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    42123 McLaren Senna, 42078 Mack Anthem, 42043 MB Arocs

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  1. Rebel_Lego

    [MOC][WIP] Excavator

    Looks good so far. Nice that you used both PF and PU in one build!
  2. Rebel_Lego

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    In my opinion, a crank is more logical, because a tow truck doesn’t move when operating the crane and a cement mixer does move when operating the bucket, but that’s just my opinion :)
  3. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    I ordered the pump yesterday, I hope they send it tomorrow.
  4. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    And did it work?
  5. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    @Andman: Wow, that’s great! If I find some time (problably tonight) I will take a closer look to the pump to see if it leeks and will also look at the small cilinder, as @Nazgarot suggested. Thank you all for your answers!
  6. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    Will they replace the pump free in a model that’s 5 years old? I will look for this. Do you think Lego still replaces these parts after five years? I never before asked for replacement parts, so I don’t know.
  7. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    The crane now moves reasonable, but not as fast as before. Is this common with pneumatic cilinders? I mean, is it common that over time they loose some of their strength?
  8. Rebel_Lego

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    You mean just let the pump run for a few minutes?
  9. Hi, I stored my MB Arocs for about half a year. I rebuilt the B model into the A model, but the pneumatics just won’t work. I looked for any kinks in the hoses, tried the pump, tried the cilinders with nothing attached, and it all works fine. The cilinders are also re-oiled. If I attach the first section of the crane, it works fine. However, if I put the second section on, the cilinder can’t lift the crane. The problem lies just with the first cilinder. I even swapped the cilinder for the second section with the cilinder for the first section, but both cilinders seam too weak for the weight of the crane. I’m not really experienced or anything with this kind of stuff, I just build and play, and if I make MOCs its certainly not with pneumatics. I read several forums but all the solutions given there were the things I already tried. So, has anyone an idea what this might be? Maybe because I stored my Arocs the cilinders caught too much dust? PS. I also thought about adding an air tank, but I don’t know if that solves the problem?
  10. Rebel_Lego

    PF lights two studs wide

    @UltraViolet because I started building Lego just ten years ago and in the beginning didn’t do much with lights etc. I never saw these pieces. I think I will keep my Arocs lights like this at the moment, but if i’m lighting up another model I will look into it!
  11. Rebel_Lego

    PF lights two studs wide This is the bricksafe page of the Arocs rear lights, not the best photo quality but they suit the purpose.
  12. Rebel_Lego

    PF lights two studs wide

    Don’t know if anyone is interested in this, but I thought I’d share my solution. I decided I’d go for a all Lego solution (despite being a bit more expensive). Unfortunately I can’t post any photo’s, I don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with the amount of posts I have. After a lot trial and error I came up with this: I used one PF light to shine trough two studs, by using a transparant red 1x2 plate, with two 1x1 transparant round plates stacked on it. The PF light is about half a stud behind that and the transparant plate sort of makes the light bundle wider, so that it shines through both round plates. I decided to remove the liftarm, because letting one light shine through two studs would take too much space, because it would require a 1x2 brick stacked on the liftarm and because the effect is much better with just all transparant bricks.
  13. Rebel_Lego

    PF lights two studs wide

    Never seen this piece before, will dive into that! Will look into this too!
  14. Rebel_Lego

    PF lights two studs wide

    Thank you! I’ll try! Lipko gave an answer at least. You don’t have to reply if you think it’s a stupid question, right?
  15. Hello everyone, I have purchased a lego power functions led light on Bricklink, to light up my 42043 MB Arocs. On real life trucks you often see that the rear lights are ‘double’. I modified the rear bumper of the Arocs to create this ‘double’ lights. But, the Lego LED light has only one light bulb for every side, so it will not shine trough two holes of a technic liftarm. Anyone any ideas how to achieve this?