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  1. Thanks guys. I actually figured out a workaround for the upside down bricks:
  2. I second this sentiment, when the news of this pack dropped I got excited but now looking at all those pieces, it's quite disappointing.
  3. I.e. I want to put this pistol: inside this box: I can use the hinge option on pistol to make it look like it's in a natural position, but when placing it on top of the box it doesn't let me fit it there. This is how I'd like it to look:
  4. zinnn

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I second pirate pub, but also a proper treasure island. Basically I'd like some sets that focus on pirates and their habitats, instead of soldiers.
  5. So I'm building a MOC in Studio and want to fully slide those technic pins inside the 6 x 1 brick from the bottom (image of how far the software allows me to do it should explain it below). Is there a way to do it in Studio? I'm just learning how to use it, so apologies if it's a basic thing to do.
  6. agree with those two the new monkey is such a weak design, I still like the og one way more
  7. tbh the Kraken octopus is pretty awesome, but I'd like to see a new one, smaller in size
  8. For me it'd be the bat piece, it's old as hell and looks a bit cartoonish compared to some of the recent animal moulds.
  9. zinnn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Good call, I created a thread for black pirates here.
  10. zinnn

    [OL-FB] The mine at World's End

    I just found this post, and wow what a fantastic build. From minifigure design to the terrain to all those little intricacies. Well done
  11. zinnn

    Count Lewisham

    Beautiful little set, not a single thing I don't like about it.
  12. zinnn

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I don't mind more PotC but I wish the minfigs weren't in fleshie colours.
  13. zinnn

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    So… the new monkey mould has been in for a while now, are you using it? I haven’t bought it yet, may BrickLink it at some point but it still doesn’t convince me