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  1. zinnn

    Black Pirates

    Thank you, that's a good start. I have that Nick Fury head, it's quite ok for this purpose actually. Still not 100% sure about the body. I have the Zombie Gunne´╗┐r torso, but what I don't like about it are the metal elements (especially the carabiner that looks out of place) - it's almost steampunk-y
  2. zinnn

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ray the Castaway

    Fantastic, I voted for it a couple of weeks ago. Great little set.
  3. Those photos are incredible, thank you for sharing :)
  4. zinnn

    Black Pirates

    Hey everyone, I'd like to diversify my Pirates Of Barracuda Bay and add some Black minifigs. Could you recommend me some nice torsos and maybe faces that would fit the theme? Or maybe you have your own Black Pirate minifigs and want to share? Many thanks in advance :)