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  1. This might the most arrogant I've ever been but I can't help but think that I did better, now I know that using LDD I have a lot less restraints than Lego does, (i.e I can use any part in any colour) but really Frodo's hair is too flat and Gandalf's hat Is too small for his head. ( Ignore that I made Shelob rather than the Balrog), and Lego brickheadz are always over reliant on printed designs! Also while Frodo doesn't appear to have sting here, I've not lost hope for it appearing in the Rivendell set ( perhaps foolishly) as he did have a regular sword before Bilbo have him sting and maybe the sting mold wasn't ready for the brickheadz?
  2. I'm pretty sure we'd heard of all 3 before today.
  3. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    A complete gauntlet with the thanos mech is nice, I still only have three on mine ( the power stone from the infinity war Space Pod, the reality stone from the Infinity war benatar, and the time stone from the modular Sanctum) Using the Ninjago core 'Joints' is a clear downgrade though.
  4. Perhaps not for Rivendell but do you know what would be a fun new mold they could introduce? A pony mold. Make it 2 studs wide like the horse but have it be shorter and stouter.
  5. Rivendell has bern confirmed by a reliable source. @Falconfan1414 put on Instagram that stonewars has backed up the Rivendell rumour and that it will include minifigures.
  6. Sometimes the big sets was relavent GWPs like the forestmen hideout or Eiffel's apartment or the brick build lightsaber hilts. Do we think a LotR gwp for this set ( exclusive or not) is likely? (Regardless of whether it ends up being Rivendell or not)
  7. Agent Kallus

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, I don't think we need to worry about that, the show isn't known or popular, it'd be kind of like star wars sets for the ewok movies. Though there are rumours of a new spin off, that might get some sets at launch. And then maybe more depending on reception. I like this idea ( though I certainly wouldn't mind RoP sets but each to thier own, may e we'll get something for war of the rohhirrim) Well in the UK at least, the avatar sets are already crashing and burning, I've not seen the in-person without them being reduced. I might be exaggerating a little but it's certainly not popular with kids over here ... ( As most of us guessed it wouldn't be)
  8. Oh that's a good point. I hadn't really thought about that because Rivendell isn't a battle scene but they could easily include some on a armour stand and reuse it for potential helm's deep, prologue Mordor battle, and battle pack sets. I know the shield well as I always play as the elves in LotR Risk. Though I would rather they budgeted for more figures and prints than focused on new parts. Yeah, I didn't mean for a blue sting to replace the normal sting, both along side each other please. I mean we all want additional LotR sets don't we, maybe in the summer we might get some... But one thing to consider is that this will be a much larger more expensive set than the bugle so it can probably get away with more new figs, especially if most of them aren't intended to be exclusive. I mean I would rather they budget for more new figures than msketge ones we get hyperdetailed, none of them need arm prints for example. I hope we get to see the CMF elf maiden hair recoloured for this set. And if we get a few background elves they can share prints. Whilst I would love for them to include the company of Thorin, I understand that they probably won't, they'd all need Thier specific molds brought back and new prints. But I'm expecting old Gloin at least, well I say expecting, I'm not even 100% on it being Rivendell yet. But I can see them including the white council without the company of Thorin. As Lego does that sort of thing sometimes and Galadreil and Saruman are popular characters, especially with Galadreil in the rings of power at the moment. And of course Gandalf and Elrond are basically a given if it is Rivendell. Whilst I'd like this, I'd still say to to prioritise new prints over new molds, and I understand have the hilt with the broken blade as new part but don't really get have the sword shards as new parts otherwise, I think a clear 1x2 with printing would work. Or if they wanted to go all out a dual molded part with clear plastic and silver to have the broken sword as one piece. Or they could just print black cracks onto a sword part. Whilst that is true, often if @Falconfan1414 knows it to be false he will out right say so on Instagram and he hasn't yet. I think technically he is in the films anyway, more of a named extra than anything, cause he doesn't lend Frodo his horse or anything but there would reason to include him as a ' background' elf here.
  9. Honestly it doesn't really need any, they can bring back some of the old ones. But for some to make it extra special 1- A new elf ears plus hair to give us some variety for our non- main character elves. 2- a new hair hair combo for Gandalf the Grey 3- a dual molded stings sonit can have the 'glowing' blue blade.
  10. This set will be $100 bigger than the huge new lion knights castle, we don't need to worry about it being a collection of things like assulat on both or about it being mircoscale, they can capture all the important areas of Rivendell is one cohesive minifig scaled ( or system scaled whatever) build for what will probably a £450 set. Okay.
  11. Is gonna be a $500 set, I don't think we need to worry about mircoscale. Yes the hogwarts was mircoscale but that had 8 movies worth of scenes to fit in it. I just can't see why they'd make it mircoscale
  12. There is the problem that usually they reuse figs from system sets but if we ignore that for the time being and look at other licensed fig scaled location sets. ( As we don't know the £ price I'll have too do it in dollar) Death Star ( the 2016 one as it's more recent) 27 figs - $500 Cloud city (2018) 21 figs - $350 Daily bugle (2021) 25 figs - $350 Diagon Alley (2020) 17 figs - $450 Mo's eisley cantina (2020) 21 figs - $400 So I'd say between 20 and 30 figs is a reasonable estimate. I was not fortunate enough to get all the old sets so .
  13. Ohh, it not been verified by promobricks or falconfan but Rivendale sounds awesome. I imagine the build will be a bit like that one that on ideas ages ago. It might just be the most beautiful set of all time. And think about the minifigure potential... We could get the entire fellowship, the entire company of Thorin, glorfindel, Arewen, Elrond, old bildo maybe even the white council.
  14. If she's has seen a physical figs and not just the video game one, it'd be one of the strangest ways to find out about a new set. But I say bring it on, loved Andor and would be glad for it to get more sets.
  15. Oh whoops, still think it wasn't the right choice but I wouldn't care about a referee figbeither way. Also meant to say that this would've been then prefect opportunity to introduce a hip mounted quiver or even better a hip belt with a stud on the side of the leg and a quiver part that attaches to one stud.