Forum Performance - update

    By Bonaparte,

    Today we did several updates on the live forum which should improve performance.

    Please let us know if you feel any difference (good or bad :)). Thanks!

    71042 The Silent Mary - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    By Ecclesiastes,

    There she is, revealed in all her glory. 71042 The Silent Mary from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!

    Weighing in at 2,200 pieces for $199.99USD, she can be expected to hit your port on the 1st of April 2017 (no fooling!).

    Get more details in the Pirates Forum!


    Pirates of the Caribbean Brickheadz #9 & #10

    By Shadows,

    Here we get a glimpse of the new PotC Brickheadz, 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow and 41594 Captain Armando Salazar, marking #'s 9 and 10 in the series.


    Join in on the conversation in the PotC topic in our Pirates Forum, starting here.

    Old school Ninja sets!

    By Ecclesiastes,

    It was one of my favorite themes back in the day, so these remakes are bringing back some memories! So I totally understand that KaiNRG and Jaapxaap choose these sets to give them an update. Both did an outstanding job recreating these instantly recognizable sets. Check out the details for yourself in History Forum!




    LEGO Pictorial Reviews: 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile

    By WhiteFang,

    LEGO Nexo Knights is quite popular in Eurobricks since 2016. I am pleased to share that our Eurobricks Sci-Fi Admin, Bob De Quatre and Eurobricks Grand Duke, Kai NRG have completed these LEGO Nexo Knights set reviews, featuring the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile respectively. Behold these wonderful works which were part of their recently completed reviews in the Reviewers Academy. 



    Click here to view the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile reviews in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Themes Forum. 

    LEGO Pictorial Review: 70904 Clayface Splat Attack

    By WhiteFang,

    Our Eurobricks Knight, makoy has recently passed from the Reviewers Academy with his new shiny bronze badge. His bronze review is one of the latest LEGO Batman Movie set featuring the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack. Do check out what are his thoughts towards the overall built. Who knows, you may also like this set as much as he do? 

    Click here to view the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack review in the Eurobricks Licensed Forum. 

    LEGO Pictorial Reviews: 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone and 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman

    By WhiteFang,

    With the upcoming release of LEGO Batman Movie blockbuster movie around the corner, Eurobricks Licensed Moderator, Captain Nemo and Eurobricks Global Moderator, WhiteFang have done these promotional LEGO Batman Movie polybags reviews, featuring the latest 30502 Batman in the Phantom Zone and 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman. Let's release the fun and excitement of the LEGO Batman Movie experience. 



    Click here to view the 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone and 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman reviews in the Eurobricks Licensed Forum. 

    Classic Space to the Core

    Bob De Quatre
    By Bob De Quatre,

    ZCerberus, Eurobricks History Moderator just posted his new castle  nexo knight  space MOC: the LL 928 M.C.V.P. It looks awesome, but also very familiar...


    Zootopia Police Cart

    By Jim,

    Here's something you don't see every day. The Police Cart from Zootopia, created by sheo from Russia. It doesn't only look fantastic, it has lots of functions as well. 



    Molière's Theater

    Bob De Quatre
    By Bob De Quatre,

    New member Campistron joined Eurobricks to show us his Molière's theater. This modular scene allows to recreate some of the most famous plays by Molière, like Don Juan or The Misanthrope. Check it out in the Special Themes subforum!


    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Winners!

    By Hinckley,

    And the Winners are...

    After 82 members voted (thank you for that!) a top 3 emerged! Without further ado, the winners are... *drum roll*

    First place

    14. Ice House by LittleJohn

    Second place

    1. Chocolate Factory by mouseketeer

    Third place

    15. Glass Blower's Shop and Workshop by eliza

    Congratulate the winners and check out all of the great entries in this topic.

    Giant Technic X-Wing (120cm)

    By Jim,

    Topic bumping is frowned upon. However, there are cases where we endorse reviving an old topic. Please take a look at this topic, which was posted back in July 2012.

    Drakmin is well known for his awesome Star Wars (Technic) models. While he hasn't finished the project, we are all very happy to see the Jedi Master building again.


    Sarah Connor?

    Bob De Quatre
    By Bob De Quatre,

    Member thire5 just posted pictures of his amazing lifesize Terminator T-800! Go check it out in the Sci-Fi subforum!


    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Voting

    By Hinckley,


    The Expand The Winter Village VII Contest has concluded. Check out all the awesome entries and vote in this topic!

    New year, new MOCS

    By VBBN,

    Eurobricks member WARHEAD is always coming up with good-looking and innovative new designs, and this week he's made no exception- Be sure to head to the Action Figures forum and check out his latest MOCs, Dekaimano Buster V and The Exterminator!




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