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  1. The Dreamzzz Nightmare King will be available soon with some magazine.
  2. What’s with the fig with the new dual molded sword? Is that a female pirate or what?
  3. I am very disappointed of the harpy. I have always been hoping for a good harpy, but this? Ok, the non-human legs are nice, but the colors?! Dark Blue legs? Purple wings? The wings are too small. And when will they learn that the claws-in-hands does not look like claws, but like claws IN HANDS! The torso is ok, but the rest... I wanted some reinforcements fot these girls: Harpy Sisters by
  4. The only interesting part from Animal Crossing is the new round 2x2 tree trunk piece in reddish brown as far as I can see.
  5. Oh yes, this was quick. Thank you for pointing that out! “The Last Homely House“ is a name I would never habe guessed. The maker needs a better marketing strategy. I am going to buy the instructions from him.
  6. Helle Everyone, I found this: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005005723013066.html?spm=a2g0n.detail.1000014.14.5fe626b1rt0wCk&gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.18499.332340.0&scm_id=1007.18499.332340.0&scm-url=1007.18499.332340.0&pvid=a6311f33-9b2d-420c-8d9c-c3a8da8eef1d&_t=gps-id:platformRecommendH5,scm-url:1007.18499.332340.0,pvid:a6311f33-9b2d-420c-8d9c-c3a8da8eef1d,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238116%232002&pdp_npi=4%40dis%21EUR%21186.60%21131.38%21%21%211405.13%21%21%40211b801816961578038025394ed099%2112000034121584232%21rec%21DE%21%21AB I believe some private person built this and some Chinese knockoff company stole the idea to sell it on Aliexpress. I do not want to support such theft, so I hope to find the real creator here and maybe buy the instructions from him. I could not find it on rebrickable. Any ideas?
  7. Wardancer

    Centaur Warrior Redesigned

    There are some horse heads on bricklink, but I do not see how any of these would make a decent horse. Unless you wish to use customization techniques like painting or cutting, which is pointless, because normal horses will look better and they are easily available. One idea could be to use a horse helmet and fix it to the centaur body and somehow conceal the fact that there is no head underneath.
  8. Wardancer

    Shield Collection by Year

    In Germany there is steindrucker.com
  9. Wardancer

    Shield Collection by Year

    Thank you. This showed me shields I was not aware of. The stickered stag shield from the Bricklink set is beautiful. Too bad it is ultra rare.
  10. I could imagine using the new butterfly from the new insect set as a mount for fantasy warriors. Maybe also the other insects. There is for example a Warhammer Elven Queen on a giant bug.
  11. It looks like a new mold to me and I like it. It is huge! It screams „Zombie“ dragon. I dont like brickbuilt animals with molded heads. Maybe I can stick this Dragon head on the white clone-brand indominus rex I bought from Aliexpress some time ago. I like the wing design of the Gringotts Dragon though.
  12. The little owl will be easy to feel. Oh wait…
  13. Yes, it does not look too modern IMHO.
  14. I am actually a bit excited about the new bow. Yes, there is some screw or rivet or something on it (in the hi res leak picture of the box), but I think this could easily be seen as some historic technology. It might look nice with a golden oder silver dot on it. I have never liked most of the custom bows on the market, so this is promising. I hope the next picture does not show some mechanism which is too modern.
  15. Feral Forest Timber Dryad (revisited 2023) Feral Forest Timber Dryad (revisited 2023) by MWardancer, Timbers are adult male dryads, once they grow out of the Splinter age. Slower than the agile younglings, they march through the forest in order to watch out for undesired disturbances. Customization Notes: I revisited this Dryad as I felt the old version was too humanoid and not spiky enough. This was a lot of extra work. - foot claws: cut from armor, painted, glued - legs: painted (the next generation will have the long tan Avatar legs) - lots of leaves and claws - hands: unlike the old version, all new Dryads will have the branches not glued to hands, but directly come out out the arms The Meaning of "Revisitation" by MWardancer, Since 2022 many of my figs bear the term "revisited". It means I go through my army and try to max out every fig as far as new parts and new skills allow. Sometimes it means small changes only, but here you can see an extreme example.