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  1. Earthquake in Cologne

    I saw it on 1000steine! Very impressive! That was a lot of work!
  2. MOC: Lego Train Station 60050 XXL!

    Hi Nick welcome to Eurobricks. Our main communication language is English. The topic was from 2016 and asking to help to open an LDD file is not really adding something spectacular to that topic. It would have been better to open a new topic and link to the old one for reference. Apart from that I hope you will enjoy your stay. The issue with the file is that is is corrupt, only 22 bytes that is not very much is it?!
  3. Programming your LEGO Trains!

    @dr_spock: The Powered Up App works on phones and tablets running iOS 8.0 and up or Android 5.0 and up. For iOS users it is very rare to find devices < iOS 8 (iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display). I think BLE is a bigger issue, older devices don't have it, these iOS 8 compatible devices support BLE, so that might be a bigger deal. I don't know that for Android, but might be the same reason.
  4. Best parts for town building

    Hi macvdesign. Thanks for joining Eurobricks. Note: you agreed to our terms when joining, we want to promote active members here and want to prevent people only joining to use EB as a billboard.
  5. Hi guys and gals, This means that we can now also program our trains: this is supported by Xcode / Swift Playgrounds! For me as an Apple Certified Trainer it also might mean that I can finally tax deduct my LEGO trains haha ;). I did program my trains already but needed Arduino and 'hack' at least part of it (I mean use a not fully puristic solution). From now on we can also do it the LEGO way. Of course it will also work with Android but even with Kotlin, programming it would be much more difficult.
  6. LDD MOC: InterCityExpress 3 (ICE 3)

    Hi Nick, thanks for joining Eurobricks. But: a. this is a topic from 2011 that you reopened b. bluntly asking such a such might not be the good strategy I lock it for now.
  7. Venice Simplon Orient Express

    They look very nice, but some users experience problems with the large size of the pic :)
  8. UV printers from Aliexpress??

    We have a Versacamm (Solvent ink), nice for stickers but not for printing on objects including ABS / LEGO. The UV printers by Roland are indeed more than twice the price of a solvent printer (about 40.000€).
  9. UV printers from Aliexpress??

    Well UV printers are not that easy I would say. I have a laser engraver from Aliexpress, has some pro's and con's, the tube is fine, the housing and (Ruida) controllers are fine, but it is keeping me very busy as the mirrors are crap and replacing the mirrors is not that easy, they need to be aligned perfectly. Printers are even more tricky, at least my Roland solvent machine is much trickier than that laser machine I would say, but... you could always try of course and share your findings!
  10. I will have a look @Cinderbike, maybe I can reproduce one for you I have the originals so I can scan them (in fact I already did I think), could you post an image of the problem here? I might not reproduce the whole sheet for now but at least I can probably help you out.
  11. Effective High Speed

    Don't bump old topics. Welcome to Eurobricks but adhere to the rules.
  12. (MOC) FENDT 1050 Vario

    Please translate this to English so that people that can't understand German can also enjoy it.
  13. Greetings from Edersee/Germany

    Hallo Martin, es ist hier kein 1000steine, wir sprechen English auf Eurobricks! Mein Deutsch ist auch nicht ganz Korrekt auf 1000steine, deine English sollte auch nicht 100% zu sein, am wenigstens mal Versuchen, es gibt Leute von fast alle Länder hier. Hello Martin, it is not a German speaking LEGO forum (like 1000steine) here, we speak English on Eurobricks! My German is also not always totally correct on 1000steine, your English should also be totally correct so just try, there are people from almost all countries here. Apart from that, I hope you have a nice stay at Eurobricks.
  14. Unknow 9V set prototpye?

    It is a preliminary image of set 3225:
  15. Well it makes life a lot easier if one does not need to create the vectors one selves of course... I would never take this route, but there are an increasing number of people that produce stickers for LEGO that's for sure, and of course it is a little shady anyways since you are most of the time reproducing other work (e.g. I sometimes look at original or model railroad cars and get my inspiration from there but even then it is still copying in one way or the other, even more so when I scan and vector redraw original LEGO artwork of course). B.t.w. you could (and should) complain to him and eBay about it of course!