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  1. Hey guys/gals, chill out... If you threw mud at each other you not only get your hands dirty but also loose a lot of ground We know how things work with LEGO don't we. They produce very high quality (mainly) ABS bricks, but they tend to always take some middle ground. And you can easily see why... That train from Brickmania is gorgeous. I especially like those drive / piston elements. But they as a price for it that is insane for our understanding, even though model railroad engines do cost also maybe even more ( 10277 is an OK set, we get a nice idea and a lot of parts in a color that isn't too bad (dark green would have been better of course), but it is what it is and only at 110 € (at least in NL). Leaves us enough room and options to MOD I would say :)
  2. Really nice addition to the train @zephyr1934, they should have contacted you in the first place to add it to every set!
  3. JopieK

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1

    Welcome to Eurobricks @RickyWasAYoungBoy. Looking forward to the actual LEGO bricks version!
  4. JopieK

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I'll keep that in mind for next time and just directly use my credit card. They were fast with shipping the motor and the promotions though I just received them this morning.
  5. Fortunately we have our virtual building tools :) Maybe you could participate in LugBulk of some local LUG and make them get those parts in bulk, prices there are often (much more) affordable.
  6. JopieK

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yups, patience... but now I'm a bit jealous of my wife with here summer vacation Lamborghini Sian build ;) Well I don't know, many more I assume, probably the US has a different stock than the EU though. Stange that they limited it to two per person, should have been 1 of course. That was also my idea, buy one now and buy an extra one in autumn.
  7. JopieK

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I waited till 12 o'clock, then PayPal failed for some reason so I needed to wait for the order to get approved, estimates are now September 15... Next time TLG complains about train sets not selling...
  8. Great job @SteamSewnEmpire, they look great, will you also build them in real bricks?
  9. In fact the second Modular designed by an AFOL (Eric Brok):
  10. JopieK

    Sold out sets tracking

    The book store is way too new too be phased out already. It happens to many more sets, they will come back in store after some time.
  11. JopieK

    Automation solutions

    I don't know where you got the idea that "train-automation was more or less dying"? Microcontrollers are really booming, at least for me... ;) but I teach embedded systems engineering so maybe not a typical observant... But in the industry they also become more and more important, IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, all made possible by cheap and fast microcontrollers.
  12. There was also a quite large LEGO World City tow truck that had Light and Sound and this micro motor: Set 6484
  13. JopieK

    Automation solutions

    Nice job! @AlmightyArjen it really looks a lot like your setup! If I have time in a week or so I will share some of my ideas including a Attiny1616 for (Dutch style) railroad signals. @ciphernaut of course MQTT and Node-Red would be perfect. Although I don't like most of the plugins on there so it will require some rewriting. Maybe we should start writing our own nodes?!
  14. JopieK

    Duplo Deluxe locomotive needs more power

    What kind of batteries do you use? Most rechargeable batteries are 0.3V less than alkalines (1.5V vs 1.2V) so that is 1.8V less for 6 batteries and you would notice that in motor power. Maybe that is not it but it might be something.
  15. JopieK

    LEGO Club PDFs and Digimags

    Well you need 10+ posts for that, I'll PM him with your topic ok?