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  1. The New City Lions will make fine chariots. There has always been this Elven Tiranoc Chariot in Warhammer which I wanted to recreate.
  2. Wardancer

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    It hurts to say: The last gew Bluebrixx self-designed MOCs from their historic line such as the mill, the blacksmith, city gate or the half-timbered house are better historic models than Lego has ever made. For half the price.
  3. Thanks MAB. The bent armor happened more or less by accident. I tried to break off the back of the armor, but it just bent backwards and then I noticed that it did fit.
  4. [Colossal Castle Contest XVIII] Gargoyle King Equilithrias Mons the Very First [Colossal Castle Contest XVIII] Gargoyle King Equilithrias Mons the Very First by MWardancer, auf Flickr [Colossal Castle Contest XVIII] Gargoyle King Equilithrias Mons the Very First by MWardancer, auf Flickr Nobody really knows how this Gargoyle Rock Centaur Demi-Demon God King came into existence. The legend says he rose from the lava fields at the battle of Ayran after the final vulcanic eruption had swallowed man and horse, flesh and stone, angels and demons alike. A gentle giant on four hooves with a body weight of three and a half tons. While Gargoyle beauty ideals dictate that female Gargoyles need to scrape away their moss as they are obsessed with looking younger than 800 years, some dark green patches are regarded as a status symbol, i.e. age symbol, among males. Customization Notes: - the centaur body was painted completely - the armor is an atlantis armor bend backwards and and drilled and glued and painted - the weapon is a naginata with a new flame and painted - the wings are some old hero factory wings from 2014, painted - the hair is Thranduils hair, it had to be cut short and drilled and painted
  5. I have just checked your Channel. Great stuff! Your figs look very professional!
  6. Wardancer

    Tips to start building a Castle army?

    I don‘t have much to add, but One thing that worked for me a bit was buying from local private sellers. In Germany we have a subbranch of Ebay (Ebay Kleinanzeigen), which is more local and works without fees. If you combine that with reselling unwanted bits you can maybe make good deals. For example I wanted two green Dragons, so I bought two cheap Viking Ships and sold the figs and the ship. So I got the dragons almost for free. I wanted four green horse bardings, so I bought 4 castle sets from private sellers and resold them without the bardings. I wanted Smaug, so I bought the set and sold the Rest of the figs. Maybe you can find cheap sets with Skeletons and resell everything but the skeletons. This method takes time and it is risky though.
  7. Dark Elf Emperor Nebucadnezar on Sicaire Noir Dark Elf Emperor Nebucadnezar on Sicaire Noir by MWardancer, auf Flickr Bound by chains, loyalty and black magic, Sicaire Noir has been unified with Emperor Nebucadnezar in an unholy covenant ever since the Dark Elf Resurrection. Customization Notes: - the dragon's body is an Indoraptor with newly painted stripes - the head is from the the old Mutant Pteranodon, the eyes and teeth and tongue are painted - the lower jaw is from the mutant raptor, painted and heavily modified to be connectable - wings are regular wings, but I had to drill into the body to attach them - the neck is built from petals and painted - chains are painted - dragon helmet is from a Brickwarriors shield, painted - helmet and sword are from Nicebricks - lance is built from Brickwarriors and official parts - cape is from CapeMadness
  8. These (if I can get any, I was not aware they are rare): https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=131578#T=C&C=88 But there are other ones too, maybe from Warrior Woman.
  9. Interesting to have two types of Centaurs so quickly. The HP ones I like better as their color scheme is much more coherent. The CMF looks like a random combination of horse and torso. But finally another Elvenlike torso which fits the CMF 3 elf quite nicely. The Forest Maiden was always said to be his female counterpart, but now better ones can be made. There are nice reddish brown legs with golden ornaments which I am going to use.
  10. We should not have left the CMF 3 Elf and the Harry Potter Centaurs in the same room. I am happy about the Centaur for the parts, but it does look like a weird mixture of parts. I cannot think of any Mythology with dressed female elf centaurs.
  11. Interesting! Thanks for Posting this. The spears look great. The body of the darker warriors looks great, too. Once again, the printing on the foot is off center though. I do not like all the pearl gold, but a regiment of the dark ones would look Fine.
  12. It is great that they have the custom minifig category again.
  13. Wardancer

    Spray Paint Color Matching

    Hmm very difficult. I spraypainted a patronus recently, color matching with spray is almost impossible. I have collected some color matching information here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/64353-the-eurobricks-mcw-color-matching-paint-database/ This is mainly for Revell paint for normal brushes. Revell does make spray paint, too, and I guess they might use the same paint for the spray as for the Little cans. Also there is a link to lists of RGB codes of paint makers in the thread which might help.
  14. Very interesting. I have been wondering what Koruit was up to. It is a very specialized army for a European, bus it has some nice parts. I espcecially like the crossbow, the arrow and the huge quiver. Also the emperor's sword looks grat.
  15. I am very happy about the reindeer/stag. Mounts for Elves galore. I have been trying to spraypaint and paint the patronus into a deer, but it is frustrating due to the flexible antlers. Paint breaks off flexible parts. I wish the new stag had a more brownish color, but it is ok.