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  1. Countdown

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    First of all, I'm not a supercar guy. I think here we are dealing with 2 different audiences for Technic: the core Technic fans (and kids/teens) and the "casual adult/nerd" with some disposable income (e.g. all the hype from the UCS Falcon). By releasing every other year a "brand name" supercar, you open up an untapped demographic for the purchase of lego sets. The technic "fans" still get their flagship set even with the release of the supercar. They are not mutually excleusives. Personally, for my future set wish it would be an UCS low loader (e.g. Ingmar's trucks). I know with the release of the Mack it's pretty unlikely but i still keep my hoped up.
  2. Countdown

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Most common camera location on cranes (crawler and RT) is pointed toward the main winch, so that the operator can see if the cables reel on properly.
  3. Countdown

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Working every day with RT cranes, I can confirm that the boom can be lowered below horizontal (roughly -10deg). There is no lifting chart at these angles but the reason is for the crane operator to change the number of lines on the block for lifting and also for inspection/greasing of the sheaves while standing on ground level.
  4. Countdown

    [MOC] Heavy Drill Rig- 42055 C model- INSTRUCTIONS

    Very nice c-model! It captures the essence of the rotary drill rig. The functions are very simplified compared to an actual rig, but this is lego, and with the "limited" inventory of this set it's actually pretty good. I've been working myself on rotary drill rig for the last 8 years! and still not even close to be completed yet. Kudos for modeling this kind of equipment!
  5. Countdown

    General Part Discussion

    Anybody got a description/link for lego string equivalent?
  6. Countdown


    Got my 5y-o son this set, and he loves it. He built 2 out of the 5 models himself. The actual boost module is very massive considering and the controls and applications are not very versatile outside the original instructions. It's a nice introduction for "programming" but the long term potential for MOCing are limited. I can see this set being shelved after a couple years after his other 2 brothers go through it and becoming a parts pack.
  7. Working in special foundations myself, I really love you slurry cable grab. Do you have a couple more pics to post/PM? I'm interested in the cable's trajectory inside the grab. Thanks!
  8. Countdown

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Canadians didn't get the 8258 Crane Truck back in 2009-2010, had to order mine from Europe! Technic UCS wish: a gooseneck low-loader
  9. Hi community, Is there a resource available for calculating the kinematics of the LA's? Some kind of a computerized solver where you put a initial condition, the stroke of a cylinder, the length, the final angle of rotation or degree needed? Or some program to solve or simulate the kinematics of 3 and 4 point linkage? For example, here's my problem: I want to raise a boom from -10 to 90 deg. What would be the ideal configuration in studless with large LA's? Unfortunately, my laptop can't handle SR3D; is there something else? Thanks
  10. Countdown

    [TC6] 3 Ton Linde Forklift

    This was such a marvelous entry, how's your LXF coming?
  11. 8295 was the one that got me. Saw it at a ToysRUs when shopping for sets for my nephew. I remember saying to myself: "wow, lego has linear actuator now! There's no limits now to what you can do!" There was no turning back since.
  12. After many years, here's a couple pics of my technic collection/workplace. It's messy but functional; all my overstock is hidden in the drawers and a couple giant plastic bins.
  13. Countdown

    Heavy Machinery Collection

    Hi all, for the last 2 years, (yes, that's right TWO years), I've designing, building, testing, dismantling, re-building a full PF Liebherr LB-28 rotary drilling machine. The individual components have passed the proof of concept stage, now it's "just" a matter of assembling them together and aesthetic details. Stay tuned in a month or 2, instructions may be available if the demand is there.
  14. Countdown

    9398 Mini motorized crawler

    I would really like to build this. Can someone do a PDF sequence on that? I have a really old netbook and it can't open LDD nor SR3D. Is there a less demanding software that could open this kind of file? Thanks.
  15. Countdown

    2013 Train Sets

    Can anyone else confirm that? I've scoured the whole train tech tread and no news on upcoming sets? I gotta be honest a christmas train set is exactly what I need this year...