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  1. zinnn

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Wait, how would a pirate pub look like? Any references?
  2. zinnn

    Jang's new Eldorado Fortress Review

    watched it the other day, Jang's amazing, I wish he'd cover move old Pirates sets
  3. zinnn

    Cool ways to create a fireplace

    Oh nothing big, just a small side island for my Islanders. Seeing the buried statue head in the PoBB inspired me to work on it. Plus as a kid I adored the Islanders theme. I will post it here when done, but it’s nothing as spectacular as 99% MOCs posted here. Waiting for bricks delivery from BrickLink and Lego B&P :)
  4. zinnn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Is it a known issue that pearl gold pieces tend to look different? I got some bits for my pirate treasure chest, and each item (sold as Pearl Gold) has different colour: While the lil statue and the lamp look like proper 'pearl gold' pieces, the frog is very shiny (statue and lamp are quite matte), and the key looks more pearl than gold - it's super light in colour.
  5. zinnn

    Cool ways to create a fireplace

    ^ That's cool! Will try this one out, I may actually have all the pieces I need for this :)
  6. zinnn

    Cool ways to create a fireplace

    Thanks, tweaked it a bit:
  7. I want to create a nice-looking fireplace for my Islanders, can you recommend me some interesting solutions? I've done this based on a MOC I found: but maybe you have some other ideas? :) Thanks
  8. zinnn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    UK as well - ok, that's it, I'm ordering them on Bricklink I really love that piece, they will go great with my PoBB set up
  9. Hey I really love the function of pasting images here, where the system automatically displays it when link it pasted. Is this an extension or custom built function?
  10. zinnn

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    I'm sure you've seen the Island Warrior minifigure already? The Shipwreck Survivor from series 21 is also pretty good: as well as Tomahawk Warrior (series 10): and Bolobo from Ninjago set 71735:
  11. zinnn

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    No pirates :(
  12. zinnn

    [WIP] Iron hooks re-crewtment

    any chance for bigger photos? Can barely see anyting
  13. zinnn

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    Late to the party, but I really like this MOD, may try to re-create it next time
  14. zinnn

    King Kahuka's mouth

    masks can have carved mouths as well