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  1. JopieK

    looking for a lego vauxhall vivaro

    Well I guess you need to try yourself, adjust, try again, adjust some more :) Would be great to show your work and I'm sure members will then give you tips. This looks at least already somewhat like it: That was designed by Ralph Savelsberg Some other note: Vauxhall == Opel, in the rest of the world the Vivaro is sold under the Opel brand I guess.
  2. Why did they choose to focus so much on 'mouse' control? I haven't used a mouse in years (at least not for myself). I like the render mode too indeed, although the controls could be improved there too. B.t.w. does anyone know why minifig textures do not seem to render (eyes / smile etc.).
  3. JopieK

    Steam Locomotive Factory

    Meiningen dampflok werk in LEGO?! ;) sure looks like it:
  4. JopieK

    Layout first glimpse

    Very nice layout Harry, you have combined a lot of recognizable elements in such a way that they blend in well together.
  5. Indeed for now I see it more as complementary, I use but still build the models in LDD.
  6. JopieK

    Hello there folks !!

    Hi Gort, you are welcome. Enjoy Eurobricks. We try to keep it a cheerful and tidy place so please help us with doing so. That includes not reviving very old topics for no good reasons (and not registering multiple accounts, but I guess you didn't get the activation email the first time).
  7. JopieK

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Of course, but I reckon that is even hard for first grade college students so maybe we could use the Duplo train for them :)
  8. JopieK

    OBB Taurus

    Thanks for joining McTrain, but this was a topic from a year ago. Please don't just ask but also give to the community :)
  9. I would also recommend having LEGO as a release valve like @Aanchir suggests ;) I have been teaching in college (applied university) for about 12 years now and just finished my masters myself, but find it always nice to have LEGO around. It means I am not visiting the amount of events I used to do, but I still enjoy building my (in my case) city. I also choose not to focus on Technics for my hobby (although I have taught robotics and regularly give FLL workshops etc), in our case my wife is more into Technic (she teaches math, I teach computer science), so maybe it will be a good idea to balance what you are doing and see how LEGO or any other hobby would fit in. It is really important in college to not only study but also keep your head cool, I also see students struggle quite a lot and it helps if they have a good 'blow vent'. For me LEGO always has been such a vent (even as a kid when things at school were not as nice as they should have been due to some nagging classmates), but I don't know of course what works best for you @General Magma. I would recommend just experience it as you go and try to adjust everything to your situation (and maybe speak about it with other students and/or a study coach if you feel too much stress).
  10. JopieK

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    LEGO reached out to me (proof that they do read Eurobricks ;)) , the issue was solved in the release versions, that is why I ran into the problem. Great to hear! I like the Duplo trains very much, now we can finally explain to primary school teaching students what programming is without the need (but with the possibility) to open up a laptop or tablet! Too bad the city trains don't include the speaker though, that would have been something for us LEGO train enthusiasts. Of course a Duplo train allows for a larger PCB and more options so I can understand it but nevertheless.
  11. JopieK

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    Really cool vitreolum. Al those details at such a small scale...
  12. JopieK

    Heartlake Express... My Lego Friends Train

    Well than you nailed it :) It is a little hard to see how much space is needed and available, I already noticed you used panels of course. Are you going to build it or?
  13. JopieK

    Heartlake Express... My Lego Friends Train

    Great idea jlassen, I only fear the Friends figures won't fit or would they?
  14. Holger (HoMa) shared his rendition of the Trans Europ Express (TEE). An iconic train and an icon LEGO build if you ask me. See also the other great pictures including his coach lighting solution in Train Tech.