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    Train, 12v and 9v, and associated scenery for a layout. Currently building my biggest layout yet.

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  1. Andy Glascott

    Straight tracks closer together than eight stud gap?

    Here you go. The gap on the left is closed on the right using a half length straight. I know they're out there, probably in both metal and plastic, I'm not sure off the top of my head where though. I'm sure others can advise. 9v Parallel Tracks
  2. Andy Glascott

    Straight tracks closer together than eight stud gap?

    If you are ok with not having switches connecting the two loops then yes, it’s very possible, but that does limit your options. I have a feeling it may be possible with half length straights etc, will have a play on Bluebrick later and see what I can come up with.
  3. Andy Glascott

    Switches controlled by external levers

    I've seen posts showing a pneumatic system but can't remember if it was here or elsewhere.
  4. Andy Glascott

    12v- general discussion

    I use a thin knife blade to widen the connector a little - simply push it gently into the connector from the end. I’ll post a picture later. EC061B10-842B-4ADD-8471-3D3B14B0C119 by andyglascott, on Flickr Edit - photo added
  5. Andy Glascott

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    There’s a full list of what’s in the works here, including a motor.
  6. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] CIE CC1

    This is excellent @Hod Carrier. As an Irishman, seeing CIE in the post title immediately conjured up images of black and orange, but no, you created a wonderful model of this unique beast. I’d only ever read one or two article on it, and seen a few black and white photos, but this really brings it to life. Thank you for sharing it, it’s not that often we see locos on here from my old home turf. Ahem.
  7. It looks like Powered Up motor is 2 studs shorter than the original, so it should fit ok, you might need to modify the wheel locations a bit thought. I have several 12v transforms that are approaching 40 years old and wok fine, though that is no guarantee for yours. You can also connect a regular model train controller to the Lego tracks, just make sure the output is 12v dc.
  8. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] Wooden Toy Train + PuP

    This is fabulous!
  9. Andy Glascott

    7864 controller maintenance

    If I don’t run my trains for a a week or two they do that bunny hop thing, which I think is probably more to do with dust on the track than on the pickups, so I try and remember to run them at least weekly, which is easier when I’m not in the middle of building a layout... I’m assuming you cleaned the track and pickups, but if you didn’t, use isopropyl alcohol and cotton wool, works a treat.
  10. Andy Glascott

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    Makes a lot of sense, though I’m curious about names for the three blue/proposed sizes, XS, XXS and Tiny?
  11. Andy Glascott

    Observation: Christmas Tree Train Power Systems

    Agreed, which is particularly frustrating given I have 4.5v and 12v wires going back 35 to 40 years that are still in great condition. That said, I still have and run 9v. At least with PuP and PF there are no wires to wear out....
  12. Andy Glascott

    7864 controller maintenance

    If my memory serves me right from reading a lot of 12vposts on here, if the Lego power unit stops working it can be replaced with pretty much any of the regular model train controllers that give a 12v DC output, probably a lot cheaper than replacing the original, and certainly what I intend to do when one of my 3 remaining ones gives up the ghost.
  13. Andy Glascott

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    I modded my croc to run on my 12v layout, there's a thread from a couple of months ago on here about the how. Uses a PF medium motor butchered to pick up from the 12v power rails. And here's the link -
  14. Andy Glascott

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    7740 is definitely my favourite owned set, I would have loved to get the Super Chief but didn't have the funds at the time and am certainly not buying it now
  15. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    I suspect it was just coming towards the end of it’s natural life when you got it.... I’ve had a 9v motor just stop running on me in the middle of a show and despite reading several threads on here about repairs etc I haven’t been successful, which is probably as much down to my electronics limitations as anything else. I haven’t tried it yet, but there is apparently a possibility of taking the motor out of the 9v unit and using it as a power pick up for a PF or PU train motor. One of my locos needs 2 motors so I have a working 9v motor connected to a PF train motor and it runs fine. I think I had to bodge the connections but it works.