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  1. Adding a Banner Image to Profile Page

    Interesting. Indeed it seems they can be added but only from the Admin panel. I never noticed!
  2. This is not a Lepin but a LEGO fan forum, so I have locked the topic for now.
  3. 0-8-0 Tank locomotive

    Great job Thunder, awesome Train! All those details. I especially like your head lights. Are you also going to build it for real? I guess some parts are not there in those colors yet, but you did a great job in showing how new parts including those round tiles are a large advantage for train builders. I also like the other trains and of course your Boston dynamics style robots on your Flickr.
  4. Today Eurobricks and Train Tech enthusiast Tunder shared his very detailed and nicely colored 0-8-0 Tank locomotive: See his topic in Train Tech. Last Monday he already shared another marvel:
  5. MOC: PF Class 08 Shunter

    Hi Lister, welcome to EB. But please remember that we have some rules (see my signature), please re-read them. Don't bump and also be cautious to quote lots of images! Apart from that, hope you will have a good stay. Feel free to share your ideas about LEGO trains and other LEGO related things.
  6. MOC - 7720 reloaded (DB E69)

    Great idea Paperinik77pk, bringing that 7720 to the PF Era.
  7. Homemade Road Plates

    They look really nice! My main concern with the basic LEGO baseplates is that they don't seem to fit the modular streets very well and the other brick solutions cost a humongous amount of bricks.
  8. Homemade Road Plates

    Alas your images don't show.
  9. [Removed image] So some kind of strange 6-pins connector. I think, based on upcoming sets without PF and the update cycle of sets like Mindstorms, but also initiatives including iPad apps to control LEGO, that the whole powered/motorized system is being overhauled once again. 3.3V makes sense for modern microcontrollers, a LiPo is 3.7V, so using a booster is an option that is often used in other (non-LEGO) electronics. Update: Apparently Promobricks added the WeDo 2.0 controller and I did not read it well enough. I have WeDo 1.0 but not the 2.0 version. It would make sense though that LEGO will try to integrate PF 2.0 it with WeDo 2.0 and Boost. For reference what the WeDo motor / sensors look like: More on this:
  10. [MOC] Central Station

    Alas, something went wrong with the pictures... Others than you can't see them...
  11. [MOCs] Various American Freight Cars II

    They look really neat and very realistic! Great job Commander Wolf!
  12. 3RD party bendable track

    Ouch, it hurts my eyes. Modifications can be necessary but this goes a bit too far for my taste. @fred67: those supports would be nice for Lugbulk 2019 :)
  13. my introduction

    Welcome to Eurobricks adobomovie, what kind of LEGO are you interested in most? Feel free to tell us more about yourself and while you do that don't forget that your keyboard has two shift keys and even a '.'-key to add dots to the end of your sentences.
  14. Making tank models

    Well, there are people doing that so have a look in the fora. A commercial party that does it is brickmania.
  15. Hi Anne-Elizabeth, welcome to Eurobricks. Please read the rules. It is fine to promote your ideas and nice LEGO-complementary products, but don't just join to use Eurobricks as a billboard for your product.