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    Train, 12v and 9v, and associated scenery for a layout. Currently building my biggest layout yet.

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  1. Andy Glascott

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I miss Irish, and particularly Dublin, English American English just doesn’t have the same vivid expressiveness.
  2. Andy Glascott

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Mine just got pushed back to “will ship by August 1st” according to the email. The order detail switched from “waiting for new stock” to back ordered.... Still, it will give the parts I’ve ordered to power it for my 12v layout a chance to arrive before I build it.
  3. Andy Glascott

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yup, I got there a little late and it's on back order.... Oh well, it's the first time I've ordered something on release date.
  4. Andy Glascott

    Level crossing wig wags

    Hi, your best purely Lego bet might be to use some of the old 9v Light and Sound pieces, you'd need both this and this to get the 2 red and 1 orange lights in. The light elements fit into either a technic hole or a headlight brick so you can filter the light through trans red/orange round plates/tiles. Both have two settings built in - always on and flashing, to alternate you just turn the brick around. Power source is any 9v battery box with the appropriate connector wires, though the old 9v ones are more expensive and harder to come by. Feel free to ask if you have more questions.
  5. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] Ambridge and Paxley LEGO Railway

    I use a similar ballast set up on my layouts, though typically I only raise the track 1 plate and it’s on my 12v track. I haven’t got nearly enough though to cover the whole layout, it’s a gradual process to build it up. Ps, I was in Nottingham near GCR North before moving over here.
  6. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] Ambridge and Paxley LEGO Railway

    Looks fantastic, reminds me of the different UK heritage lines, I lived near a few when I lived in the UK.
  7. Andy Glascott

    River Canyon Railroad

    That’s looking really good, great progress. Looking forward to seeing more.
  8. Andy Glascott

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    Personally I’d love to see a small, compact steamer from anywhere, but I know it’s an unrealistic wish with the battery box etc requirements for powering it. The origin of a loco doesn’t worry me, I have Irish, British, (continental) European and American locos, all 6 wide and 28 to 36 studs long, so the Croc would dwarf them.... I really like it as a set, but am not sure about how it would look on my layout, so if I get one it’s likely to be display only, which is ok but for me not ideal. Either way, it’s great to have a new locomotive, hopefully more to come in due course.
  9. Andy Glascott

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    I’m still occasionally spending daft money on 12v stuff, so who am I to say no....? Granted, I lived through both 12v and 9v eras and now have more money than I did then. If you’re passionate about it, you’ll find a way to do it, so go for it. One way I’m hoping to reduce costs is looking at using dead 9v motors to pick up power (after taking the motor out) and connecting it to a PF train motor to actually move the train. Needs a bit of creative wiring but have got it working with a live 9v motor.
  10. Andy Glascott

    [EBFS] Garden Railway

    That is fantastic, love the fact you've got the movement in there as well.
  11. Andy Glascott

    [EBFS] Not Only Locomotives Need Water

    Love it, it would look great as part of a small country station on branch line/heritage line.
  12. Andy Glascott

    Trains forum banner

    Thank you @Duq and @Jim, looks great and rounds the forum off nicely.
  13. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] Pneumatic Steam Locomotive - scale 1:25

    That is amazing, the details are fabulous.
  14. Andy Glascott

    12v train remotes and point motors issue

    Hi @Dave V1985, welcome to Eurobricks and to the US. I still use the original Lego transformers to control my trains and bought a voltage converter to plug into the mains, there's a lot listed here. (I can get the make/model of the one I use later if you want.) Hope that helps, feel free to ask any more questions you may have.
  15. Andy Glascott

    Train door mechanism

    Yes please! I have something similar but very not as reliable as yours looks. Mine is motorized but doesn't close very well.