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  1. Personally speculating; 76128; Molten Man, Spider-man (Stealth Shield Suit), Maria Hill 76129; Hydro-Man (Brick-built), Spider-man (Civil War Suit), Nick Fury 76130; Mysterio, Sandman, 'Wind/Electric villain', Spider-man (Red/Black suit), Happy Hogan
  2. Same costume though, so having him without the fishbowl would be a bit redundant. Plus i doubt they would avoid saving him for the largest set. Edit; We also see him with the fishbowl fighting Hydroman. The 'reveal' of Mysterio seems to take place in the same area as what we'll refer to as Sandman
  3. I think the complaints about Thor stemmed more from the fact that we missed out on what is an iconic version of Thor. Naturally we did not get it in the Thor Ragnarok sets, but it was a big factor of the finale of Thor Ragnarok and the opening of Infinity War - even if they made it kind of pointless by giving him a cybernetic eye.
  4. Smile is the opposite way round on Ant-Man as opposed to QRS Captain America. Does not look like the image has been flipped and the color of the face seems to denote that it is in a similar style to QRS Captain America's.
  5. The identical torso is pretty much expected for a QRS Rocket, but the short legs are unlikely to have the same level of detail as the other Quantum Realm Suits so my hope is that the figure would gain arm printing at the loss of short leg printing. This would then allow for multiple purchases of Rocket to give all the QRS Avengers the 'A' printed arms. All we need is a single QRS figure with arm printing and we'd be able to have completed Quantum Realm Suits for all the characters (Other than bigfig Hulk ofcourse) Captain America and Ant-Man have unique heads - so those we can lean towards being actual leaks. Black Widow and Iron Man are repeated pieces for the heads/helmet/hair so those are the only two whose legitimacy we could infere to be potential fakes. I expect it is primarily for the 'team' appearance. This fan-edit below demonstrates how the suits sort of demonstrate them better as a solidified group rather than just individuals. Concept art did not really show any differences between male and female suits - no real reason to have a female torso variant as such.
  6. Is that confirmed? If so, kind of odd that we are getting figure leaks now. Will be late Feb/March then for official images.
  7. Polybag would be ideal. I ended up getting multiples of the previous Rocket in order to have all the Guardians with arm printing, looked pretty nice.
  8. I said definitely because we will definitely get official images of the Endgame sets in February (At the latest) The release date is March 1st and Lego have never kept a wave of product hidden until release day, they always officially reveal them at minimum a week prior to release to get people hyped to purchase them when they become available. February also brings us New York Toy Fair which is normally when Lego brings out most of the sets out for display and/or does press releases on upcoming sets where they reveal them. It is worth noting that some of the leakers of minifigures claimed that the next step might be descriptions of the sets because they did not want to risk the accounts being taken down - and users suggested the idea of creating a throway account for said descriptions. Sounds like too many figures personally - too good to be true. Would be better that everything we have gotten prior and having Quantum Realm Cap & Quantum Realm Ant-Man means that you could easily army build the Outriders while stocking up on Quantum Realm outfits for a massive Quantum Realm suited team shot. Amount of figures sound believable. The Bigfig outrider was teased in concept art, being six-armed (Depicted below) - though i cannot imagine getting a bigfig of that (Even though i would army build it if it looked anything like below) The lack of suits in this set feels a bit off to me. The inclusion of Happy Hogan sort of makes sense if they are really going with this being the potential last time we see Iron Man. The QRS Hulk is what makes me think this is fake - though a QRS Hulk would definitely be needed for an Avengers Squad and they presumably might have the budget for it via having most the Avengers wear the same thing. If Rocket's QRS has arm printing then we'd be able to buy multiples to have fully printed QRS for all the Avengers. The creature from Ant-Man and the Wasp is a really odd choice though and leads me to believe it is fake. Makes sense that an 'Assembled Avengers' set would have the core Avengers VS Thanos. The Chitauri being in the most expensive set is an interesting choice - will be a shame as would have been nice to army build an updated version. Though likely unconnected if we follow these 'leaks' then they have figures from 'Cap vs Outriders' and 'Super Quinjet'. Regardless - my only desire is to see a Quantum Realm Rocket Raccoon - as the only chance for printed Quantum Realm Suit arms seems to lie with him.
  9. Avengers Endgame sets officially release on March 1st, 2019. Meanwhile the films earliest release is April 26th, 2019. I expect either the 'Battle of the Assembled Avengers' set will be delayed or we'll get an additional spoilery set. We'll definitely see them in February officially and leaks are likely to arrive before that. Remember that our first leak of Endgame was the merchandise leak of an official toy showing Thor & Rocket Raccoon in the Quantum Realm suit - the merchandise is still going to be released prior to the film and it will still contain spoilers. Far From Home sets officially release on May 1st, 2019. Meanwhile the film earliest release is July 5th, 2019. They could delay the reveal of the sets, but given we have names and details about the contents at the moment it is highly likely to get a February reveal also.
  10. Timeline; Jan 14th 2018 - Leaks of Infinity War full sets Jan 15th 2019 - Far From Home trailer Feb 12th 2018 - Official reveal of Infinity War sets Feb 18th 2018 - Official reveal of Homecoming sets (As part of NYTF) Over the course of this week if it mirrors Infinity War, we should in theory see Avengers Endgame leaks - and the Far From Home trailer will hopefully give us an idea of how the elemental villains may look and maybe full costume Mysterio.
  11. Current list of figures, either via set descriptions or reveals; Captain America (Unknown Variant) - 76123 War Machine Mark 5 - 76124 Iron Man (Unknown Variant) - 76125 Iron Man (Quantum Realm Suit) - Unknown set, potentially 76126 Captain America (Quantum Realm Suit) - Unknown set, potentially 76126 Black Widow (Quantum Realm Suit) - Unknown set, potentially 76126 Thanos - Unknown set, potentially 76131 Hulk - Unknown set, potentially 76131 Chitauri - Potential for variants included in multiple sets Expected figures; Pepper Potts (Rescue Armor) Rocket Raccoon (Quantum Realm Suit) Thor Captain Marvel Nebula Ant-Man Hawkeye (Ronin Suit) Captain America (Scale Suit) Iron Man Mark 85 Perfectly balanced... as all things should be We'll probably get a few other figures - and i would not be surprised if we have a spoilery set released after the movie. Though at the moment it does seem we are lining up to get all the main figures - even though it is likely a lot of them are going to be Quantum Realm Suit variants.
  12. I expect that the Quantum Realm suits will be included in only a single set - either 76126 or 76131. Given that i doubt they would have non-iconic suits for the final assembled battle, i'm leaning towards 76126 having them instead. Chances are incredibly high that these are not the only variants of these figures we will get. E.g. expecting something like this in regards to Captain America & Iron Man variants. 76123 'Captain America set'- $20, 167 pcs. - Captain America Variant 1 (Winter Soldier suit or Avengers suit) 76125 Iron Man Armour Room - $60, 524 pcs. - Iron Man Variant 1 76126 Avengers Super Quinjet - $80, 832 pcs. - Captain America 2 (Quantum Realm Suit) - Iron Man Variant 2 (Quantum Realm Suit) 76131 Battle of The Assembled Avengers - $100, 699 pcs.  - Captain America Variant 3 (Scale Suit?) - Iron Man Variant 3 Chances are it'll be an updated version. The head is a different though so the torso and legs might be different, but i would expect at least those segments to be printed.
  13. I doubt we will get printed legs on Rocket. We might however get something better. I could easily imagine Rocket with a printed Quantum Realm torso and printed 'A' on the arms similar to the concept art - with the sacrifice of the figure being plain white mini-legs. My primary hope is that Rocket will get his own polybag, similar to the 2014 Polybag. If he gets printed arms then it would allow us to have fully suited Quantum Realm Avengers via getting multiples of the polybag.
  14. Apologies, was speculating that it was in 76126 due to the name of the set featuring a 'Super Quinjet' - which sounds like the method they would use to travel in the Quantum Realm. This coupled with the level of detail makes it likely to be in a higher priced set. It could still be any of the sets, but the idea of 76126 being the set focused around the Avengers travelling into the Quantum Realm feels like it fits. Personally hope it would be in a cheaper set in order to make acquiring multiples of the suit for the other Avengers easier though.
  15. This Captain America figure is from the second most expensive set and detail wise has roughly the same as the Iron Man figure that was included in the second most expensive set last year - it's not particularly strange for us to get a figure or two of higher quality in the expensive sets. The issue that plague the Lego Marvel movie line is that the quality is so vastly inconsistent that a majority end up looking unfinished compared to others so the idea of having them displayed as a team instead demonstrates the flaws. Looking at the concept art for the Quantum Realm suits, the suits are identical regardless of if they are male/female - so simply having one character in the suit will allow us to use the same suit for others. The only variants needed would be Rocket Raccoon and Hulk. Sadly given the 'smiling Hulk' leak, i doubt we will get a variant of Hulk in the Quantum Realm suit or his other suit.