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  1. Next, some tractors: MTZ Belarus 1221.1 This one was fun to do. 4WD, swinging portal front axle (but no differentials :( ) and old 8880 rims mounted on large turntables. Front-end loader (based loosely on Valtra N163) This one had more playability. 4WD with swinging front axle too, remote-controlled loader height (but the other function is manual), lockable rear differential, DIY planetary hubs in the rear with 4:1 reduction, and a constant-difference central differential for linear gear reduction between front and rear axles. I also built this openable container and 1-actuator hooklift to spice the logistics games up a little. Sorry for using these sawn-off ball joint beams; I have a pile of them so ruining two of them for a narrow tractor front axle won't hurt.
  2. Hello, I decided to create one topic for posting some of my MOC:s, such as trucks, tractors and military vehicles. Let's start with my latest creation: Toyota Hilux Double Cab This was perhaps the most detailed creation I have ever done. RC 4x4, independent front suspension, leaf spring rear suspension (soft axles + shock absorbers), lockable central and rear differentials, and a 4-speed gearbox (manually controlled). A minus is that there was no space for rear diff lock controls, so it has to be clicked on from the below. I detailed the outdoors looks pretty far, but the indoors dont look so good.
  3. icekusbe


    Amazing MOC, technically and aesthetically. Speaking of the new version being two studs wider, I have a question on the earlier version: How did you manage to build a double wishbone suspension so narrow? Which U/CV joint did you use attached to the differentials, or did you attach the u-joint to the diff without a frame in between?
  4. It seems to be possible to build a portal hub from existing lego parts, with the pivot point just outside the rim. A design somewhat like this would be sturdy enough for a non-motorized model (and for motorized MOCs, there is no U-joint to break). It would be possible to put the pivot point even closer to the center of the tires, but then the upper ball joint would have to be outside the rim and above the tire
  5. icekusbe

    Post up your vehicles!

    Hello, I'm all new to this site too, and decided to post some of my military vehicle MOCs without making a new thread. Willys MB jeep from Technic bricks, 4WD RC with 2x Control+ L motors and live axle suspension. One of the most iconic US WW2 vehicles, known for its simplicity and high production numbers. Sorry for the lack of headlights, steering wheel and spare tire; I ran out of space with this scale :) There's also a few CADA bricks here and there, but nothing that couldn't be replaced with official Lego parts. Patria AMV with AMOS mortar system, 8WD RC with 3x Control+ L motors and independent suspension. A modern-day weapons system from Finland that I have wanted to build it for a long time, and finally built when the Audi tires became widely available in Bricklink. I know someone else from this site has built the same vehicle, but in significantly larger scale and not entirely with Technic parts, so I hope this built has some novelty value. I'm currently working on a LVSR tractor truck (the USMC 10x10 vehicle), and will probably post it here as well.
  6. Hello! I'm Icekusbe from Finland. I started my Lego hobby again a year ago, when I had to make up a new hobby to get my mind away from work and studies. I mostly build RC mocs of trucks, tractors, military vehicles or other logistics equipment (however, I never have the motivation to add small details or interiors before starting a new project :D). I will probably be posting some of my less bad mocs here, in case some part of them would give others inspiration. I've been following the "Axle collection thread" for some months now.