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  1. The black-white-gray color scheme works well, I guess less really is more. Nicely done.
  2. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Does this work?
  3. Sebeus I

    LW 2019: Windfall Island

    It was my pleasure That is the plan, only, I get distracted quite easily. Lots of other projects coming up. But I have atleast started on a major change on the island already which is good news .
  4. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    I didn't finish the LDD but you can find its current state here. (Named Dancing Ember). I'm already working on so many other things I didn't bother to finish it. But you'll see the rear hinge plates that connect hull and sides. there should be a pair in front as well at the same height. I did something special on the aft, I might have a picture of that, I'll look.
  5. Aha! Asking the right questions. As a matter of fact I was asking myself the same thing when I was building it. The dish goes over those two studs and it seems that the tile with handle bar placed behind it provides enough friction to keep the dish in place. Frankly I didn't expect this to work but I'm glad it did .
  6. My latest creation;'s another submarine . It's a small one, I do hope to build a really big submarine one day. The observation dome on top, the printed transparent dish, came from some Star Wars set. Lots of canopies to give the operator a complete view of the surroundings. I hope you like it. I'd put it on Ideas but who am I kidding, people are only interested in yellow submarines .
  7. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    I don't think the paper can handle that . But as it is paper, it will get more brownish over time. I made a small fishing boat; I think I'll build two more of these, perhaps with some variations on colours and details.
  8. Sebeus I

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Two more Ideas to be added. Imperial Trading Ship Tall Ship And I plan to add a few more ship Ideas projects in the future.
  9. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    I updated the rigging, she is now a two masted sloop. I couldn't post it like that on Ideas though, too much custom material. Don't forget to support though.
  10. Sebeus I

    LW 2019: Windfall Island

    I wasn't going to post this initially but decided to do so anyway, It's going to take some time before it gets into the next stage. Windfall Island, as it was when I presented it at Lego World Copenhagen in Februari; I apologise for the quality of the pictures, the lighting on these events is rarely optimal for taking sharp pictures. One of the latest additions was the Firenze-style tower, which served as the most prominent and tallest building in the center of the town. It is however going to be replaced later. For the next time I exhibit the Island I'll be bringing smaller ships along, these big ones tend to obstruct the view. The northern cliffs, with the small soldier fortress on it, is currently being completely reworked into actual cliffs. The light bluish grey rocks were from the beginning a temporary solution to compensate for the lack of bricks and allow me to present a complete Island in the earlier phases. Time for some closer views . There are quite some rough edges still. I can tell you it's not evident to keep up the quality of a MOC this big, especially considering it has to be moved time from time. I don't know where that guy got his drink, the bar isn't finished yet. Good old Redbeard seems to have chosen this place to spend his retirement days. On this side I originally intended to have a complex structure of piers and scaffolding which I would have called 'Little Venice'. I'm not sure now if I'll ever build that part. The greatest challenge remains transport solutions. Well, I hope you like it. It might look quite different once finished. If you were interested in some of the ships part of this display, these can be found on this forum (some of them are quite old though); Christine, HMS Elizabeth, Red Beard Runner, HMS Marianne, Flying Dutchman, Piercing Flame, Raging Fire, Trading ship.
  11. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Thank you Those hull parts do keep the piece count down, I intend to launch some bigger ship Ideas as well. EDIT: There's a set coming out in 2019 that uses hull parts; 41381, this is good news . Actually I started on an LDD model but it isn't quite finished. I will finish it later though, if this one gets to the review it's good to have a digital version to send to LEGO. I'm doing a post this evening or tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a picture from last year;
  12. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Hello gents, As I'm making progress on my Island town I am in need of a number of small ships. (smaller ships make the Island look bigger ). My latest one is actually based on an earlier model I built at Maxim's. It seemed fun to use the small ship from the classic set Imperial Trading Post as a reference. As you may notice that is where those beautiful sails come from. Anyway, I hope you like it, please support it on LEGO Ideas, if you have a minute . Note that helmsman has the original torso that was used in the set. Didn't they call that minifigure Steve or something? Choosing the colours for this model was quite challenging but I'm satisfied with its current colour scheme. Of course there should be a goat on board, how else would they be getting fresh goat milk? Just look at that, wouldn't you want one for your own? Perhaps that may be possible... When the project reaches 100 supporters, the deadline will be extended with a full year, in which it will have to gather a total of 10000 supporters in order to be considered as an official set. So get supporting! (But be careful when logging in, there seems to be some kind of bug).
  13. Sebeus I

    Episode three scenes

    If you properly credit me that's fine (link to this page for instant). Although I don't really see how you would have use of these pictures for a stop-motion .
  14. Sebeus I

    [MOC] The Liberation of Utapau

    Thank you for the nice comments. I did play this game a lot on my old Xbox so it is very likely that the game played a role in the definition of Utapau for me. If I had more time (and more parts) I would have built a bigger layout, with another platform, some buildings and a highway to have an AAT and Clone hover tank enter the scene.
  15. Hello gents, There was this contest going on over at LEGO Ideas so I decided to try some Star Wars once again. I hope you like it. I'm glad to have this awesome figure of General Grievous. The most tricky part about this creation was most likely the hanging platform, it broke a couple of times before I managed to find a sturdy construction that would maintain the huge overhang.