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  1. Alexandrina

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I'd buy a Red Dwarf set in a heartbeat! That's a great build you've got going on - and doubly so for including Kochanski (it would, after all, be blasphemy to release a Red Dwarf set without KK!)
  2. Alexandrina

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is there a well-established "cut-off point" above which they'll print piece counts on the boxes outside the USA? I just checked a couple of boxes I've got lying around (UK), and my Stranger Things Upside Down has the piece count on the box, but the (far smaller) Captain Marvel Skrull Attack does not. Annoyingly I don't tend to keep my boxes for long once the sets are done, so I can't look at any others, but I seem to recall seeing the piece counts on sets in the past.
  3. I don't think that's an insurmountable problem. The 'All Listings' section is just one click away, and visible from the same screen as the pre-selected seller. (To be honest, I didn't even see the pre-selected seller initially, but that might well be due to my having selective blindness and anticipating looking towards the bottom half of the screen for a price anyway!)
  4. Alexandrina

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    I've always been desperately keen for a proper Doctor Who range (rather than just the one-off set) In terms of licenses that have never been tackled in Lego form, the idea of Red Dwarf appeals to me, though there's the possibility of the minifigures becoming repetitive - there's only so many variants of the Main Four, after all.
  5. Alexandrina

    Your First Pirate Set!

    I think my first Pirates set (if it counts) was the Brickmaster Pirates book. I only actually picked up one proper set from the latest Pirates run, the Soldiers' Fort (fond memories of saving up all my pocket money until I could afford it!) I did manage to pick up a copy of the old Forbidden Island set (minus one very easily-replaced brick) at a Lego show a few years back. Unfortunately the era of Lego Pirates predates the era of me being able to afford Lego
  6. Alexandrina

    What Was Your First LEGO Set?

    I had several basic brick tubs, but my first proper set was one of the early Harry Potter sets, with Lucius Malfoy and Dobby (but no Harry, unfortunately).