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  1. CMF Gargoyles with painted custom parts, like this one for example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/63704134@N07/49450325952/
  2. A Gergoyle is a German Gargoyle. No, just a typing error.
  3. Brickheads‘ Aragorn‘s printed tile crown will make a fine shield (for my Gergoyle army).
  4. Hmm it might be a weird perspective which makes it look shorter.
  5. The upcoming Thor has a shorter version of the Elven spear in pearl gold.
  6. A 500 Euro Rivendell? Cannot wait to buy the 150 Euro China clone of that.
  7. I would appreciate a shield mould which resembels the Elven leaflike shield, an Elven helmet and an Elven sword. Many clone companies and customizer companies have tried, to some success, but I would like to see official versions.
  8. So the bow is really dark tan. I will have to paint some quivers.
  9. Do we think the green bushel on top of the carrot can be taken off to make a new plant?
  10. Good figs. It‘s almost like they listen to customers and their wishes. I am looking forward to seeing new Orc armies. Nice that the orc shield is a new variant compatible to the old logo. Interesting that they use the shorter bow for the archer.
  11. 😀 One of my life goals is to build his UCS Rivendell and improve it a little in my own style. Time will tell if an official set interferes with that.
  12. Check out „legomocloc“, he is about to Release instructions for that. Preview is on his instagram.
  13. Hmm I have been hoping for lower prices on bricklink. I need heads for my demogorgon bodies (ripped from cheap keychains). We shall see. Edit: just realized the Christmas Calendar Groot is a bit different from the One before. It has a different green.
  14. The upcoming Christmas calendar has a teen groot in dark tan. This will make cheap army building possible with dryads or little Ents or whatever you wish to call it.
  15. Wardancer

    Ideas for CMFs

    It is kind of hard to give praise after so many have done it. As someone from the niche of customizers I have spend a lot of time looking at non-official fig Designs and I have always thought yours to be truly outstanding. You always hit the right spot between being to similar to existing products and too far off in creative freedom. I hope making this unique contribution to the Lego universe was as fulfilling for you as it was Fun for us. Good luck for whatever you do next.