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  1. Oh I didn't realise it existed in white. Looking at BL, it was in a big superhero set some years back that I didn't know about. I'm fairly sure the torso is new, though, and I want it bad! I'll have to adjust the shooting schedule of my brickfilm so I can get my hands on these new figs
  2. I'm in love! Proper peasant cowl for medieval women, and plenty of great looking torsos. And is that a grey goat? Day One buy for me. Cannot wait.
  3. Alexandrina

    Brickfilms that have been lost to time

    Can't help you with those specific ones, but one I vividly remember watching in around 2010 (but it was a few years old at that point; probably on YouTube from around 2008) was set in a school. Kids kept being called out of the class and never coming back, and when the protagonist investigated he found they were being turned into some sort of crab-creatures in a lab under the base. That seems to have disappeared from the Internet. Others that are no longer easily available on YouTube - such as the Worst Case Scenario trilogy, or Faithless (one of the best brickfilms ever, imo) - are still around in an archive somewhere. There's a brickfilms wiki that's doing a good job of archiving some of these vanishing classics.
  4. I don't know what "full Doug" means, but honestly this feels like it would be somehow worse by some margin than either other possibility. Yellow heads are not only synonymous with the minifigure, but serve the purpose of not representing any real ethnicities by all being exactly the same colour. You'd end up with an ugly hodge-podge of bright colours that doesn't appeal to anybody who wants to keep the yellow minifigures, while still having room for perceived poor representation (some colours are darker than others, just as a physical property of the colour; the parallels are going to be drawn, even if only by malicious actors, regardless). But while not satisfying anyone who wants the yellow heads, you're also not satisfying anyone who wants the minifigures to actually represent real ethnicities, because you're using bright colours rather than any sort of representation of the real skin tone.
  5. Alexandrina

    Brick Flicks?

    The link doesn't appear to work? (Or rather, it does, but I need permission to view the article?)
  6. Alexandrina

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I don't remember if it was BrickEconomy or Rebrickable (or maybe even Brickset?) but when I was cataloguing my collection a few years ago I was getting some comically incorrect prices for a few parts in my collection. Most egregiously I was told that this minifigure head from 1999 (which currently sells on Bricklink for about 45p used, and a little more new - so not the cheapest but firmly low-mid range in terms of value) was worth £4000 and thus by far my most valuable piece. Since that I just don't trust the pricing guides on any website other than Bricklink, and I try not to use other sites for anything at all. I'm definitely in this demographic. I don't even particularly care for Rock Raiders as a theme (it's perfectly average imo) but I want every yellow head ever produced and Chief is one that I'm not sure how/when I'm going to get. I guess just kind of hoping for a lucky joblot at some point. I don't even want the rest of the figure, either - literally just the head. Not worth three figures.
  7. I don't think I've ever been as glad for the front page as today, when I logged on and was treated to this wonderful MOC. I somehow missed this when you originally posted it, and I'm kicking myself for it because incredible doesn't even begin to describe it. Love the details, love the geography you've constructed, particularly fond of the waterfall/pond and the swimmers.
  8. I absolutely hope you're right! Honestly if the only new mould we get is a baby goat I'll be disappointed. Now that goats are back in Lego form, it's inevitable that they'll show up in City sets sooner or later, and we can get the kid mould then. I'd much prefer that Lego prioritise Medieval-specific moulds with the MMV budget - stuff that we're unlikely to get in other sets any time soon. A hennin or something similar would be a far greater gain in the long run than something we'll probably have by 2025 anyway.
  9. True, though it was also included in the Maiden's Cart, so it could have been that since it was an active medieval mould they decided to include it rather than making a new mould for a cap (especially since the hennin was never frequently used even though it was the only medieval women's headwear mould during the golden age of Castle; two moulds wouldn't have been worth it). Nowadays it's not an active mould, and they do have the cap already so there's less need to make a new part. I suspect they could have found a use for a hennin in the LKC if they wanted to, possibly even as an accessory/alternate headwear option for the Queen.
  10. I actually think the opportunity for a new hennin was in 10305 - they're associated with nobility rather than peasantry, so if they didn't plump for one in the big budget Castle set (where it would make sense), they're not likely to bring one into a more civilian-focused set.
  11. Yes, completely agree - it's the bit I was most excited for when 10305 was revealed. Lego's options for headgear for medieval women of all classes have been limited, especially since the loss of the hennin. Long may this one endure!
  12. Honestly that's a nice looking minifigure, and more than adequate for when Miss Reed is between adventures. I had no interest in the Orient Express set but I definitely need to get my grubby paws on that minifigure!
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if the hairpiece turns up again too, tbf. Hopefully not on the same minifigure as the torso though.
  14. Alexandrina

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Ooh, another piece I'm going to have to buy in far too large quantities!
  15. I dearly wish I'd been able to afford that set at the time, but alas! I guess I've not really looked closely at the figures lately.