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  1. Mandalorian starfighter: “am I a joke to you”? 😁
  2. I'm sure many willl say the trench run is unnecessary or a weird choice, but It's one of the most iconic scenes in all of Star Wars, to the point that it was copied in two subsequent SW films. It's never been done before and could look quite nice (as long as it's nothing like last year's horrible GWP)
  3. Before we got the leak I was hoping ghost obi-Wan was going to finally show up. Between what HP, Chima, Hidden Side, Ninjago, and CMF have achieved with various ghostly figures opaque would be just fine! For years we excused the ghosts due to the impossibility of transparent figs but I think all these themes have proved that some transparent parts plus the aqua blue would work just fine. It would be a pipe dream but a cool 18+ set would be the "Jub- Jub" celebration scene with all three ghosts at once.
  4. I'm looking at that Titanic set and I'm looking at the funds I've been saving for nearly a year for the UCS AT-AT. I'm suddenly not sure if I really need more Light Gray panels and greebling in my collection.
  5. I’ve got 5x silver Mando helmet, 1 from each set it is in. 3 of them are as you say, but 2 are normal.
  6. The helmet made for Boushh Leia is an excellent example of what they've been able to do with a single mould and some paint, IMO a similar approach would be fine and possible for Cody. Question does anybody think the $800 UCS will be reason enough for TLG to separate X-Wing and Snowspeeder Pilot outfits again? If Luke is included I'd love him to have the printed arms like Zev and Will, But since 2019 Lego has done away with differentiating these outfits. I'm getting pumped up for this set now and while there aren't any "exciting" minifigs I could imagine being included (unless they go Vader Hologram piece) I'm simply interested to see what they decide to include. I can think of scenarios from 2 - 5 figs that aren't generic snowtroopers, and then of course there could be anywhere from 0 - 8 of those. If snowtroopers are included I'm not too hung up on whether or not these guys get there skirts back, but I do want the backpacks. In my display of all my Star Wars figs the snowtroopers are currently the new torso with the old backpacks.
  7. But you are assuming Star Wars fans will be rational . Your examples are exactly what a CMF should consist of, but many would be up in arms if their favorite clone stormtrooper variant wasn't in the CMF line, or appeared to have no chance of being in it. No one is asking for chitari or outriders in the Marvel CMF, many would expect clones in the a Star Wars CMF.
  8. Some input on a few things, in theory I'd love a Star Wars CMF as much as the next person, but it is definitely not the distribution method you would want for any massable troopers. Normal CMF series are short lived and sometimes certain figures can be hard to find, but aside from maybe the early days of CMF with the Spartan we have never seen any CMF wave try to handle the demand that many unique troopers would have. Unique varients of named characters would be on par with Marvel, DC, and HP lines, but troopers would just be a nightmare trying to obtain in person (I believe). Remember the first few months of the 501st pack? What if those months were its whole release window and it was 25$ cheaper? Blister packs and Battle packs are the best move for troopers. I'd love a CMF that is only named characters or alien races, but they'd never do it without troopers, so catch 22.
  9. Sometimes I feel like the only person who genuinely likes all lego Star Wars equally when it gives us new, innovative or interesting builds. I’d jump at a nebulon, I’d jump at a venator, I’d jump for anything that included the crimson Corsair guy.
  10. I think there are a few niche options, medical gown Luke, any Padme that only requires a torso. Etc..
  11. As was mentioned above, even if he isn’t doing it as a secret message of which sets are coming, it is simply beneficial to have new videos of the older versions of upcoming sets to get views from people looking to see what lego did before on those subjects. He know how to use the YouTube algorithm to make that cheddar.
  12. He goes over the new / recolored pieces at the end. It appears the set only has one, but I can see it being used if sets are made for the Ashoka show.
  13. I was just watching a review of the Mario ? Block set. it includes after 22 years the first trans clear lightsaber bar!!!!!! We finally have the piece in rotation for Ahsoka!! Hopefully it will soon be in cheaper sets.
  14. Adding to those points, SW is also rather limited in significant vehicles bigger than a speeder bike but smaller than an x-wing. Prices point exist, and the options at 20-30$ vehicles in the OT are snowspeeder, landspeeder, a-wing,… cloud car?, sky hopper?. PT has a few more options at that size but not a lot more. ST has a couple. 22 years of wanting to have cheaper “iconic” vehicles on the market will kind of dictate what gets remade. Even down sizing the TIE brought it to 40$
  15. It can be both a meme and a desired set for many. Much like the A-wing the design of the landspeeder comes from Lucas' love of sports cars, albeit Luke's specific Landspeeder is old and beat-up. It is a slick car-like design and clearly cars are extremely popular 100-200$ lego models. It's not what I want to see for UCS sets, but it's far removed from being a "hill to die on".