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  1. JopieK

    Biped Robot - 4DOF

    Well done! Really nice.
  2. JopieK

    Aliens MOC I found on Reddit

    @Blacktron might be able to help you in here as well :)
  3. JopieK

    Narrow gauge "Odenwald-Express"

    Well fingers crossed that that is not just a rumor then! Would be great.
  4. JopieK

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    Simple but elegant :) Really nice LEGO Train 12 Volts.
  5. JopieK

    Cheap Drones

    You know that this forum is about LEGO and not about drones?
  6. JopieK

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Too late :) Instantly recognizable as Fabuland indeed.
  7. JopieK

    LEGO 'Minifig' Snowman

    Saw this in the news, hope you like it :) Some Dutch 'kids' (actually in their twenties) decided to make a snow man 'minifigure': This gigantic LEGO snowman proves that the big snowfall also brings out the creativity in humans. Kylian (23) and his sister Debby (21) Schiks started building two days ago and now have this beautiful structure in their backyard in Berghem. Kylian was off for a few days and saw the backyard as a large blank canvas that could still be used. He started building together with his sister. They didn't have a design and that it would eventually become a LEGO doll, only became clear when they were working. “The snow is quite dry and difficult to model because it doesn't stick well,” says Kylian. “I added a bucket of tap water to each layer so that it does stick. We started with straight lines, suddenly we saw legs in them and then it became a LEGO doll. ” No curfew in the backyard Kylian and Debby aren't really LEGO fans. “I have played with it once, but we mainly wanted it to be very big. That was the challenge.” The rectangular doll eventually became 3.15 meters high and 2.15 meters wide. Kylian and his sister have been working on it for two days. "I must also say that the curfew does not apply in the backyard so we put a construction lamp on it and continued in the evenings." And whether it tastes like more? “Well, I have to work now and it will probably thaw again on Monday, but I hope to be able to skate this weekend!”. Original article in Dutch:
  8. My block is package that you put the code in that you created. It is like a function in normal programming. Does that help?
  9. JopieK

    [MOC] Remote controlled train signal

    What kind of trains do you normally have? They are quite long for 6-wide trains aren't they? (I already said that at 1000steine :)). Nevertheless very nice brick-builds!
  10. Great review! Seems to be a very high quality product. Looking forward to more :)
  11. JopieK

    UK Lego Order Stolen From Package

    LEGO really helped out with that particular order. They said that they switched to DPD because of previous experiences like mine with some other company (I guess DHL, there are great videos on Youtube on how DHL created a special warehouse just for LEGO). I have had less issues with DHL (only VAT issues with items from China where they overcharged), but indeed it might differ from area to area and in the end I think the people on the delivery trucks are the weakest link: they might be great and very consumer-oriented, or they might be lazy and try to get rid of ones parcel like 'paper boy' in the old game :)
  12. JopieK

    [MOC] Morspoort (city gate)

    Very nice dutchmadebricks!
  13. JopieK

    UK Lego Order Stolen From Package

    DPD is horrible, last order was dropped at neighbors without any notice: they insisted it was delivered here. Fortunately I have honest neighbors so they brought it to us...
  14. Well, it would be best to use vector-based images instead of pixel-based images. Illustrator or Inkscape are much, much, much better than Word / Paint / Google Docs. Paint is an amateur tool, Word is a horrible tool but for some strange reason (probably because it comes with most computers) really bad for any lay outing work. and Google docs is a nice tool, but for making documents, not for graphics.
  15. Hope by then we have the freedom to come. It is in my summer vacation so I would like to try it.