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    42123 McLaren Senna, 42078 Mack Anthem, 42043 MB Arocs

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  1. Nice idea! I don’t know if it is possible to get it slim enough, but worth trying. Btw, there are at the moment two MODs and Improvement threads for 42128, maybe an idea that @Jim or @Milan put them together?
  2. I figured something different now, securing the connector wasn’t an option because the turning radius would be like an oil tanker, the steering works fine now
  3. The problem is that a connector slides of the axle so something I can’t change. I’ll try figuring out a different solution.
  4. Sorry for the massive bump, but I thought this was the best tread to post my question. Is there a way to put the power of the motor calibration lower? Because my L-motor tears the steering system apart...
  5. Rebel_Lego

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I’ve seen the series Highway through Hell about Tow trucks in Canada. They often use two winches. For example, when a truck is in the ditch on his side, with a trailer attached, they use one winch for the trailer and one for the truck. Or they need to pull the front of a truck up while they also need to tilt it. So, in summary, they use two winches for either two objects to tow simultanously or two different directions of movement.
  6. The part that the original model uses at the front of the bonnet, the 2x2 slope (the one you use too) is maybe a better alternative if you put it on the 1x6 technic brick, because if I’m honest, this version is ugly.
  7. Rebel_Lego

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Maybe its also changed on the inside, e.g. with a position encoder so that it can act like a servo
  8. That’s great to hear, thank you for telling!
  9. Rebel_Lego

    General Part Discussion

    Maybe the Tow Truck will get them? Btw, which set is this?
  10. Rebel_Lego

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    You could also use that yellow 1x4 half beam to connect the pieces at the front
  11. Rebel_Lego

    [MOC] A 'Clean' Off Road Car Chassis

    I do not totally agree with you @Igor1. I think if you don’t own 42124 it is difficult to built this, but if you do, and you want to build a MOC, but you don’t know how to build a chassis, this is great i think
  12. Didn’t know about that thread, thank you!
  13. Great model! I’ve watched that shooting mechanism over and over and still don’t fully understand how it works...
  14. Hello, The idea to build an Iveco X-way out of 42078 parts came to my mind after seeing Mcd_Technic’s Iveco on Rebrickable. Since a X-way is an hybrid between on and off road, I want to built pendular axles, to support the ‘off-road feel’, but I also want to use parts only from the Mack Anthem, cause I don't have many loose parts (and no springs...) in my collection. So, I need to build a pendular axle. The rear axles i can manage, that's not too difficult. But the front axle needs steering. All the pendular steering axles I've seen use the steering shaft as the pivot axle, but I don't have a steering shaft. So, I need to built an pendular axle, with steering, but without a steering rack. I know it's a bit overcomplicated, but I want it Btw, I created a seperate topic for this question, but now I realize that it’s better to ask it here. Maybe @Jim or @Milan can delete/close my topic? I’m sorry if I cause any frustrations for this...