sailing vessel submitted to the "Build that holiday into THAT holiday!" Contest hosted by the LEGO Group during 2020. It now available as a Gift With Purchase on LEGO.com.
  11. Aye, it's that time again! Our latest recruit JintaiZ is now a Senior Blog Editor so we're able to take on new recruits. All training is provided so all you need to write about your love for LEGO Pirates. Fire a message below if you'd like to join the crew.
  12. ARRRR!!! You're a goodin', Jack! But don't rush! There's no expectation to bang out a blog post in one sitting.
  13. It's beautiful! Be good to also see some close-ups of the main building. @Jack Sassy, what are your thoughts on it's suitableness for a blog post?
  14. Mister Phes

    [MOC] 6265 Sabre Island Reimagined

    According to the LEGO History: LEGO Pirates article on LEGO.com, the blue coat are indeed French.
  15. It's nothing like BoBS! But it does involve BoBS... and writing fine Blog Posts about BoBS MOCs, like this.