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  1. Welcome to Eurobricks @lmtechnic2478, try to behave yourself and not type in all uppercases (see our rules (links below my post) on what we kindly ask from you to keep this a fun place).
  2. Is our sticker 'business' legal? I surely do infringe copyrights, but since LEGO does not produce the originals anymore and does not sell stickers apart from sets it is shady. So if you would make a million business out of it they would surely send you legal letters. LEGO is apart from that not too keen on using "lego" in a domain name (then you will get a notice from them, I never tried although I have a domain with LEGO in the name but have seen others getting in trouble). My experience is that it is also depending on brand policies. Certain brands don't want me to use their names, while equal brands in different countries think it is nice to see their logo on e.g. a LEGO train car. Brands don't want you to devaluate their brand that is for sure.
  3. 9v Train Controller - Bluish Grey?

    No since the move to BLEY was later than the production of the controller. The last set with the controller came out in 2004 and that was also the introduction year of BLEY. So it missed it by a hair apparently. You could build a facade around it of course :)
  4. Even I can't see the results with moderator permissions :( If I open it again it looks like I did not vote before.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Hi LordBola, welcome to Eurobricks and enjoy your stay but try not to derail conversations and please read the rules to stay out of trouble :)
  6. Lego appoint new CEO

    The new guy is maybe a far cousin from the Kristiansen family where the K changed to a C?
  7. They are not that actively developing LDD afaik so probably it will stay like this, at least for a while.
  8. No offense but I would stay with the LEGO solution. They might be more expensive than a typical Chinese option, but they are very robust and you don't want your brick to be destroyed.
  9. ? Power for trains

    @mattmarsden You probably need something that is about 10V. A coil is already AC, I just finished a non-LEGO project where we charge a 5V battery system. I noticed that depending on the voltage I get a smaller or larger distance between the coils that it charges with. This is the one I use, probably it is better to use a slightly higher voltage for the LEGO adapter. You should be able to drop the receiver print since it will convert the AC in DC again and the LEGO LiPo likes AC. These are the coils we successfully use for our project:
  10. I have seen while being a referee, children using it at the FIRST LEGO League and it helped scoring more points :)
  11. Do you also have the same problem with other software? Did you try it on another computer? What Windows version did you use? I checked my LDD version (macOS), it works so it is probably due to something at your computer. Windows has a habit of storing stuff at different places that is still there after removing software (this is less uncommon on macOS and if it occurs it can be often easily traced), so unless you use additional software that monitors where everything was installed you might be left with orphaned files around the system.
  12. Lego Modulex

    There are some modulex collectors. Also check There are even people that make 'modern' buildings using modulex:
  13. Nissan Leaf

    Well Mews1963 wonder no more: