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  1. Sebeus I

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I see there's a lot of my stuff featured. Back from the day when I was spewing them out, one MOC after another Makes me sad to see how less productive I am today...
  2. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    Nicely done, the white masonry bricks work well here. It could use a cannon or two though .
  3. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    She looks dashing, especially with the fleet. Sad to see she was so short-lived. Are you going to put herback together? I know I'd struggle with that, don't like doing the same thing again 😅.
  4. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    Update time! I ultimately decided to open up the lower hold again and build a small interior section there. I took out a section on the widest part of the hull, as the concentration of bulkhead is the lowest there. It's still not much but it's something. When I was clicking the gun deck into place, I realized it would be a wasted opportunity not to do anything with the lower hold. Interior on the orlop deck is completed. Near the bow there is the sick bay (or for the dutchies amongst us; De ziekenboeg bevindt zich in de boeg) coming up next are the gun deck and the start of the walls.
  5. Sebeus I

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Concordia

    Lovely frigate, I'd love to see some sails on her but I supposed there aren't any because of the designer program requirements . Excellent job! Makes me want to dig up that WIP frigate I have lying around somewhere and continue building.
  6. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Armada Flagship

    i think you just need to decide what you are going for I think. If you're going for an Armada themed ship, as in the lower picture, I would suggest to replace the dual coloured hull by one of single colour. Either a completely brown one or maybe even a white one (the new type hulls).
  7. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    Mast positions and height seem about right I'd say. I've always found that Cross Bone Clipper colour scheme interesting, do you have the original set? It would be nice to see it alongside your MOC, like a pirate fleet .
  8. Sebeus I

    [MOC][SHIP] Neptune's Glide

    Absolutely love it! The elegant lines and royal colour scheme support the background story going with it. Great job !
  9. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Raised Deck Grating

    This looks quite promising, I might be able to use that on my WIP ship. I don't like the studs from the 1x1 technic bricks showing though, essential to keep everything together I suppose. Good luck with your large ship!
  10. Sebeus I

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    Time for an update . The disadvantage of a full hull battle ship is that it keeps tipping over when I'm building away from the central axis. To counter this I made this stand to keep it level. This stand will also be usefull to put the ship on display when it's finished. Now, as for the ship itself... The hold has been closed off. At times I considered having at least a partial interior there but in the end I favored structural integrity. A great number of bulkheads make sure the hull remains sturdy. On top of the hold we have the orlop deck, rarely seen on MOC ships since it is located below the waterline. This is the first interior section of the ship. Since I don't know yet what will be visible and what not, I decided to do detail the complete deck. Leaving some space in the rearmost area to anticipate a sturdy foundation of the sterncastle. I will attempt to have some openings on the port side of the ship to allow an insight in the interior. this will be challenging given the structural needs of this large ship. It'd be a shame not to display this underpresented area of the ship. The beam was slightly increased to 28 studs, making this ship wider that my Flying Dutchman and so making this my largest ship so far . I'm currently considering to maybe add some light functions to the lower area's, it's going to be quite dark in there. Grates may also be a solution there. I don't exactly like the idea of having a battery box to hide away somewhere. That's it for now, I have most of the ship planned out but feel free to express your idea's and suggestions. enjoy!
  11. Sebeus I

    [ENTRY] Skulls Eye Schooner remake (6286)

    Well done! For me, the custom hull is the real highlight of this creation. I never quite liked the colour scheme of the original SES, good call to go for dark red and neglect the green gun flaps .
  12. Credit to this particular detail goes to my original creation Actually it was part of a set of 4
  13. While I do love the creation, I feel a bit walked over, seeing my canopic jar and mural without any mention of me Temple corridor by Stefan Eeckman, on Flickr Pharaoh's Tomb by Stefan Eeckman, on Flickr If you copy something, some respect to the original creator would be nice.
  14. Building instructions are now online! Rebrickable I worked with someone to make this happen but I do plan to do more building instructions of some of my other models in the future, on my own account.
  15. Very recognizable, although it's been ahes since I last visited it. Well done!