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  1. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Hogwarts Moving Staircase

    Hahaha, as a matter in fact I do have no less than 6 WIP ships lying about, some of them are pretty old now. Unfortunately I don't see myself finishing them. I'm not so much into ships nowadays. Although there is one of these 6 that might get some attention on a good day... Oh I see. I meant to bring this set-up to the first coming event, whenever that is. The expanded version is for next year at the earliest.
  2. I have designed two variants of side skirts. The first one is similar to the one I showed before, an add-on mounted under the chassis. The second one is a more incorporated design. There are some gaps in this one that I don't know how to fill yet. I also added brake and accelerator pedals, it required a small adjustment to the carbon fibre tub. My next plan is to revise the rear subframe and maybe try some different style bodywork.
  3. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Hogwarts Moving Staircase

    That sounds sceptic... I do hope the Covid measures won't last that long .
  4. My very first creation in the Harry Potter universe. The moving staircase on itself wasn't much of a challenge. The moving balustrades were. Note that the port one already starts sliding inside the wall before the staircase begins moving. Additionally the starboard balustrade will only come out after the staircase began moving. (What? I'm used to building ships, don't staircases have port and starboard sides too?). All this is driven by a single mechanical system and I can tell you, this required a considerable amount of patience. I don't think I've ever experienced frustrations of this magnitude when building a lego creation before. You see, in the beginning, after a lot of fine tuning, it worked very smoothly. But as I finished it and wanted to start filming, the mechanism jammed all the time. Turns out the staircase was too heavy, which resulted in too much stress on the drive chain. I removed one step at a time until it worked again. The internals, for the interested, although there's not that much to see I'm afraid. Initially there was a corridor behind the door, with a width of 4 studs. But as the mechanism began jammed a lot when nearing completion, I had to remove it in order to supervise the mechanism below. I intend to expand this scene, I have learned a lot from this build and I'm sure I can overcome the limitations I came across. However, as this means I'll have to completely start over again, It won't be for the very near future. For the next version I want more platforms, so the staircase will actually lead somewhere. Those platforms should of course have moving balustrades of their own. As I see myself bringing this to exhibition events It would make sense to motorise the system so I can make it run continuously. And then maybe adding some other animations, such as moving portraits. It's all possible, I just need to learn how to do it .
  5. Sebeus I


    Duplo baseplates? Interesting idea. That tiger seems a bit out of place though, a leopard or cheetah would be more suitable.
  6. To be honest I don't think there's much potential for any sailing ship to pass the review, now that we have Pirates of Barracuda Bay. I supported none the less, at least it is a signal that there is still a hunger for more pirate themed sets .
  7. Sebeus I

    [COMIC] "Kings And Queens Of The Sea" - Episodes

    No way! This is awesome, to be continued after so many years. Well, I know how to spend my next free moment .
  8. Sebeus I

    [MOC] Belle ├ępoche Modular building

    Excellent, great job on that white and tan detail combo.
  9. Hmmm, something like this perhaps? (Not in the right color yet, I'm out of red curved 1x10's).
  10. It is completed! And I put it on LEGO Ideas! As there's not much of the chassis to be seen on the outside, I have made a half bodywork variant. I hope you like it and don't forget to go press that 'support' button at LEGO Ideas!
  11. Thank you. For now it is just laying on top of the bonnet. But I am confident that, with the wide variety of modified bars and clip plates available nowadays, I will be able to attach it somehow.
  12. Ridiculous as it may sound, I had actually forgotten about this WIP. It has been 2 years since I started this model. At some point it ended up in a box on a shelf. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. I'm glad I picked it up again, I have a couple of Ideas involving new parts that I didn't have two years ago. Anyway, it's nearing completion, the bodywork is very challenging but I'm getting there. I had to lose the mufflers in order to have some freedom to build a rear end I liked. I finally found a solution for the headlights that I'm satisfied with. It's funny how such a simple design could be so effective. I intend to finish it soon and I have a special feature in mind as a surprise .
  13. Sebeus I

    La Comete

    As it happens, another option unfolded itself back in November 2019. I purchased the Comete from Legostone in order to save it from certain destruction. As I was restoring it to its glorious state I couldn't help making some minor modifications . But I'll get to that later, let's show her off first. I felt tempted to do some changes on the sail plan. But as these are the original sails from Captain Greenhair's Build a Frigate Tutorial, I just couldn't do it, they have kind of a historical value, you know. (Knowing him he'd probably say; "to hell with that, loose the sails and make better ones!" . Ah, and there we have my first adaptation revealing itself. It's more of an add-on really. I thought there was room for that little bit more decorations on the stern and I also felt I needed to add something to distinguish this ship from its previous state. Note the addition of the pearl gold leaves to fill the rather large dark blue face. The skull ornament with crossed blades identifies this ship as a pirate vessel. The white stands out from the rest of the color scheme. Even I am not sure if it is really fitting. But it will do for now. Aside from the pirate crest I also added a scruffy-looking pirate crew of course. I changed most details on deck as I wasn't too fond of the tan. I replaced them with reddish brown alternatives. I can imagine Legostone wouldn't have done this as he would have refused any reddish brown on board . I replaced the capstan by a better looking but less functional one (it can't hold the bars). And you may notice I also moved the helm forwards. Which was needed to fit the small compartiment under the little roof. And that's about it, my other changes are hardly worth mentioning. I've been thinking about renaming the ship as well, after considering HMS Corona for a few seconds I decided to leave it at La Comete II.
  14. The black-white-gray color scheme works well, I guess less really is more. Nicely done.
  15. Sebeus I

    Imperial Trading Ship

    Does this work?