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  1. I think TLG released the BMW motor this year because they knew this Supercar would be delayed. I always found it odd that Both the UCS Supercar and motorcycle released in the same year. It makes much more sence from marketing perspective to release them in separate years. So, IMO, the new pattern could be: even years motorcycle, uneven years Supercar. Of course this is all speculation
  2. There is a company in the Netherlands that does build torpedo's also from the new Scania NextGen. They are only user with tankers and dumpers because of length regulations, as void_s said. Sorry, massive off topic here but it's Nice to share.
  3. I hope the rumor about the logging truck is true. There could still be a trailer, because a logging trailer doesn’t need more than a few panels and beams, but I don’t keep my hopes very high…
  4. Interesting project! Finally some agricultural equipment again. I wonder if you let two wheels extend using cv-joints from the Zetros could it work? 2 studs + 2 studs = 4 studs
  5. 50% agreed. I think it's better to have a car with gears etc. if you want kids into technic, but it's a nice toy anyway. I'm Just a bit dissapointed because the McLaren showed how Lego also can do cars in this sale.
  6. I really like the looks, except for the stickered rear windshield, but why oh why does it need a pullback motor? This set would be so much better with just the fake V8 and HOG steering. TLG really screwed this up in my opinion…
  7. Wow this is very good! You changed the cab appearance and totally changed functionality! Love it!
  8. I don't own 42042 but maybe a gear has the wrong orientation? I think you need to take it apart anyway. Gearboxes require a lot of attention when building, speaking out of experience...
  9. I’d like to join too, but maybe there is a problem with the fact that not everyone ownes a lot of pu…
  10. I liked the loom of it so hopefully the Lego version looks the same
  11. @Void_S Did you make this model yourself? If so, I wonder what the piece count is.
  12. I have some vague plans to make instructions for the Scania and Iveco in the future, but I can't make any promises. I don't build very fast in Studio, so it's going to take a long time. If I make instructions, I will announce them in here for sure.
  13. I really like this model. Favourite detail is the curled "air hoses" behind the cab. Only thing I don't like are the windscreen wipers, which sit way to high IMO.