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  1. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    The contest runs until October 30th.
  2. But will the creative critics also write comments when there is no high value prize at stake?
  3. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    You have to join one of the factions first and post your character in the faction's thread. Then of course you can enter the category B of the contest and do a crew figbarf.
  4. Yperio_Bricks

    A post-hiatus reintroduction

    Better late then never! Welcome back @Vladimir_castle_armies That Chrome Dragon Knight reminds me of the 1981 Excalibur movie where the armor was shown to be very shiny. I loved that movie as a kid!
  5. What i wanted to say is, that many of the designs we had in the contest were much better than the upcomming LEGO Pirates GWP in my opinion. So with all the resources and being the biggest toy company in the world they come up with poor sets like the aforementioned GWP when hobbyists come up with much better designs. I have one particular entry in mind of which i think LEGO could just take it and 1:1 make it a set!
  6. Yperio_Bricks

    Herlock Sholmes - Second Adventure Ch14 (Epilogue)

    Wow, that are a lof of drinks and all look very good Is he using colored resin?
  7. Very nice minis! I too like the skiff but i also like the simplicity of the esacep pod. Well done
  8. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    Thank you for enlightening me! I am always impressed by the level of the shipbuilders. But i wish it would be builtember and the task would be to build a 100 stud long building
  9. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    Btw, what is shiptember? I saw some people building big ships at flickr/discord, but i have no idea what they gonna do with them?!
  10. Great job and nice write up! I always imagine you guys in a big operations room where you push tiny ships around on a gigantic map table
  11. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    The more i think about it the less i understand the rule, but i guess we can just neglect it When i think of a seed part the claw always comes to my mind. Thatched roof anyone?
  12. Yperio_Bricks

    EPISODE 3 - Ships

    No see part required.