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  1. I remember in 2013 I was in college, and collecting LOTR and Star Wars and I was like how will i ever afford the $700 i needed for what i wanted that year. $700 is a drop in the bucket these days, we a truly overwhelmed with huge awesome sets. I picked up the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Mos Eisley, as well as Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Daily Bugel, and the Titanic in the last two years, but I'm still lacking budget for like you said 1000s of dollars worth of sets I'd like to own. I'd like to know if Lego is making far less of each set or just selling that much more than they used to.
  2. I think your right on that point it’s got the snowspeeder curse. V-wing and Jedi starfighters and various cis droid ships are about the only other sets that small. They tried to sell the Aat at that price (2015 not 2020) and while I liked it I think many felt it was too chibi.
  3. Agreed on his inaccuracy but I suppose it at least gave us a torso and cap to make our own versions of his subordinates.
  4. Archer

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Thanks for the feed back! I still think the Lloyd piece would be great for specifically ROTS Anikan. It's even got the part the right way, but there aren't enough available on BL to warrant the change. By my standards there are 4 Unique Anikan's I'd want to update and only 3 of the piece even for sale.
  5. Archer

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Has anyone tried using this fig's hair on a ep III Anikan? When that hair was first introduced i thought it screamed Anikan but it was only in blonde and black, I didn't realize they had done it in brown in 2020.
  6. Gritty but still containing individual moments of vibrance, like the wall of gloves. The setting felt real, lived in, and like it had it's own unique flavor. i'm also hoping that Luthen's ship gets to be a set one day.
  7. This is my sentiment about many sets in the Disney star wars era, but especially the last couple of years. A set like the Justifier is the extreme example where a few more figs would take the sting of the cost away a bit, but even better priced sets like the Scythe should probably contain 1-2 more figs. It's the worst on projects that only get a handful of sets total, Ressitance was not at all my cup of tea, but Yaeger and Torra should have been figs to make the handful of figs from that show feel "complete". You could laundry list every missing character in things but I think most of us agree each non Saga show Movie is only missing a couple of key figs to give that feeling of bare minimum completion. Point being throw Bix into this set maybe the other lead Corporation guy, throw Owen into the Scythe, etc.
  8. Just built the advent calendar and didn't realize it had the two piece mouse droid in it til I built it. Though obviously not very detailed can i just give some praise to that little two pice build, so simple and pieces that have existed for about 10 years, yet i've never seen it done like that, much better compared to a minifigure even, I'm going to replace the one in my display with this little build.
  9. Archer

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry, i wasn't trying to say that they haven't been doing this, but to me they are now doing this at a larger scale with sets that i look at and say who was this made for? (Question is rhetorical BTW, obviously its exactly who you said in your response) The head on BP looks like a complex build at least until you look at the lifestyle photo and see that they quite literally scaled up the build process of the 60-70$ helmets.
  10. Archer

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lego is loosing their mind. It will sell to some none lego fans it will sell to some lego fans but what a boring cash grab of a set. I was looking forward to a helmet sized black panther mask. The head on this doesn't even look that great. i do like the "scales" they did though. Anyone that owns a batmobile or the TIE helmet knows all black sets become very hard to see the details on unless you have really good lighting. Then theres the fact that this this will be a DUST magnet. I think this and the Hogwarts express are really showing where lego is taking the idea of a "premium" product. Sell for way above expected price and market to adults who like the IP instead of adults who like Lego.
  11. Always exciting when a new series draws near. I’ve been collecting since the beginning and gotta say I miss when we were getting three waves of 16 a year. I like most of this series but I categorize the figs of a series into four groups. 1. Adds a new real thing ( I don’t mean non fictional just that it represents something where the concept exists outside lego, most people in costumes are not in this category but there are exceptions like the snowman where he may as well double as an actual snowman) 2. New ideas but not something that is exactly representing a real thing (most costumes fit in this category as they are sort of “made” up) 3. Complimentary repeats 4. Flat out repeats. this series has 3 I would consider category 1 and that’s a big shame. Most look nice though.
  12. Archer

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    If they want to do something similar to moments sets they should do four sets of the common rooms, Hell make each a model that can be Bedroom or Common Area, Give us less common students in these, boom 4 ~$30 sets. There is absolutely enough variety in the House locations to make 4 sets that feel unique.
  13. Archer

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Man, it's a very nice looking set but HARD pass. $500 is absolutely mental for what this set does for you. Good assortment of figs, luckily (As I won't buy this) none of them are completely must haves for me. The first two D2C HP sets scream for companion sets but we go for this.
  14. I already felt that the AT-AT was $100 overpriced and I am not in support of raising the prices on existing sets. Buuuuuut value aside I'd argue that if you can spend $800 on a single lego set, then you can spend $850 on a single lego set. I've been slowly setting funds aside for it about $50 a month, sounds like i'll just wait an extra month to purchase. Edit: I'm actually much more concerned about the price hikes in the sub $200 sets as there are more of those sets. If every sub $200 set adds 10-30 bucks I find that far more difficult to swallow.
  15. I as so glad to see the corner wall piece used to close of the areas that have had big gaps on other at-te sets. I think they used them in Rex’s first, glad it was carried over