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  1. I’d like to join too, but maybe there is a problem with the fact that not everyone ownes a lot of pu…
  2. Wow! Very cool! Those are third party cilinders aren't they?
  3. I liked the loom of it so hopefully the Lego version looks the same
  4. @Void_S Did you make this model yourself? If so, I wonder what the piece count is.
  5. Rebel_Lego

    Rebel's Lego Room

    I have some vague plans to make instructions for the Scania and Iveco in the future, but I can't make any promises. I don't build very fast in Studio, so it's going to take a long time. If I make instructions, I will announce them in here for sure.
  6. I really like this model. Favourite detail is the curled "air hoses" behind the cab. Only thing I don't like are the windscreen wipers, which sit way to high IMO.
  7. Very hypnotising to watch
  8. Photo shows perfectly, looking forward to see your other improvements!
  9. Rebel_Lego

    Rebel's Lego Room

    @Jundis Thanks! It has very basic functions, but I can shoot a quick video about it when I have time, probably the day after tomorrow or the day after that. @GerritvdG It depends a bit on the project. Also, these trucks probably aren’t totally finished. Once completed, I leave them for a while, mainly because I’m too busy with other stuff outside of Lego. Than I get an idea about an improvement, and I try to make that happen. But the base of the model is usually about 1 - 2 weeks with around 5 - 7 hours of building time. @mpj Your models have been a real inspiration to me! Your praise means a lot. @Maaboo35 Thank you, but the credits for the cabin go to @mpj
  10. I think 42078 demonstrates that well. About the Porsche, if it has a pull back motor it's not for me.
  11. Rebel_Lego

    Rebel's Lego Room

    Thank you very much! I like this scale a lot because you don’t need many parts to make a large combination, that is also nice to look at. This scale gives the perfect balance between size and detail IMO.
  12. Great model!! The photo's are fine now.
  13. Hello all, In this topic I will share my MOCs with you, if I have any :) I will show some MOCs in my first post, and post new ones when I'm satisfied with what I built. You can see all the photo's on my Bricksafe page (click on the photo or in my signature). 1. DAF XF 105 and Krone Coolliner This is my first MOC I ever made that I think looks nice. It's a DAF XF 105 with Krone cooling trailer. I also made some 'decals', which are just printed on a A4 sheet of paper and sticked onto the truck and trailer. Functions are: - HOG steering - Openable doors on truck and trailer - Lockable fifth wheel (same setup as Mack Anthem) - Retracteble landing gear on the trailer Here are some photo's: The instructions for the DAF are free on Rebrickable: 2. Iveco X-way Moving on in complexity (is that a word?): my model of an Iveco X-way, based on this: My model is remote controlled, and made with only Mack Anthem parts, except the electric parts. I tried to reuse the sticker art, which worked fairly well I think. This model isn't near to perfect, because the shapes of the Iveco are hard to capture, especially with limiting myself to the parts of 42078. Anyway, I will let the pictures speak. Working functions: - Remote controlled drive and steering using PU app - Openable doors and cabin - Working 6-inline fake engine - Two-way tipping of the bed on the truck - Working outtriggers on the truck - Fully working crane (design from Technicprojects, not my own) - Pendular rear axles - Three-way tipping of the trailer - Support leg on the trailer - Opening sides on both the truck and trailer 3. Scania 140 Super This is my most detailed model to date. I wanted to make a model which was both playable and looked good on display. I chose a Scania 140 Super in Astran livery, because I just read "Long Haul Pioneers, A Celebration of Astran, Leader in Overland Transport". My dad and I loved this book, it surely is a recommendation worth if you are interested in this. Anyway, let's go back to the model. It has the following functions: - HOG steering hidden as luggage on the roof rack - Openable doors and cabin - Detailed Scania V8 fake engine - Detailed interior with luggage - 'Curtains' made of paper The trailer has no special functions. And again, some pictures: 4. DAF XF Euro 6 Timber Truck My fourth (and final in this post) MOC is a DAF XF Euro 6, designed by Technicprojects. I took that 6x4*2 chassis, and converted it to an 8x4*4 chassis and I also increased the steering angle of the front wheels. Than I made a timber truck out of it. I added an bullbar, made it with PF instead of PU (the two outputs of the servo were really handy) and I kept it a fully alternate of both 42098 and 42109 (again, except for the electrical parts), like Technicprojects did. I knew already that I would have many parts left, so I decided to make a big combination out of it. I chose to make a LHV (Long Heavy Vehicle), which you see a lot in Scandinavia. They are also allowed in the Netherlands, Spain and parts of Germany, although there you hardly see them in timber truck configuration. This model has the following functions: - Remote controlled drive and steering - Openable doors - Steerable and liftable rear axle - Working logging crane - Retractable landing gear on the trailer And some pictures: There are instructions for the trailer for free on Rebrickable: There's also a short video about the DAF itself, unfortunately my garden table isn't big enough to also house the trailer.... Thank you for reading, and I hope you leave some feedback! I know the quality of the photo's isn't that great, but my camera is old and I don't have good lighting facilities. Apoligies for this!
  14. Is there somebody who has the .io file of the unmodded Mack Anthem available?