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  1. But let's face it, there's a lot of Lego not available on Amazon, certainly not for anything like a reasonable price. If I really wanted set 4731, Dobby's Release, I'd be looking at £49 on Amazon. The same set goes for about £12 on Bricklink, so any wise customer would eat the cost of postage unless they were specifically trying to prove some point. I can't speak for others, but I don't tend to use Bricklink for purchases of currently-available stuff. I use Bricklink when I'm after specific parts or sets, especially long-retired parts or sets, and a few quid's postage for my bricks is better than paying several times over the odds on Amazon
  2. Alexandrina

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not to mention, with each passing year there are less characters/variants to be made that the average person has ever heard of. Much as we fans would eat up a series full of obscure characters, I can't imagine a series with (for instance) Ernie Macmillan, the Carrows, Reg Cattermole and Scabior would be a huge seller. It's telling that a LOT of the missing characters appear in Deathly Hallows - we may not get any sets from the films next year or even the year after, but just one wave from the film would almost certainly check off a lot of the wanted figures. What's left outside the Deathly Hallows is mainly obscure students and teachers that can be put in any Hogwarts set, plus a handful of set-dressing wizards and book-only characters. I'd be very surprised if a Harry Potter S3 came out, and I think there's no chance a S4 comes out unless the Harry Potter range runs for so long that a whole generation of kids won't have had a chance to get the early characters.
  3. Alexandrina

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is it useless? Your bricks are still there, still making the same model, and other than Gringotts pretty much every significant location exists. Plus, it's Lego - I guarantee somebody will have a design before long for any missing locations, and the instructions/parts list widely available online, if the demand is there. In any case, it's hardly the OG collection when it came out nearly twenty years after the original, and I don't remember people complaining that their sets from older iterations of the theme are wasted money. When I was young, I saved for months to be able to buy the 2010 Quidditch set. That version of the range ended, but I can still build the set any time (I actually just dismantled it after a year on display, in point of fact). On top of that, nobody's ignoring Lego's decision to move to a new design of Hogwarts. But it's now September, and the discussion is just going to go in circles forever - especially since there will be people now who didn't get the 2018-20 sets (or only caught the tail end) and have the current iteration as their main range.
  4. Alexandrina

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    I suspect I'll continue to use the old monkey for the time being, for the simple reason that I'm not about to rush out and get the new monkey. There's a strange sort of nostalgia around the old monkey (which I also have for the one Paradisa head with the open red lips) because I saw it prominently in several Brickfilms long before I owned one myself - my younger days were limited to a small amount of Lego, so I lived vicariously through these animations. As such, there's a sort of "potential" that the old monkey has, which I haven't fulfilled yet - having actually never used one in a MOC!
  5. Alexandrina

    Help with building accordion

    It's Part 2877
  6. Alexandrina

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    There are two problems with this line of thinking. First is that Star Wars is one of those themes which attracts a premium post-discontinuation - especially for iconic sets. Not always by any means, but a lot of the time you're paying over the odds for a second-hand Millennium Falcon for instance (to get a Millennium Falcon with the classic line-up, on Bricklink my cheapest bet right now would be £110 for a second-hand version - a similar price to the current retail version, and I bet next time a classic line-up appears in the Falcon of the day it'll be a similar price). What this does is make hard-to-find characters - the likes of Lando or Mace Windu - even harder to come by, and essentially rules most people out of having a decent Star Wars collection if they don't already have one. On top of that, Star Wars isn't a 'dead' franchise. This year alone, we're getting a minifigure of Bo'Katan - a character whose prominence is because of her appearance in a TV show within the last twelve months. (I'm aware she's in the Clone Wars, and even in a Clone Wars set iirc, but my suspicion is that that particular set was made to include Bo'Katan because of her popularity in the Mandalorian). Future films are planned. Multiple TV series. There's new material for new sets. It's not like other licensed themes - Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings - that can easily outstay their welcome after a few years because they're based on a finite and finished source material. As for an unpopular opinion to bring into the discussion, I don't think Lego should have phased out the 1990s colour palette. I'm not talking about grey and brown - I understand that their hand was forced in that regard. But a number of other colours - Sand Red, Dark Turquoise, Pink and Purple all disappeared from sets around the same time, and most haven't returned. Pink in particular is a disappointment to my mind, since it's a good muted alternative to Bright Pink and had already spread to the majority of the "basic" brick range.
  7. Alexandrina

    Earlier acting on problem-giving subjects

    That's not true. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I was on the receiving end of some transphobic abuse in the Everyone Is Awesome thread a while back. I reported the abuse, and the offending comments were removed, and the member dealt with. The discussion continued for some time after that, before the thread was eventually locked. I can only speak for myself: but what I want is to be safe in the knowledge that if I'm singled out for abuse, it will be dealt with. In fairness, that has generally happened thus far.
  8. Alexandrina

    Earlier acting on problem-giving subjects

    Which should go both ways. I've been pretty inactive in the last month or so - only checking by every couple of days and then seldom posting - because of the fallout from the Everyone Is Awesome topic, during which one user decided to persistently deny my gender (this, fortunately, was dealt with by the mods) and others left the environment rather hostile. The first message here seems a reasonable one - hate, when hate appears, should be shut down, so that everyone can safely come to this place and talk about Lego. There's nowhere that quite measures up to it! I must have missed something then - because last time I checked, "clickbait" would apply if this was a thread with a deceptive title designed to falsely entice people to reading the thread (as, say, if someone posted a thread called "OFFICIAL: Lego announces wave of LOST sets"). Whether or not one agrees with the premise of the thread, it's hard to argue that the title isn't representative of the thread.
  9. Alexandrina

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Doesn't that just about describe every set Lego have ever produced? I'm actually kinda hoping it's not something that's right up my street - my budget for big Lego sets is getting stretched thin already, I'm not sure I could go in for another big D2C. At least if it's not a set that appeals to me I don't have to go through the headache of picking which set I want to miss out on this time.
  10. Alexandrina

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    I'd not heard of any plot-leaks, so I went and had a look, and is anyone else concerned that the websites which are reporting these leaks - aside from being highly opinionated - aren't able to maintain consistency about what the leaks actually say?
  11. Alexandrina

    Future Castle Sets?

    Depending on what you mean by "going the way of GOT" I think there's either no chance of a backlash even close to bringing Amazon down, or no reason to worry. Based on the context of the discussion, I presume you're referring to GOT's nudity - to which I'd reply that not only was early GOT a niche series at the forefront of a reburgeoning genre that used nudity to try to help broaden its appeal, but also that nudity and explicit scenes are pretty well expected for big-budget drama series in modern times. IIRC there was nudity in the Witcher, and outside fantasy there are explicit scenes in programmes such as Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Line of Duty, to name a few. There's even nudity in the Hobbit films, and despite the films being widely criticised that was never a focus. For every Tolkien purist who would swear off Amazon for good if they dared to have an explicit scene in the story, there's a modern viewer who would enjoy the show for what it is. Of course, the more common use of the phrase "going the way of GOT" is based on quality. Yes, quality's not a given - but aside from anything else, there are lots of naff things every year. GOT gets so much hate because it started out great and became terrible because the showrunners stopped caring about the world they were working in. I'm not saying Amazon's LOTR is immune to that - but as a general rule, people don't get bored of a show and stop caring about the world during the first season. I've not kept too abreast on the show, but I don't believe it's an adaptation of any books, so any sensible showrunner who found themselves having had enough would find a way to bring the show to a conclusion rather than phoning it in. In any case, I don't think we can take the lack of rumblings of a revised theme as evidence either way. Both LotR and the Wheel of Time seem to exist in the world of unknown release dates, given that nothing's been confirmed for either beyond a vague "2021" - and as both shows were delayed by the pandemic, we can't take that for granted any longer. On top of that, it's unlikely to see either show before September at the earliest, given that no solid trailers exist, and I don't think Amazon will release two similar shows (big-budget adaptations of classic fantasy properties) at the same time. Whichever of the two comes second will likely be released in early 2022 instead, perhaps hoping to compete with House of the Dragon. Indiana Jones is scheduled for release next year, and despite there being no solid rumours beyond a single questionable source (at least last time I checked) people seem to be assuming that Indy is coming back to the Lego line-up in 2022. If Lego know that LotR is coming in spring to summer 2022, it makes sense to me that they might time a reborn theme for the summer wave next year - and iirc we don't know a single thing about the Summer 2022 sets yet, for any theme. There's still hope. Course, there's plenty to be excited for in regards to possible Castle themes even if LotR doesn't return. As a disclaimer, I'm only halfway through the first book of the Wheel of Time - but so far nothing I've read would make it a less likely Lego theme than the original LotR was (someone correct me if it takes a more adult turn later on, preferably without spoilers pls). And even if none of the upcoming properties make the grade, fantasy seems to be taking over as the number one genre right now. In twelve months' time, all of LotR, the Wheel of Time, The Witcher, House of the Dragon and His Dark Materials will be active shows on major channels - and all to a greater or lesser extent fantasy. There's probably more I don't know about as well. Fantasy elements have even been creeping into Marvel lately, with some of the backstory from Kathryn Hahn's character. If nothing emerges as a breakout property for Lego to license, they'll surely see the market and make an in-house theme. After all, maybe House of the Dragon is too adult for Lego to make - but there's nothing stopping them from making something similar but kid-friendly enough to not draw the ire of parental action groups.
  12. Alexandrina

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I actually did! I popped down to Bristol a couple of weeks back, and their BAM station was made up of about a dozen different premade minifigures (legs, torso, head, hair/hat and one accessory) which an employee had to handle - but as luck would have it, one of those premade figures included the torso I was after, and the skirt to go with it. I did end up with a magic wand I didn't particularly need, but it was a worthy trade-off imo. The fact that Bristol had it means it's probably still in production, so I imagine it will appear in more places once BAM returns to normal.
  13. Alexandrina

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    Honestly, I thought Pirates of the Caribbean films finished in about 2007 Shows how much attention I paid to the franchise! It does seem likely then that the return of Indy to the cinema screens will lead to the return of Indy to the Lego stores. I suspect they'll plump for something similar to the first wave of the original theme - with the main scenes from the new film and a couple of iconic 'classic' scenes - and then fill in the gaps in subsequent waves if the theme endures.
  14. Alexandrina

    Indiana Jones Making a Come Back?

    Is Indiana Jones the first film franchise to return after a long absence, where Lego have previously produced sets but are not actively producing sets right now? I know there was a gap between the Star Wars prequels and the sequels but they never stopped the sets, so that doesn't work as a precedent imo.
  15. Alexandrina

    40516 Everyone Is Awesome

    I managed to get my hands on this one yesterday. I was a bit worried, since it had sold out online, that in store supply might be limited too, but I needn't have feared - the Bristol store was well-stocked, and I had no trouble snagging my copy. I found it to be an easy build, but that doesn't bother me. The parts are useful - imo this has a higher concentration of useful parts than any other set in recent memory, and I'd even include Basic sets in that. When I need the shelf-space and dismantle it, I'll find use for bricks and fig parts alike, so aside from its supportive message I think this is a genuinely great set.