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  1. JopieK

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    Indeed @zephyr1934, same principle(s).
  2. The yellow part is not a capacitor but a resettable fuse @TechnicBrickPower.
  3. JopieK

    Remote control/Motorised Switch tracks (Points)

    I normally use a trick: you can elevate the points a little (two plates total), tiles underneath, on top of that use a 1x4 plate (92593) with a corner tile (14719) on one of it's ends. You connect e.g. a technic beam plus an actuator to the other end (e.g. cheap servo or any type of LEGO motor or pneumatics solution). The spring in the point will help you out: does not need a lot of force and no need to modify anything, you can even keep the yellow handle attached.
  4. JopieK

    [HELP] Controlling Train Layout

    You can do it either way. You can even use the BLE modules. 9V and RCX is a brilliant combination of course, I did the same years ago with that combination (hopper, RCX, 9V rail/train car). If you are ok with Arduino look at @AlmightyArjen and how he pulled it off. You can also use an in-between, e.g. a Raspberry Pi that is a bluetooth master and Powered Up / Control+ / Boost / WeDo 2.0 peripherals.
  5. JopieK

    [WIP] grist mill

    Really great! Most LEGO watermills look unfinished because of the lack of water, you fixed that definitely.
  6. i-Brix failed his kickstarter campaign, set the bar way too high. I advised him about that. Also he should have made this technology open source instead he is thinking in patents for such a niche product. It is a cool idea however.
  7. JopieK

    Lego Trains: Avoiding the Uncanny Valley

    So you don't expect Minifigs becoming alive like zombies or something (that is what Mori talks about isn't it ;)). I really like model trains, but the pity is that you build it once and then more or less are stuck with it. I very much like more detailed sceneries like the Carl Greatrix scenes and layouts in Germany and the US that are really realistic and it is even hard to see it is LEGO sometimes.
  8. JopieK

    App connection problems?

    Of course low battery could be an issue. What OS does your phone run? Bluetooth Low Energy is a radio protocol so maybe you also might have interference from other appliances.
  9. JopieK

    70840 Apocalypseburg retired

    Great set of course, but only a few people would be inclined to buy it. My wife and I like the LEGO Movie 2, but she did not like the apocalyptic tough of the set (if they would have have changed it to a 2-in-1 before and after the apocalypse or something my wife might have liked it better)... but then again, those sets are really expensive, even we can't afford to buy too many expensive sets (with two reasonable incomes, both teachers and no kids). For kids it will be only doable for very wealthy parents :) We have bought the Disney train, are into modulars, my wife also buys the nicer technic sets (currently building the Jeep), but then we have run out of LEGO budget I'm afraid ;) ...
  10. JopieK

    Winter Village display 2019-2020

    Great scenery but the train is the real showpiece!!!
  11. JopieK

    [MOC] The Birth of Jesus

    Quite nice alanboar. Enjoy the holidays!
  12. JopieK

    The Ifs - Coding: it is child’s play!

    You apologize for the spam, but still you do it. What part didn't you understand about self promoting? Apart from that, this is a LEGO community, not some general toy / education board. Thank you.
  13. You really have a reason to be proud! It is huge! So many nice details. How many bricks do you estimate it to have?
  14. JopieK

    Luxury Super Yacht

    Read the rules on self promotion please...