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  1. You are right. What a great new shield! Evil it is. And visually compatible with the old one I believe. Is there any chance the sticker is preliminary and the real thing will be printed? Has anyone ever tried covering a sticker with semiglossy paint to make it look more printed?
  2. Isn’t this the goblin king shield that has been around for a while? This is printed. I am glad they come in bigger numbers. Or are you seeing something I dont? Is it yet another new shield? very useful they are: https://www.flickr.com/photos/63704134@N07/34404418401
  3. Viking Advent Calendar

    Great theme! I have watched "Vikings" a lot recently and thought that there should be more LEGO about vikings. Brick on Ed-209.
  4. Uhm, thanks for mentioning my semi-glossy mix. But be careful: Revell paints are of a different chemistry than Citatel. The Revell might dissolve the Citadel paint. You have to try that on an extra brick before you ruin something nice!
  5. Research about minifigures

    It is hard to think of anything to add to what AmperZand wrote. But maybe a personal note might be useful. As a customizer I have no inhibitions for cutting, maiming or painting figs. Many so-called purists have these inhibitions, I don't. Yet I have never ordered a custom printed fig from any of the services around (there are many). I also don't have a Problem with spending a lot of money on figs. Some of my customs cost about 50 Euro for parts, paints etc. So I think there are three factors why I have never bought a custom fig. Firstly, sometimes the chase is better than the catch, the process is better than the result. Just ordering a custom fig takes the sport out of making the fig. An online service would have to make the designing experience complex and fun. Secondly, price is a still factor, for army building for example. Thirdly, no manufacturer I know can do metallic printing. This is a huge problem for historical figs.
  6. I have been hoping for another version of the tower shield for a while. Yes, it has the bat logo, but it might just Look like a random pattern if the rest of the fig has no more bats. Especially since the pattern is mirrored at the bottom. With a tiny sprinkle of gold or black a customizer may get rid any bat associations.
  7. There is still a distinct lack in white armor printed parts. White torso with armor print, legs, shields. So far no customizer has stepped in to fill that gap.
  8. Dark Elves

    Thank you Umbra-Manis! I enjoyed this built a lot.
  9. This is interesting stuff. Congratulations on your courage and will to experiment.
  10. Dark Elves

    Dark Elf Witches: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone "When shall we three meet again? To bring sorrow, fear and pain? When all enemies lie slain, when purple poison pours like rain.“ Dark Elf Witches start their life cycle as Maidens. Fiery aglow with youthful passion and determination, these fighters cut their way through battle protected by the waxing moon. After their first encounter with the Horned God, they transform into Mothers. These offensive spellcasters channel full moon energy to extinguish enemies with carefully balanced maternal maturity and the wrath of the divine seed inside them. As the tides of magic slowly retreat, Dark Elf Witches end their lives as Crones. Worshipping the waning moon, they constantly remind themselves of their mortality – and of the mortality of others. So they become masterful healers and poisoners, waiting to be the granted the gift of entering the cycle once more. Dark Elf Witches: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone by MWardancer, auf Flickr
  11. Custom lego animals

    The clone brand Enlighten copies original animals in different colors. For example, they have green horses, tan horses, a black giant eagle, a white giant eagle, a blue horse etc. Also there is a range of Jurassic World clone dinosaurs from clone brands. These also come in different colors than Lego's. Also there are some new kinds such a small Triceratops and a small Indominus Rex and small T-Rexes. Another clone brand has a black horse which is slightly bigger than the original.
  12. Custom Floor Tiles

    The general acceptance of custom minifig parts is much higher than the acceptance of custom parts. One can see that in the number of providers. The only non minifig parts provider I know is altbricks. And these you only see rarely in MOCs.
  13. The Wardancer - Danse Macabre

    Thanks! I am always glad if people who actually don't like custom stuff do like my work.
  14. Wood Elf Wardancer - Danse Macabre A lone Wardancer, entangled in a dreadful dance, overcoming foul demons in a spiral vortex of blades. Those suscectible to the divine rhythms of nature can see her ever-changing paths and follow them accordingly. Wardancers move swiftly along these unseen patterns in order to remove any creature who tries to block the flow of energy. They rely on the protection of the three blue tokens bestowed by the goddess herself. Wardancer - Danse Macabre by MWardancer, auf Flickr Wardancer (front) by MWardancer, auf Flickr Wardancer (back) by MWardancer, auf Flickr Customization Techniques For this fig I pushed the boundaries of what I can do and I am very glad how it turned out. It draws a lot of inspiration from the Warhammer figs. From top to bottom: Hair: Elf hairpiece painted Torso: new Poison Ivy torso painted and covered in semi-glossy (new technique!) afterwards Arms: yellow arms dipped (new technique!) in paint; Brickwarriors bladed vambraced painted and glued on. Legs: new Poison Ivy legs painted three times and covered in semi-glossy paint afterwards; Brickwarriors vambraces cut to fit and painted and coated Spear: head of an elaborate spear cut off, head of a Brickwarriors Clarissa Spear cut off, painted and glued on; two whips cut off and painted Sword: Brickwarriors Xiphos Sword Painted; the stag head is the inside of a fingernail art stencil, painted blue
  15. Thanks for the idea, this would work for a really big spear. I also feel there is a lack of horse accessories, especially since we got the new horse type: - different types of horse helmets with different accessories likes horns, feathers, wings etc. - different bardings and horse armors, maybe some modular system I believe customziers don't want to make these because of the high production cost