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    Train, 12v and 9v, and associated scenery for a layout. Currently building my biggest layout yet.

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  1. Andy Glascott

    Observation: Christmas Tree Train Power Systems

    Agreed, which is particularly frustrating given I have 4.5v and 12v wires going back 35 to 40 years that are still in great condition. That said, I still have and run 9v. At least with PuP and PF there are no wires to wear out....
  2. Andy Glascott

    7864 controller maintenance

    If my memory serves me right from reading a lot of 12vposts on here, if the Lego power unit stops working it can be replaced with pretty much any of the regular model train controllers that give a 12v DC output, probably a lot cheaper than replacing the original, and certainly what I intend to do when one of my 3 remaining ones gives up the ghost.
  3. Andy Glascott

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    I modded my croc to run on my 12v layout, there's a thread from a couple of months ago on here about the how. Uses a PF medium motor butchered to pick up from the 12v power rails. And here's the link -
  4. Andy Glascott

    Favorite/most iconic trains?

    7740 is definitely my favourite owned set, I would have loved to get the Super Chief but didn't have the funds at the time and am certainly not buying it now
  5. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    I suspect it was just coming towards the end of it’s natural life when you got it.... I’ve had a 9v motor just stop running on me in the middle of a show and despite reading several threads on here about repairs etc I haven’t been successful, which is probably as much down to my electronics limitations as anything else. I haven’t tried it yet, but there is apparently a possibility of taking the motor out of the 9v unit and using it as a power pick up for a PF or PU train motor. One of my locos needs 2 motors so I have a working 9v motor connected to a PF train motor and it runs fine. I think I had to bodge the connections but it works.
  6. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    I don’t know much about the motors, but for lights you could use the PF lights in the 1x6 bricks that hold the prisms. You’d need a 9v to PF converter cable as well but they do fit.
  7. Andy Glascott

    Lego train 80's layout with all 12V trains

    I'm lost for words, that is simply fabulous, captures everything that is so good about the 12v era - the lighting, playability with the points, signals etc. Always great to see it reaching its potential like this. You've also done a great job hiding the vast amount of wiring too. I take my hat off to you.
  8. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    I posted a thread 6 years ago about how to use 12v signals on 9v track, here's the link: I'm working on the assumption you have both a 12v power pack and the red/green switch for those signals, if not, there are probably other ways to do it. There's no fear of the two power supplies coming into contact as the circuit on the green button is isolated from the one on the red button. If you have questions, feel free to ask, but ask here rather than bump the original thread.
  9. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    You can use these on 9v track to stop/start trains. I’ll post the how later, I have 2 on the 9v part of my layout.
  10. Andy Glascott

    Converting my 7740 from 12v to 9v

    I don't, but I use speaker wire on my 12v layout and it works fine. I've used several different brands/types over the years with no problems.
  11. Andy Glascott

    New 9v motor

    I'd be interested alright. I have plenty of 9v track for my needs but motors are beginning to wear out and I'm trying to stick with just the 2 power/control systems on my layout (12v and 9v) rather than add another one in.
  12. Andy Glascott

    The Love/Hate stage of a layout/build

    It is possible alright, but some of these wires run 18 or 20 baseplates long and also onto 2 levels.... One day I will build a fully transportable layout to bring to Brickfair or similar.
  13. Andy Glascott

    The Love/Hate stage of a layout/build

    Fortunately, now that the wiring is in place, I'm almost at the point of having 3 working loops. We have an extra room coming online next week so a lot of the boxes that share my Lego space will move out and make it easier to connect everything and run the trains. Grebling makes a huge difference, whether on a car or a landscape, but yeah, can be a drag.... I did have a table I could hide wires under and drill holes through years ago, now that I have enough baseplates to cover it I don't want to drill through them! Eventually, almost all the wiring will be hidden by landscape and/or buildings. This is a fabulous looking layout! I'd love to have everything on a MILS setup, but the 12v wiring makes that a little tricky... I did have a layout of four boards each 3x5 baseplates I could move around to shows but only did it once.
  14. Andy Glascott

    The Love/Hate stage of a layout/build

    I get that alright @Roadmonkeytj!
  15. So, I'm curious... Does anyone else have a stage of a build, whether it be a building, rolling stock or, as in my case, complete layout that they have a love-hate relationship with? We move house too often for our liking, so recently I've been building new layouts every 2 to 3 years, and being a 12v based layout it involves a lot of wiring (see below for a bit of it). Much as I love the end result, the wiring drives me nuts and I really slow down in my progress when I get to the point of needing to do it all. Anyone else got "pet peeves" so to speak that are part of the fun? 20200927_115339 by andyglascott, on Flickr