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  1. JopieK

    inactive download links

    Hi Denis, maybe you should explain a little bit more what you are looking for. Apart from that: welcome to Eurobricks.
  2. JopieK

    12 Volt River Port

    You always amaze us HoMa, very nice builds!
  3. JopieK

    12v motor repair

    Thanks @Reker1000000, a lot of people will really like getting their precious old 12V motors up and running again using your tutorial!
  4. JopieK

    Lego City 2023:Rumours,Speculation,Leaks and Discussion

    Sorry, late to the party... upcoming paper deadline and other feeble excuses :)
  5. JopieK

    How to join 4wide track curve to straight/

    Hi Scott, welcome to EB and Train Tech! You are talking about:, Track Plastic, Narrow, Curve&category=[Train, Track]#T=C and trying to connect it to something like this, Track Slotted Rail Straight&category=[Train, Track]#T=C I suppose? I thing you should have a look at this: There are variations possible of course! Would that help? We are of course interested to see your own results! Maybe use something like Flickr or some other image sharing platform to host the pictures on and link it then, that should work!
  6. JopieK

    Cleaning 12v rails and motor contacts

    Great info @Reker1000000. Keeping the beloved 12V motors in perfect shape!
  7. JopieK

    "feldbahn" shunting tractor

    Very nice job! Reminds me a little of the 'Glaskasten' locomotive although your version is not steam of course.
  8. JopieK

    PandaCity of Bricks

    It lives longer than his Panda I think (he has/used to have a little Fiat).
  9. JopieK

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Very nice Jacob. Great to see you are still in the LEGO hobby, has been quite a while when I last met you :) I especially like your 7740 MOD.
  10. JopieK

    CP Arco Coaches -1:45 Scale

    @Sérgio one needs to look cerefully to see if it Is the real deal or your LEGO variety (the tracks give it away but apart from that...). Nice addition for the already great locomotive!
  11. JopieK

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

    @Vilhelm22, good point, they are indeed awesome (the rods from @zephyr1934 I mean).
  12. JopieK

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

    Very nice job @Vendral24. It is a train that would be great for LEGO to add to their lineup. I also like your stickers. Unfortunately my machine is broken otherwise I could have printed them for you (the machine is (ah was) able to print in white and metallic). Apart from that: welcome to Eurobricks in general and Train Tech in particular.
  13. JopieK

    MOC: The Station hotel

    @snaillad do you break them apart or? It would have been great to combine them! I also really like your Teapot junction.