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  1. Thanks! You must have a keen sense of smell.
  2. They sure will. Game-hunting is not my thing, if I wanted to build the sets, I'd buy used copies at a significantly lower price. Besides, I already have them in used condition two or three times over.
  3. Pirates theme getting better

    WHAT!!! People complained about the Imperial Flagship? (I assume you're referring to 10210 and not 6271) Finally a solider ship that can rival the Black Seas Barracuda and Skulls Eye Schooner!
  4. Pirates theme getting better

    The latest releases also marked the return of the blue coats which is something many had been requesting ever since the 2009 releases. Indeed! Also the soldiers got an updated flag printed directly onto a brick rather than some horrible sticker.
  5. Enlighten Brick Boats Review

    Yeah! Or we'll knock yer Megablok off!
  6. Pirate theme getting worse

    Only in the past year? Better late than never!
  7. NIce haul! Are these still sealed? The perforated thumb tabs still look intact.
  8. Zeppelin raid conversion

    It's reassuring to know these Ninjago "pirate" sets can be put to good use. At a cursory glance it seemed only Tiger Widow Island was remotely decent - come to think of it, remove all the techno crap and it would make a half decent set in the original Ninja theme.
  9. Thank you, Phred! Here is the reverse side of the Service Pack packet packaging in case anyone was wondering...
  10. Welcome To Our New Pirates Regulator: Skaforhire

    Holy Aioli! Am I still Pirate Staff? I've neglected the forums so much lately it's a wonder I haven't been passed the black spot. That aside, Skaforhire is a very welcome addition to the crew.
  11. That's why I got one... to preserve the nostalgia forever. If I wanted the pieces for building I'd get them in used condition via Bricklink.
  12. Nope, it's the real deal. The LEGO pieces are actually inside two seal packets... so that's like 2xMISP! The outer packet is the general LEGO Service Packet while the inner packet is bar-coded with the set ID.