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    75330: Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama

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  1. Yperio_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Sure, Lego is either overpriced or ridiculously overpriced. And of course it would be great to get some smaller Monkie Kid Sets, but i was talking more about the design of the sets. Maybe i should have made that more clear. It is just my personal opinion, but i think the Monkie Kid sets are much better designed and much more interesting than today's Ninjago. You are right, Ninjago is a cash cow and will never end but imo it should end to make room for new action themes that tell new stories. Hidden Side was a good start with interesting sets and characters. Not talking about the app... Same with Friends. The sets look much better designed and more interesting than everything city is doing. Sorry, it's hard to express what i want to say in english The recent farm sets, sure they look cute, but they have not much to do with a farm... Just my unpopular opinions
  2. The microfighter looks quite good.
  3. Has there been some confirmation that we get both throne rooms or is this still part of some throne room confusion? It feels like we heard nothing new for a long time. Out of the sets we know for 2023 i would only have interest in Jabba's Throne Diorama, so fingers crossed for that set....
  4. Yperio_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Monkie Kid is the better Ninjago! Friends is the better City! I wonder what Lego thinks a city looks like? Lego City defintely needs a relaunch. Ninjago should just stop and make room for a new non-licensed action theme. If feel that with both, City and Ninjago, designers run out of ideas a long time ago and things are getting repetitive. Just my 2 cents.
  5. As probably the last "set" of 2022 we will get Hoth Luke with the Lego Star Wars Magazin which releases on December 28.
  6. Yperio_Bricks

    Hi! I'm Peter

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Yperio_Bricks

    [DIO] Desert Wars (2022 H2 edition)

    Impressive layout I like that you incorporated traintracks and a train, that's something we see not often in Lego SW.
  8. Yeah, the Tusken Brickheadz looks great and will definitely be my first ever Brickheadz
  9. Yperio_Bricks

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    The city wave is so very disappointing. What does Lego think does a city look like? Look at the Friends sets, they are fantastic in comparison. Especially the International School and Downtown Flower and Design Stores.
  10. Yperio_Bricks

    [OL - FB] "Watching the Coastline"

    Yeah, great story and moc! I like the tree and whip-flower. Exited to hear more about the adventures of Alexandre Duval. Welcome ro BotBS
  11. Yperio_Bricks

    My name is Biffco57

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. Yperio_Bricks

    DARK SIDE TEAM: Introduction

    Seeking interesting career opportunities? Experience adventures on planets througout the galaxy? Pilot the most advanced spaceships? Get in touch with your local recruitment center and join the Imperial Army or Imperial Navy! We want YOU for Eurobricks Mysteries RPG.
  13. Yperio_Bricks

    [FB-OL] Le Grand Delais

    So more than 250 casulties because of the frogs... Hilarious story Love it!
  14. Yperio_Bricks

    [S10 - MC] Artifact Hunt: Part I

    Thank you very much! I know it is a weakness of mine and i create barren lands I definitely have to try to create a more lively and populated environment. "Gonk. Gonk. Gonk ko kyenga see" Sorry, but translation is prohibited by Baobab Security Directive 51-C... The Cult of the Power Droids is not idea of mine. But i really like it and wanted to incorporate it into the moc (and future mocs).