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  1. Thanks. Your version looks magnificent too with all that technical solutions and the overall appearance much more resembles the original 41999. Thanks!
  2. 41999 4x4 Crawler shrunken to 70% - 4x4 drive train - front and real live axles - 4 wheel steering operated with HoG, rear wheels are steered in 1:2 ratio - secured manual winch operated with HoG - mini V8 fake engine - openable hood and trunk Picture of original set: Pictures of my model: Video:
  3. The nose looks fine to me. It is very similar to the original. Lowered height of the body corrects the proportions especialy behind the cabin. Overall look is great!
  4. Thank you, You are right, the steering angle on the original set is the same but it feels a bitvstrange to me so I made it in another way
  5. hello, I guess I am done with the body now. I am experimenting with the forward tilt. Rear axle is one stud higher than the front, maybe I will make both axles even. Rear wheels steer roughly in 1:2 ratio the front ones. The slot behind the HoG gear is for operating the winch Now I am ordering correct tyres and dark blue parts
  6. I made some progress. - added stabilizers on both axles - winch and engine fitted into chassis, winch is operated by axle through engine, winch together with steering will be operated by HoG on the roof - concept of the front mask
  7. Glad to read your words. Well, I have not much plans yet... maybe I will try brick built front but not sure with the rest of the body (openable doors, trunk etc.) This week I want to "finish" the chassis with winch and engine and next week start to experiment with the body
  8. Hello, after reading the latest contest announcement I instantly knew I must take a part. After some thinking I chose this iconic set. While I had limited time to build gyenesvi chose the same set to shrink... So I hope everybody will be OK if we have the same inspiration... Here is my progress on concept of the chassis so far: - 4x4 drive with 2 live axles - 4 wheel steering with lower ratio on the rear axle - manual winch and micro fake V8 to be added soon - the final model will have 68,7 x 34 balloon tires Body will be 13 studs wide, 15 with mudguards. The shrink ratio to the original is roughly about 0,7.
  9. love your version so much, all proportions are spot on! anyway I had the same idea as you to shrink this set so I hope you will be OK with that.
  10. Finally I found some spare time to finish next implement to my tractor. This time it is a hay tedder inspired after the real equipment. It is connected to reat PTO which can be operated from the driver's cockpit I made free instructions which are available on rebrickable.com
  11. Hello, I am thinking of putting plate 1x3 on a tread and then using 3 round plates 1x1 with holes on top. Into holes I will put the lightsabre bars
  12. Hi, thank you for the compliments! I can only recommend you to build one - farm vehicles are lots of fun to build and play