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    My favourite Lego theme is Marvel, due to the figures, but Harry Potter has excellent buildings.

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  1. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I guess you mean this one. It's been making the rounds a bit recently - its a custom, but pretty amazing work and would definitely get it for Buckbeak if it existed.
  2. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    “Ryankroboth” has built a MOC render of the the missing half of Hogwarts Castle. You can view it here. It is still missing a few segments but this is what i am personally hoping we get as a set eventually.
  3. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I visited three stores and called customer services last week - all the same response 'no plans for release' - maybe they received the calendar more recently that that? Regardless, i did not see your original comment.
  4. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Distribution in the US is still better than the UK - we don't have them at all and seemingly wont get them.
  5. I missed the previous Sandman, i'm not the biggest fan of the facial expressions on this one - however otherwise looks pretty good. Doctor Octopus looks generic and still have the Spider-man 2 version so not as interested in that. Green Goblin is apparently getting a figure (Probably based on the Spider-Verse or comics) Unsure if it has been mentioned, but the rumors at the moment are that there will be three Homecoming sets with the villains split between them; 76128; Molten Man 76129; Hydro-Man 76130; Mysterio Personally only the idea of Mysterio interests me at the moment, but we'll have to wait and see. I do need to try and save and focus on the Avengers 4 sets though - i'm sure we'll end up with a massive set this time that breaks my wallet
  6. Scarilian

    A quick comment on spam

    Got the additional question and answered it. Though hopefully it is not one of these 'remember what you put' as i wrote a rather long sentence xD
  7. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    - Amazon is unconnected sellers, they often result in a price hike of roughly £100-200. Not worth buying from Amazon. - John Lewis does not sell it, at least not officially by the looks of things
  8. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Eh, Tom Riddle from Chamber Of Secrets could work well also :P
  9. In my view - here are the figures i feel are likely and not as likely. Likely figures; Captain Marvel (Kree suit and normal suit variant) the normal suit will probably be in the cheaper set while the Kree Suit should be the rarer one Mar-Vell, has a major role in the comics and is certain to spend some or most the film interacting with Captain Marvel Ronan the Accuser, released in only one other set and being brought back for this film, chances are we'll get a slightly altered variant/updated figure Korath the Pursuer, missing from the GoTG1 sets and being a member of the Starforce this figure seems incredibly likely Talos (Skrull and Human disguise variant) chances are the Skrull appearance of this character will alter to make him stand out more amongst the other Skrull Nick Fury (Two eyes), given this is partially set in the past we could definitely get a variant of Nick Fury - the lack of an eye patch increases chances Generic Skrull, great incentive to army build, but not entirely necessary as Skrulls have a massive potential to feature in future films Not as likely figures; Carol Danvers, i expect this variation would be saved for Avengers 4 or potentially a future film Att-Lass, depends on role, has been a villain in the comics so if he survives could always get a figure of him later or in Avengers 4 Minn-Erva, depends on role, has been a villain in the comics so if she survives could always get a figure of her later or in Avengers 4 Bron-Char, depends on role, has been a villain in the comics so if he survives could always get a figure of him later or in Avengers 4 Maria Rambeau, has been combined with Monica Rambeau and could be a hero in future films, however role in this film will probably be small Phil Coulson, while he appears in this movie it is unclear how large his role is, him and Nick Fury are in a similar situation however Nick features a variation to his design justifying him as 'likely' as opposed to Phil.
  10. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Nagini was 'evil' in the views of the story - it has been depicted in sets and even killed in the Lego Harry Potter video game because it is viewed as something 'evil' and dangerous Basilisk was 'evil' in the views of the story - it has been depicted in sets and even killed in the Lego Harry Potter video game because it is viewed as something 'evil' and dangerous The Unicorn was neutral/good in the views of the story - it has not been depicted because the only time the audience have seen it is when it was dead. Lego as such cannot get much playability out of it in regards to a set, as why include a Unicorn (potentially one requiring a new mold) simply for it to be dead. Granted Macnair never killed Buckbeak, but it's more the idea of including a set and having a figure, an axe and a creature along with defining the figure as an 'executioner'
  11. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ended up having mine above a radiator but need a slightly opened window - so the temperature fluctuated a bit for a day. I think it worked in loosening it. Was still tight, but managed to move the head and seemed to have less resistance than previous attempts. I can just about fit both on my desk to display, though you may be best keeping them segmented Implying potential violence against animals is more iffy for Lego to include. Remember the 'Everything is not awesome' video by Greenpeace? While they could easily include an axe in the set and imply it's for chopping pumpkins, including an executioner and implying he is going to cut off the head of a bird/horse-like creature might not sit well with people nowadays. I dont think the figure is that worthwhile regardless, would turn out similar to above. Instead might be better to have him as a 'Death Eater' in a set for the fourth, fifth or seventh film. The character also played little role in the third film, just sort of being there to look creepy and remind the characters that he was going to kill Buckbeak. He did not have much interaction directly with the main cast - so he would not really add too much to playability or story options. Could work as a seperate figure in a CMF line though - e.g Black legs, dual molded arms, hood and a dual molded face (one side normal, the other with a Death Eater mask) with his wand and an axe
  12. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Same here with three or four of the figures i have so far. Unsure what to try to move them without damaging them. I've had the same thing in the past with newer sets.
  13. Scarilian

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm still in the process of building the Hogwarts caslte, and other than very minor aspects of structual segments i am moddifying (more-so out of my own concerns) I have yet to experience an issue with the design in regards to the exterior. The interior i think does need some small mods from what i've improved so far, such as the back of the Chamber of Secrets being exposed to the interior of the cavernous space beneath. I have planned a lot of mods for the set, but the exterior is beautiful especially the stained glass element. The price of the set is amazing compared to the piece count, the design of the exterior is fantastic and it's one of the only Lego sets i have brought for the build itself rather than the figures or microscale figures. The Microscale Hogwarts Castle is primarily based on the first two/three years of the castle. The castle itself has two couryards and the design of the courtyards changes quite a bit - including the addition of statues, windows and the connecting bridge moves also. Personally i am not a fan of the Betrayal at Cloud City. It fails as a playset due to lack of things to engage with and it fails as a detailed set because the detail is randomly splurged out over the set. I feel it would have worked better as vignettes and the attempts at detail are pointless when it's primarily a playset. Many others hate the Betrayal At Cloud City also, especially when most the Star Wars community was hoping for a more detailed set - it's over-priced also for what it is. In regards to wanting detailed portions of Hogwarts in minifigure scale, why not simply buy Hogwarts Great Hall and Hogwarts Whomping Willow and combine for a slightly more minifigure scale set. They have already teased the idea of a minifigure scale Chamber Of Secrets along with other minifigure scale aspects in future.
  14. As far as i can tell, Lego are lying to make the set sound better than it is. In this case they are advertising a printed head as 'an accessory', given we see Lobot with his Cybernetic Band printed on his head.