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    Which theme is my favourite kinda depends on my mood, jack of all trades master of none sorta thing, at the moment if I had to pick one I'd say Star Wars at the moment. My most recent purchase was 7 marvel cmf blind boxes.
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  1. well I suppose the idea of the clone wars goes back enough further, before it was said on screen.
  2. Agent Kallus

    DC Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    So like the Bugle or oscorp?
  3. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm pretty sure they are talking about the X-Mansion. And there is plenty exciting about it, even if it's the exact one for the prelim ( and prelims alway make things look bad) that's just one angle and no interiors, I'm sure there's more to it.
  4. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Seen the marvels now, actually it's got to be one of my top 5 MCU movies now. Hoopty set could've been sold at the same price and been a perfect set, no new parts just more of one of the parts included. Yeah it just needed another 50 or so Flerken Kittens. Unpopular opinion maybe, but I'd prefer a PG-13 Deadpool TBH.
  5. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Looking at a 2024 movies list, what about lord of the rings : War of the Rohirrim? Maybe a Sony marvel movie I mean the end credit scene of far from home suggested Venom was looking for Spiderman ( I'd guess his Spiderman would be Andrew Garfield because he wasn't native to the MCU universe and we've seen Tobey's Venom) so a Venom and Spider-Man movie might get a set or 2. Madame web also could I guess but we've heard nothing and it is closer so I think Venom 3 is more likely, especially if Spidey is in it. Kraven seems unlikely, though who knows maybe this Kraven and out lord and saviour Morbillion will show up in Venom 3? Another Sonic movie is coming out, though I'd have rathered they stuck to game sets there. Dune has a set so dune 2 getting one isn't impossible. Deadpool could, if only because TLG needed a way to test the effect of eating minifigs. Transformers and Ghostbusters dint seems that likely but both have precedent, though based on older 'nostalgia bait' material. Any of animated family films seem possible ( Garfield, Kung Fo Panda, Despicable Me, Inside out etc) Mufasa could in same vein that the new little mermaid did, but I don't know if they'd want to make a set will all animals, after they haven't made any OG lion king characters at all. Beetlejuice seems like the sort of thing that might get a one off set. Wicked, Lisa Frankenstein and Planet of the Apes are all in my least likely of the possible ones list... Everything else on the list I found ( which was 48 movies but it might not be everything) seemed very unlikely, but I didn't like to say impossible, though they were a few omissions as there were no netflix movies on the list for example.
  6. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think I'd just automatically assumed that Aquaman 2 got delayed as since most everything else has, but yeah I don't think it'd of got sets anyhow.
  7. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was gonna list Doctor Who, Avatar ( the Last Airbed) and Percy Jackson as my hoped for sets, but I guess those are TV shows not movies. I would DC movies might get some but I'd guess no more DC movie sets until the Batman 2 and Superman Legacy which I guess are 2025.
  8. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope we get at least another what if season 2 set, but thinking about both the season 1 sets were sort of season 2. ( Hydra Stomper was in season 1 but gets it's own storyline in season 2, as well as Peggy being in her stealth suit, and Sakar Hulkbuster / car is just straight up season 2 given the episode being delayed ( though I'm surprised that the car wasn't just a Lego invention ))
  9. That's interesting, I'd been given the impression that the magazine didn't exist at all in America (as in the 2 whole continents that make up America not just the USA). I believe eaglemoss were asked about it once and said that the market just wasn't there for selling kids magazines with little gifts, which in the UK were a large part of my childhood ( it was mostly DWA(Doctor Who kids magazine), the Beano, Toxic and the Pokémon magazine but if the Lego magazines had existed back then then they'd have taken priority) and from what I've heard and seen kids magazines are also big in most of mainland Europe... So I'd assumed that Canada would be treated the same as the US because of the similar culture Though calling them foil packs is a bit outdated now, they've been paper for a while. Ninjago did have a leak a while back, showing what was coming in the coming issues but with starwars we never seem to know more than 1 or 2 ahead ( because some countries get the magazine before others). I'd quite like it if they did the regular 187th clone before that set retires.
  10. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    I think the magazine mystery will be solved soon. I got my Sora issue today, and usually the German issue seems to come out about a month before hand, so when they get the Lloyd issue, so we'll see if the December/January issue is the wolf warrior or if there is another one in-between, one last dragons rising S1 figure.
  11. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    That all sounds rather good, as I am based in Bristol, but Cardiff is easy enough to get to ( That's why my location is listed as 'almost Wales' not because I'm on the border but because when I made my account, about 8 years ago, Cardiff's was the closest Lego shop to me, but Bristol does have it's own now.) I have done a few days working as an SA in cardiff, it's what convinced me that a career in drama might actually be attainable. But looking into it, it is all quite over whelming so I am genuinely appreciative of your advice. The Deku tree feels inevitable now (to me at least) , so the big question now is whether or not it'll be a one off or part of a new line. The Mario line started 3 years before the movie came out, but I reckon the Zelda movie is more than 3 years away from now. another problem is that Zelda games are much more individual than Mario games, so if they were starting a line because a movie is coming (but not yet based on said movie) then they'd need to choose what to base it on megablocks there is no generic Zelda at least not to the extent of generic Mario. I imagine that the next Zelda game after TotK will not be another direct sequel and so will be another new different iteration of the franchise, but that will likely be years away. They seem to have missed the opportunity to really capitalise on the BotW and TotK hype (though better late than never), hopefully they won't miss the next game. Needs work, to be honest.
  12. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well they do have a movie planned for next year. But of course you're betting it won't get sets. And to fair you are probably right, but it be funny if they did because... You know ... Though in all seriousness I think we can probably expect some what if S2 sets as that's still coming soon iirc and S1 got sets.
  13. Agent Kallus

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    I am serious ( well not in general but about this), so I thank you for you advice. ( though that last paragraph is a little scary ) Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was more of a case of Lego in Fortnite not Fortnite in Lego?
  14. I don't mind Kosha in the battle pack, with her helmet off it's her but with it on it's a generic enough look. Though I would have rathered a purely imperial pack and a separate pseudo-battlepack with the 'hero' Mandalorians.
  15. Agent Kallus

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, actually you're right, looking closer it's definitely a mock-up, that weird gap between the tower and the police station makes no sense. If you zoom in on the baseplates it's clear they are at different perspectives, also the bugle taxi car is sloppily hiding a seam, but it wasn't next to the Avengers Tower so it wasn't where I was looking.