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  1. JopieK

    [NXT] Two inputs

    You can also "spy" on the values being read, what does that look like? I think your approach looks valid.
  2. JopieK

    [NXT] Two inputs

    Hi duplexo123, I can't see the attachment, maybe you need to have more post before you can add an attachment? You could add it on Flickr and add it then as an image.
  3. JopieK

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Ok, well let's see I think LEGO will give a reaction: it already causes a lot of chatter at the social media platforms of the world wide web.
  4. JopieK

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Although some people at 1000steine apparently have some doubts about it being legit or some kind of weird self-promotion. Even if it would be legit, then not only LEGO has lost it, it is for sure that Thomas is getting more and more sour in his videos.
  5. JopieK

    Size for custom decals

    Alas there is no good alternative to Illustrator but Inkscape! It just depends on what you want to do. Several people including me in train tech sell different kinds of stickers for trains, so we can give you good advice I think :) It starts with the sizes on a train of course and then you work form there.
  6. JopieK

    [How to:] Fix frayed wire on Lego 9v track connector

    Nice fixes! Another solution would be to use 'Sugru' or some other kind of 'putty'.
  7. JopieK

    Help: Lego Boost Move Hub Whining Sound

    A high pitch noise is likely a motor or multiple motors that want to do something but just don't have enough power. Maybe the batteries are low? I think the best way is to contact LEGO about it, they will probably be able to give you the best advice on it.
  8. JopieK

    Hello my name is Simon

    Welcome Simon, also to Train Tech :) Enjoy your stay, hope you are not snowed-in yet!
  9. JopieK

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    Very nice job and really great idea. I would say that a building kit that allows to build one or two billboards and adding four options for the adds would do it even better on Ideas.
  10. JopieK

    MOC: 7898 Cargo Train converted to Power Functions!

    Next mod will be to convert it to PUP. @CSW652, common problem, an other German LEGO fan created train towers to be able to show lots of trains, his first attempt fell over (destroying some parts). That is the advantage of smaller scale model railroads, then you can easily put them in some fiddle yard or something, when most of us would build a fiddle yard at home we would need to enlarge the attick/house or buy a new one I guess :)
  11. JopieK

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    You can issue an emergency stop indeed by sending a 0 (forward) or 255 (reversed). In Swift the command looks like: let value: [UInt8] = [0x08, 0x00, 0x81, motor, 0x11, 0x51, 0x00, speed] where motor is 0x00 or 0x01 and speed will be either 0 or 255 for an immediate stop. If I remember correctly pressing the red button will invoke this command with speed == 0x00.
  12. JopieK

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    It would of course halt faster but that is an unrealistic scenario of course and might lead to abnormal wear of the motor. A normal train also can't stop very fast when it is traveling at higher speeds. Solution: create sections where the train can accelerate / decelerate.
  13. JopieK

    10017 Hopper

    @CSW652 They apparently have "Wölbschieber" and/or "Verlängerungsrutschen" see here (in German, very technical alas). So they have some kind of slide that dumps the load next to the tracks, handy for things like track ballasting etc.
  14. JopieK

    Will there be a 2019 freight train?

    I don't expect one but you never know. A colleague of mine (engineering school) deals with LEGO often in a professional way, they have to sign so many NDA's that it is almost getting impossible to get insights in what LEGO is working on.