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  1. Judging by this image, I thought that it has a crew of at least two: pilot and gunner. My problem is that I spend my best parts (including tiles) on vehicles. The best location I've ever built is this, and only because I was determined to build something smooth.
  2. Thank you, @Professor Thaum and @Yperio_Bricks! The character is supposed to have a big grin. But yes, he looks too cheerful. The guy just tries to be friendly his new subordinates. Just wait until someone fails him...
  3. Dear Dark Side team! I must apologise for the low quality of my builds. I think I started freebuilding too soon. Next time I'll try to make smaller builds with better quality and less stupid studs. They make everything worse. For example, my TIE interceptor was a complete disgrace before I changed the solar panels. By the way, horizontal bricks can help with the lack of tiles. I'll use them next time!
  4. It was morning. The trial was short; the treacherous commander approved his intentions to surrender to the New Republic and claimed it was the only reasonable thing to do, with the Empire being no longer as powerful as it was. After the trial, Commissar Rax decided to inspect the waveskimmers in their hangar to check combat readiness. Rebel commandos could strike any time, and he had to make sure their boats could be intercepted before they could damage the ship. The Galactic Empire was equipped with squadrons of AQ-3 waveskimmers for offensive and defensive actions against small watercraft. The speeders had two blaster cannons and folding wings with pontoons; the crew consisted of an Air Force pilot and a gunner.
  5. Max_Lego

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Thank you! I personally wanted to make a Noghri figure with a Doomsday head, but the expression is way too crazy; nevertheless, I think it's the best that we've got
  6. Pavo Prime was one of the earliest planets to join the Galactic Republic, and its population was considered to be one of the most loyal to the Imperial cause. Although it wasn't that what's called a waterworld, it was partially covered with seas, which housed lots of different kinds of fish. To protect the seas, the Imperial Navy (yes, the Galactic Empire has got a Navy) deployed ships patrolling on the surface, the flagship being the gorgeous Galactic Empire battleship. The Galactic Empire was the perfect watercraft in this world, where blasters are the primary weapon. It was heavily armed with three 3-barreled turbolaser turrets, 6 minor blaster turrets and protected by a powerful shield capable of withstanding any orbital bombardment. Right now, it was evening. It was the end of the first day of the battleship's new commander - the mysterious Commissar Rax. No one knew where he came from. He just came on board on his Lambda shuttle, had a little talk with the ship's then-commander and had him arrested, using listening devices to expose him to the crew as a traitor, who was planning to order the local garrison to surrender to the New Republic. Everyone heard the commander's words, and there was no doubt the accusations were valid; the trial was set for tomorrow morning. Gloating his victory, the successful Commissar Rax was moving his stuff to his new commander's headquarters. - I see you've got lots of interesting stuff here, sir, - Captain Kuzy said, looking into the Commissar's boxes, - here are some state symbols... - Please be careful with those computers, TK!.. Yeah, there are, and they include a state flag, two golden crests and even a 501st legion sdandard! How cool is that? And please call me Comrade the Political Director, - the Commissar answered. - Understood, Comrade the Political Director - Kuzy answered, wondering where the weirdo could possibly get the 501st standard, - and these plants are?.. - Just plants. Never mind. - And what's in that box? An ancient Sith helmet, some books and... - Be careful with these! They are ancient Sith manuscripts! I rescued them from the Imperial library before Coruscant fell to the Rebellion. Oh, and that's a Sith holocron. Beautiful, isn't it? - the Commissar showed the holocron to his new subordinates. - How can you use this thing, Comrade the Political Director? - Commander Grosh asked, - Are you?.. - No, sadly I am not - the Commissar replied, - but don't worry, the Sith will return. Someday... - Sorry for the question, Comrade the Political Director, - the stormtrooper asked, - but are you really such a Sith supporter? - I'm more than just that, - Rax said sinisterly, - I'm a real fossil, yet flesh-and-bone Sith Cultist! Under my command, the old Empire will survive at least on this planet... Until someone worthy of talking the Emperor's place shows up! All right, thanks for your help, comrades! Make sure to sleep well, because tomorrow morning, we have a lot of work to do! He-he...
  7. Thanks! Indeed, that's where the inspiration came from. My first freebuild wil come soon!
  8. Max_Lego

    [MOC] Wookie and Rebel Commandos Meet-n-Greet

    Cool blasters! Sadly, 4 blaster types Lego provides isn't quite enough. I got it on my own experience
  9. Hello! I would like to join the Dark Side team with my character - the mysterious Commissar Rax. (the guy in the peaked cap, trenchcoat and with a Mandalorian Beskad sword; the one in the background is an Imperial air force pilot)
  10. Max_Lego

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Thanks! Sadly, I don't have a enough tiles. And if I had, they would all go for my TIE bomber project. Thank you! I'll make a separate photo of the Kalikori and post it here
  11. Max_Lego

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Edit: added Kalikori and holographic table photos I felt sad and disappointed today, so I decided to build a little vignette to cheer myself up. Thrawn's office features holographic works of art, Ysalamiri trees and some artifacts behind glass (the Kalikori is on the far left). Hope you like it! The Kalikori couldn't be seen on the previous photo, so I took a separate picture of Thrawn showing it to Pellaeon: Here's also Thrawn's holographic table I made a while ago (when Thrawn still didn't have boots):
  12. Max_Lego

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    This makes sense, since SO many parts would have been needed to build all those little masterpieces at one time.
  13. Max_Lego

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    Have you ever thought about recreating ROTJ as a stop-motion brickfilm? Your MOCs are formidable and deserve to be animated