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  1. NOTE: In this forum from LUGNET.com, they talk about a 2.5.4C patch that fixes several errors in Robolab 2.5.4. -> if someone still have this installation patch, also share with us.
  2. Hello everyone, Can someone upload/share the RoboLab v2.5.4 software for PC again? I lost my copy and the link provided by jesse66058 it's not working
  3. Thanks!! It was useful
  4. Hello everyone, I've uploaded the LEGO DACTA 9751 CLab software for MS-DOS and Win3.x via OneDrive (here) for those who need it.
  5. Hi there, I'm also looking for the original manuals/guides of the LEGO Control Lab software but without luck so far :( Here are the photos of them on Internet: If someone have this guides, please share with us :)
  6. Hello everyone, This is an old topic but I need your help. I acquired the set 9731 LM Vision Command without the original software but I have already found the version for Windows 98. Now i'm searching for the English version for WinXP and I can't found nowhere. At BrickLink, only other languages are on sale for WinXP :( Can someone share the installation CD in English of LEGO Mindstorms Vision Command for WinXP or where can I download the software in English?? Any help appreciated...
  7. Hello Billy, Reply is on the way. Thanks ;)
  8. Hello Jesse, I'm new here and I cannot send you a personal message (Eurobricks 25 posts rule). If possible, I need some info and a question/request to make about the LT 9771 IBM Interface Card. Please send me an email to: jars_stuff(a)hotmail.com Regards, Alberto Santos
  9. Hello DrJB, I have the same problem as Catrix and I cannot use the message system :( Is it possible to share a copy/image of the installation CD for Spybotics??
  10. Hello Captain Zuloo, I also have the set 1349 but I lost my installation CD. Could you send them to me too? jarstx
  11. Hello, Great job I have the original 3800 Mindstorms Ultimate Builders Set with all the parts but with one problem. I cannot find the CD with instructions anywhere at home. Is it possible to share a copy of the CD? I intend to keep the full set