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  1. aFrInaTi0n

    Lego pieces in metallic colors

    Answered in a pm, as policies would't allow the linking.
  2. As all LEGO PF motors are brushed: The brushes may just be EOL... from the internet "The most obvious symptoms of bad motor brushes are poor performance, loss of power, sparking, and a burning smell.". (also a reason why I can't ever understand why anybody would buy a used LEGO motor produced from 20years ago with no possibilities to change the brushes ever..)
  3. Asking myself... didn't Fortronik gave us their vows for performing better in regard of software development and communications?! Just asking as several month went by with the regular expected old behavior of them of just doing nothing? This company is even worse than LEGO lol...
  4. Oh boy, it was my adguard, I accidentally switched on the blocking of flickr - so I have to say sorry.. 8[ stupid me
  5. @ExtranceIT Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately picture hosting isn't a thing at EuroBricks and you need to host them externally, I can recommend, and link them from there (keep in mind the 1024px restriction of pictures posted here).
  6. Please also put me on the list of people interested in being a tester. This project would fill a gap we all need and want - I am sure of that 🤩
  7. That was my second thought.... so as it is a 48h challenge... lets see if this idea still suits me tomorrow morning... (if so, then expect it to be RC xD)
  8. I guess a trike wouldn't count as three axles? :D
  9. Haha, you saved me from writing the exact same... So big #2 on this - I am happy to spend money on supporting projects like this!
  10. Just set myself an reminder alarm... :D Curious abou the topic and if I have some idea for it haha! All the best for all participants - may the fun be with us!
  11. I am agreeing to @Lipko, there is always chances for one having a fitting build accidentally - but who really cares when its about the fun of building / working on ideas? @grum64 I have no power, but when I would be the deciding person, you would be the person who is allowed to do so! (I am just a silent reader occationally of your thread, just want to say how much of a inspiration you are to me for always looking forward! ♥)
  12. Was just thoughts of mine in regard of "could work for me" - don't need to be considered for your idea of the challenge. My main fear with the "real 24h" challenge would be for ppl being staying motivated in the mid to long run because of the short amount of time (even if its just of fun). Just think of a person from AU / NZ with their wonderful ~12h-whatever offset to UTC. Also our summer is their winter and vice versa.. :D Edit2: Should have f5ed before posting regarding other timezones as it was covered already..