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  1. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    I had the pleasure of seeing it in person . I love all of it!
  2. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Whale Rock Outpost...

    I thought I recognized Saber Island . Well done, I like the atmosphere in your pictures.
  3. Sebeus I

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    Thank you, It's funny you should mention, I'm actually considering getting a Rebrickable account . I want to finish some other modifications on the Slave I first though and then release it as a complete package.
  4. I made a kinetic sculpture of an exploration car challenging rough road conditions. (Find it on LEGO Ideas) The video says it all really. The vehicle is attached to the landscape on the starboard side, keeping it in place. I hope you like it, don't forget to comment and support . Thank you!
  5. Sebeus I

    [LEGO IDEAS] The Three Siblings Island

    Lovely! I like that large archway within the cliffs, I think I'll support this one!
  6. Sebeus I

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    What a lovely dancing hall, I like how you made those hoop skirts .
  7. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    I could... But once a contest is over I easily lose the incentive to build further in the concerned theme. However, since this is the pirate theme, I might actually go ahead with the Eldorado extension at some point . Thanks .
  8. Sebeus I

    [WIP] HMS LIVELY 38 Gun Frigate (Step 3)

    This is an interesting endeavor, I'd like to see where this goes, keep up the good work!
  9. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    Thank you all for the nice comments. If there had been more time for this contest I would have considered making an Eldorado Fortress based expansion as well. Thanks, I have been doing that for a long time now although it's been a while since I last posed a building.
  10. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Broadside Brig

    My second entry into the 90th anniversary contest at LEGO Ideas. This build are actually two builds, One is based on the classic pirates set Broadside Brig (although it might as well be Lagoon Lock-up, the two are conceptually very similar)... ...The other is based on 6265 Sabre Island. But the real star of this creation is the little ship! The hull is very similar to my earlier one (Cross Bone Clipper) Only the Broadside Brig part has an interior, although there's plenty of space to make some on Sabre Island as well.
  11. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Cross Bone Clipper

    I finally got around making a new ship... boat... dinghy... Yes, it's quite small . The Cross Bone Clipper is based on the classic 1997 Pirates set with the same name (6250 Cross Bone Clipper). I never had that set though, I believe it was never even sold in Europe. As this is an entry in a LEGO Ideas contest, I worked with a brick built sail. But I might add custom rigging later, she'll do well as a cutter I think . I actually considered having a limited sleeping compartment in the aft of the boat. However, earlier designs ended up being too gritty to my liking. An interesting fact: while my version is only half the size of the original set, it does contain twice the amount of parts. I'm hoping to build more of these small ships as they are very suitable to fill my Island harbor.
  12. Sebeus I

    Forbidden Oasis

    Which is precisely what I was going for That sunken statue is indeed a tribute to the original Adventurers theme.
  13. Sebeus I

    Forbidden Oasis

    Thank you for the nice comments! The première was actually two weeks ago, on an exhibition event (BrickMania Antwerp). @Maxim I supplied a modest extension to the diorama which can be found here. A great contribution. The airships in this picture are by @Captain Braunsfeld by the way. They are gears actually, this part to be exact. Or perhaps you meant the upper/lowermost part? Those would be these parts.
  14. Once upon a time in Egypt... I proudly present my latest creation :) I've been wanting to build something in the adventurers theme like forever and now that it's finished I don't really know what to say so I'll let the pictures do the talking. As to not overflow this topic with too many pictures I hid some in a spoiler. And I still didn't manage to get everything in there that I wanted, should have built it three times this size for that.
  15. Oh, these are oldies! I like them! The grille is particularly effective I'm quite involved with Volvo Trucks and I really appreciate seeing these legends in the brick. Not so long ago I made a new FH in the same scale, if your interested (link)