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    <p> Which theme is my favourite kinda depends on my mood, jack of all trades master of none sorta thing, at the moment if I had to pick one I'd say harry potter at the moment. My most recent purchase was 8 harry potter cmf blind bags. </p>

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  1. Batman and hopefully others will be in the lego movie 2 sets at least, better than nothing.
  2. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I like the torso/leg designs with the dragons, but the masks are odd as others havestated and Nya should've stayed silver (gunmetal).
  3. Agent Kallus

    Purist Superhero Figures

    King Shark, Spoiler, Mad Mod, Mad Hatter and Batgirl.
  4. The minifig looks legit to me.
  5. Agent Kallus

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    For those of us who haven't played lego city undercover, it was originally a Nintendo exclusive and it has some cool Nintendo (mostly Mario) references.
  6. That's a really off-topic question but here goes:
  7. Agent Kallus

    Star Wars Resitance

    This clip leaves me a little more optimistic than the actual teaser did. Its kinda funny how it only introduces 3 of the 5 in the chosen still, I guess the blue flight suit girl is on a rival team, still I'd appreciate a name at the least.
  8. The Shoretrooper was only available in-store in the UK as well, not online, Making it much easier to miss out.
  9. Agent Kallus

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Wishlist of star wars Cmfs that will likely never happenSaw Gerrera (with hair) Anthology series 1-Chussido 2-Gorji Sandem (Mudtrooper medic) 3-Syke (With Corellian hound) 4-Margo 5-Dryden Vos 6-Callixido Ryss 7-L3-37 8- Hylobon Enforcer (With Helmet) 9- Lando (tropical planet) 10-Falthina Sharest 11-Cosdra 12-Beezer Fortuna 12- Davits Draven 13- Bail Organa 14-Galen Erso (in hiding) 15 Galen Erso (uniform) 16 Galen Erso (other uniform) 17- I promise it isn't another Galen varient (aka Lyra Erso) 18- Jyn Erso (Child) 19-Jyn (Jedha with new hair part) 20- Saw Gerrera (Hair) 21- Tynnra Pamlo 22- Farns Monsbee
  10. Agent Kallus

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Here's another wish-list based on Solo and Rebels £55-AT-DP Arc Cannon Prototype 6 figs : AT-DP pilot,Imperial Jumptrooper Commander, Imperial Super Commando,Tiber Saxon ,Alrich Wren, Sabine £70-Saw's U-wing-5 figs: Saw Gerrera,Edrio,Ezra Bridger(with helmet) ,Captain Wells, DT-F16 £110- The Broken Horn- 10 figs : Visago, Hera (citizen disguise), Zeb (cd),Sabine (cd), Ezra (cd),Rex, Alexsandr Kallus,Valen Rudor (bartender), Stormtrooper £20-Lothal Sewer chase-,Build is a probe droid and the sewer exit. ,3 Figs :Kanan (cd), Ryder Azadi,Jai Kell £45- Hera's X-wing - 5 figs- Hera (X-wing Pilot), Cleat, Mart Mattin, R3-A3,Chopper £12-Imperial specialists battlepack- 4 figs - Magmatrooper (with hose connected to back like the manta figs), inferno squadron member,Rocket Trooper, Purge Trooper £12-Mimban battle pack-4 figs- Mimban stormtrooper x2 Mud Trooper x2 (helmet like Han's but with goggles down and a separate neck attachment) £20-AT-DT- 3 figs- Mimban liberation soilder, Korso, pilot £35- Mimban camp -build is tent with chewie's cage beneath-5 figs- Bolandin, Val(mud trooper), Han(same as tie fighter), Rio( mud trooper), Chewie (muddy with no bandoleer)
  11. Agent Kallus

    REVIEW: 75210 Moloch's Landspeeder

    I'm surprised that so few people here have seen the film, it was great. As for this set though I can't say that this set appeals to me, the utilitarian design of the speeder makes sense in-universe but its not very merchandise-able and on top of that the scenes on Correlia were the low point of the film.
  12. Comic for DC, Movies for Marvel. Buy and Large I prefer dcs comics to their movies (or at least the dceu) and I prefer the Mcu to marvel comics so my set preferences align with that.
  13. This is the chewie from cloud city (spoiler due to image size), I don't think they updated him.
  14. I don't expect many people to agree with me but I vastly prefer the scale used for the slave 1 in this set than the standard system scale. It just allows for larger ships to be represented with out being enormous and the minifigs fit well with out looking too small for the ships and it would make more mains ships available for less like ties and x-wings.