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  1. JopieK

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    I instantly recognized the 'peek-through' of the alley with the tram. Will you also make Magna Plaza?!
  2. JopieK

    [MOC] Bakery & Toy Store

    Wow! They should hire you to bring it to market. I really like the outside but Bennies Droid workshop is just to great an idea not to copy from you (I got this years LUGBulk last week so...).
  3. JopieK

    [moc] Narrow gauge 0-4-0 logger

    Looks really nice! Cute little engine.
  4. Here you go: I haven't tried it yet, but my wife already brought the salt along :) Of course you would also be able to use other techniques (e.g. vapor smoothing).
  5. You could use 3D printing and bake the parts (e.g. using fine salt).
  6. JopieK

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Stunning! You did a really great job there. The colors work very well.
  7. JopieK

    Lego LNER A4 "Silver Link"

    Looks really great already @MrMeme260, keep up the good work!
  8. JopieK

    Narrow gauge motor system

    @Paperinik77pk just posted something last Sunday on the matter:
  9. JopieK

    Hey friends !Im newbie.

    Hi Joana, welcome to Eurobricks. What themes do you like most? Enjoy your stay!
  10. JopieK

    LED in Light blub Globe

    For all I know it can't: a 5mm LED will fit in a LEGO hole (e.g. in a Technic plate) but it is just a little too wide to fit inside that bulb globe. You could of course use a 3mm LED or a light pipe (e.g. SMD led under the newer 58176).
  11. JopieK

    New 9v motor

    I just finished the new issue of a monthly Dutch model railroad hobby magazine. Have you ever felt a H0 or N locomotive? They are way heavier than a LEGO train. Of course you can weigh it down, but that will also have other disadvantages including the wear on plastic parts. I even milled (uh actually a colleague in Engineering school) my own wheels, I can ask them to mill loads of wheels if I like. It does work, but it is not very reliable. Also I don't see the advantages, especially nowadays when DCC (e.g. Lenz) decoders are still very expensive but microcontrollers (I teach embedded systems engineering) are really cheap. You can easily fit in powered up with e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino / ESP32 whatever. It becomes so much more versatile than using DCC. There are also issues with the tracks, the tracks need to have very good connections and 12V and 9V track is not really reliable connection wise as well. DCC is also getting older and BLE is really, really nice. Of course you could use e.g. 12V middle rails to recharge LiPo's etc. that would be a good idea and I tried that and it works well. Of course I don't say you should not experiment with DCC, please do, but I still have an Uhlenbrock unit and I'll give it to a colleague that does use DCC for his model trains since I think BLE / Powered Up is much better for my purposes.
  12. JopieK

    New 9v motor

    I did experiments with DCC but there is an other problem, LEGO trains are not heavy enough: the signals are not really reliable. So your best option would be to use powered up.
  13. JopieK

    Bit Confused...

    Well, it is just common sense. If you post in very old topics (like you did from 2017 e.g.), it will be hard to get a good conversation about it. There is a lot of knowledge here so Eurobricks is a great place also if you want to get people to like you, maybe you can start with share something about yourself, ideally with some work of yours. Then it will be much easier to engage with others. Below my post there are also useful links on the rules, so also feel free to ask others like you did in here. Sometimes also difficult, but also try to mind your capital letters / punctuation.
  14. JopieK

    MOC - SQDY Wagons

    Very nice indeed, lot's of details and still slender.