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  1. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Quantum Realm vehicle is interesting, as others have mentioned unsure why they did not repurpose the 'gyroscope' element for this set - will be interesting to see someone modify this set with that. Build kinds of makes me want a Rock Raiders 'Rapid Rider' revamp - which i expect is what i'll do with the build (removing the window elements from the front and repurposing the 'landing gear' on the side to make it look more industrial. Ant-Man has some updates, but is not a figure i'll be rushing after as we'll likely see this figure re-used for Infinity War's sequel Wasp kind of sucks, the helmet contrasts terribly with the style of Ant-Man, needed leg print Ghost looks 'ok' - lack of leg printing is frustrating but the double-sided head (or replacement head) is welcomed Overall, build looks good while the figures are underwhelming. I expect the next set would include Janet Van Dyne's Wasp, Goliath and probably Ant-Man again. I still expect we'll get an additional set based on Infinity War - the additional Civil War set was revealed around the middle of May and released in August so given the Ant-Man sets are being released on June 1st we still have time for a potential additional set based around Infinity War, if one exists, to be revealed.
  2. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Yeah, the gold colour is accurate - it's mostly the base colour of the arm that looks like it should be a darker shade to me along with most the body.
  3. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It's primarily the eyes - similar to Cull Obsidian the Lego style of eyes does not suite him. Unsure if any hair would fit the character well given how short it is. Probably some sort of holding module for the Gauntlet
  4. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I like the new War Machine, arm print is definitely a welcomed addition and perhaps would work on the Civil War version Bucky looks alright, but everything seems a shade lighter than it should be and his arm should be gunmetal grey Judging via this our missing set would feature; Wong, War Machine, Winter Soldier and maybe Nebula (She seems similar to the GotG2 version, but perhaps without battle damage) The figure is based on this version of Wong from set pictures - fairly accurate in terms of outfit
  5. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Lego are not in a financially tougher position than a few years ago at all - profit is on-top of what they need to sustain themselves as a business. Lego has excess stock at warehouses so why have 1400 staff hired that you do not need? Especially when the majority of the business stock is primarily starting to be sold online.
  6. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Was a derp on my part, meant Avengers 4. This is the opposite of a fact, it is completely unsupported.
  7. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Wasp seems to be based on the concept art, so perhaps we'll be lucky and they'll re-do her helmet for Infinity War. Having it all printed on the Iron Man helmet is unfortunate. The same thickness, but the amount of plastic used must be different or the plastic is mixed with something. I've seen knock-off versions of the same pieces that are affected in Lego's version that do not have the translucency issue or have the issue to varying extents. If a knock-off company can make the same pieces non-translucent - then i dont see why a more expensive Lego version has issues with those pieces. In the same sense if the consistency of the plastic was the same throughout then we wouldn't have the varying levels of translucency on areas that are the same thickness. It's mostly an issue of display as light cannot be above, below or to the side of the set without seeing through the wings.
  8. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It is translucent... You shouldn't be able to hold up Lego and see through it because Lego is made in a way that normally results in solid plastic piece, even air bubbles are meant to be removed as part of Lego's quality control. As demonstrated in the image i posted, the bright orange they have decided to skimp on the quality, reducing the amount of plastic. This weakens the quality of the piece meaning it will break quicker and enabling it to bend easily. It's a technique used by some Lego knock-off's in order to manufacture pieces for cheaper when quality is not the focus - Lego using the technique themselves is a sign that quality was not the focus with that set. Lego has had several price hikes in the UK
  9. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I dont feel like these sets are going 'all out'. Lego seems to have dropped the quality for the Guardians ship. This is something i would expect to see from a cheap knock-off, not Lego.
  10. 21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    I'll grant you that the Tron Legacy set includes some larger pieces than the Women of NASA ('WoN') set - though the 'WoN' set had three main builds including a rocket and all has a thicker base. I cannot really compare the two, as i do not own the Tron Legacy set - but i'd be interested to see a comparison when people inevitably end up getting the set. It looks like the bike may be roughly the same size as the rocket in the 'WoN' set. The original bike was static and received 10,000 supporters for that design and the base plate is intended for static display also. I doubt people as such expected wheel movement, and while it has it's benefits that i do understand, it's not something that particularly motivates me to go and get the set anymore than if the wheels were static. I'd still end up displaying or depicting the vehicles racing regardless of if the wheels are static or not. If how recognizable something is, is subjective - then your point about the official model being recognizable is also subjective. I can use the same criteria and it applies to almost every Tron Cycle MOC. This is probably a Tron Legacy Cycle at its most core level. You need very little to make a set recognizable other than specific aspects of it's design.
  11. 21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    Getting incredibly specific here. If you want to compare specific features, then take a look at Women Of Nasa with four figures, tons of unique figure printing and unique printed pieces, some dual molded legs, 231 pieces and priced at $10/£10/€10 cheaper than the Tron set. To me, the Tron Cycle should not have been priced more than that set. Its that $10/£10/€10 addition that people are having trouble justifying. If you like the set that is fine, i'm not trying to change your viewpoints merely explaining my own - to me the set disappoints in regards to the bikes, but excels in regards to the printing of Flynn and Qoura - Rinzler could have used his arm print though and the printed mask is not accurate (They printed the reflection of the mask onto the mask and it looks weird) Adding stuff to the upper sides does not fix the bottom of the build - the bottom is flat. This is clearly not a limitation of the building system given it has been tackled by a variety of fan versions including the originally submitted Ideas version.Here are some examples; 2011 Tron Cycle MOC, 2015 Ideas Tron Cycle, 2016 Tron Cycle Chase, 2017 Tron Legacy Light Cycle and more... My comment is not remotely unwarranted or harsh and is echo'd on a majority of Lego sites - if they make a product that people do not like then people are going to criticize it. Tron fans realized shortly after the movie that the exterior wheels along with the rest of the body are a shell - they do not move. Lego has either ignored this or thought that the set needed moving wheels and decided to have the exterior shell move - in a similar sense they either attempted something with the flat main segment and gave up or they did not attempt something with the flat main segment - either way, they left the flat main segment. The model is recognizable due to the layout of the bike and the colour scheme - the core idea is still there regardless of the execution. This is recognizably a Tron Light Cycle also - it does not change the fact that the build for the official set is lacking. I've seen people dismiss the bikes, which should be the main reason to buy the set, in favor of the figures.
  12. 21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    This set is easily the worst in regards to Price to Parts ratio and i dont see the justification in that when other licensed Ideas themes are so cheap in comparison - the only set even remotely close in terms of price per piece ratio is the Hayabusa and that was back when it was Lego Cuusoo. I understand that multiple aspects affect pricing, but a set based on a movie released in 2010 that was not that popular at the time should not have a higher license than all the other active licenses here. I understand Tron is connected to more than just the movie license, but it's not priced well for what it offers. Ideas sets; Tron Legacy - Price per piece; 13.0p / 15.2c / 15.2c Hayabusa - Price per piece; 12.2p / 13.5c / 13.5c Big Bang - Price per piece; 10.3p / 12.4c / 12.4c Beatles - Price per piece; 9.9p / 10.8c / 10.8c Research Institute - Price per piece; 9.7p / 12.1c / 12.1c Caterham Seven - Price per piece; 9.7p / 10.4c / 10.4c Exo-Suit - Price per piece; 9.3p / 10.9c / 10.9c Adventure Time - Price per piece; 9.1p / 10.1c / 10.1c Ghostbusters Car - Price per piece; 8.9p / 9.8c / 9.8c Women of Nasa - Price per piece; 8.7p / 10.8c / 10.8c DeLorean Time Machine - Price per piece; 8.7p / 8.7c / 10.0c Mars Rover - Price per piece; 8.5p / 10.2c / 10.2c Doctor Who - Price per piece; 8.0p / 9.6c / 6.7c Maze - Price per piece; 7.8p / 9.1c / 9.1c Ship in a Bottle - Price per piece; 7.3p / 7.3c / 7.3c Minecraft - Price per piece; 7.3p / 7.3c / 7.3c Birds - Price per piece; 6.9p / 7.8c / 7.8c Fishing Store - Price per piece; 6.8p / 7.3c / 7.3c WALL-E - Price per piece; 5.9p / 8.9c / 7.4c Saturn V - Price per piece; 5.6p / 6.1c / 6.1c I dont think you see the issue, here is the Lego version compared to a Tron Legacy version. The main flaw of the design is that you can easily describe the Lego one as two circular wheels with a rectangle connecting them. It's blocky by design rather than limitations of Lego. The Tron Legacy version you cannot give that description due to the curved middle that raises it and makes the vehicle have a different overall feel. The Lego Tron Legacy version attempts to trick you with a curved inaccurate exterior piece and a random slanted piece on the back of the bike with no attempt being made to even remotely change the middle design from looking flat to being curved. It has been documented for years, the most notable example can be comparing the 2016 AT-ST to the 2017 version in which the piece count dropped by 70 while the price increased. In general it is a 10% increase among Star Wars sets. In 2017 they bumped up prices again and they are planning to do so again in 2018.
  13. 21314 TRON: Legacy Revealed

    I disagree, Ideas is a platform to find out the size of the community interested in purchasing a product. Lego clearly have decided that 10,000 people being interested in a set on Ideas is enough for them to consider making the set, if it's attached to a pre-existing license then that's just more exposure and an increased chance of people getting the set. As such this set is the opposite of niche, it's attached to a popular licensed game/film with a cult following with a minimum potential customer base of 10,000 people. The only downside would be licensing fee's - but other Lego Ideas sets have shown that the license fees normally do not make the set considerably more than they are worth - in this case it's like they have applied the Star Wars level of license fee's. Other Lego Ideas sets have justified the prices they have with specific pieces, figures or amount of pieces total. This set does not, it has three figures and 230 pieces with limited printed pieces and two rather bland looking representations of Tron Light Cycles which look like blocks with wheels stuck on. The only thing you are supporting with your remark is the idea of exploiting the target audience with a higher fee for specific licensed themes regardless of whether they justify it. Why would making a set from "a movie franchise that has never been a blockbuster financial success" result in the same price hike as Star Wars? The license for Tron should not be worth as much - especially if it is a 'niche license'
  14. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Carriage set is underwhelming. Thestral looks great, figures look lackluster and not accurate enough. Build itself could have used more pieces (132 pieces for $19.99) Would have preferred the carriage build to be more similar to this user's version from 2008. Not sure it is worth the price currently unless you really want the Thestral. I think if the Suitcase does happen, it would probably draw some level of inspiration from the 'Lego ideas Pop-up Book' Yeah, not a fan of the idea of having some brick-built and some molded. Will probably be tracking down the original Basilisk and Fawkes to go alongside the Thestral.
  15. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    The Wakanda Transport looks generic, like the Imperial Assault Hovertank from Star Wars, I'd rather it is not the focus of the final set. I doubt that for potentially $50 they would be able to give us a good version of the circular ship from the trailers or the Sanctuary II either - would probably turn out like the ship from 'The Ultimate Battle for Asgard'. This set was $49.99 - which matches the rumored price of the missing set. I expect the build is probably going to look somewhat similar as an expansion of Wakanda - probably a tower with a segment of the wall so that it can be attached to the 'Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack' set. Figures would be a Thanos variant with Drax, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and an Outrider. We wouldn't have seen the set prior because the reveal of Thanos in Wakanda was something that has only been shown recently and they would have likely wanted to keep that secret.