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  1. Scarilian

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    This is a disaster beyond words. I cannot even comprehend the massive damage this is causing to the Lego community
  2. Forgot about Thanos. Disregarding the Endgame sets with the repeating Torso and Leg print, here is the quality we've come to expect with some of the characters; Thor introduced with just a torso print then gaining leg and arm print in the Ragnarok sets (2017) to Thor with just a torso print (2018, 2020) - The 2017 sets need to be viewed as an exception to the quality of the figure. Black Panther introduced with a printed 'ear/helmet' piece in the Civil War sets (2016) to non-printed 'ear/helmet' piece in (2017 and 2020). - The 2016 set needs to be viewed as an exception to the quality of the figure. Hawkeye introduced and retaining leg printing in every prior version (2012, 2015, 2016) to no leg printing (2020). - The 2020 sets need to be viewed as an exception to the quality of the figure. Each of these examples demonstrates different states of quality change. With characters like Captain America, the only time he has gained leg printing is in the SDCC 2016 figure exclusive so it has not set a precedence for that level of quality. As such while fans may want additional printing, they are not massively disappointed when he does not get it because it has been established as an expected quality level without mainstream deviation.
  3. Each wave the quality drops and each wave the basic expectations of what a figure should have get lowered. We have currently seen about 6 or 7 figures from this wave and the only ones with leg printing at all are Iron Man and Spider-man Noir, so naturally people will gravitate towards them. They have flaws in the design that people seem to be accepting simply because it's Spider-man Noir and another Iron Man variant. It's why nobody seems to be talking about Thor or Cap and why people are only talking about the AIM Soldiers out of hope they'll do the comic version someday. It's easy for Spider-man Noir and Iron Man to stand out considering the state of the figures they are associated with in the wave. Feels like a lot of denial, dismissal and defensive nature you put into a sentence here It's a potential quality control issue and should be viewed as such, not a method to dismiss anyone hoping for more than just torso and head print on a figure people want a high level of accuracy for. Quality control issues have been increasingly common with Lego and it seems unless they are acknowledged quickly they become the norm. The increasing face print issues with figures heads were acknowledged most during the early 2010's and are the most common example, people accepted that as something small/random and this allowed Lego to get to the state it is now where every figure of a similar nature expresses the same issue. Contacting Customer Service does nothing at this point for that issue because is is the new quality standard expected and they have no figures with the actual fixed issue to provide. How long will it be until alignment issues are dismissed by Lego also? Visually the helmet print captures the likeness, but the chunky nature clashes with the thin nature of the actual in-game helmet. It's just really strange that they picked the thinnest helmet designs possible to replicate using the biggest helmets they have. I could have honestly seen a printed minfigure head working here - considering how small the head is.
  4. The figures look minimal effort Even the ones that actually have more than just a torso and head print have problems with quality control or design; - Spider-man Noir has alignment issues with its printing - Iron Man Game has one of the biggest Lego helmets with the widest printing possible despite the smallest thinnest helmet in-game It keeps feeling like the Marvel figures are getting reduced in quality in order to save budget for something - but then never feels like the budget is used for anything in the Marvel line-up. At this stage it feels like we wont get passable figures/sets unless they are based around Spider-man or Iron Man. The decreasing sales due to the reducing quality are bound to further cause this problem also.
  5. Comic accuracy is a bit of a catch-all term. Comics have varied in quality and story approach so almost every interpretation of Spider-man imaginable could be considered 'comic accurate'. In regards to the character portrayal, personally i find this one to be most similar to the 'Ultimate Spider-man' portrayal, he's reliant primarily on pop culture references and is very dumbed down a majority of the time while also being demonstrated as clearly inferior to the Avengers and always looking up to them in order to make the Avengers seem more important. Personally if we get an additional set for Far From Home my desire would be;
  6. Although we are missing a lot of Endgame figures - admittedly i would like to see an additional set for Far From Home. While i must admit i would not rank the film highly, i could easily see a set based on an additional elemental with the red/black suit. Seems really odd for them to only include two of the elementals though admittedly its somewhat understandable. My main desire at this point is just for scale Cap, though if we were going to get a detailed scale Cap figure chances are we would have gotten him in the Hulk set if that is the biggest.
  7. 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Drop is meant to pair with the '76131 Avengers Compound Battle' - giving a more accurate (to the scene) Prof Hulk, the missing Infinity Stones, Rescue to recreate her scenes with Iron Man and finally Black Widow who spent most of her time as leader of the Avengers in Endgame commanding from a 'board room' which the Avengers Compound Battle has. I'd speculate that the second largest feature Scale Cap, Thor and Iron Man Mk85 facing off against Thanos - Thanos would probably just be an angry variant of '76131' with his sword, but the appeal of the set would be the the figures and the accessories which would include Mjolnir (Last seen in AoU sets), a broken Captain America Shield piece and Iron Man having his back attachment piece and a red minifigure gauntlet piece. Thor would probably just be in his armour with a slightly more accurate hair piece that gives him the hair/beard combo he had during the final fight. One of the sets could form as a sort of connecting piece between '76131 Avengers Compound Battle' and '76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor' - featuring an Iron Man variant, a War Machine variant and updated Rocket Racoon. This would serve as a way of adding to the hall of armours. In regards to which variant to include, the Mk 40 makes the most sense at the moment meaning someone can collect an uninterupted chain of armours from Mk37 to Mk47. An additional minifigure pack could include Tony Stark (In his Iron Man 1 appearance with the suit and shades), Mk 2, Mk 3 and Mk 4 to allow a complete line-up of Mk1-7. Cheapest and smallest set could be based on Ronin using a smaller variant of ' 75971 Hanzo vs. Genji' design giving us Ronin, Yazuka member and Black Widow in her normal outfit. Sanctuary II is definitely needed, would be great to have one in scale with the Avengers Compound set even if it has no interior it would be great for display :P Similar to how Thor was treated Ant-Man 3 will probably happen as some form of team-up movie with whoever resides in the Quantum Realm.
  8. Huh... seems i was kind of on the right track with the idea that Tony would have started work (or created) the Rescue suit prior to Infinity War - just incorrect about the numbering. So with the confirmation of Rescue being the Mark 49 armour, i am leaning towards the Russo's misleading us with concept art. In concept art Thor was more similar to his Infinity War appearance - maybe the labelling of the Endgame suit is listed as the 'Mark 85' to mask the fact that Tony abandoned creating suits for five years. E.g. Mk 48 - Hulkbuster 2.0 Mk 49 - Rescue Mk 50 - Infinity War Nano Suit Mk 51 - Endgame suit Until we get visual confirmation of the Mk 51-84 i am going with the idea that the Endgame suit was intended to be the Mk 51. I doubt the suit is included in enough of the movie to justify it being included in the sets - it likely gets the final battle and that'd be it.
  9. For those wondering, this is the Mark 6 War Machine. It is damaged during battle leading him to use this suit, which is never named and could be either the Mark 5 or the Mark 7. One of the Avengers Infinity War concept art books teased the idea that Rhodey/War Machine was supposed to have a much larger role in Infinity War that would have seen him gain the Mark 5 armour - so i think Endgame is just featuring the Mark 6 and Mark 7.
  10. The Captain Marvel Art Print is '1 of 3'. So we have 2 additional art prints and potentially the Iron Man QRS suit that need releasing at some point directly via Lego - which definitely is going to require additional set/sets. Given this we have to be getting at least one additional set - similar to Hulkbuster the 2 remaining art prints would be a normal and black/white art print of a Lego style Endgame poster or 10 years poster with all the characters. If we do not get an additional set we simply have no method for Lego to distribute the additional art prints without forcing people to buy multiples of the sets they already have. If i had to guess, a D2C is the most likely option even if it may not be based on Endgame.
  11. Scarilian

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Considering the Lego art print for Captain Marvel is supposedly 'one of three' does this imply additional sets this year - especially given the QRS/ATS polybag of Tony Stark has not been released officially via Lego. How else would Lego distribute the remaining two art prints? In addition, vaderfan_2187 has posted images of the promotional 'Avengers Compound' - images have been spoiler tagged for size but they contain no spoilers :) Personally i think this is a better version of the Avengers Compound than the retail version. Looks rather amazing and is a nice place to display the team.
  12. No need to apologise. The big figs take up most the price point - while the attempt to appeal to a wider demographic of ages has resulted in a simplified design where allocation of pieces was moved to vehicles in the hopes of generating more interest. In essence the allocation of pieces was designed to make more builds/vehicles and if it was more focused then we'd have gotten something akin to 76038; Attack on Avengers Tower. Unique printing is also probably a factor in these things along with the decision to include the Gauntlet piece, extra Infinity Stones and the license fee bumping the price a bit. Comparing to another scenario with two big figs; 76078: Hulk vs. Red Hulk is 375 pieces for $59.99 76131: Avengers Compound Battle is 699 pieces for $99.99 So the difference in pricing is not actually that bad, it's more that the figures and the build of the rest of the set does not really justify the pricing.
  13. Agreed, definitely would like at least an additional set with updates for several of the characters.
  14. Spoilers regarding accuracy of Thor & Hulk as per the leaked footage; So far it appears that the QRS/ATS are very briefly included and may not feature in the film for more than a few minutes. Some of the footage leaked is incredibly spoiler heavy even without context, would advise people to avoid the internet entirely at this stage up until you have seen the film if you want to avoid getting spoiled.
  15. It is indeed a double-bladed sword, perfectly balanced, as all things should be...