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  1. I get that people are disappointed about the short boom lenghts. One tall boom without luffing jib would have been more realistic, but the jib offers a lot of cool functionality. i think this is an understandable compromise to keep this functionality, while still having a reasonable stable crane. It is also not that unrealistic. I've seen one with shorter booms used for a heavy lift, not very high, but at some distance. The choice for counterweight placement does seem weird. I guess it's also to keep stability, without adding a second weight pack, but it looks off. Personally, if i ever buy the set (this will only happen with substantial discounts), i would use the parts for the jib to extend the two booms and add a custom build jib. I would also place the counterweight closer to the center and add a second weight behind the crane.
  2. I keep on seeing this argument, but it really didn't take me long to find this image. Same boom config, same red accents...
  3. Just in time to see it. That didnt look right. Hope it's a fake.
  4. And they list the D11 at €349 instead of €449
  5. Damn, I actually bought mine on may 31st. I guess no free set for me :-(
  6. now also on the lego store:
  7. Actually now I see that Dimaks already posted a rumour like this almost 2 weeks ago.
  8. found the 42111 on presale. It is named "The fast and the Furious" and comes out in may 2020.
  9. are the prizes offered in this Mindstorms contest maybe a sign for things to come to Control+? Voice control would be kinda cool...
  10. Found this on youtube. It has a whopping 100 cilinder pieces to dig up.
  11. Cool, I will see it IRL. Very nice design sir!
  12. Keep in mind that those prices are excluding taxes. Including taxes it's more than the Lego price. Delivery dates are odd though...
  13. Absolute awesomeness! How many parts did you use? And do you consider making instructions?
  14. Yup, it is. And I stand corrected. Dark Yellow is what they called it, if I am not mistaken. Is it? I happen to be building the 42096 Porsche today an I noticed that the yellow of the cilinder heads an crank shaft end pieces are a darker yellow than normally. Might it be the same as the "new" technic color?