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  1. Thank you! This is actually a model with not a lot of customization. Only helmet, sword and lance. The steed just needed to get better hinges to change the angle of the wings, but that is a purist build. I do not understand why Lego made the Wings straight and the fig sit on them.
  2. Thank you. The headgear is from a small customs shop called nicebricks: https://store.bricklink.com/Dan76#/shop I painted it black, it was gray before. He makes only small batches, but he can do one thing others cannot: metallic printing. The Koruit one might have looked even better with the extra feathers. But I have not orderered any yet.
  3. Dark Elf Lord Azrael on Misére the Infernal Steed Not every star means hope. But every twinkle finds a heart. In this case your heart in the shape of Lord Azrael's icy Star Lance. So better watch the evening sky in cold winter nights when Misére the Infernal travels stealthily among the clouds. Dark Elf Lord Azrael on Misére the Infernal Steed by MWardancer, auf Flickr
  4. Gargoyle Amber Ceremonial Guard Although these seemingly lifeless statues are usually found in a ceremonial solemn mood, the weapons of the Amber Guards serve more than merely decorative function, as anyone who has ever been met with a swift blow from a massive granite sword will surely tell you. Animated by ancient Gargoylean runes and Amber magic, these fellows fight fiercely when the ancient graveyards are disturbed by trespassers. So better honour the aeons. Gargoyle Amber Ceremonial Guard by MWardancer, auf Flickr
  5. Wardancer

    Open questions

    "My first question is to the ones who do not put custom molds on minifigures, just print on original parts: which is the difference in your opinion within printing 2d parts or 3d parts? Why, is it considered "more purist" to print whatsoever detail instead of making 3d parts for your minifigures?" This might be because 3d printing parts is much more likely to violate the lego aesthetics and therefore look unlegoish than 2d printing Making a 3d part which fits a minfig in size is easy. However, making a 3d part which looks like an original lego part is not easy. The best example is the company brickwarriors (of which I enjoy buying things very much and do not want to bash here). Take the Sarissa Spear as an example: https://www.brickwarriors.com/sarissa-spear/ 1) It is much longer than any spear or lance LEGO has ever made. 2) It has these woven bands around it (many BW products have) which no LEGO product has ever had. The level of detail is too high. 3) It might be pointier than LEGO safety regulations allow. 4) It has no connection potential due to the ornament at the bottom. LEGO has a set of rules it is designed by. Certain angles, level of detail, size ratios, simplifying real shapes etc. Making a 3d part needs to stick to these rules or else it looks unlegoish. Many BW parts do, most shields for example. Othe companies have the same issues. Printing something on a 2d element does not need to apply these rules. Lego 2d prints have less rules I believe. They are usually 2d and simplified cartoonish, but that it it. So just printing something is less likely to result in "failure", i.e. deviation from the original. Ironically, Brickwarriors is an example for overdoing printing as well. Many of their figs look weird (sorry, but you know it is true), especially the eyes. I think they do it on purpose to create their own style. So you can make unlegoish printing, too, but in general 2d printing is less likely to result in deviating from lego aestetic rules.
  6. Gargoyle Cathedras and the Granite Growlers Gargoyle Cathedras and the Granite Growlers by MWardancer, auf Flickr Gargoyle Cathedras enjoys new company, his trusted Granite Growlers Fetch and Fletch. These stone hounds have a distinct playfulness as well as a weight of 800 kilograms each.
  7. Wardancer

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    I wonder what it would take to modify that T-Rex to make the ultimate dragon. A longer neck, wings, some more horns...
  8. Since you are looking for metallic parts „chromebricks“ might be able to help you. He... chromes bricks. There are actually more than one company which chromes, but I dont remember their names. edit https://store.bricklink.com/Aurimax#/
  9. Great, the body and legs Look a Bit wooden. I can Imagine making dryads from that.
  10. Wardancer

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Hmm the new Horntail is meh. The head does not look like a dragon. It is a birdlike shape, no printing can change that. Maybe the head can finally make a giant Giant eagle or Griffin. The wings seem to be the medium size. A welcome addition, brown is a useful color, especially since the old horntail wings are very expensive. also I cannot believe they still have Harry sit on Buckbeak oldschool style even though he has a gap, which is very positive and an improvement over the old Buckbeak.
  11. Wardancer

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    There seem to be two different Buckbeak leak pictures. One with a white breast and one without?
  12. Wardancer


    I have seen a video once on dyeing bricks. But that is making white bricks colored, not the other way around. I do not think this works. 3d printing oder painting probably is your only option.
  13. Wardancer

    Best LEGO heraldry?

    1. CMF Elf Stag 2.CMF Forest Maiden golden Tree 3. Friends Goblin King golden eye
  14. The Gondorian soldiers‘ legs were printed off center. Do these new fountain guards have the same issue? The helmet is spectacular!
  15. Dark Elf Sorceress Lady Licanne Dark Elf Sorceress Lady Licanne by MWardancer Customization Notes:- Ice Ice Baby: Weapons are Brickforge laserbeams on a painted spear elaborate and a painted Brickwarriors' sword- Frozen: Hairpiece is painted.- Take My Coat: cape by Cape Madness