LEGO Pictorial Review: 21127 The Fortress

    By WhiteFang,

    Better late than never and I am pleased to note that our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, JackJonespaw has successfully reviewed this 2016 LEGO Minecraft Release featuring the 21127 The Fortress. Share your thoughts with us and let you know what you think on the ongoing LEGO Minecraft Theme in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes Forum.  


    Click here to view the 21127 The Fortress review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Themes forum. 

    Forum upgrade done

    By Bonaparte,

    We did a big forum upgrade today.

    We still need to fix some cosmetics over the coming days (e.g. related with the search bar and the emoticons), but for the rest we are again up and running.

    Discussion topic

    MOC: Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend

    By Rufus,

    Check out this awesome MOC from EB MOC Expert and Brickworld aficionado Pepa Quin:


    Click the picture or here to take a closer look in the Special Themes Forum!

    May 4th Contest Voting Now OPEN

    By MKJoshA,

    Eurobricks SW Contest

    Come vote for your favorite entries in our voting thread!

    LEGO Pictorial Review: 6761 Bandit's Secret Hideout

    By WhiteFang,

    *background sound from The Good, The Bad, The Ugly* Anyone can guess what is this Classic Wild West Set? I am impressed with this unique reviewing presentation to bring back the classic of 6761 Bandit's Secret Hideout. Special thanks to our Eurobricks Count, Henchmen4hire for reviewing this classic set. What do you think of this review? Share your thoughts with us in the Eurobricks LEGO Actions and Adventure Theme forum. 


    Click here to view the 6761 Bandit's Secret Hideout combined review in the Eurobricks LEGO Actions and Adventure Theme forum. 

    Train MOC 40 CP1408

    By JopieK,

    In case you thought train 60198 was not really appealing there is always a solution around that as you can see in form of the 40 CP1408 MOC by andrepinto.


    I find it very hard to see that this train and the entire rest of the MOC is even made out of LEGO.
    Check out the topic by andrepinto in LEGO Scale Modeling.

    REVIEW: 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder

    By Jim,

    Check out the first review, in a series of reviews of the LEGO Star Wars Sets for the Solo movie, brought to you by our very own Reviewer's Academy Teacher WhiteFang.


    LEGO Pictorial Reviews: 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle and 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers

    By WhiteFang,

    The excitement for the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had created lots of interest after the recent Avengers Infinity War. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Teacher, kaelthas has successfully reviewed these LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets. Check out these former and brand new set from the Ant-Man MCU movies which feature the 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle and 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers. What do you think of these new LEGO sets and tell us in the Eurobricks Licensed Theme Forum. 


    Click here to view the 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle and 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers combined review in the Eurobricks LEGO Licensed Theme forum. 

    The trains have arrived: Review of set 60198

    By JopieK,

    Review of the new cargo train 60198 is now available:


    Read it here in Train tech!


    LEGO MOVIE 2 - The Second Part

    By Rufus,

    The LEGO Movie 2 trailer has been released!  Click the picture to watch it in the thread:


    To speculate on LEGO sets from the Movie, click the picture above to read the thread in the Special Themes Forum.

    To discuss the movie itself, click here for the Media and Gaming Forum.

    Brick Square Post Office MOC

    By Pandora,

    If you're a fan of Modular Buildings, then this MOC has two buildings in one, with tons of detail in both. Bricked1980 brings us this Post Office and Fish & Chip shop hybrid to add to his ever-increasing line of Modulars.


    Head on over to the Town Forum for a better look at the buildings, their interiors, and the Post Office Van!

    75181 Star Wars UCS Y-Wing Starfighter Review

    By Rufus,

    Better late than never, I present my review of the latest addition to the LEGO Star Wars UCS line - 75181 Y-Wing Starfighter:


    Check out the review in the Star Wars Forum!

    BUGATTI CHIRON - Official Set Pictures

    By Rufus,

    Official set pictures of the Bugatti Chiron are now available:


    See all the pictures in the Technic Forum.

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron LIVE reveal from Billund!

    By Milan,

    Tired of waiting for the mystic Chiron? It has finally arrived, officially!
    Our Technic Admin @Jim is reporting live from Billund, make sure to check out the Chiron topic in the Technic Forum, and follow his updates there!


    Old Vintage Car MOC

    By Rufus,

    Check out these beautiful vintage cars by Eurobricks member lookl:


    Click the photo to admire in the Special Themes forum!

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