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  1. In Germany its the last day of the 501st specialist with the next magazine issue with the shuttle minibuild releasing tomorrow. Just came home from the supermarket and they still had plenty of the 501st specialists.
  2. Yperio_Bricks

    [COR - Free Build] Bermuda Sloop "Pandora"

    Perfection This ship is truely a masterpiece and one of the best ships i have seen in (digital) Lego. The rigging is on a level i have never seen before. I can only imagine how much time you must have put into this. Can't wait to see the ship build with real bricks!
  3. Sometimes he sounds like he has seen pictures but sometimes he seem to have descriptions only. I think his sources simply get it wrong sometimes. These sources must not necesseraily be into Star Wars and if they have access to an blurry image only they may have a hard time identifying what's going on and it ends of like a game of telephone... At least that's the impression i get sometimes.
  4. Yperio_Bricks

    Hello world!

    Welcome to the forum @Grin Great to have you aboard! Looking forward to learn more about your peoject!
  5. Yperio_Bricks

    [OFFICIAL] Bricklink Designer Program - Series 5 - Voting Open

    So when the gunmen meet for a duel 'at noon' in old movies That's what i would think too, but i wish, for an website with an international audience, they would be more precise. But maybe that's just me So the time that is left to vote is something between one and two days An other question: All entries are digital builds. Is there a rule that states that? Do the participants have to create instructions to prove that their design is buildable?
  6. Still no pictures of the LSW magazine with the Imperial Shuttle gift. It releases tomorrow here and usualy some people get it early. I really want to know what gift we'll get next: Sabine, Vader or something else?
  7. Yperio_Bricks

    [OFFICIAL] Bricklink Designer Program - Series 5 - Voting Open

    In both cases i see June 14th. But noon is a confusing time specification anyway. What does that mean? I wonder why they never write out the specific time the vote closes. And i bet a lot of people from around the world do not know what 'Pacific' refers to.
  8. Yperio_Bricks

    Everything Star Wars [SPOILERS]

    I think so too. I still could not identify the event that is breaking Star Wars It's fiction after all Personally i am more interested in location sets than ships but it is hard to imagine one of the locations of the show as a Lego set yet. The minifigs though! Hope we'll get some of the jedi robes.
  9. Yperio_Bricks

    [OFFICIAL] Bricklink Designer Program - Series 5 - Voting Open

    One day left to vote for your favorite entries!
  10. Yperio_Bricks

    [MOC] VOC Galleon (eastindiaman)

    What a beautiful ship I love how you managed to combine the classic molded hull pieces and brickbuild hull elements. Especially the bulges on the sides. And the bow and stern are build so well. Also props for the custom sails!
  11. Yperio_Bricks

    Eurobricks' Licensed Summertime Style Contest - Voting topic

    2. FullBrickDev 9. Garmadon 10. Kritch
  12. Yperio_Bricks

    [M4-24 - The Phantom Menace] Theed Hangar Escape

    I can see one picture now. But when i klick on the bricklink link i just get an error message: "Invalid model. Model was not found or you don't have access to it."
  13. Yperio_Bricks

    [M4-24 - The Phantom Menace] Theed Hangar Escape

    The images do not work? I can't see any, just some lines of code.
  14. The hair looks like somebody painted it with a marker
  15. Yperio_Bricks

    [OL - FB] End of An Era

    Impressive triumphal arch! The quadriga is build so well But the minifigs really steal the show here. So mayn great and flamboyant characters