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  1. The 2001 Camel had stickers covering the whole tail, and the circular target patterns on the body made it so you couldn't dismantle the majority of it. Somewhere along the line TLG made it "illegal" for designs to have these kinds of stickers.
  2. As an owner of the original Sopwith camel, please, no. Might be the worst STAMP they ever did. the only other one of note in my collection is the orange tank from Exo-Force. After seeing the moc-up of what to stickers would look like, you king of see why either choice has its flaws. if they went for the double sticker approach we'd all be here complaining about Vader's toothy grin.
  3. While I'm very confused about the grill being too small, I will say that the head-on image makes the face look worse than it is. You can see there is more depth if you look at the profile picture, its almost like an optical illusion in the head-on pic making if face look flat.
  4. I'm sure its been said enough already, but I still don't get the choice to go with so few figs in the shuttle with all three being very available in the last few years' sets. the two less expensive "scaled down sets" threw in new or rare figs to spice up the offering so why not the 70$. A new imp Officer or Death Star Astromech would have sold at least some amount of additional sets and required no new molds. Since about 2012 I've had enough funds to purchase nearly every Star Wars Lego set, and it does not take much to convince me to purchase a slightly better version of a set. Example i bought the 2019 AT-AP even though I own the 2014 model because the feet were correct. I bought the recent TIE even though I own the 2012 and 2018 TIEs because the Black droid had slightly different printing than the one from the Death Star. If you have the 2015 Shuttle and the figs this set offers nothing, which is rare for Lego if you stretch the meaning of what offering something new entails.
  5. Archer

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Building for 30 years and until about two years ago I’d have also claimed only one missing piece (big half dome in my at-dp) but in the last two years I have had quite a few missing pieces missing sticker sheets and misprinted parts/ sticker sheets.
  6. At least in the TIE's case that piece is color locked. I agree though that lego often seems to have a requirement to include at least X number of different colors in a model. I'm all for the rainbow on the insides approach, but there always tends to be too many gray or sometimes tan accents on the outside of models.
  7. That's why Obi-Wan's Starfighter w/ Hyper Ring was nice, there was a compartment in the ship specifically for R4's headless body. I agree that the whole droid should be included, It's why we don't have a full R4-G9 minifigure.
  8. Many people have commented for and against super detailed lightsabers. I personally think we've received the molds for most of the really unique ones, Dooku, Ventress, Inquisitor, and I don't think a specific Luke / Anikan Lightsaber is necessary, but the molding they achieved with the sword of Griffyndor in the HP CMF series screams for a similar approach to be used on a better Kylo lightsaber hilt, heck the jewels on the sword are even trans red as if taunting us with the love and detail being put into HP at the moment while we get Crispy Ani and Crispy Obi in sets they shouldn't be in.
  9. A CMF could also be a chance to see some crazy Chewbacca with C-3PO strapped to his back figure. I remember that was a very desired figure when rumors of the 2018 Cloud City began circulating. Especiallly for a character who is in 8 Star Wars films and only has 4 variants. Additionally When it comes to characters with little variety, it always struck me as odd that Lego went through the trouble of giving C-3PO a restraining Bolt in the UCS Sandcrawler, but not R2-D2, It's not like they don't constantly print new one time use astromech patterns. I can only assume R2 is the second most frequent minifig after Battle Droids , so maybe a restraining bolt R2-D2, or a new mold that better resembles his drink trays on Jabba's Sail Barge, or Blue flames printed on his legs (Ep II style).
  10. Toys R Us sold multiple polybags, C-3PO, FO General, A-Wing Pilot, TC-4 but I believe they were not supposed to be selling them, they were supposed to be give aways. Either way, Lego never directly sold any of those.
  11. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a set was scaled around the size of one existing piece. The entire recent UCS Star Destroyer was scaled off the dish used to create the reactor underneath.
  12. It is speculated that the deals between Disney/ Lego and Disney/ Hasbro may have just changed, but until now it is VERY well documented that Lego was not allowed to sell individual minifigs of Star Wars figures outright. They attempted in 2000 and were quickly shut down because it breached the agreement Hasbro had to exclusively sell "action figures". Microfighters, GWPs, BPs, the Planets Series have all been in certain ways clever workarounds to these rules. Basically even if the deals have been altered it is probably a bit early for them to have any extensive analysis on a potential product that has been off the table for 20 years. The last several comments in the 2021 news thread are directly related to this subject.
  13. I agree that in regards to scalpers and accessibility it would be a bad move. If they did ever do one I think they'd need to commit to doing no more than 3 main characters total per a series (excluding Padme whose elaborate wardrobe could really benefit from a CMF series). That being said I'm not suggesting a CMF series will happen only that conceptually it is a product that could fill the BP niche, albeit in a worse way for all the reasons you listed, but better in terms of CMF "limits" on printing and new molds being higher than regular sets. Just as easily they could do the Star Wars version of the city people packs, more sets like the 501st, or something as of yet unknown. All I'm saying is I'm trying to be optimistic that if BPs are actually done, they'll probably fill their spot with something similar, where figs are the selling point.
  14. I think Lego is aware of this, which is why I choose to believe that the lack of listed BPs is a good sign of either a potential CMF, something that fills the same niche, or simply that the BPs are summer sets next year. I've got no evidence beyond my own observations, but i think the "desirable" BPs sold well. The only BPs I remember seeing tons of cluttering selves were the Clone/ Jedi, Bounty Hunter (BPs with named characters) and the First Order BPs (Not as popular with army builders as Imperials or Clones)
  15. Archer

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    This may have been pointed out before, in fact I'm sure it has been, but does anyone else think the Will Byers hair from Stranger Things would be a better fit for Anikans Ep I hair than the Harry Potter Hair they have been using?