Earthquake in Cologne

    By Jim,

    Our noob-poster, but definitely not-so-noob-builder @ranghaal has created this unconvential Earthquake in Cologne MOC. Make sure to check it out, but beware of the gaps in the road :wink: 


    Glinch Royale Winners Announced

    By VBBN,

    And the votes are in! Here's some of the great entries submitted by the winners of the Glinch Royale Competition


    Dreejal Vin | Under the Sea | By 1st Place Winner The Secret Walrus


    The Creature From Beyond | Ooni Beast | System Aquart | By 2nd Place Winner logeybear


    Alcidox | Jens | By 3rd Place Winner Lt. de Martinet


    Be sure to head over to the Action Figures forum to congratulate the winners!

    Lester's new car

    By Peppermint_M,

    tag-lester.png Congratulations kritch! Your car has been chosen as the winner. Well done and jolly good show!



    Come and see the other great entries in Action and Adventure Themes

    Glinch Royale voting starts now!

    By VBBN,

    It's that time to start voting for your favorite picks of the Glinch Royale Competition! This Galidor contest has produced some wacky creations, be sure to head over to the polls to check out all of the entries! Polls will be open for a week, closing 11:59 PM EST on 5/17.

    Category A Voting

    Category B Voting

    There are some awesome prizes on the line, make sure your favorite wins!


    Delorean Transformer

    By Jim,

    How about a Delorean Transformer?! Eurobricks member alanyuppie has created one, for real! Click on this link or on an image to visit the topic.

    Classic Space Y-Wing

    By Jim,

    What's a why-wing? Never heard of it. Eurobricks member Space Police XVIII will show you how it's classic space.Click on this link or on an image to visit the topic.

    Review: 17101 - LEGO Boost - Creative Toolbox

    By Jim,

    Our last contest winner @MegaRoi has been awarded with a nice LEGO BOOST set. There was a requirement though. He had to write a review for it. He sure hasn't disappointed us. 
    Click on this link or on the image to check it out. Make sure to charge your batteries, because there are a lot of pictures to watch :wink: 


    LEGO Pictorial Review: 75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

    By WhiteFang,

    Check out this latest LEGO Star Wars battle pack from the upcoming Star Wars Movie: "SOLO, A Star Wars Story". Thanks to our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, makoy for reviewing this 75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack which also include new LEGO Stormtroopers variants. 


    Click here to view the 75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack review in the Eurobricks LEGO Star Wars Forum

    Star Wars May the 4th Contest

    By Stash2Sixx,

    May the 4th Eurobricks Contest

    Feeling strong with the Force this Star Wars day? Then come check out our annual contest! Prizes include:

    751212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    75211 TIE Fighter

    75204 Sandspeeder

    Challenger MT865C & Kinze 1050

    By Milan,

    @eric trax has done it again. Another magnificent farming machine has arrived to his fleet. Check it out on Scale Modeling Forum, or just click on the picture.


    1968 FIAT 500 F

    By Milan,

    @saabfan has created this beautiful Fiat 500. Probably one of the hardest car to recreate with Lego parts. Check it out in Scale Modelling Forum, or just click on the picture.


    ETV Multraship Guardian

    By Milan,

    Check out the latest @Konajra's 165 cm long, 45 cm wide and 93 cm tall brick built marvel in our Scale Modelling Forum, or by clicking on the picture.


    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    By Ecclesiastes,

    There were a lot of rumors about this set and now it's finally here!


    Go check out more in Town Forum!


    A Rexy and her carriage

    By LuxorV,

    Eurobricks Forum Global Moderator, Reviewers Academy teacher and LEGO extraordinary reviewer WhiteFang shares with us a great review of the 75933 T. rex transport set from the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film.

    (Click on the image above to join the discussions, or browse the LEGO Licensed Forum to learn more about the LEGO Jurassic World sets.)


    REVIEW] Wicked Brick - 75192 - Millennium Falcon Stand

    By Jim,

    After last year's release of the new UCS Millennium Falcon, it's time to look at some display solutions. The first solution I am reviewing is the Wicked Brick stand.


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