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  1. I don't think it's entirely fair to say that they are completely out of touch with the adult market. Yes, some failures, but look at some of the other recent stuff. Eiffel tower, Titanic, botanicals, Back to the Future Delorean, Optimus Prime, Daily Bugle, Sanctum Santorum, Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, motorized lighthouse, starry night, not to mention Galaxy Explorer and Lion Knight's castle. They are just producing so much more. Let's hope they are in the amazing set camp for Lord of the Rings.
  2. RichardGoring

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Fat grumpy Friends cat is also in 41742 Cat Hotel as a dark brown hungry/licking cat.
  3. RichardGoring

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    And a new Alsatian puppy in the 60369 moving police dog training (and an adult one too).
  4. Fascinating, but also curious, given that they already to happy with 50 shades of lime, dark red, and gold. Probably others.
  5. RichardGoring

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Briq Foundation is reporting that Santa's Workshop will also be the Christmas in July GWP next summer, so another chance to get it.
  6. RichardGoring

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That's a pain. I was planning my next order during the December double VIP decent, if they do it again. Oh well. It can wait.
  7. RichardGoring

    LEGO IDEAS teams up with Dungeons And Dragons!

    The final five are up and, for me, they appear to have left some cracking models out of the final, which is a shame. Obviously, I couldn't do what any of these creators has done, but there's really only one that is vaguely appealing. The LEGO designers will almost certainly bring the winner to life a lot more, but still disappointed not to see others in the final vote. LEGO IDEAS - Blog - Fan Vote Open! - 50 YEARS OF DUNGEONS & DRAGONS!
  8. RichardGoring

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm probably one of the few, but I really like the brick built dinosaurs when at a sensible scale. The T-Rex breakout was probably about as small as you can go for it to be brick built, but personally I love it. However, I can see that moulded is better for consistency, as anything smaller would look really bad. But the brachiosaurus could still look great brick built. Either way, excited to get it! I've been buying those sets whenever I find them cheap. The rest of the build isn't great, but I've got five of them now and just part out the rest. One day I'll create a vignette of the flocking this way scene. Love that one! Me too. As much as it's nice not to spend loads on LEGO, there's definitely a balance between price and doing the set justice. I hope it works out well.
  9. RichardGoring

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The set names sound so good. The prices almost feel too little to do the scenes justice, so I hope it's all OK and not a lost opportunity. Really looking forward to hearing more about them.
  10. Oops, typo. I meant purple bags. I get the bags vs box thing, but thank you!
  11. I've not been into CMFs long enough, and never care for packaging, but what is the desire for purple bags about?
  12. I just realized that too. So, yes, on the one hand, limited use. But on the other SLEEPING SPACEBABY MONITOR! Ha ha! I love that!
  13. RichardGoring

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    For anyone in the US, Walmart is currently selling this for $50. It was already $75 for a long time, but $50 is crazy. LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer Building Set for Adults who love Space 10497 - And, while we're at it, there are various coupon codes that appear to work to varying degrees to take an additional $10 off - PAYPAL10, WOWFRESH, and DISCOVER I wonder if this suggests a massive overstock by Walmart or that the set itself hasn't been popular. That would seem so odd, because it just looks cool, doesn't it? Or maybe there is something behind the lack of an IP causing issues selling toys. Sigh.
  14. I wonder if the fact that the space baby's face print is the same as a standard baby's face print suggests that it's the same individual piece with a new helmet on top. If it were a new piece, would they have just done a classic smiley like the others? It would be nice for the space baby to be in four pieces, so that you can remove the helmet and air tanks for just a regular baby wearing a super cool romper.
  15. RichardGoring

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yes. The falcon feet/base are different, as is the wing shape. The head/beak look different too, but it could be the page being creased. If you turn your head and squint, you might also get it confuse with a pigeon if you really want to! The koala is lovely!