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  1. At least they don't call the falcon 'Han Solo's Freighter' or a Tie fighter , an 'Imperial Starship'.
  2. Thanks, and yes I do have few more in the pipeline though they might not be finished for a while as I have quite a few projects I'm working on atm.
  3. Me too, but the price should be smaller to match.
  4. Another great build, (I wouldn't want to the equivalent of $65 for it though that matches pretty well with lego's current star wars prices), I look forward to seeing what you come with next.
  5. Well not to be contrary but the tie Bomber appears in 2 star wars films, 6 episodes of rebels and loads of video games and the like, the Night Buzzard appears in one film, and the Intersystem Transport Ship doesn't show up at all in any of the films or TV shows and IIRC it's first viddeogame appearance will be in the next lego star wars game. I'm not saying anything against the existence of the night buzzard set or the I-TS set just that the tie bomber is far more present in star wars than either of them.
  6. Agent Kallus

    Wishlist Wave Mocs (Newly Updated)

    Here's the next update, only 2 'sets' this time but I've got more in the pipeline. Possible spoilers ahead ???10 New Republic Prison Escape Price: £25 Parts: 243 Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession, whilst working a job with some old pals Mando was betrayed and trapped in a New Republic Prison cell, with the new lego set ???10 'New Republic Prison Escape' you can recreate scenes from the smash hit disney+ show. This exciting building kit features an opening door and includes 6 characters With lego minifigures of the Mandalorian, Mayfeld and Xi'an as well as 2 Republic security droids(1) (Who would include a new K-2SO like mould) and a brickbuilt New republic security droid(2) and mouse droid. (The white background doesn't work too well for this model but I wanted to use the same colour for all of them). This set can also connect to the upcoming Prison ship control room set for more fun. ???15 The Batttle of Dathomir Price: £80 Parts: 891 Dooku has sent Grevious and his army to Dathomir to wipe out the nightsisters but these witches won't go down without a fight. Build the CIS MTT with a openable droid rack that can hold all 10 included super battle droids and room to store the 2 included staps (I know there weren't any in this episode but there was space in the MTT and it made sense to put them there) and the battle droid driver. The articulated vulture droid can quickly change from flying to walking mode. Help the nightsisters fight back with the hidden cave area, featuring a count dooku wax voodoo doll thing, a boiling liquid pot (the two green studs would go loose in the pot) and a magic orb for Daka to use to raise the dead. Speaking of raising the dead, the final build in this set is a nightsister grave mummy cocoon thingie, which can open to release the mummified nightsister. This set includes 2 minifigures Asajj Ventress and Old Daka, a grevious figure and an undead nightsiter figure and 15 droid figures, 10 super battle droids, 2 commando droids, 2 battle droids and a pilot battle droid. The dathomir parts from this set can connect ot the upcoming Nightsister strong hold set. And here as as bonus is the MTT in Trade Federation colours, and switched out to store B1s rather than B2s. This version is somewhat flimsier (I don't think it's that bad but the CIS one is definitely sturdier, of course it can be hard to tell without building it in the brick) as I made the model with B2s in mind and had to modify the interior to fit a decent number of B1s (18 to be precise), The side areas no longer hold stap, but serves as a space to put their blasters. I will add descriptions to the first post soon, and maybe resize all the images to match the size used in this post as I like this way better.
  7. I like this set too, especially your Corporate alliance tank droid, it looks better than lego's official ones. It's almost surprising that lego haven't released another one, given they're recent focus on kashyk.
  8. Agent Kallus

    [MOC] Baby Yoda

    He's lovely, truly lovely, great job.
  9. Agent Kallus

    Wishlist Wave Mocs (Newly Updated)

    Thanks for the kind words, it's an honour to have this thread featured as well. I've got some more ready so I'll continue the wave, this time with descriptions (which I may retroactively give to the 'sets' in the first post as well). ???12 Saw's Gerrera's Hideout. Price: ?? (I wanna say £40 but sadly I think lego would charge more than that.) Parts: 362 Recreate star wars scenes with the '???12 Saw's Gerrera's Hideout' playset, which features 3 Rooms and a Brickbuilt Bor Gullet. This 362 part building set comes with 5 lego minifigures : Saw Gerrera ( He would have 2 new parts, for his armour and his hair, also I really wasn't sure what colour to use for his armour, originally I was gonna go with green, but then on rerwatching some rogue one clips I wanted to go with grey, in the end I went with blue afer looking at some stills from the film but I'm still not sure) Jyn Erso ( She would also get a new hair mould) Bohdi Rook, Beezer Fortuna (He would reuse Bib's 'hair' mould but I could not find it on LDD) and a partisan (The one with the scout trooper Helmet, I couldn't find a name for him(?)). You can slide open the door to the prison/torture area, You can move Bor Gullet's Tentacles and you replace Bohdi's head with a sack so The partisan's can 'capture' him (Okay, this set is kinda lacking in ply features). ( Also Note that the window, Bor Gullet's Eyes and Dejarik board would all be printed. I will admit I feel like I cheated here as I've colourd Bor Gullet in Sand Red which is a discountinued colour but none of the colour's in Lego's current pallette were close enough (to the colour of Bor Gullet) from my liking and who knows maybe lego will bring sand red back, after all they brought teal back) ???17 Kamino Clash Price: ?? (I wanna say £70 but sadly I think lego would charge more than that.) Parts: 993 Arrive on the ocean world of Kamino with '???17 Kamino Clash', this set features a large Landing pad, a Tipoca City entrance and Jango Fett's Slave one ( Though I can't take much credit for the Slave one Design as is really just a copy of Boba's one from the Cloud City set with a few modifications, such as the abilty to fit baby Boba inside the base of the ship). You can land Slave One on the landing pad and head into Tipoca City, the City entrance has slding doors and is packed with interior details including: a hanging chair, a clone dinner table and the DNA tower from the clone wars and not much else. Reenact scenes from Attack of the Clones whilst remembering that in the real world lego has only made one non-Geonosis AotC set since 2002. This fun-packed set comes with 6 exciting minifigures: Obi-Wan Kenobi (with both hair and hood), Jango Fett ( With both hair and Helmet, you might notice a trend here), Taun We (who would have a new head mould), a Phase one Clone Trooper ( Also with both hair and Helmet) and a Clone in the red uniform (this one). Combine this set with ???17 Kamino Clash for more Kamino fun. ???16 Kamino Invasion Price: ?? (I wanna say £70 but sadly I think lego would charge more than that.) Parts: 1016 Introducing ???16 Kamino Invasion, with this new Clone Wars set you Invade Kamino with a Trident-class assault ship. The main build of this set is the Trident-class assault ship which is built from 684 bricks and features 4 movable tentacles, adjustable engine flaps and a compartment that can slide in and out to allow Ventress and the Aqua droids to fit in the ship (of all the things I've built for this little project, the Trident-class assault ship was the most difficult and also the thing I'm most pleased with). This set also features a Kamino side build, with a clone barracks area with 2 slide out beds (there's supposed to be a ladder up to the beds but I forgot to put in ) . This set can combine with set ???17 Kamino Clash to create a bigger Kamino playset. The following Minifigs and characters are included Shaak Ti, Asajj Ventress, Arc Trooper Blitz, 99, a Phase one Clone trooper and 2 Aqua droid (who might need new parts). Here's a picture of the 2 kamino sets combined. You're probably right about it being a bit big for a mircofighter.. oh well. I'm sure you'd be able to reverse engineer it, but if you want more pictures, I'd be happy to oblige. If you do built it in the brick could you put a picture of it in this thread if it's not any trouble. I will admit that with these MOCs I haven't checked if all the parts come in the right colours, but that shouldn't be a problem for something grey like the Razor Crest. Thanks, I'm glad you devised this style. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your Mandalore Wave.
  10. Agent Kallus

    Wishlist Wave Mocs (Newly Updated)

    Following on from @Mandalorianknight 's lead I decided to digitally MOC up some sets from my ideal wave. So far I've made 2 regular sets, 3 battle pack and 6 Mircofighters (2 dual packs and 2 individual ones), but I do plan on making more (in fact I'm already part through making way a Kamino set) and updating this thread. Here as in all these, there is no printing, I don't have the know how to do it properly in LDD so I though it was better to leave it blank rather try and find something vaguely close in LDD's print library. I'd have rathered Boga's mixel joints be green but lego don't seen to want to recolour them so... ( Boga is also the only one of these mircofighters without studshooters) It's real shame lego hasn't really made many rogue ones sets after it's dedicated waves, hopefully the Cassian Andor Show will bring us some cool sets. Now I couldn't get the cockpit section to rotate at this scale, but you can remove and reattach it in 3 different postions. For this battlepack I wasn't sure wheter I wanted 2 Stormies and 1 Shore Trooper or vice versa I think the built here is probaly a bit big for a battlepack, I built the Vixus and then felt like it needed more some I made the Umbaran Turret, in hindsight the Vixus probably would have been enought of a built on it's own, but I liked the Turret so I kept it (Also note the the Umbaran would have a new part for his helmet and would also have dual molded legs. he does have dual molded legs in the picture but LDD messed them up) I felt like this one only needed the one picture cause it's a simple idea. Sadly none of these figs have the right head part, Figrin D'an would have the existing Bith head (which I couldn't find on LDD) Momaw Nadon would get the existing Ithorian head part (which I couldn't find on LDD) , Muftak would get a new part simailar to the existing Talz part I've used as a stand in but without the chief's extras, and Kabe would get a new Chandra-Fan head piece. Mass Ameda would get a new 'hair' part (I've used Shaak Ti's as a stand in) that would fit with his robes and shoulder pads. I feel like the proportions on this one are a little off, but none the less I like it, again LDD has messed up the dual molded legs. These MOCs are more representations of set's I'd like lego to make rather than perfect versions of whatever they're depicting. and I do feel like I could've done some of them a little better if I put more time in, but I'm happy with them. I'm also not sure if 2 pictures is enough, I feel like any more and It'd be overkill, but on the other hand, these are 3d models and it can be hard to show everything in 2 pictures. Edit: I hoped both pictures, would fit on one line, clearly they're too big for that, and also everything is a hyperlink and that's not intentional, oh well I think I know what I did wrong, so I know what not to do next time.
  11. Very nice, I like this idea of a wishlist wave as digital mocs to articulate your ideas, I might do the same, if you'dn't mind. Though I think Gar Saxon would also need a new part to do his Mauldalorian helmet justice.
  12. I'm just hoping the price 'conversion' isn't too bad, but with lego's price conversioton you never know. Sometimes a $39.99 set is £29.99 and sometimes it's £44.99.
  13. I know it's already been dicussed but, Luke's hair could be much better, compared to more modern parts that piece doesn't even look like hair.
  14. Do we know confirmed UK prices for the sets that haven't been officially revealed?
  15. Agent Kallus

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Awh man, wanted to see your ideas for sets of Anakin and Padme's Naboo hoenymoon