Technic B-Models Pictures!

    By Milan,

    Pictures of Technic B-Models are here! Check them out in Technic Forum or click on the picture:



    Sandboarding Queenscross

    By Ecclesiastes,

    The surprising look on the guard's face is quite explainable. It's not every day that you see someone speeding towards you in the dessert wich such incredible speed!

    Sandboarding Queenscross

    This fun build by Gunman, is filled with a lot of nice piece usages like Maggie's head and the chima parts in the sand. There are also some funny surprises inside the wall, so make sure to check out the topic in the Guilds of Historica subforum!

    Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    By Stash2Sixx,

    Excited about the 40th anniversary of Star Wars? Looking forward to The Last Jedi? Have some extra building time this weekend? Then you should participate in the Eurobricks Star Wars Thrawn Contest!


    Historica United

    By Ecclesiastes,

    The last challenge is over and there are a lot of stunning entries out there. Like the one made by Henjin_Quilones:


    Make sure to check his builds and story and while you'll strolling around there you'll come across a lot more great entries!   


    LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V signing event in Vienna

    By CopMike,


    Go here to continue talking about this awesome set!

    Porsche GT3 RS Stickers V2

    By Jim,

    Some time ago, one of our EB members (8411XXL) released a very nice sticker sheet for the Porsche GT3 RS. A couple of weeks ago he released a new version, including a spoiler sticker.


    REVIEW: 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

    By Jim,

    The LEGO Ideas Saturn V has been launched recently. This set isn't only cool on the outside. Check out @Bob De Quatre's take on the machine that took us to the moon.


    21137 The Mountain Cave

    Captain Nemo
    By Captain Nemo,

    After teasing select images for some time, Lego has finally unveiled the second Lego Minecraft D2C set, 21137 The Mountain Cave 



    21137 The Mountain Cave

    Ages 12+.  2,863 pieces.

    US $249.99 - CA $299.99 - DE 249.99€ - UK £259.99 - DK 2099.00 DKK

    Experience the Mountain Cave!

    Build and experience the Mountain Cave, featuring an amazing minecart track with an integrated redstonepowered minecart elevator, and an array of other features and functions, including TNT blasting, rotating spiderspawner, charged Creeper explosion and a lava burst. Position the light brick to illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of redstone, jack o’lantern, first-night shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance. Enjoy handson Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this easy-to-reconfigure, modular LEGO® Minecraft set designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes Steve and Alex minifigures, plus 13 mobs including a charged Creeper™.


    Head on over to the Licensed Forum to discuss this new massive mountainous set! 

    Lion House Billund

    By Jim,


    The Lion House in Billund is the place where everything LEGO-related began. It's the Kristiansen's family house and Ole Kirk Kristiansen started producing wooden toys here in 1932. Later he switched to the famous plastic bricks we all now. The house is still placed in the middle of Billund and is now called LEGO Idea house and is housing the Lego museum.

    @CopMike and @Holodoc have designed this wonderful LEGO Architecture rendition of the Lion House. Having built this model myself, I can honestly say it's very well done. Since we are not keen on self-promotion, I won't say it's on LEGO Ideas. It just wouldn't be appropriate. However, if you accidentally were to stumble upon it....please consider voting for it :wink: 


    [TC11] Technic Battle Bot Contest Results

    By Jim,

    Our latest Technic contest has ended. Congratulations to @shadow_elenter for winning the contest. And congrats to the runners up. Click here to see the full results for the TC11 contest and to congratulate the winners.

    TC11-gold.jpg TC11-silver.jpg TC11-bronze.jpg

    This contest was sponsored by Vengit, the people who brought you the SBrick and the SBrick Plus. Special thanks to them and visiit the SBrick Store if you are interested.


    21309 Ideas Saturn V

    Clone OPatra
    By Clone OPatra,

    Launching to Outer Space!!

    LEGO recently unveiled the massive LEGO Ideas 21309 Nasa Apollo Saturn V! Check it out in Special Themes!

    Saturn V.jpg

    Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Episode 15

    By Stash2Sixx,



    It is treason then! The Black Sun’s sneaky manipulation of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance has been known for a while. After careful planning, now is the time to launch an all-out attack on the spider in the middle of the galaxy-spanning criminal web: prince Xizor. Both Imperials and Rebels set out to destroy the prince’s palace on the surface of Coruscant and his Skyhook floating high above it, killing the Falleen and saving princess Leia in the process. It will be a chaotic but tactical battle unfolding in palace corridors, hidden sewers and the fringe of space.

    That’s the story of the fifteenth episode of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, the building rpg we have going on in the Star Wars forum. Players can submit builds with an accompanying story depicting them fulfilling their goals to destroy the Black Sun once and for all. Only this time, Rebels and Imperials won’t be fighting each other as much as they will be fighting their common enemy. And that common enemy will be played by, well… you! If you’ve been looking at SoNE from a distance and want to try out first before you want to commit, this is the perfect opportunity to do a one time build showing off your building skills in portraying a frenzy of a fight as a member of the criminal Black Sun organization. This is your chance to try out something new, to meet some new people and to enjoy the fun and constructive SoNE environment we’ve got going on. We don’t require any particular level of skill but just a healthy dose of enthusiasm. If you feel this might be something for you, visit the episode topic for more information and for a place to ask any question you’d like. And if you feel ready for a more permanent participation in the SoNE adventure, head over here. See you on the other side, in a different galaxy!

    New LEGO D2C Exclusive 10257 Carousel

    By Hinckley,


    10257 Carousel

    Ages 16+.  2,670 pieces.

    US $199.99 - CA $249.99 - DE 179.99€ - UK £159.99 - DK 1499.00 DKK

    *Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.

    Check out the full topic here!

    REVIEW UPDATE: 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 17

    By WhiteFang,

    It's time to release the update for the 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 17 review, with the reveal of the mysterious character. Do check out our Eurobricks Global Moderator/Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang for this latest reviewing update, under item (16) and other embargo images are also subsequently updated. 


    Click here to view the 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 17 review


    Technic Contest Battle Bots - Cast Your Vote!

    By Milan,

    The battle has begun! Observe the Bots in the Arena and pick you favorite machine of destruction! Cast your vote in Battle Bots Voting Topic in Technic forum!


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