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  1. Wardancer

    Dark Elf Cold One Reinforcements

    Thank you MAB and Jerry. I enjoy the blue as well, it is from the Warhammer Lizardmen color palette. The little gems inside the shields are just cut from transparent blue antennas. PS: Wohooo, front page. I have creatures in the making against which the cold ones will look tiny.
  2. Dark Elf Cold One Reinforcements The Dark Elf General has mustered a new soldier for his pack of Cold Ones. These fierce predators thrive on ice, snow, fear and loneliness. And he shall not be the last... Upgrade: - New Cold One - New Shields Dark Elf Cold One Reinforcements 2020 by MWardancer, auf Flickr Customization Notes: - The Cold ones are 100% painted. These are China clone brand miniature Indominus Rex heads (never made by LEGO). - The Cold one helmet is cut from a China clone brand miniature Triceratops head (never made by LEGO). - capes by CapeMadness - armor is a painted Atlantis armor - shields and weapons by Brickwarriors, minor customizations - the General's helmet by Nicebricks, painted black by me - all figs use the fake leg technique to simulate mountability
  3. Wardancer

    Centaurs of the universe

    Great group! I would never have thought that someone could make me like the blue centaur bodies, but you made them work perfectly. Little buggers. I dont mind the other tone of blue as upper bodies of centaus often have different colors. Also I think the hair you used for the brown one in the front is perfect. It looks very horsish and fits the mark on the forehead. Did you paint these strands? Or is this original? Heck, I like that bit so much so much I am going to steal that idea. I have not bought any Brickforge centaurs yet, so maybe I'll buy some HP ones instead.
  4. Thanks for saying that. Here I am summoned. I have recently cut some parts from an armor for my Gargoyle Queen fig. It was also a BW armor with breasts. I haven't really understood whether you want to keep the shoulder pad or the armor or both. This is how I do it: I mostly use a scalpel. The problem with this is that you cannot use it like a saw to cut through thicker bits. Mine break easily as I use cheap ones. They are for shaving, not pressing the blade through a thicker think with excessive force. If you want to keep one part and lose the other half of it, use cutters for a rough cut and then shave off the rest with a scalpel like AmperZand said. DO NOT make the cut with the cutter exactly where you want the final edge to be, but a few millimeters away from it - into the part you aare sacrificing. Most cutters leave a crushed disfigured area of plastic, this you will need to shave off with the scalpel later. Shave off very tiny bits, check the outcome, shave off some until it fits. Use sand paper sometimes to smoothen the edge. Practice with a cheap part first if you can. If you want to keep both parts you might need a perfect cutter or a little electric saw. Both leave ony very little crushed areas. The armor you want to cut though is not very thick, if your scalpel is strong enough it might also work. Be careful, a scalpel breaking right in front of your eyes under pressure is a dangerous thing. I am usually glad to wear my glasses. But when cutting off the shoulder blade you will be stuck with a asymmetric bit (only 1 "stud" on the one side of the armor, 2 on the other) which will require cutting off the other shoulder as well to get back to symmetry.
  5. Wardancer

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    Like most of you I love dragons. That is why I gave arms to Smaug. I case you ever wondered how he looks with arms.
  6. Thanks for the idea, but I am after the furry ones, which Firestar Toys does not have. Never mind. I'll find a way sometime.
  7. I cannot help but compare the offiviel LEGO Harry Potter centaurs to the printed Brickforge ones. The Brickforge ones look so much better. Unfortunately shipping to Germany is very expensive.
  8. Wardancer


    Thank you for all your friendly comments. If you liked this Dryad you might enjoy its god (maybe you have seen it already):
  9. I think some of the new dinosaurs have a potential for fantasy settings. The ankylosaurus could look nice with a few orcs on top. Dwarves could ride small triceratopses and so on...
  10. Gargoyle Queen Aurealia Aeoniala Lithtrias the First Gargoyle Queen Aurealia Aeoniala Lithtrias the First by MWardancer Gargoyle Queens are born solely from the rarest of sediments according to the prophecy: "Malevolent sentience wakes where three gold veins run and manifold gemstones blaze." Unchallenged and unchanged to this day Aurealia Aeoniala has been ruling Gargoyle matriarchy since the creation of granite. Customization Notes: - wings painted, drilled, parts cut off - gems cut from bars, inserted into wings - armor (Brickwarriors) cut shorter, back cut off, clip added, painted - sword painted
  11. At first I thought it was a ripoff of the Brickarms Damien Blade. But the LEGO one is even better, it has this nice grove.
  12. This guy has a few black falcon ladies and Banners:
  13. I like the Viking. The olive green makes it visually compatible with Legolas and some of the Elves, very nice for army Building. The helmet is even better than the Brickforge Viking helmet. I hope it does not look odd without beard.
  14. Thank you! I am not sure about the legs myself. It is one of the few places where you can remove a lot of material without hitting a hollow space, so I tried. Maybe I was too lazy to try again.
  15. Gargoyle Weatherans (using painted-over stickers) Gargoyle Weatherans by MWardancer, auf Flickr Not only have these weathered veterans of the Gargoyle realm fought countless battles, but also they have successfully overcome the most vicious enemy of all: the merciless decay of time. Withstanding the aeons has made Weatherans virtually impossible to kill. The youngest threat, the brief flickr that is human civilisation with its shortlived ambitions and restless cities, does not bother these grandiose granite beings. Immune to evanescence Weatherans stand while empires rise and fall. Customization Notes - These were a lot of work. - Painting over stickers! This is the first time I have painted semi-glossy over LEGO stickers. It reduces the amount of reflections significantly, which is one of the main flaws of using stickers. It does bring the troubles of painting large surfaces though. It is hard to achieve an even surface. - Chipping Away. I have used a knife to mutilate the figs a little to achieve an aged look. You cannot overdo it though or else you expose hollow parts, which is not realistic for a solid gargoyle. - wings and swords are from Brickwarriors, painted gray, then dark green, then dotted, then painted semi-glossy - the wings are attached by drilling holes into the figs