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  1. Bricksley

    [MOC] Dressta 560E Extra - wheel loader

    You're right, but only in half ;) When we look at the side, changing color of the rims would look better. However if we look from the front we see inner part of the rim and here the black one would look much worse. So I decided to compromise and I used a yellow color ;) It's old M_longer's idea ;)
  2. Hello everyone :) Today I wanna show You my newest MOC - it's wheel loader Dressta 560E Extra - 1:21 scale. With full PF control and classic MT cover. Real machine: This is my second approach to this model, but that was 10 years ago and hmm ... today there is nothing to brag about;) This time, my main goal was to focus on the appearance and details (stairs, railings, fenders, cabin interior, body elements) hence it took a lot of time during building. In addition to the appearance, we also have a fully remote controlled model based on the elements of the PF system. - drive: PF L, full 4x4 with differentials on each axle, the rear is pendular, additionally working (while driving) cooling fan, - turning: PF L & two small actuators, - raising the arm: PF L, - bucket rotation: PF M, the only motor placed on the front frame - just like the cab, The whole powered from the rechargeable battery box placed in the back - unfortunately it is fully built-up, but left easy access to the switch and charging. Some photos: Video:
  3. It's nice to see that someone has taken up such an interesting topic, I have been preparing myself for some time to the dozer (another manufacturer), but it will be some time;) Knowing how interesting is the geometry of the blades in dozers and how difficult it is to construct real ones ;) I wonder how much you reproduce the movements of the blade: only lifting and tilting or full range: lifting, tilting and pitch? I will be happy to review the progress of work :)
  4. Bricksley

    42080 Forest Harvester

    I don't know if somebody noticed but in set we've got 3 pendular axle: first (also steering), third and fourth, only second is fixed. And new shape of blue small pump:
  5. Bricksley

    42080 Forest Harvester

    No, we've just visual effect. When we turn cutting head with vertical position to horizontal (by use black 20 tooth gear) saw blade falls - looks as if it was ready for cutting. And I fixed photo in my earlier post ;)
  6. Bricksley

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Everything depends on the building model, but certainly we get more new capabilities :) The new valves get easier control and interesting assembly method. And finaly done:
  7. Bricksley

    42080 Forest Harvester

    I'm bulding now ;) Parts list: And new valve:
  8. Hi :) I'd like to show You my new MOC ;) It's mini telehandler, just simple, pure Technic MOC, nothing special, built as a break between other MOCs. Functions: manualy steering 2 axles (HoG), manualy tilted forks, outriggers and boom manualy steering by pneumatic. See more photos and movie :) YouTube Flickr
  9. Bricksley

    [MOC] Small Blue Trophy Truck

    Nice compact MOC and it's blue :) Only You could add some stickers ;)
  10. Bricksley

    [MOC] Flatbed Recovery Truck

    Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. When I noticed it was too late because now MOC is in the parts ;) First of all MOC does't exist now. Secondly I dont't have too much time for making instruction because I prefer spend my free time to build my new MOCs ;) I think if You look more precisely at the photos, movie and shemes diffrent functions that You can rebuild the most important function's group. And remember, the cabin is from 42043 with only other colored and a little changes in mudguards ;)
  11. Bricksley

    [MOC] Flatbed Recovery Truck

    Any Moderator could add [MOC] in the topic line? First of all I want to do DBG grill but red is for me better ;) Inside model is too little space to any suspension and I think that in this scale model it isn't necessary. Yes, of course :) Thanks for good words :)
  12. Hello :) Today I'd like to show You my new MOC. MOC built for LUGPol's contest: you must build a truck using cabin from LEGO set 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (cabin may have several changes, including color). So I decided to build flatbed recovery truck. My main goal was to build MOC for similar official LEGO sets like 42008 or 42043 it means one PF motor and mechanical and pneumatic functions, but not full PF. I think that building transfer case is more challenging than using 1 PF motor for each function. For driven I used 1 PF M motor. So I have 3 groups of function: manually, mechanical and pneumatic. Manually: lift cabin, opening doors, fake R4 engine, winch, HoG steering. Mechanical: lifting and extendible platform. Pneumatic with using airtank: extendible and lifting fork. Desing it's just liftarm construction with a lot of technic panels (34) ;) Movie how it works: And photos in my Flickr and Brickshelf gallery: , http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558907
  13. It looks at basically well but I think that cabin is a bit tight. Blue and white is a good combination :)
  14. Bricksley

    Mini Forklift

    The fork wil be lower the lift and doesn't exist pin 4l to couple 2x 41678, litarm and connector below.
  15. Bricksley

    Mini Forklift

    In old pneumatic system we've 2 cylinders 48mm and 64mm (which I used in this MOC). In new pneumatic are 2 cylinders: small and big - 48mm. Yes, wobble is a small problem. Solution is used to attachment fork to the mast this connector ( http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=98989 ) and 2x http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=41678 . Unfortunately first connector exist only LBG and it looks bad with other parts in black.