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  1. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    The toy reveal of the costume may not be accurate, as comic con descriptions mentioned he had a fully gold outfit rather than black with minor gold additions. Either way, i expect it's more likely we'll get him looking something like this from the scene where he breaks out/captures Ulysses Klaue
  2. Figure line-up is underwhelming, especially with no dual molded legs and the lack of printing on all of the arms. Should have been; Young Han, Young Luke, Young Leia, Chewie, R2D2, C3PO, Old Han, Old Luke, Old Leia, Rey, Finn, BB-8 The inclusion of two creatures from the upcoming movie seems odd, depends how they are received in the movie i guess but not interested in them. As for the set itself, disappointed that they did not have some form of larger interior - instead its basically paying for an exterior and tiny rooms - though i guess the structural integrity would not have been as strong with an interior.
  3. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    DC were more secretive with the designs while Marvel has unvieled the Black Order/Children Of Thanos publically The hope is that because they revealed Thanos and the Children Of Thanos early (July) that Lego will have gotten them fairly close to the designs shown, rather than relying on a lot of concept art.
  4. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Would make sense, just does not really translate that well to her vehicle i guess. Most the Necrocraft were sort of elongated spheroids which does not really work with a fairly square build, would have needed to be more like Thanos's gauntlet vehicle to get the impression across.
  5. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Hope so, my main concern is that the villains look great. Concerned that either Thanos or Cull Obsidian might be brick built... :/ Hopefully they do not skimp on printing again. I added him to the cheapest set as people will probably have already gotten him in either the Civil War or Black Panther sets and he was already available in a fairly cheap set prior. With the images floating around of him fighting an Outrider i think it'd work well as a small set.
  6. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Spider-man Vs Scorpion; Seems just to be another way of getting Scorpion, nothing really remarkable though most juniors sets are basically two vehicles with a structure so was not expecting much. Thor Vs Loki; Not particularly interesting designs, Thor's has wings representing his helmet while Loki has horns on the front of his vehicle. Noteably Loki has a golden piece with a jewel, is this attempting to replicate his scepter? Star Lord Vs Nebula; Star Lord's Milano ship looks neat, probably the best vehicle of the wave, cannot make out the outfits entirely but it looks like a cheap way to get a Nebula with potentially a reasonable expression. I'm not entirely certain what Nebula is driving, appears mostly dark with a sword. The printed 1x2 tile piece with a tape looks nice though, may pick this up depending on the Nebula and Star Lord torso print, could be useful having spares. Spider-man Vs Sandman; Spider-man appears to be the Ben Reilly one, outfit might also appease those wanting to do a prototype homecoming outfit. Sandman's face looks weird but it seems a cheap way to get him for those who missed him (myself included) :P
  7. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Personally speculating a layout similar to this; 76107 - Battle at Avengers Mansion (5 figures + 2 Big Fig) Avengers Mansion Building Cull Obsidian (Big Fig), Hulk (Big Fig), Gamora, Loki, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Maria Hill 76106 - Thanos Assault (8 figures + 1 big fig) Thanos Spaceship Vehicle Thanos (Big Fig - without armour/helmet, gauntlet), Proxima Midnight (Molded hair/horn piece), Nebula, Mantis, Starlord. Drax. Iron Man. Spider-man (Iron Spider Suit), Thor 76104 - Hulkbuster Defense (4 figures) Hulkbuster Mech + collapsing tree Groot, War Machine, Bearded Captain America, 1 x Outrider Creature (Made similar to Samukai from Ninjago) 76103 - Sanctum Seige (5 figures) Lower floor of Sanctum with collapsing stairs feature Ebony Maw (Stretched head piece), Rocket Racoon, Falcon, Doctor Strange, Wong 76102 - Vision Attack (3 figures) Exploding vehicle feature Vision, Scarlet Witch. Corvus Glaive (New Weapon 76101 - War for Wakanda (3 figures) Black Panther, 2 x Outrider Creature (Made similar to Samukai from Ninjago)
  8. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Cannot make out the numbers on the image i've seen of the Black Panther sets, but the Infinity War numbers are listed below along with the sizes and my thoughts on potential pricing and included aspects; 76107 - Second Largest set 76106 - Largest set 76104 - Fourth Largest Set, noteably taller than 76103 though much thinner (Mech/Hulkbuster or tower set?) 76103 - Third largest set (Building set?) 76102 - Fifth Largest set, probably on a similar scale to Avengers Hydra Showdown (Vehicle set?) 76101 - Smallest set, probably on a similar scale and pricing to Iron Man Vs Ultron (Minifigure set?) Overall in terms of scale they appear to be big enough sets to get most the line-up of figures that people would want, with Avengers 4 the year after hopefully we'd get a second wave of sets for then. Plus we also have the potential for sets later in the year as these will be out in March (roughly one or two months before the movie) Looks fairly good for two sets combined - i think resting it over a base plate or something might help with the look of the arena. Scorpion was originally introduced to be Spider-man's main villain, then he got replaced by Venom. Eventually they attempted to merge the two characters which is why you have Mac Gargan as Venom in some continuities. So Scorpion being the third most frequent Spider-man villain (paired with Venom for popularity) kind of makes sense.
  9. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Were you able to complete a circular arena with 2 sets?
  10. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Hope we get a variant of Thanos wearing his more iconic outfit we've seen him in with the helmet and everything. As for desires/expecations, just the villains for the moment as the heroes would need to be limited down due to the amount. Villains; Thanos (Big Fig - without armour/helmet, gauntlet) Thanos (Big Fig variant - with armour/helmet, no Gauntlet) Proxima Midnight (Molded hair/horn piece) Cull Obsidian (Big Fig) Ebony Maw (Stretched head piece) Corvus Glaive (New weapon piece) Outrider Creature (Made similar to Samukai from Ninjago) Source is possibly this;
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Little smaller than i would have liked, but i can definitely see this working in regards to the idea that Lego fish fans could turn this into a fairly organic looking shark with fairly minor changes to the build. In regards to the sets so far - may end up getting most the mech's and maybe the Destiny's Bounty. Interested to see about potentially combining the mech's together.
  12. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    D23 is believed to be the main Marvel thing this time around instead of Comic Con. We may get a brief tiny teaser for Infinity War - but mostly you'll be more likely to get the second trailer for Thor Ragnarok. This is fine depending on what they include and the size/price of the sets. We'll probably get some sets for Avengers 4 the following year.
  13. Future of constraction

    For such people you have technic and could easily expand the technic theme to include more joints via technic pieces. Constraction was big before because it was primarily an off-shoot of technic - which gained increased sales when attached to a good story. As i'll cover in my reply below, it's also difficult for them to branch off now from anything other than smooth humanoids. CCBS at the moment is jumbled in regards to an aesthetic; - Lots of smooth pieces (Sometimes printed) contributed by Hero Factory - Lots of robot themed pieces contributed by Bionicle - Lots of smooth pieces (Sometimes printed) contributed by Star Wars They are doing 'ok' trying to blend the smooth pieces together for Star Wars, but that's removing a majority of what they made for Bionicle which is too specific to be used for anything else. It's not a cost effective solution because if they vary from Star Wars humanoids then they only have the Bionicle aesthetic to fall back on in regards to pieces - unless they made more.
  14. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Yeah, hopefully we end up getting a variant. Would be better than having two identical versions and a variant of him in his diplomatic suit would enable us to get a head to use for him when he unmasks without giving us duplicated figures.
  15. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I feel the following are the only characters that need to be included in the possible Black Panther sets; - T'Challa (Diplomatic uniform) - Black Panther (New Torso and Head) - Klaue (With sonic arm) - Everett ross (In a suit) - Erik Killmonger (With mask) - Nakia M'Baku/Man-Ape is confirmed for Infinity War - so i dont mind if we get him in one of those sets instead (or even a BP sequel wave of sets) Personally more interested in the Infinity War sets primarily because it'll be a chance to get all the heroes in the most up-to-date outfits and could be great replicating scenes. D23 is Marvel's thing, will probably get an Infinity War teaser of some kind coupled with the second trailer for Thor Ragnarok - July 14–16, 2017 SDCC is July 20-23, 2017. I am unsure if Marvel is attending as they may just attend D23. This would be where we get the SDCC exclusive Lego figures though. Lego was never originally going to branch out into having any skintone other than yellow. It's not really a limitation as much as they are expanding into a new territory that they never really planned on and may drop completely if they ever stop doing movie tie-in's - given they have went from having one skin tone colour (yellow) to having at minimum three which is more costly to make hence the majority of non-licensed or non-specific themes sticking to the regular yellow figures. If we get tie-in figures where a main character is a 'black woman with glasses' then we will likely get that represented in Lego form - the issue at the moment lies in a lack of that particular character being shown in movies in main roles. However we will be getting exactly this with the Nasa women's set that passed Lego ideas - though admittedly the skin tone used in the final product may end up being lighter than what you would use for a figure representation (judging from your DP)