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  1. @freakwave Its just ~150 lins of dirty php code. Its more or less just 1 recursive function, walking down the references to subparts of the main part and adding them into a zip-stream, which is send to the browser. I will have to check if there are any legal reasons denying that - I will check out if I can add the unofficial parts on the weekend.
  2. Onboard footage of @amorti's Café Racer: The wobble of the front fork is a consequence of having the Insta360 Go2 camera in the back of the back, resulting in the cog also being moved + having less weight at the front fork (specially in acceleration situations). Without the camera-equipment mounted, it rarely wobbles. Top speed meassured with SkyRC GPS probe is 28 kph / 17.4 mph
  3. Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade body added
  4. Just found the mentioned general RC Bike topic and posted the planned speed-comparison with pictures there..
  5. Also interested if there will be a planned feature for this in the future. I would also send some MouldKing 4.0 Tx/Rx as hardware samples for testing / rev engineering. :D
  6. This was before you did know me crazy dude lol.... Just found this thread and wanted to give it a little push, because we all know 2022 is the year of brickbuilt bikes... Some pictures of the wider variety of RC Motorcycles which are (partially) available on Rebrickable: - GreenGeckos Fast RC Motorcycle - @amorti's Café-Racer - @piterx's Baja Bike, Fast Street Bike & Superbike - My unfinished Chopper-Design My RC Superbike series: Left to right: Honda CBR1000RR FireBlade (CaDA motors) Ducati Panigale V4R (MK motors) Kawasaki H2R white/green (Buwizz tuned Edition) Kawasaki H2R black/chrome (MK motors)
  7. Fastest Street Bike & Green Gecko's Fast RC Motorcycle Still in the planning for this summer... Other participants: @amorti's Café-Racer (Active Steering) GreenGecko's Fast RC Motorcycle @piterx's Fast Street Bike & RC Superbike My Chopper Design (WIP, not 100% functional yet) @piterx's Baja Bike My RC Superbike series with different Bodies... (FireBlade, Panigale, H2R Buwizz-tuned, H2R black/chrome). Meassurements will be done with SkyRC's GPS probe "GSM020". Hope to have this ready by Q3/22
  8. Mind about putting it into a distinct thread? I am no mod or any but I would like to keep to primary Buwizz-related topics in this thread.
  9. Scenario: You were in the situation in which you missed some LEGO parts in Studio, but have seen them in LDRAW library. But importing the whole LDRAW Library into your CustomParts folder seems like overkill (slowdown in Studio for having the basic stock of items twice)? Likewise you don't want to sort out all sub assemblies manually? Now I have an easy solution for you: A Tool which searches for all sub-assemblies of your LDRAW part of choice, packing them into a zip with the right folder structure & offering it to you as a clean zip file to download & unzip it into your CustomParts folder! Here is an example of the needed subparts for one Shock Absorber: C:\Users\User\Downloads\47373-f1 │ CAlicense.txt │ CAreadme.txt │ Readme.txt └───CustomParts ├───p │ 1-16cyli.dat │ 1-16edge.dat │ 1-4chrd.dat │ 1-4cyli.dat │ 1-4edge.dat │ 1-8chrd.dat │ 1-8cyli.dat │ 1-8cyls2.dat │ 1-8edge.dat │ 1-8ndis.dat │ 1-8rin10.dat │ 1-8ring9.dat │ 3-8edge.dat │ 4-4con3.dat │ 4-4con8.dat │ 4-4cylc.dat │ 4-4cyli.dat │ 4-4disc.dat │ 4-4edge.dat │ 4-4rin10.dat │ 4-4ring2.dat │ 4-4ring3.dat │ 4-4ring4.dat │ 4-4ring8.dat │ 4-4ring9.dat │ 7-8cyli.dat │ 7-8edge.dat │ peghole.dat │ t04o2500.dat │ └───parts 47373-f1.dat 48912.dat 48913.dat 48914.dat 48915.dat 48917.dat 48918.dat u9013.dat URL: Usage: Visit the LDRAW Homepage's part lookup: (Some Bricklink IDs don't match LDraw part numbers) Search for your part of choice & copy the number Enter this number into the searchfield A list of all fitting parts from the catalogue will show up - clicking the result entries will create a zip package with just the needed subassemblies for that specific part To use the packs, unzip them and place their contents in your "C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\\CustomParts" (Windows). The parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio. Some example results as direct links of parts missing in Studio: - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Extended) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L Soft (Compressed) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Extended Position, Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, not Pre-Tensioned) - Technic Shock Absorber 11L/9L (in Compressed Position, Pre-Tensioned)
  10. As @amorti already pointed out, its the shocks... unfortunatly those arent stiff enough.
  11. Thanks for this lovely Motorcycle & the possibility to have the it built for testing and creating some video footage of it to share @piterx! ❤ Review: This lil' beast is blasting over the floor with astonishing 22kph / 13.67 mph (meassured with the SkyRC GPS probe) Videos Shorts (out of the above video, but in 9:16 perspective) Short #1 Short #2 Short #3
  12. I have done that... one just needs to file ~1mm away. But I did it only once for testing 🙊🙈
  13. @dickylaban EB gives a nice experience to all people with its forums - which you are currently destroying with your nonsense here (and also on your fb page with your vendetta vs me since yesterday when I gave you my wish to not expose my real name any further.). Instead of respecting my privacy you are even posting more stuff afterwards in which you are acusing me of being to poor to buy your instructions ("he can not afford it"). You are totally wrong on this, The thing is: From my experience with RC Bikes built out of LEGO I already know that your Hubless-Bike won't do a turn without falling over - in consequence I don't need to buy your instructions to proof my opinion. Here in the forum I asked about video footage to proof me wrong, because MAYBE your Bike has some cool technical solution which made it possible - You never delivered any and just pointed towards your manual which I shall buy to find out. I still don't know what is triggering you that much to go on your emberrasing-vendetta instead of just proving me wrong... Is it because I brought the price you told me in here? If so, I wasn't aware and also you didn't say anything about I shall not disclose this information to the public. Sidenote 1: I havent released any instruction for one of my RC Motorcycles yet, so your are repeatingly confusing me with (proberly) @amorti.. Seems like the best solution... I think we don't get into an technical discussion here again... *sadface
  14. Dude - you are emberassing yourself to the public - don't you get it? 🤦‍♂️ I just wanted you to not take my real name and now you are doing it on purpose and even on your FB Page? What does this tell about your character? Calm down again and let's talk about technical solutions...