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  1. The photo in the link above doesnt work. Can we make a rule that photos should be uploaded to imgur as a backup? anyway does anyone have a photo of this set?
  2. To add to the discussion: in my opinion, for any future contests there should be a rule that anyone with at least 10 posts is eligible to vote. I wouldn’t ban new members who registered after the competition started from voting, but they’d have to prove they’re here as genuine fans of the theme, not one-offs. Also, personally, I see no harm in promoting your builds on your social media, I thinks that’s something impossible to control anyway.
  3. zinnn

    [ENTRY] Saber Island 2023

    This Saber Island remake is amazing, I think my fav remake of this set I've seen ever, design wise. If you'd have time to work on it more to maybe make it a tiny bit bigger to create inside cabins and make the doors work - that would be a perfect set
  4. zinnn


    I hope some of the designers that registered here only to submit their entries will hang around for longer / join in discussions. Overall, @MyFirstMOC-Hun is my personal MVP of this competition, all of his designs were incredible, and it was hard for me to pick my fav. However the fact that a bunch of suspicious accounts showed up here casting votes for him only threw a shade on his fantastic builds. Anyway... My picks, not in order (well done everyone!) Main Building Category: 6279 Skull Island - Remake by MyFirstMOC-Hun Saber Island 2023 by TomSkippy Short Pork Island by Yogginton 1873 & 6258 Pirate Treasure & Smuggler's Shanty - Remake 2023 by MyFirstMOC-Hun 6246 Crocodile Cage - Remake 2023 by MyFirstMOC-Hun Mini building category: Fortune Idol by Oky Captain's Cabin by MontyMatte King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat by Kritch Treasure Island by Oky 1802 Tidy Treasure - Remake by Dr3w
  5. This deserves a separate thread, love it!
  6. zinnn

    [ENTRY] Captain's Cabin (Mini set)

    I really like this set, and it totally fits the idea what Lego would release in a wave in 2023. I'm not 100% sold on the beard as candle wax, but other than that it's qute awesome :)
  7. zinnn

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Wait how did you manage to get all those heads and torsos to Studio?
  8. Honestly I don’t like the design, the skull in particular looks weak, I also dislike the use of sausages for bridges, overuse of the SNOT technique and the brick built white animal skull. The layout of the rock formation looks good, I’m also happy for two seagulls, but overall it’s a pass. edit. All that being said, I like that the pirate theme gets a nod here, I’m sure lots of folks will love it. I just hope the whole structure is stable. It doesn’t look like though.
  9. zinnn

    [ENTRY] Treasure Island

    Wow, loving this. So far my fav mini set :)
  10. Thanks folks! I've updated photos in my first post, I "flipped" the island to go with the POBB and be situated on its left hand side. I've also updated the boat colour to dark blue as it was meant to be. Here's my home setup: PS. I will make a separate thread for the second side build :)
  11. zinnn

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Does anyone know when the new series of figs will come out?
  12. you should put the images back because it's an amazing build. just change the topic title to [MOC]
  13. Some more examples, this time with plates (also the Lego logo seems to be more pronounced on those darker pieces)
  14. zinnn

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Hey, it's unpopular opinion right ? ;D I meant stuff that could be easily achieved by regular building technique of stacking up various slope bricks, to probably even better standard (subjectively!), but instead the creator chooses for some odd reason to use SNOT that doesn't improve the overall look of the set in any shape or form.
  15. Awww that sucks, for a moment I was *hoping* I have fakes - tbh that would be better than admitting quality issue from Lego :(