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  1. Thank you. Dark Elves are very rational inside their evil paradigms. They are not chaotically evil, but nevertheless on the destructive side. Their motives are unclear though. World domination maybe. Yes, from the new Koruit Uruk-Hai. They have great bows and quivers as well.
  2. Dark Elf Darkshard Dark Elf Darkshard by MWardancer, auf Flickr These elite crossbowmen are the backbone of Dark Elf artillery. Covered by tower shields Darkshards wear down enemy lines with a rain of dark arrows that never seems to cease. So better watch out where you send your shiny warriors! Customization Notes: - the crossbow and quiver are a Koruit design from China (= no 1) - the arrow is from Brickarms, I drilled a hole into the crossbow (=no 2) - the cape is from Cape Madness (= no 3) - orignal LEGO helmet modified (=no 4) - wrist armor is from Brickwarriors (=no 5) - shield is make from stickers with an extra piece in the middle to cover as much of the seam as possible, the shield can stand on its own - the minifig is taken from a Chima keychain, a cheap source Combining two stickers is messy work as it leaves a seam, but I wanted to make a new shield with this symbol. The crossbow surely is the centerpiece here, I salute Koruit for that.
  3. You are right. I have very shallow knowledge of 40K and identify it with Space Marines mainly. I have checked out the guardsmen and you are right.
  4. Well, I always like when Koruit creates their own designs instead of copying stuff. Somehow these don't really give me a 40k feeling, I think the shoulder/chest area should be even more massive.
  5. My orcs arrived today: - the crossbows and bows and quivers are awesome, really uniqie designs I have seen nowhere else in the LEGO customizer's world, expect them with my Dark Elves soon. - official LEGO hands, again, do not fit into the arms - print quality is ok, a bit off-center, but no overtly visible printing errors. - helmets are nice, too
  6. Well, Aliexpress is a platform for many sellers. Mine were always fine so far, no problems at all. aBrickwarriors quality is higher, but Designs are different. Descriptions of Koruit quality you can find in this thread.
  7. Interesting! Do you have them online to see somewhere? My first customized Koruit elf is also finished. Expect pictures tomorrow.
  8. I have ordered a few of the new Uruk-Hai for their bows and crossbows. I can write about them soon.
  9. My 36 Elven Koruit " Noldo Warrior Golodh" arrived today. Some observations: 1) The print quality varies. The metallic print is real metallic. I can find one strong alignment assymetry as I had on the Gondor soldiers. It is on the ones with the gray color schem. There are two more small errors and one oddity. The first error is that parts of the edge of the "belt" piece is not fully printed. Maybe half a millimeter is missing. This is a symmetric error and therefore is not very strongly visible. The secod error is an ever so slight misallignment of the right foot print, not very visible though. The oddity is that areas are printed where TLC does not print. Inside the stud holes of the legs, on the backside of the legs, on the backside of the feet and even on the downfacing side of the belt piece it is printed. Overall, the print is good enough for me to even consider accepting the bodies into my army, but only the ones with the red color scheme. The Gondor guards' bodies I could not accept at all, but the red of these elves' bodies I can. They remind you a little of the china-made TLC figs. 2. The shields are ok, but feel a bit unlegoish. Below the beautiful ornaments the shield looks a bit too thin. 3. The weapons I like a lot. The bow is a nice addition in the realm of third party bows. The quiver is huge and has ornaments, probably the best quiver I know. There is a line visible though inside the plastic, but I will paint the quiver anyway. The spear is finde, it is 1cm longer than the LEGO one. The daggers I like most, their designs are very unique and elvenlike. I noticed many small impurites on all parts, the little remaining "pimples" from the injection into the mold (like most plastic toys have, even Revell and Citadel suffer from this, but LEGO usually does not). Most of them you could cut off with a scalpel or make disappear when painted. So for a customizer like me, this is no problem. I am going to paint a lot because I hate pearl gold, even more when it is mixed with metallix gold. 4. The capes are useless because of their shape. Better buy some capemadness. 5. Each fig has an extra hand included, pearl gold, useful for MOCs as pearl gold is rare. 6. When I ordered I was not aware that there are two dagger/sword designs. On most pictures on Aliexpress, you cannot see that. One is the visible one that looks like a very big blade. The other one, not really visible on most pictures, has the Hadhafang design. Both are great. So be aware of this difference. 7. The quiver gets in the way of the helmet. This is weird. 8. WARNING: LEGO hands do not fit into these arms. The diameter of TL hands is too thick. Buyers be aware. So in conclusion, I suddenly have 12 nice bodies, which when mixed with real LEGO parts (hands, heads, some gear, better capes) and some paint will look quite fine. Reduce the pearl gold overkill a little and you have great elves. A positive surprise for Elf lovers. I have no idea what to do with the new troops as I just bought them for the weapons, but time will tell... If you can accept the error on the grayish ones, you can use even these.
  10. Since shipping is very high in relation to the actual low price of the figs, I ordered 12 archers, 12 spearmen and 12 with daggers. Otherwise shipping is as much as the figs. I have been looking for a bow with ornaments for a long time. I dont like so much gold, so painting must be done. Also the shield is interesting. This is the forth (!) version of an Elven shield I will own. The original Lego one could not really have the leaflike shape, so it looked weird. The Brickwarriors Elven Shield has the shape, but only very basic. And the one by Nicebricks is also ornamental, but not as much.
  11. THANK you for pointing these out. For an Elf Lover like me, this is incredible! They look amazing. The shields! The bow! The helmets! The dagger! So many ornaments. I am going to order some right away.
  12. Thank you. I do not really plan to make other factions besides Wood Elves, Gargoyles and Dark Elves (incl. Harpies). But I hope to make a bit bigger things soon, custom dragons and even a building.
  13. Four Types of Gargoyle Core Infantry Four Types of Gargoyle Core Infantry by MWardancer, auf Flickr From left to right: Invictus Spearmen with iron spears form the backbone of Gargoylean infantry in King Aeonidas' Army. The more ornamental Granite Grave Guards, secondly, defend strategic places like ancient tombs with granite will power and - oh well - granite bodies. Animated by Amber Magic and mystic runes, the Amber Ceremonial Guards hit hard with their massive swords. Emerald Centurions, finally, are elite sword fighters clad in heavy armor. Customization notes: Gargoyles are fun, because they are easy to make. These figs evolved through discovering stickers as a means of making shields. The rest is just painted gray and dotted with dark gray.
  14. Thank you! This is actually a model with not a lot of customization. Only helmet, sword and lance. The steed just needed to get better hinges to change the angle of the wings, but that is a purist build. I do not understand why Lego made the Wings straight and the fig sit on them.