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    Train, 12v and 9v, and associated scenery for a layout. Currently building my biggest layout yet.

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  1. Very impressive, and particularly nice to see an Irish train (the orange and black set) as there aren’t many around.
  2. Andy Glascott

    Rotary Dump (Tippler)

    Oh wow. As others have said, this is simply stunning. I’m not sure what else to say.
  3. Andy Glascott

    Curved Train platform?

    Thank you, it's definitely a move for the better, I'll be a lot closer to my local LUG You're welcome. The hardest part is getting the curved platform to line up with the regular straight edges of a normal Lego build....
  4. Andy Glascott

    Curved Train platform?

    I recently finished a station with 2 curved platforms - quite a challenge! Here's an in-progress image: WIP Station (DSC09747) by andyglascott, on Flickr @Feng-huang0296 the main piece I used was this wedge -{"iconly":0} - with hinges connecting them which gave a nice uniform edge and curve for the inside platform. I have some work in progress pics somewhere, I can post them if I find them. The "finished" product looked like this: DSC00261 by andyglascott, on Flickr I never got the insides finished as I have recently changed jobs and will be moving, so have started the layout apart...
  5. Andy Glascott

    lego train 12v, will this tracks layout shortcircuit?

    That will work fine, and the extra bit on the curved rail you show is supposed to reduce interference with other devices such as radios etc but I've never had a problem with interference whether I used those rails or not.
  6. Andy Glascott

    Horse Treadmill Locomotive

    Love it. A fun read after a long day at work. Thanks for sharing. If you have a motorized coach/wagon somewhere you could put this in front and make it “work”
  7. Andy Glascott

    Working Hopper

    There’s this one by @AlmightyArjen that might give you a few ideas
  8. Andy Glascott

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    That's a wonderful build @Hod Carrier. Very like the real thing, both in the way it looks and wobbles on the track.
  9. Andy Glascott

    Lego Idea Chemical Plant

    I think it could sell if TLG took out the train element and had 2 road loading areas, it would be very easy to then MOD it to fit a railway layout. They would certainly sell one to me.
  10. Andy Glascott

    [MOC] A little French Corner

    That is fantastic, a great building for any layout.
  11. Andy Glascott

    WW1 Light Track Laying Train WDLR [MOC]

    This whole project is wonderful to follow, a very unusual theme to build (I haven’t seen anything like it before anyway). Keep up the good work.
  12. Andy Glascott

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    Thank you. Part count - no idea beyond 20,000+ green 2x2 bricks in the mountains... I still want to add more trees, develop the park in front of Assemby Square and other bits and pieces. There's no more space for modular unless I add more space, which my wife has suggested
  13. Andy Glascott

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    That’s very impressive, I love the use of the 9v motor as drivers.
  14. Andy Glascott

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    That's been happening for a while
  15. Andy Glascott

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    That’s a very good spot @sed6! My method of earning Lego money is youth director at a church, the cross was part of a mentoring program I was part of.