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    <p> I am mainly Lego Technic builder. I love cars, marvel universe and all complicated machines.  </p>

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  1. Thanks but unfortunately no... Thank you!
  2. Thank you. Yes litlle damage in driving axels. That because i want to get 4 studs high rear suspension, now I have better ideas for this part of a car. Thank you too. I dont have one jet but if you want I can do it. High of swingarms are 4 studs high. I do it like for better reconstruction of a car. 3 studs high it's a bit to little for this model in this scale. Yes, I agree. Small turnables are good for suspension.
  3. Today I want to show you my newest and fastest ever car. Ariel Nomad British light weight car based on twin brother Ariel Atom - one of the fastest road cars. Nomad like buggy cars have only rear wheel drive. During construction I recived also BuWizz brick for review . I decided to put it in the vehicle and show the diffrence between Power Function and BuWizz when presenting new model. It allowed to increase its power and simultaneous weight loss. Technical data: -Lenght 29cm -Width 18cm -Height 13cm -Weight 810g (Buwizz) -2x XL motors -1x Servomotor -1x Extension cable -Buwizz or small BatteryBox + IR tower In my car, I tried to reproduce the best possible vehicle mechanical construction. It has a independent suspension which on the driven rear axle turned to be a quite a challange in medium size scale. In my model I dont use differential to bulid drivetrain. Power is transmitted directly with a ratio 3:1 from two XL motors. Despite small size of BuWizz I failed to put fake engine, but I am happy with weight of car because it was possible to have weight under one kilogram. For me, Buwizz is the most practical third party controling brick. It offers everything in one practical case. My only small objection is the inability to use gaming pad to steering but I think that it will be possible in the future. Some photos: Flickr for more: I am also invite you to see trailer: If you like this Subscribe me with notification. Enjoy!
  4. For me it doesnt look too good, especially with that high suspension but I see it gives lot of fun. :)
  5. I know that now you add some support on sides, but it is now strong enough? On video can be seen how the structure is trembling. Crazy size and good idea!
  6. Very good idea to use container from other set. Waiting for competition.
  7. I've always known that Lego is perfect to teach. Its one of the most complicated science projects with LEGO. Awesome work!
  8. Love this shapes and chromed pices!
  9. Corrado

    [ MOC ] [UPD] Rough Terrain Crane

    Looks nice, diffrent construction. Like it 👍
  10. Corrado

    [MOC] Baja trophy truck

    I like shape and compact size. 👌
  11. Wow first time i see this model of Claas. Looks good.
  12. So many great functions! Good job.
  13. I think the best choise is put some colorfull pices on midle of "rail".
  14. I thank you very much for paying attention. I corrected myself as soon as I could. But as you can see you are a man of high class and you had to pay attention in a very nice way. This is only a small mistake...