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  1. Ha ha ha. You just got me to do the same thing. Sadly, no, there's no Lego set relevant to my birthdate -- but the customer support line gets pretty close.
  2. Lego Mike

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Over here, it seems that customers (I would assume mostly children, but I think I'm wrong) have found the boxes easier to sort through than the blind bags -- they've just been popping up the corners of the boxes and peeking inside. D'oh. But in response, some retailers have started putting packing tape around the boxes, which, if you don't remove the tape, renders the boxes unrecyclable. Also, I feel bad for the clerks who have to tape all those boxes up.
  3. See, I'm not even getting those number references. ^^ So who cares, right? I'm sure if someone explained it to me, I'd just roll my eyes anyway. But thanks, everyone, for your perspectives. It was indeed Jang I was referring to; I didn't mention him directly because I think the guy's okay and I didn't want to make it about him so much as the topic itself. I don't think it's an issue, and frankly, I don't think he's "testing the algorithm" or what-not; I think he was just having a crappy afternoon and went off the plot for a moment. We've all been there. (I do, though, have to say I've noticed an increasing amount of antagonism coming from his corner over the last few years. I think it's coming from something else, and I hope he can find a way to silence that static and enjoy his work more. I still look forward to all his stuff.) Actually, while we're at it, I've noticed that lately Jang's videos have been randomly missing from my subscription feed, especially the "my thoughts" kind of videos from the JANGBRICKS channel. That's never happened before, so I hope it gets straightened out soon. I believe you might find a two-part set if you look in the mirror, but it depends on how fit you are -- or rather, aren't. ;)
  4. Autumn, you seem confused about my post. I don't think it's an issue, but since the YouTuber is such a high-profile member of the AFOL community at large, I thought I'd like to get everyone else's perspective about this supposed cause for alarm. I'm more interested in the issue as an issue than the issue itself, so to speak. I personally think it's just one YouTuber who's used to a tightly controlled environment in which his opinion is given entirely too much weight. Over the years, he's tended to develop more of a siege mentality about contrary opinions and has grown, unfortunately, more contentious about them. I suppose this is what comes from making one's bones from interacting with 14-year-olds and adults who still think like 14-year-olds. I hope he can find a new balance soon and regain his composure; I'm a long-time fan of his stuff and think he's a true Lego hall-of-famer. That said, I'm perfectly capable of seeing numbers as numbers -- even the childish giggle-inducing ones -- and getting on with my day. I don't think Lego is attempting to normalize any kind of adult behavior among children, which are, as always, its primary consumer base.
  5. Note: I'm not really being entirely serious here. In a recent "my thoughts" video about upcoming Lego Jurassic Park sets, a YouTuber digressed into a stream of consciousness about the numbers Lego uses in its sets (and to a lesser extent, its set numbers). He pointed out that the Dinosaur Missions Stegosaurus Discovery set (76965) has 420 parts and was somewhat dismayed by the idea that Lego intentionally included that number of parts as a drug reference. He then went out of his way to argue in his own comments section with the few people who disagreed. As I recall, this YouTuber also once commented on a set having 69 parts or something along those lines. I think numbers are just numbers, and if anyone in the buying public has an immature worldview they can go ahead and snicker all they like if the part count is 420, 69, or whatever. I don't think it's realistic for Lego to adjust such things to accommodate the hand-wringing minority that projects their interpretations onto children -- "Won't someone think of the children?!" But I wanted to ask the rest of you, regardless of your social or political philosophies, &c., or your age, and so on, what you think of this "issue." Is it a valid concern or much ado about nothing?
  6. Lego Mike

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Lego channels on YouTube are dead. Among the top channels from the last 10+ years, one has given up to focus on films (understandable), one has grown so shrill that he tightly constricts his media sphere to immunize himself the criticism that no doubt is half made-up and half living in his head rent-free year-long, so while he desperately tries to sound chill and above it all, he's really just trying to be on the supply side of drama without getting any on himself, and one, who screams "Peter Pan syndrome," has long since stopped really caring about Star Wars Lego and finally gotten his audience of 13-year-olds to focus on his real passion: his vanity.
  7. Lego Mike

    How to sell a large collection?

    All real Lego here. From time to time, I have purchased the stray Oxford Blocks set, as they make interesting Korea-themed stuff, but I always kept them carefully and strictly quarantined. ;) There's a Chinese company making huge World Heritage Site sets, too, but I got rid of that stuff last year. And alas, no, almost no Pirates stuff here. I'm more of a Classic Space fan myself. I may have a few pirate minifigures, but that's all. Thanks for the price perspective!
  8. Lego Mike

    How to sell a large collection?

    Right. That's what I'm leaning toward. I measured what I have to sell, and the bulk of it is 31kg, not counting the used sets that I didn't part out. I also took a look at some of the BrickLink sellers I usually buy from to see if they might have any sets to trade for in addition to a considerably reduced price for the parts. I'm not looking to make a profit or a big score, so as long as I feel like I'm happy with the exchange, all's good. I'm going to donate any money I get, though, so more is better than less. Obviously. Any suggestion for what a suitable price might be? There are many variables, of course, but just a rough guess. I've never had to think of buying/selling Lego by the kilogram. Ha ha.
  9. Lego Mike

    How to sell a large collection?

    That's what I was thinking, though I'm not sure how to price something of that volume. I'll have to take another look and give it some thought. 헬로! As I recall, the parts I have are mostly from Lego City, the Lego movies (The Lego Movie 1 & 2, Ninjago, and Batman), Marvel and Classic. Basically, a lot of stuff from 2015-2020. The sets I built and didn't sort out are modular buildings, Creator Expert, Speed Champions, BrickHeadz, some Star Wars (a lot of Microfighters), and so on. It's almost too much to evaluate as a whole, hence my problem. :)
  10. Lego Mike

    How to sell a large collection?

    It's not a bad idea, but I've already sorted the zillions of parts by type, and I also never keep the boxes. I can't imagine how much time it would take to go fishing for the parts for what is likely over 150 sets, at least. I'm thinking more of a single sale of the whole lot.
  11. Lego Mike

    How to sell a large collection?

    I love Lego, but I've got too much here, and at this stage of life, I'm just not into having large accumulations of stuff -- except books! I don't have a precise number, but I've got about 200,000+ parts and a few dozen sets I've built and taken apart. It's all stored away in plastic bins, carefully sorted by part type, etc., and it's just not doing me any good. So it's gotta go. There are several things I'm keeping, as I do still love Lego. I just don't love having all this stuff I'm never going to use. I was never much for MOCs, anyway. But how in the world would I go about selling that volume of Lego? I don't want to open a BrickLink store; I'm a professor and writer, so I need MORE time, not less. Everything's ready to be hauled out, I just don't know how to find someone to do the hauling (after paying for it). I live in South Korea, too, and there's not a large secondary market. If push comes to shove, I will put it out with the recycling. Again, I love this stuff, but there's no point keeping things around merely for the sake of possessing them. That's just not my style. Most of this stuff, I should never have bought in the first place! :D
  12. Lego Mike

    What are these torsos?

    Got it. Thanks! I knew the duck torso was familiar, but I've had no interest in Stuntz, so that's how I missed it.
  13. I recently found two torsos at Lego Stores (in the BAM section), but I'm not sure how to find them on Bricklink. I'm curious about where else they may appear or if they're exclusive BAM parts. They both seem familiar, but I don't recall from where or when. The first has a bare chest (slight pecs) on the front and a stylized rubber duck image on the back. The second is a white torso with dark blue arms in a baseball tee design with a Vitruvian Man-inspired Lego minifig on the front. On the back is printing of the shirt sleeves along the shoulders. I got several of both because they're really fun, but I can't figure out their origin.
  14. Lego Mike

    Do set prices go up after the fact?

    Those sales are real, and I can recall seeing them, albeit not among Lego. I had no interest in Lego back then. But it's totally true, stopping by a retailer and seeing in the clearance aisle something that is priced to just go. It's a cheap thrill! I can remember, though, seeing small sets and polybags in check-out lines or at discount retailers, especially in the early 2000s when everything Lego touched was just a little...poop. Ha ha.
  15. Lego Mike

    Do set prices go up after the fact?

    There are definitely few discounts; Lego isn't "priced to move," as they say, like in American and European markets. If something goes on the shelf at 49,990 KRW, it stays there no matter what. Just the other day I saw a Galaxy Squad set (dusty, discolored, battered box and all) at a toy shop, and it still had its original price. (Though I guess now that original price would look like a discount!) Sometimes major retailers will have a quick sale to make room for new sets, but it's 20-30% off for a week or so, then the prices go right back up and the unwanted sets sit there for months longer. Eventually they get shunted to smaller local retailers -- who keep the original prices, leave the sets on the shelf for years, and... Well, so on and so on. Anyway, just interesting (and frustrating) to notice how various regions approach the sale of Lego. Drives me nuts when friends in the US stop by Target and randomly find $45 sets reduced to $5 just to get rid of them. Yikes!