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  1. jarstx

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    NOTE: In this forum from LUGNET.com, they talk about a 2.5.4C patch that fixes several errors in Robolab 2.5.4. -> if someone still have this installation patch, also share with us.
  2. jarstx

    Dacta Control Lab Software

    👍 Great 👍
  3. jarstx

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    Hello everyone, Can someone upload/share the RoboLab v2.5.4 software for PC again? I lost my copy and the link provided by jesse66058 it's not working
  4. jarstx

    EV3 with Scratch

    Thanks!! It was useful
  5. jarstx

    Dacta Control Lab Software

    Hello everyone, I've uploaded the LEGO DACTA 9751 CLab software for MS-DOS and Win3.x via OneDrive (here) for those who need it.
  6. jarstx

    Dacta Control Lab Software

    Hi there, I'm also looking for the original manuals/guides of the LEGO Control Lab software but without luck so far :( Here are the photos of them on Internet: If someone have this guides, please share with us :)
  7. Hello everyone, This is an old topic but I need your help. I acquired the set 9731 LM Vision Command without the original software but I have already found the version for Windows 98. Now i'm searching for the English version for WinXP and I can't found nowhere. At BrickLink, only other languages are on sale for WinXP :( Can someone share the installation CD in English of LEGO Mindstorms Vision Command for WinXP or where can I download the software in English?? Any help appreciated...
  8. jarstx

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    Hello Billy, Reply is on the way. Thanks ;)
  9. jarstx

    [HELP] Old Technic Education Sets

    Hello Jesse, I'm new here and I cannot send you a personal message (Eurobricks 25 posts rule). If possible, I need some info and a question/request to make about the LT 9771 IBM Interface Card. Please send me an email to: jars_stuff(a)hotmail.com Regards, Alberto Santos
  10. jarstx

    Spybotics CD and Instructions

    Hello DrJB, I have the same problem as Catrix and I cannot use the message system :( Is it possible to share a copy/image of the installation CD for Spybotics??
  11. Hello Captain Zuloo, I also have the set 1349 but I lost my installation CD. Could you send them to me too? jarstx
  12. jarstx

    Mindstorms 3800 instructions

    Hello, Great job I have the original 3800 Mindstorms Ultimate Builders Set with all the parts but with one problem. I cannot find the CD with instructions anywhere at home. Is it possible to share a copy of the CD? I intend to keep the full set