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  1. Tmanderson

    SW blasters list

    I created a sheet with Star Wars blasters from ancillary manufacturers.!AqAiYl-WSm_TmTXc6gUhtHRmw5zZ
  2. Tmanderson

    LEGO electrical systems

    @MAB yeah I have a sound brick with an alarm sound, think it came from Agents. It would be nice if we could add our own sounds though.
  3. Hi, I have been thinking about the LEGO electrical systems that have been recently released. In 2016 there was wedo 2.0 with new plugs. We heard that “PF 2.0” was coming. In 2017 the Boost system was released. This year saw Powered Up released. Also technic Control + has debuted as well. I’m not sure if control+ hardware is different from Powered Up items. Adding mindstorms we now have 5 different electrical systems for LEGO. I am not a technical builder (i.e. technic or mindstorms) although I have some of each in my collection. I am mostly a system guy. But I like adding lights, motors and sound to my Mocs. I picked up a boost hub from bricklink recently. It is a battery box, receiver, two motors and two plugs all in one. It is also huge. Building this into a creation is a challenge. some observations: Back in 2016 when wedo 2.0 first came out LEGO suggested they were moving towards a more universal system with one plug and everything would work together. It does not look like components from the different systems all work together. LEGO also suggested that’s would be backwards compatibility with pf1.0. This did not happen. I know that sometimes you have to jump forward without backwards compatibility. But the tech didnt move so far forward that it makes sense to me. The new systems are not more flexible. They really have done two things; put together receivers and battery boxes and added the ability to use your phone or tablet to control the system. Overall items are as big as they used to be. No small motors, no lights that flash or speakers have been added to the line. No more compact battery box. The phone control is the one great thing about the new stuff, with the boost I was playing with the brick in a few minutes. You can add sound - well, on your phone or tablet’s speaker. There are no small speakers to add to your creation. And no speaker even in the large boxes that have created. I was going to make a little dog with the boost brick and wanted him to bark. It sounds weird coming from the phone not the model. Pros: phone/tablet control, receivers added to battery boxes cons: no backwards compatibility, confusing array of products that aren’t compatible with each other, parts still large, no speakers, price increases LEGO is a great company and I’m a huge fan of their products. I know they are building toys for kids but I’m disappointed with the new generation of powered elements.
  4. Tmanderson

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I’ve noticed recently that the meaning of piece count has changed. LEGO now produces more smaller more detailed parts. That allows for more detailed builds, but 100 pieces today looks like less “stuff”. The original x-wing 7142 had 267 pieces, the latest 75218 has 731 pieces. I’m not 100% sure the are the same size (my 7142 was broken down long ago) but they are both minifig scale. And the speed champion sets won’t be possible without the new smaller slopes and curved pieces. A $40 set today looks so much smaller but LEGO has to make about 400 pieces either way. I like the new building style with more detail but some might like the old school simpler style.
  5. Yeah it’s hard to stay in budget. Last year was my first try at a hard budget. I almost made it. But i had my eye on the Ninjago City set. I moved and sold some stuff. I used most of the cash to buy Ninjago City. It’s an awesome set and but couldn’t fit it in my budget. So l sorta kinda made my budget, the cash from my stuff was “found money”.
  6. I have been collecting LEGO since 1998. Over the years I have spent kind of on a “buy what I like” method. I have themes I am most interested in but pick sets from any theme that grabs me. But last year I started getting more serious about a household budget and I have set a LEGO budget. While in the past I haven’t spent unlimited money this is different. I have to chose between sets. I make a first half and second half list. There are usually a couple sets that I know I am going to get and I pick them up right away. Then I have to make a list and get down to my budget. One thing I’ve noticed is I tend to like smaller sets that are “complete”. Sets that by themselves look nice and have playability by themselves. A set like 60078 Utility Shuttle has two figs, satellite, tools and opening bay. It looks nice too. Do you budget and then choose or buy what you like? Anyone else find that smaller sets are more appealing?
  7. Tmanderson

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I've been a Lego collector for about 20 years, but only picked up a couple of Ninjago sets. But I am so impressed with the Ninjago movie sets. They are great designs, each unique, good minifig selection and really well priced. I am thinking this wave is the best wave of Lego sets I've ever seen. I guess they've made me a Ninjago fan. Anyone think it's the best overall ever.
  8. Does anyone know if PF 2.0 will be released in 2017? Maybe with 2H releases. I am curious how it will compare to SBrick as well. Just curious if anyone has info.
  9. Ok thanks DrJB I'll try that out. I didn't realize it was backwards compatible. Play well.
  10. Hi I'm a big lego fan, I collect and build with system a lot. I purchased mindstorms nxt a few years ago. I use it a little bit but not that much. I am going to buy a new computer and wonder if mindstorms fans can help me out. I want to use lego software and also a hitechnic driver. How can I do that in modern software? The software from lego is for an old version of windows. I am not interested in software that requires programming. Hope there is a solution. I have buikt a project based on Brian Davis' ogre tank and hope I can run it. Thanks for any ideas.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I am using windows vista. Had a lot of problem with loading rcx software and this constructive dis. Now I'm using bricx cc to program.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I am using windows vista. Had a lot of problem with loading rcx software and this constructive dis. Now I'm using bricx cc to program.
  13. Does anyone know where I can download the instructions to the 3800 expansion set. I have the disk but it won't work in my version of windows. I am looking for a PDF or similar file.