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  1. I don't know if the model number is definitive for the Lego set, but the electric version is called G580, so that would mean this isn't the EV. Saw a video about the offroad capabilities of the electric one and it is quite impressive! (especially the Gturn :) )
  2. Amazing! Do you have a video of it driving?
  3. If it looked like that preproduction picture this would be a no-brainer for me. Now it is just a no-go... Unless I buy it for parts, but as a part pack it isn't that great either.
  4. That red trailer looks so much better than the final product
  5. Then I stand corrected and I'm gonna cry myself to sleep because I'm so dissapointed in Lego
  6. I don't think it is a double bucket: In the first pic it seems to me the slot in the middle isn't running all the way down (see red circle) and in the second pic I can't see a gap at all. The attachment of the bucket also indicates one piece.
  7. I believe the trailer has somewhat the same mechanism as 42098's ramp mechanism. Not entirely sure though. The truck looks OK imo, but it seems to me the cab won't be openable, which is a big missed opportunity. Trailer wheels and gooseneck look weird to me, I feel like the gooseneck should go longer. Same goes for the ramps. It would be better to have the ramps fold in half, like 42098 has. Excavator looks really cool, not much to say about that.
  8. Maybe to ensure it stays open?
  9. Images are perfect. The model is very good too. Very recognisable!
  10. This is the forum to do that! If people build robots they are shown in this forum. Looking forward to your and your son's builds!
  11. Looks are pretty good! What brand is it? I assume you will be building a different chassis for this body?
  12. I believe the guy in the video is not so sure about teh FMX not being a tipper truck. I don't know for sure, I'm not a native German speaker, but he says something like "I'm not sure about the body of the truck" and "I like to be surprised" etc. Again, I'm not a native German, so it could be I misunderstood him.
  13. Maybe something with alternates? So everyone has the same pieces?
  14. Wouldn't surprise me that Lego pays so much money for a deal. Luckily, Cada can buy other licenses so they are still able to release licensed sets
  15. Thanks for the answers guys! I had heard a lot of different opinions on cada so I figured I would ask.