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  1. MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    That is one awesome layout! And a very interesting building style for the ships. Keep up the good work!
  2. Black Eye's Revenge

    Very cartoon-like, not so sure of the pirate flags as cannon hatches (Although I did that myself a while ago )
  3. Captain Cookie hides a treasure

    I'm not going to ask why the monkey have wigs ... Interesting combination of snotted and regular landscape.
  4. Ideas Tall Ship

    I have been working a new hull. Using the new hull type parts with a brick-built construction on the aft to serve as a worthy alternative for the old type hull. This took me a couple of hours to get it figured out, it might be a bit too complex. I think I'll look for a simpler construction. In the meantime, I need more supporters!
  5. Ideas Tall Ship

    My phone acted funny apparently but you can see most of it. It's not a window but A round brick and a tile. The slopes are attached to brackets on a 1x8 plate. This is my brown hull by the way but it's the same thing.
  6. Ideas Tall Ship

    Interior pictures:
  7. Hermanos de Sangre WIP thread

    Well well, a red hull! My first thought was that it was a bit too much, all the red but I must say that it grows on me, it gives the ship something mystical. keep it up!
  8. Counting House

    Nicely done, it's hard to make out the colors, is that red or orange? Works well with the snotted tiles.
  9. Ideas Tall Ship

    Thanks a lot for the support . What do you mean by "inverted brown"? Ha, I'll be doing both anyway . Thanks, I'm looking for alternatives for these parts, I've made some brick-built sterns on the new hulls before (Beatrix, Raging Fire), nothing is truly impossible .
  10. Ideas Tall Ship

    My latest ship was created with the specific intention of making a LEGO Ideas project out of it. You might notice some major differences with my other ships (if you're familiar with those). Most notable is the lack of custom rigging on this ship. It's 100% LEGO parts, which is a requirement for an Ideas project. It takes 10000 supporter for a project to be considered to become an actual set and make it to the stores. I hope I can count on your support, it takes only little effort to support my model and it doesn't cost you a thing . Also keep in mind that over time changes will be made to improve the model, I highly value the opinions of a real pirate fan so don't hold back and share your constructive criticism. I'm sure some of you will recognize some similarities with the Red Beard Runner, such as the red hull and the general color scheme . I found that a red hull is in general not very popular amongst ship-builders but I can tell you that I've been working on a brown and a white variant, at the same time I will make an alternative with the new type of hull. I will post these later (still need to gather some parts for that). The sails were taken from the Skull's Eye Schooner and attached using technic ball pins and studded ropes. The crows nest was made using the same technique as I did years ago on my Flying Dutchman (which reached 10000 supporters as an Ideas project). Custom built cannons on deck. You can actually see through the skylight. The CMF pirate would make an excellent crew member. I seem to have lost my interior pictures. Hold on while I retrieve those. They are on the Ideas page if you can't wait though. If you feel like supporting just click any of the pictures, it will lead you right to the project page .
  11. MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    An excellent replica, Instantly recognizable, well done!
  12. Electric Racer

    Update, I removed the Mercedes insignia to make it more brand neutral. I added some tiny details and tried a different color scheme. Thank you .
  13. Electric Racer

    The race car of the future :-) I originally built this for a ReBrick contest a while ago, now I'm trying to get supporters on LEGO Ideas. I hope you liked, C&C is appreciated. (Support for my Ideas project even more ;-))
  14. I chose the Elaborate option. It was indeed the Mardieran galleon El Grande resting below. What use silver cannon balls could possible have was still under discussion but in any case, the massive amount of silver alone was more than enough reason to set up a salvage operation. The Idea was simple, A couple of crewmen would go out on a sloop to lure the sharks away from the wreck. One of the guys had the Idea to mark the sharks with buoys by shooting arrows through their dorsal fin. That way we could see when a shark would return to the wreck. In the mean time the diving bell was prepared for submersion. You wouldn't believe the variety of things stuffed in the Raging Fire's hold. There wasn't much left of the El Grande, didn't look that 'grande' anymore. Salvaging the silver was a tough work, the best swimmers took turns diving down, pick up a cannon ball and drop it in a box which would be taken up from time to time. Even our captain took a dive. After a successful salvage operation the hold was loaded with silver. This was however not ideal for our actual quest, the Raging Fire became heavy and thus slower. This would make use more vulnerable to pirates and other potential threats at sea... The captain decided we should either sell or hide the silver somewhere safe before we proceed further north. While everyone was celebrating our haul, Captain Sebeus went to his cabin deciding on our next destination, a place to dispose of the silver perhaps... This might be 2 and a half builds
  15. Thanks for the nice comments, I actually built this at Maxim's, using his collection. Thanks but I already have a perfect ship for the role in the making (link).