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  1. williejm


    Thanks. I deliberately used inverted commas there as I know it’s not universally agreed or accepted. Nor is Inuit, as I understand. I was aiming for brevity, sorry, rather than intending any offence. Anyway i’m assuming such a Minifigure would have a generic name like ‘ice tribal woman’
  2. williejm


    Okay, let’s have another go. Again I’m choosing figures with an animal mould, since this is a relatively frequent thing now, and I want more animals. That said, I think most of them stand alone without an animal mould. 1. Roman standard bearer, complete with gold eagle on a staff 🦅 2. K9 cop, police dog handler with a Doberman pinscher 3. Ocean warrior, merman warrior with an eel counterpart 4. ‘All Black’ NZ rugby player with a kiwi 5. Pioneer with a turkey 🦃 6. Dog groomer with a poodle 🐩 7. Park ranger with a squirrel 🐿 8. Victorian naturalist (think Darwin) with dodo 9. ‘Eskimo’ woman with papoose baby and a seal 10. Ranger figure (think Jon Snow archetype) with wolf 🐺 11. Snowman with robin 12. Canadian Mountie with beaver 13. Deep sea diver with blobfish 14. Beefeater guard with raven 15. ‘L’il Shepherd’ kid in nativity shepherd outfit with sheep 🐑 16. Statue with pigeon 🐦
  3. williejm

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    It was in the Mill Village Raid castle set - it was an odd one-off though. I think we are most likely to see a goat resurface in a CMF role ... as *surely* the most needed farm animal mould if farm sets happen would be a sheep
  4. williejm

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I've been thinking about the recent splurge of great animal moulds, and Lego's apparent resistance to ever doing a 'zoo' theme. Which got me thinking on why that is, what animals are actually 'needed', and how we might get them without a zoo theme. Firstly, I think that we simply will never get a Lego zoo theme. Lego must have looked at this as an option, and decided against it. It may be an issue of a combination of things such as expensive animal moulds, lack of vehicles options (i mean, who needs a Zoo Copter?), but I think it's largely that it would spark a vocal minority of objectors to Lego celebrating animals in captivity and they just don't wanna go there. At the same time we already have in circulation a lot of animals at a rough count of modern printed Lego animals you might find in a zoo - 3 types of bear, 4 big cats, camel, ostrich, crocagator, penguin, chimp, parrots, skunk, owls. Top that off with a python, cobra, frogs, scorpions and spiders for your 'reptile house', and pigs, rabbits and goats for your 'petting zoo'. So what are the notable missing animals? I'd say priority Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Meerkats - all of which could reasonably appear as free ranging wild animals in a Safari or 'Safari police' ''Safari Vet' theme. Then you have other nice-to-haves like Kangaroo, Koala, Panda, Lemur and maybe a Gorilla or Orang Utan - these could feasibly be part of an Adventurers Theme reboot, and maybe even an 'Outback Police'. A few of the smaller ones like meerkats, koalas, lemurs could easily come as CMF accessories too. Given the recent sets with new animal moulds, I think any of those could be possible one off waves that give us what we want and need.
  5. williejm

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Apologies if I've missed it in the thread, but can anyone confirm the part numbers for the Mammoth trunk and Sabertooth tiger in the Arctic sets?
  6. That was also true of the previous TLM range, yet the CMFs yielded a raccoonskin hat, William Shakespeare’s bald head, new hat/hair pieces, Lincoln’s hat and beard, etc. And we got recolours of the cat and teddy bear in that series. Hmm. Not sure that would look good. I mean it *might* be passable for a honey badger, but certainly not any Eurasian species
  7. williejm

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Amen. This is my biggest gripe with licensed forums, the double whammy of people who are fans of two things leads to some pretty intense and entrenched views on pretty minor things. Screeds and screeds of pages on the wrong sword mould in LOTR, grown men in apoplectic tears over the lack of leg printing, or the repeated calls for your own one must have *NEED* and your own ideas of what’s right. Like everyone I have my own list of figures I’d like to have but it’s also amazed me how many of these we have already got over the past few years. I’m totally down for Dr Fate though. Now that I’ve got Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Cheetah, Black Manta and Black Canary safely banked ;)
  8. I think the new reality of one ‘normal’ CMF set per year kinda makes sense now that the series numbers are synched with the year: series 17 in 2017, series 18 in 2018, series 19 in 2019 etc.
  9. williejm

    Disney's Jafar Lego Custom

    Eeeeexcellent work, Iago.
  10. williejm

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I love it, and them.
  11. Of course. We have dead turkeys already
  12. also a handy CMF to stick an accessory turkey with ... 'Lady Snakecharmeress' it is ...
  13. depends what you find 'offending' I guess. There are a number of figures already which are clearly national or regional stereotypes ... but they seem on the whole not to have been the source of outrage. So this could have some mileage (Canadian Mountie, Uncle Sam, Gondolier, Australian bushman etc) I think a 'history' themed series could be awesome, but I'm also happy with unthemed series ;)
  14. I'd say the same thing about a Football series... But TBH I don't accept the premise that it'd be/ need to be religiously relevant
  15. A Christmas theme could be widened to encompass ‘winter’ for broader scope...